In-between || part 5

The world was turning upside down, Derry Maine had a killer clown on the loose and it was you and your friend’s self-assigned job to kill it.

A crossover series of It and Stranger Things x reader

Characters: Reader, Eleven, Richie Tozier, Mike Wheeler, (the losers club, Will Byers, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, Max Mayfield, mentioned) 


Word count: 1183

Warning: brief gore, pennywise

A/n: I’m going to be making a playlist so send in some songs, let me know if you want to be tagged

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Originally posted by rrrichie-tttozier

The two of you walked on in the black surroundings, sometimes odd noises would echo through sending shivers down your spine. Whatever the in-between was you sure as hell didn’t like it. It felt like it was crowded but there was nothing there. 

You were giving up any hope you had at this point, it felt like you’d been walking for a hour. El suddenly stopped and held her hand up to tell you to follow her movements. She closed her eyes, what the fuck does she think she’s doing? Her eyes shot open again startling you she pointed over your shoulder. “Is that them?” You whipped your head around and gasped when you saw the rest of the losers. 

They were all breathing heavily, their eyes wide with fear. Beverly was holding Bill. Wonder what I️ missed there?  Their bikes were piled up behind them. “It saw us,” Eddie spoke shakily, “It saw us and it knows where we are!” You took a step forward but before you could take a second a firm hand on your shoulder stopped you. “Their not really here.” You looked back at her frowning before Bill’s voice brought you back to focus on the group. “It always did… S-so let’s go.” “go? go where?” Ben voice cracked. “Neibolt… thats where G-Georgie is.” 

“After that?” Stan asked. “yeah it’s summer, we’re supposed to be ou-” Richie started “If you say it’s summer one more f-fucking time… (y/n) could be there.” The rest of the losers protested as he hopped on his bike and started to peddle away, all but Rich. “Fuck that house gives me the creeps.” Richie muttered before he too picked up his bike and started follow, the rest of them falling in line not long after. 

“I️ know where they’re going. They’re going to get themselves killed.” You muttered. “If I️ got you home could you get there? Could you stop them?” El asked, You nodded, “get me to the upside down and I️ can get there.” Eleven’s face was dark and serious. She touched your forehead and you were back in bed at the Cabin. She stood up immediately “we have to go.” 

You jumped up forgetting how weak you were and started to tip over. Lucky for you Mike was there to catch you and help you upright. “Thanks.” He still had his hands on you back and waist. “Y-yeah, no problem.” You heard the door slam open and looked away from Mike to see El already walking out the door. “shit.” you muttered and started after her. 

The boys all followed you until El yelled back and told them she’d come and get them after, then it was just the two of you. She didn’t talk much, not that you minded. She didn’t seem to like you every much anyway. You started to recognize things from yesterday, when you had ran through the woods to Mike’s. You didn’t know how she knew where to go but you thought it best not to ask either. You saw the lab and knew you were getting closer. Thank god your feet hurt like a son of a bitch.

You started to feel the same pull you did earlier at the sewers. She was walking away from it and you stopped. “It’s this way.” She turned at your words and frowned. “Trust me.” her body visually relaxed as she started to walk the way you said. Sure enough after a few minutes more there it was.

A multi-dimensional rip in time and space. Neither of you said a word or dared to move a muscle. “Go.” With only one word she managed to frighten the living shit out of you. You nodded and went to the hole. You put your arm through first and then pushed your body in right after. Once again you were covered with thick slime in the upside down. 

“Damn it!” You yelled trying to wipe some of it off. El came through right after you. She didn’t waste any time and looked at you expectantly, “Bring me to the house.” You didn’t hesitate to follow her instructions. After walking for a few minutes you got a sinking feeling in your chest. It felt like something was wrong. Something bad was going to happen. You started to pick up your pace. 

