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 i was getting my teeth drilled with anesthetic that was wearing off the first and only time i have heard so i hate it with every fiber of my being

i always heard it in the cafeteria and grocery area on campus at least twice a day and even heard people singing it together; at first the song sounded cute but it got on my nerves around the 25th time i heard it

had i seen the movie when it first came out i probably would’ve liked it but thanks to it constantly being shoved in my face and ears i’m just automatically irritated by all things Frozen


 i hate it so much bc the snow queen is my favorite HC anderson story and this just. UGHRGH

i figured it was derivative and most likely cut away anything “bad” or “scary” from the original story like most modern Disney movies, but exactly how much did they change (aside from the characters anyway)?

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back when i was religious i managed to reconcile my belief in evolution & the big bang w/ my religion at the age of fucking 9 so to think that plenty of other religious ppl arent capable of that is pretty silly

totally!  i think b/c much of American Christian culture is dominated by Southern churches and politics that the most reactionary of their beliefs simmer into the public consciousness and thus other denominations that don’t subscribe to such beliefs or have reconciled them years ago feel the brunt of it

science and faith coinciding has been bandied about among philosophers and theologians for centuries so i’d think that any given religion’s more fundamentalist sides having scruples with science wouldn’t affect the rest of Christianity and most other religions for that matter


 literally nothing was the same

weeaboo-chanがあなたの投稿に返信しました:zarbonのコメント:  i was getting my teeth drilled with…

the only similarity is that it’s set in a vague scandinavian country and there’s a queen with snow powers in it that’s literally the only similarity

jesus, seriously?  i know that people always talk about Frozen ~breaking Disney conventions and narrative habits~ or whatever, but if that’s the case not a whole lot has changed about modern Disney’s lack of faithfulness to the original stories