Introducing the wee bairn, who arrived 1.30.2015 @ 0526, 7 lbs. even, 19.5 in. long (via successful, perfect VBAC after my water broke at work!). He’s chilling out in the NICU today with a bit of extra oxygen, but the tests they’ve done so far have come back good, and he’s otherwise doing great. Hopefully we’ll all be heading home tomorrow together.

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Every time I smell Wee Bairn’s scalp I think of you.

Hahaha with the addictive properties of oxytocin that boy’s emitting combined with repeated stimulus presentation of thoughts of me, I fully expect you to be in love with me in about 3 more months

gonna go play minecraft and then bof4 on vita in a dark room while listening to the rain with the window open

send me messages about tv/comic/videogame/etc. characters you had crushes on when you were tiny wee bairns, i wanna know


Crystal (and Zach) shinycrystalr roerigz

Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy! I’m sure you can tell who picked out what here.

From me: a stuffed highland cow and Nessie slippers. Just as a reminder to the wee bairn that he’s got the best Scottish uncle a little bloke can have. And the onesies. He’s more than the world’s okayest baby. And the other one? Take it from a fellow recent parent, Crystal, people are going to give you a lot of advice, but you got this.

From Scarlett: the baby bean bag. It’s supposed to be very cosy and safe for babies to sit in. It looks fun and a lot prettier than similar things, too. The baby will be the most comfortable, stylish baby in town.

Best of luck to you, and we can’t wait to meet the baby.

The McAvoys

Wee Bairn would like the world to know that he is most definitely a boy and growing just as he should! (Sorry about the slight creepiness of this image. The cross section it is taken at cuts off his lips and makes it look like he’s grimacing really weirdly, haha. This was the best one.) #baby #pregnancy #weebairn