“We need to go faster.” Dull pain started to run through the course of your body. Your legs started running. You could feel El close on your heels. Soon you could see the house through the trees, the ringing in your ears had started again, still building much slower than before. You ran up the steps. You could feel the energy of the clown. But worse you could feel the fear of your friends. 

You didn’t know how, you didn’t think you wanted to. You felt a pull again and ran towards it. It brought you to a room, there were sheets covering the furniture and two large stained glass windows. The only light in the room was a blue glow from a coffin centered between the widows. Well guess this is happening.

El stepped toward it and looked down. “Go. I’ll bring the others. Meet here tomorrow.” You frowned, “why?” “Because it’s our fight too now.” “You don’t hav-” Before you could finish she cut you off. “Friends don’t lie. I will be back, tomorrow.” Before you could fight past the shock of her words she had ran out of the room. “Go!” she yelled and before you could stop yourself you lifted yourself into the coffin. 

You found the edge of the coffin and pulled yourself through. This slime is fuckng gross. The sheets were gone, clowns taking there place. You heard Eddie’s scream echo through the house. “Shit.” You ran to the door but on the other side you found a thick coating of black puss. The ringing in your ears started to rise again and without putting more thought into it you ran straight through it. When you reached the other side you looked back and it was gone. 

You ran down the hall and down the steps, picking up a broken part of the banister on the way. You rounded the corner and saw Richie and Bill facing the clown, Eddie was holding his arm crying. “Holy shit.” Richie muttered as the clown started to stand up. “I was real enough for Georgie.” the clown smiled. You felt the pain and rage radiate from your heart. the clown started for Bill and Richie who grabbed onto each other from fear.

You stepped out in front of them and stabbed the clown with the banister. Dark thick blood started to rise from the hole. Eddie started to scream, the ringing was growing loud enough you could barely hear and the pain was almost unbearable. Everything happened so fast. Richie yelled your name and black started to surround your vision. The rest of the losers came and everyone was yelling. It was all a blur. The ringing over powered the yells and then everything went black. 


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Pretty Boy ~ Jaeden Lieberher x Reader

You had never been in so much of a rush in your entire life. You had precisely seven minutes to get to school before landing yourself with a detention. On a Friday. With your back on your back and your coat buttoned up to protect you from the fierce winter wind, you began haul-assing it to school. Luckily, you didn’t live that far away.

You arrived just as the bell rang signifying the start of your first class. After dumping your coat at your locker and pulling your sticker-covered physics folder out of it, you began speed-walking to first period. You almost made it too. If it wasn’t for some asshole knocking into you and causing your folder to fall out of your hand as well as your phone. 

“You have got to be shitting me,” You said through gritted teeth, bending down to grab your stuff. Luckily your phone hadn’t cracked. That would have been the icing on top of a very sour tasting cake.
“I am so sorry!" 

Quickly, you stood up and found yourself at eye level with a rather handsome looking boy. He was in your year but you had never really spoken. He had dark blonde hair, the cutest dimples, green eyes, and was wearing the nicest denim jacket you had ever seen in your entire life. He was also the king of the damn school. Popular, hot, had a trail of girls following him at all times. (Not literally but not far from the truth either)

"Yeah,” You said through gritted teeth, “Watch where you’re going next time pretty boy. Wouldn’t want to mess up your hair now would we?”

You shoved past him and carried on to physics, not even caring if you were late anymore. It was then that you remembered his name. Jaeden Lieberher. You despised the popular people. You and your friends called them ‘the plastics’. Jaeden was one of them, so why should you treat him any differently? He was just the same as the rest of them.

Thankfully, your day got better as it went along. You found out that you did extremely well on your math test, passing with flying colours. It wasn’t until you got to English last period that things started to turn south. You took your seat seeing as though you were a little early. After taking out your notebook and pencil case, people began arriving for the lesson. The one thing you dreaded about this class was the fact that most of 'the plastics’ were in it with you. Including the queen of all of them. The ringleader if you will. And so was Jaeden.
When they arrived they were all talking and laughing about something or other. Jaeden was behind them with a couple of the other popular boys; Wyatt Oleff and Finn Wolfhard. The next thing you knew, a punch up was about to begin.

