Remember Naruto Uzumaki ? This is him now, feel old yet ?


Dear non-Asian people (and non-Japanese Asian people),

Please stop calling yourselves “weeaboos” just because you like anime a lot.

“Weeaboo” is a word that describes anime fans who appropriate Japanese culture and language, fetishize Japanese people, want to be Japanese, and are in general very gross and racist. When you call yourself a “weeaboo” that’s what you’re calling yourself, and it makes a lot of people uncomfortable – especially since the meaning needs to be retained so the word can be used to call out people who fit the real definition.

If you need a word to describe someone who likes anime a lot, use “anime trash” instead. You’re welcome.

-Mod J

Edit: It has been pointed out to me that this is not okay coming from non-Japanese Asian people too. I apologize for making it seem like non-Japanese people can also engage in this fuckery; it’s just as bad coming from non-Japanese Asian people.

Some Weeb Slang

Weeabae: Your favorite character

Weeabook: Manga

Weeabro: A friend who shares your disgusting weebness

Weeabattle: An argument between two weebs

Weeabroke: When you spent all of your money on anime body pillows

Weeabooze: Getting drunk before watching anime

Weeabiography: The list of anime / manga you have enjoyed

Lesson of the Day

One of my co-workers today found out I was a big Anime fan and called me Jordan-Kun. But me being Black and hearing the word “coon” I turned around like “THA F*@K U JUST CALL ME” and they started Apologizing fanatically saying “Dude it was just an Anime joke not like that Dont hurt me” then we both laughed it off haha

Lesson of the Day:
Don’t call black people ‘Kuns’ out the blue xD

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