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Love, love your responses to prompts today. Have you energy for another one about Jamie asking Claire how wee bairns are made while they are making it? 😛

Oooooh! I have like four other asks in my box that I’m still working on but this one just tickles me! YES! I love it!! It’s a bit of a canon divergence. My thought is it’s probably at Lallybroch but pre-Wentworth.

The door to our bedroom burst open and we stumbled through it. I probably had too much wine at dinner, but Jamie didn’t seem to mind. He’d had almost as much as I had, but it had done nothing to dampen his spirits. Or desire, it would seem.

“I must have ye,” he breathed, nipping at my ear.

“Give me a few minutes to get my laces loose,” I muttered, struggling with the knot.

It had rained while I was in the garden and my laces had swollen with the water.

“Let me, lass.”


He tugged and I felt them give. I could tell he was eager to start our own evening activities.

“Ye smell lovely,” he mumbled, taking a deep sniff of my hair.

“I smell like rain and mud,” I said, stepping away to finish removing my gown.

He followed me, hands outstretched.

“Aye. Ye do.”

Hanging up my damp clothes to dry beside the fire, I started running my fingers through my curls. If I let them be for too long, they would develop into a monstrosity that refused to be tamed.

“Och, let it be, Sassanach,” he said, grabbing for my hand.

“If I don’t at least untangle some of these, they’ll be likely to strangle you in the middle of the night.”

“So long as it’s after I have ye, I dinna think I’ll mind.”

He was standing in only his shirt, watching me with forced patience. I knew it wouldn’t last too much longer if I took my time. With a sigh, I dropped my hands and turned to him.

“I think you’d mind at least a little bit.”

I meant to say more, but he was done waiting. The rasp of his stubble burned a little as he kissed me hard. His hands traveled down my back to cup my buttocks. Squeezing, he picked me up and carried me to our bed. For a moment, he sat up and pulled his shirt off. I did the same and reached for him while he kissed his way up from my stomach. He stared at my flat belly for a few minutes before meeting my eyes.

“D’ye think…”

“I don’t know, Jamie. It never worked… before.”

“But it could now? Maybe?”

“I suppose, but I really don’t know. I… I’d like it to work.”

“Ye do?”

I nodded, running my right hand up his chest. My silver ring caught the firelight and I smiled.

“Yes, Jamie. I’d like to have a baby with you. I think I’m even ovulating.”

He’d begun kissing my breasts and stopped abruptly.


“Ovulating. It means my body is ready to, er, receive your…”



Frowning, he gently nudged my legs apart.

“I didna realize ye had to receive it. I thought…”

He stopped. The last time he’d said something like that had been on our wedding night. My eyes closed slowly as he teased one of my breasts.

“Thought what?”

“Och, wheel… I thought it was like planting a crop, like a farm. That’s why it’s called seed.”

“So what am I? Fertile soil in need of tilling?”

That made him laugh.

“In a manner of speaking, yes.”

“That’s not quite how it works.”

I could feel him, so close to taking me but holding back. No! I begged him silently to have me, but I could see he was too curious about how babies were made.

“No? So a man’s seed isna planted like… Like oats? Or wheat?”

“Not quite,” I said, trying to shift my hips upward. “I have tiny little eggs inside my uterus that are waiting for your donation. It isn’t until they both come together that a baby gets made.”

“Oh, is that it? They must… Come together?”

I grunted as he sheathed himself fully in one stroke.


“So ye need me, to give ye a bairn?”

“Oh… Yes. I need you, Jamie.”

He was stroking slowly in and out. Virgin he might have been when we married, but he was a fast learner. I cried out and took hold of whatever I could. That happened to be his own perfectly shaped backside.

“Do ye need me, Claire?”


“Tell me. Tell me what ye need from me.”

“I need you to give me a baby,” I moaned, back arching. “Please Jamie!”

Then he roared in my ear and I felt him inside me. Of course I had no way of knowing if it had worked, if we had indeed made a child, but I wanted to believe it.

He kissed my cheek and flopped over gracelessly, lazy smile on his face.

“Wheel,” he said after a few minutes. “If it didna work that time, we’ll just have to do it again.”

I chuckled as I pulled the quilts up.

“Oh I’m sure you’ll just hate that.”

He nodded with an attempt at a serious frown on his face.

“I will. But it’s my duty as your husband, so I’ll make the sacrifice.”

With a final snort, I breathed easy with his arms and warmth wrapped around me.

kitcat12 on AO3: I would love to see some Murtagh with Jamie as a wee bairn.

Murtagh wasn’t one for formal occasions—his clothes felt too small, he never knew what to say, and he loathed being anywhere near the center of attention… unless that center of attention was Ellen MacKenzie.

Standing godfather he could endure, but he hadn’t expected to be handed the baby.

Everything about the bairn was red—his hair, his face from squalling.

They’d named the lad James though Willie and Jenny were already calling him Jamie.

“Do ye care for it? Jamie?”

The baby squinted up at Murtagh.

“I guess ye’re not all red,” Murtagh said, noting Jamie’s deep blue eyes.

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Uh have you ever watched Outlander because i just watched episode six and it was basically "An Evil Cradling: The Movie" to a somewhat unsettling degree i was like "uh well this scene doesn't remind me of a certain fanfiction AT ALL" cough cough

Ohhh yes I have watched Outlander. And oh my beautiful wee bairn, if you think that episode 6 was An Evil Cradling: The Movie, (that’s the one with the really horrible whipping scene, right?) just you wait. Episodes 15 and 16. EPISODES 15 AND 16. I still haven’t recovered, and certainly they get used as inspiration. 

There is so much more from An Evil Cradling: The Scottish Version to come, anon @__@

Introducing the wee bairn, who arrived 1.30.2015 @ 0526, 7 lbs. even, 19.5 in. long (via successful, perfect VBAC after my water broke at work!). He’s chilling out in the NICU today with a bit of extra oxygen, but the tests they’ve done so far have come back good, and he’s otherwise doing great. Hopefully we’ll all be heading home tomorrow together.

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Wee Bairn would like the world to know that he is most definitely a boy and growing just as he should! (Sorry about the slight creepiness of this image. The cross section it is taken at cuts off his lips and makes it look like he’s grimacing really weirdly, haha. This was the best one.) #baby #pregnancy #weebairn

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