“God,” the queen of the plastics said, “Look at that bitch sitting over there.”
You knew immediately that they were talking about you.
“She is such a freak. Always reading or listening to music. I swear she never talks to anyone.”
“Yeah I know right,” another one chimed in, “The only people she talks to are the voices in her head.”
“Probably escaped the mental ward.”

Before your brain even had time to process the thought, you stood up and walked right up to her. You were taller than she was. Liberty Evans. Biggest slut going.

“I don’t know what your fucking problem is. I’ve never done anything to you. To be honest, you should think yourself lucky that most of us don’t go around talking about you like that, because there’s plenty of things we could all talk about. Remember the time you were doing drugs behind school? I know a girl who’s got a video of that and hates your fucking guts. Or the time you were practically throwing yourself at Finn at that party and trying to kiss him? I know a girl who has a video of that who you caused to start cutting herself. Sure she wouldn’t mind sharing that around. And I have that video of you throwing up on Wyatt after you had one to many tequila shots.”

And then you slapped her clean across the face.

“You and your little gang of barbie dolls make me sick. Rot in hell.”

And then you gave her another slap for the road. The boys tried their absolute hardest not to laugh where the girls looked appalled. One of the girls, Sophia Lillis, who was the nicest, most real of the whole lot, looked impressed. You were quite proud of yourself. Nobody had ever stood up to 'the plastics’ before.
Liberty, the girl you had just humiliated, ran out of the room. The whole of her gang followed except for Sophia and the boys. You were expecting another fight. At least a few horrible comments. 

“You’ve got some guts,” Sophia smirked, “She had it coming.”
“Heck yeah she did,” Finn smiled and smacked you on the back, “Thanks for doing what none of us have been brave enough to do.”
You swallowed, “Hold on, I thought you were her friends?”
“Nobody is her friend,” Wyatt rolled his eyes, “ It’s just nobody ever stands up to her. She’s rotten.”

You were dumbfounded. Never in a million years would you have expected any of this to happen, especially not the others turning against Liberty, the queen of the bitches. 

Before the conversation could go any further, your teacher arrived. But throughout the whole lesson, 'the plastics’ didn’t. And Jaeden didn’t stop staring at you, not even to take notes.

As soon as class ended you went to your locker and put your notebooks away. You also had to grab your coat. When you shut your locker door, Jaeden was standing there.

“Do you want to take a picture, Lieberher? It might last a lot longer and it would save you following me.”
“Come with me.” His voice sounded like honey, and for a spilt second, you considered going with him.
“Why would I go anywhere with you? I don’t even know you.”
“Just come with me, you won’t regret it. And I want to talk to you anyway.”
“Fine,” You couldn’t believe you were agreeing to this, “But not for too long.”
That was the moment you saw his smile for the first time, “Don’t worry, I’ll have you home in no time.”
You walked out of school next to Jaeden. Let’s just say you both got a few funny looks. You weren’t usually seen together to say the least, and word was travelling about the drama with Liberty.
“Don’t you hate me now?” You asked Jaeden
“Of course I don’t. I hate her. With a passion. And I’m sorry about earlier.” He smiled again making it very difficult to hate him
“It’s fine. Sorry I snapped at you.”
“Don’t worry about it. It’s who you are.”
“Excuse me?”
“There it is again. That damn attitude. To be completely honest with you, Y/N, it hasn’t gone unnoticed by me. You don’t take shit from anybody. I respect that.”
“Yeah well, you know what they say. What doesn’t kill you gives you a lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms and a really dark sense of humour.”
Before you knew it, you had arrived at your destination. It was the old abandoned house on the street not far from school. Most people tended to keep a healthy distance from it, including you. Jaeden sensed your uneasiness.
“Don’t worry, Y/N, I come here all the time.”

He took your hand which surprised you, but you didn’t pull away. He led you up the front path and through the old wooden door. The air smelled strongly of damp and booze. Every step you took, even by Jaeden’s side, left you feeling more and more uneasy. He took you up the rickety wooden staircase. The upper floor of the house was even worse that the lower. The once yellow wallpaper was peeling off the walls the rooms were empty except for smashed bottles and mould. There was another set of stairs which you went up, taking you out onto the roof. You didn’t even know you could get up here.

The both of you sat down on the sloping roof and looked out at the view. It was beautiful, but the wind was biting against your neck.

“What did you want to talk to me about?” You asked tentatively
“I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go on a date with me at the weekend.”
You raised your eyebrows. Jaeden Liberher? Asking a girl nicely on a date. What did you have to lose. “Sure.”
He looked up at you. “Really?”
“Yes, really. I’d love to, pretty boy.”
“One condition, you can’t call me that.”
You both laughed and leant in to each other. Your head was resting on Jaeden’s shoulder.
“I don’t want to go too fast, Jaeden. I want this to be good.”
“Me too.”
“I never would have thought that this would be happening to me right now.”
“Well it is, Y/N. And I’m really happy it is.”

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In-between || part 6

The world was turning upside down, Derry Maine had a killer clown on the loose and it was you and your friend’s self-assigned job to kill it.

A crossover series of It and Stranger Things x reader

Characters: Reader, the Losers Club, Eleven, Mike Wheeler, Will Byers, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, Max Mayfield And NEW, Steve Harrington 


Word count: 1309

Warning: nothing???

A/n: This is exactly important this time! It’s time for you guys to vote you the reader ends up with! send in a ask for who you think it should be and I’ll post the results as they come in. I’m also really sorry about the lag and quality of this part! I promise the next part will be better, Thank you for all the support loves <3

part 1 || part 2 || part 3 || part 4 || part 5 || part 7 

Originally posted by thezipzap

You saw the ceiling first. It was Richie’s beyond a doubt. You could tell even in the dimly lit room. You rolled over to find him sleeping in the chair across the room. You let out a weak laugh at his glasses hanging lopsided off of his nose. He woke up with a start and jumped up when he saw you awake. “(y/n)!” He ran over and pulled you up in a hug. “Where were you? What happened?” You wrapped your arms around him and inhaled the smell of safety taking a moment to be thankful for being home.

“It’s a long story.” “Even longer than my dick?” Richie asked and you couldn’t help but chuckle. “I️ said it was long.” Richie scoffed and then went serious, “I’m happy your back. I thought- We all thought you were gone for good. Your parents are worried, I saw them yesterday down on main street putting up posters… No one told them your back yet. I- just brought you here and Beverly helped me clean you up and Eddie came to check on you but Bill’s really mad at me because I was a ass and I just have-” “Its okay Rich.” 

He took a deep breath. “How long was I asleep?” “Since yesterday, it’s almost like 3 in the afternoon now.” “Fuck.” “Why?” “We have to go. We have to get everyone.” You stood up and almost fell over from being so light headed but lucky for you Richie was right there to catch you, as always.

“Why what’s happening?” You hushed him and started for the door again. “I’ll explain on the way.” Richie followed you down to his yard close at your heels. His bike was thrown against his fence. You picked it up and held it up from him to get on. He just stood and stared at you with a look of concern. “(y/n) are you sur-” “Get on the damn bike Richie.” He put his hands up in surrender and took the bike from your grip, hopping on and letting you jump on the back.

You told him to go to Beverly’s frist. You knocked twice and told Richie to wait out of sight. You’ve had run ins with her dad. You knew how he didn’t like the idea of Bev hanging out with a bunch of boys all the time. She answered the door and her eyes went wide with surprise when she saw you. “(y/n) I thought- I’m happy you’re awake.” You gave her a crut smile and nodded, still filling a ping of jealousy when you saw her. “Yeah, its great to be back- I need a favor.”

She furrowed her eyebrows. “I need you to get everyone together.” “Where? Why? You just got back and you haven’t even told us where you wer-” “Just get everyone to the quarry, tell them I’ll be there as soon as I can. Okay?” She frowned but nodded, “I can get Ben and Bill but I think that’s it.” “What about Eddie?” She sighed, “I don’t think his mom will ever let him out of the house again.” You frowned, “we’ll see about that.”

Together it took you and Richie almost a hour to convince the losers one by one to meet with everyone. Eddie and Stan only went after you guilted them for you being missing and Eddie’s mom always had a soft spot for you since she was convinced you saved Eddie one day when he was having a asthma attack.

After everyone agreed, you told Richie to bring you off at the Nieblot house. He refused at first but you got him to do it after giving him the silent treatment for all of three minutes. That boy was weak when it came to attention.

When you got there he didn’t want to go inside but he also didn’t want you to go in alone so he told himself to suck it up and deal with it, for you. You went up to the room with the old mattress. There was no longer black covering the old floor boards and instead was replaced with a thick layer of dust and cobwebs. The house was creepier when you weren’t full of adrenaline and it was only you and Richie, giving you time to think about every creak and wave of wind that sent shivers up your spine. You thought you heard laughing at one point and Richie almost shit himself but it was a just the rusty window opening from the wind, or what you hoped was the wind.

You paced the room. “She said tomorrow.” By now it was almost dark, Richie had cried twice from fear and you were past any hope you had for them exactly coming but you still waited. After all she did promise. Friends don’t lie. You heard someone yell ‘oh shit’ and then a few trumps from the other side of the door. The door started to jiggle and you ran opening it as Richie jumped up and screamed. You shot him a glare saying shut the fuck up and El, Max, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Mike and a teenage boy you didn’t know covered in a thin coating of slime and decked out in gloves and goggles came through the door into the yellow lighted room.

Richie stopped yelling immediately staring Mike down. “Holy Fuck. Who the fuck is this? It’s me? But I’m me? What the fuck!” Richie stood with his mouth hanging open. You let out a breathy laugh, “Richie, This is Mike. Mike this is Richie.” Richie shut his mouth and stepped next to Mike, “I always wondered how hot I was to other people.” Richie put his hand on Mikes shoulder smiling and immediately pulled away with a look of disgust “what the fuck is this?” He whipped the slime onto his shorts while making gagging noises.

Mike stood in shock, “This is who I thought you were.” You laughed and he nodded still not comprehending the situation. “Totally Tubular” Dustin smirked at them. “I️ thought you had changed your mind.” you said turning to El who seemed like she honestly couldn’t care less, “You keep promises.” You nodded, did she always sound so harsh? 

The teenager mumbled, “I can’t believe these dipshits” Under his breath as he stared at Mike and Richie, you couldn’t help but laugh, “Me neither.” He turned over to you and stuck out his hand, “I’m Steve, I’m their babysitter.” He smirked, you could hear Mike groan from behind him as you shook his hand,  “No your not. We don’t need a babysitter.” Steve gave him a look and Dustin started to laugh, “He’s just here because we’re his only friends.” Steve turned to him and pointed with a hand on his hip. “What was that Dustin?” “Nothing.” “That’s what I thought.” You smiled and turned to the door. “I got everyone to wait for us at the quarry, they don’t know about you, or what happened, all they know is the killer clown.”

You and Richie led them to the quarry through the woods after deciding it was best to not bring a bunch of strangers through the small town of Derry. You walked in between Richie and Mike, talking about anything that came to mind. The rest were walking behind, you could hear Steve and Dustin bickering about something to do with hair.  

The sun was nearly below the horizon, you could start to see the outline of your friends in the distance. As you got closer you could see the back of their heads as they looked over the water in silence, the talking died down behind you. Bill was the first to notice your presence and stood up, turning to face you abruptly knocking the rest out of their thoughts.


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