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(different anon than previous one) I think the sword at his side is a rapier actually, or the Zora equivalent? I think such a sword would fit nicely with your headcanon that Sidon looks for enemies weak spots because a rapier is a weapon deals a lot with aiming for the weak points in your opponents armor. I doubt he'd use it for actual battle but I like to think he'd fence as a hobby. Plus, imagine Sidon enthusiastically shouting "En garde" when he and Link spar.

Yooo I could totally see that! 

It probably started as just a way to practice fighting, but it may have become a way to just let out steam and just have some fun.

He’s wanted to say ‘En garde’ to someone since he was a wee baby, you don’t understand. You bet Sidon would jump on that shit first opportunity.

Head-cannon accepted. 

bts reaction - seeing your heart shaped birthmark on your hip


He loves all things cute or related to hearts, so he would just fall for you right then and there when he seems you have a birthmark shaped like a heart.

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On lazy days, he would trace it with his thumb and smile at you. He’d think of you as his angel of love and will never let you go.

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Rap monster

he would be very inspired my your mark. He would even put in a small line about it in one of his love songs.

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J hope

“I’m your hope, I’m your angel, but you are my love.”

“I love you too, Hobi~”

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He’d get all excited when he wees it. He wouldn’t be able to help but stare at it and turning into a giggling child again.

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He would see you as a goddess. He’d be completely amazed by your mark.

“My birthmarks just looks like a big dot…”


He’d blush the first time he saw it, not just because it’s a heart, but because he knows he’s the only one who will see it. He’d want you to hide it from everyone else.

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you’re my achilles heel

A/N: So this is my first ever B99 or Jake x Amy fic so I really hope that I’ve managed to not go completely OOC and I hope you enjoy it.


She gets the call just past eleven. She’s curled in bed and she’s got a fresh bowl of popcorn and half a season of The Bachelor left to watch. “Oh, come on.” She whines. “You said you’d at least try and spend a few hours out without calling me.”

“But I love you.” He half-yells, it comes out slurred. Amy’s pretty sure Charles’ dragged him back to that strange German pub that he’d had his and Genevieve’s last anniversary at. She can recognize the clinking of the jukebox and the indistinguishable sound of ‘murder music’. “You should comen join us, Ames.”

“Can’t.” She says. “I just got settled in with my popcorn and wine.”

“Are you watching the bachelor?” Jake tries to whisper, sounds hurt. “Without me?” She thinks she hears Charles say something but she can’t make it out.

“Why are you whispering?” She asks, grabbing a handful of popcorn.

“Shame, Amy.” He sing-songs. “Shame’s why.”

“Oh, god, you’re getting weird.” Amy retorts. “How about you go have fun with the guys  and text me when you guys are downstairs I’ll help you up the staircase.”

“You’re the bestest,” Jake yells. “I love you! You and I should definitely-”

She doesn’t get to hear the rest of his sentence and honestly, she’s not sure she wants to. It would not be normal.

She gets a text three episodes, two full bowls of popcorn, and much more wine than she’d ever care to admit later.

Hw come whenvr you call m yihb look s u party?

She almost chokes on a kernel. “What?” She blurts out because she’s starting to think she might be drunk. She texts back, You okay?

I thnk I had a wee bot t much.

Dude. You’re hammered.


She texts Terry, How bad is it?  

But, 🤷‍♂️🐄 xoxo, the chuckster is all she gets back from his end.

She’s mentally preparing herself for tomorrow when she curls back up into a ball and presses play on her current episode. She manages to finish the most part of the season before the next text from Jake.

Im home loveyou youre so cooool Iloveyou

“Oh god.” Amy winces. She’s almost one hundred percent certain he’s going to wake up sick tomorrow morning and that’ll it make it the third time this year she’s had to take care of him.

She approaches the front door with utmost silent, being extremely cautious and making sure she doesn’t even come near the creakiest of the floorboards. She waits by the front door a minute, two, five, fifteen almost before she hears giggling coming from the opposite side.

Apparently, he’s leaning up against the door, and when she goes to open it he loses his balance and falls right down into her and she falls with him.

She wants to be frustrated. She really does, but Jake’s giggling is ridiculous and contagious and so she just joins in instead. “Hey there.”

“Amyyyyy.” He sighs, tugging at a loss strand of her from her ponytail and moving it all around her face. “Hmmm.” He sighs. “Your hair is so so soft. And it smells like cherries!” He pauses, and she can tell he’s trying his best to keep a straight face. “I need to ask you something.”

“Go ahead.” She has no idea where this is going. He pulls himself up, looking insanely serious.

“How come,” he begins, “how come you never let me shampoo your hair..?”

“Oh no.” She rolls her eyes. “You’ve been spending way too much time with Charles.” She stands up. “Come on, let’s get you to bed.”

“I’m being serious, Ames, I want to shampoo your hair. It’s so soft.” He shakes his head, throws his hands up into the air. “Why is this shirt so itchy?!”

She sighs. “Did you have a goodnight?”

“Obviously, guys night, duh, we arm wrestled and watched the game and drank tons of beer.”  

“You guys talked about your feelings and danced to Salt N’ Peppa didn’t you?”

“What? No! What? Obviously not I can’t believe you’d even suggest… ” He sighs, rubs his fingers against the side of his temple. “It was just one song.”

“You would’ve loved it, Amy.” He says, nodding his head vigorously as she drags him across the hall. “This enormous guy just bumped straight into me in the middle of my tequila shot. So I just stared him down and he apologized and walked away.”

She tugs at his shirt, and he wiggles his eyebrows. “Detective Santiago!” He says, shaking his head disapprovingly. “I can’t believe you’d try to take advantage of me in my current state of mind.”

“Yeah, right.” She scoffs. “You wreak of alcohol, you need a shower.”

“You know, we did five and a half tequila shots.” She shuffles him into the bathroom while he talks, making sure his voice doesn’t get too loud.

His eyes suddenly light up as he pulls his shirt off. “Sarge sang achy breaky heart.”

“If you really love me, you’d have taken a video.” He leans in and presses a kiss to the edge of her lips, sloppy and with a tequila aftertaste. He waves his phone in front of her face. “All four minutes of it.”

She leans in and presses a quick kiss to his lips. “Best husband ever.”

“Don’t I know it.” He grins, then he’s wiggling his eyebrows again. “You know… I could always use some company in the shower.”

“No way,” Amy says. “Are you forgetting what happened the last time we tried to do anything other than take a shower in that shower?”

“Ames, if the curtain was gonna rip off the railing, it was gonna rip off the railing, we just encouraged it to live out its dreams.” He starts making his way towards the shower.

He really needs to get some rest.

He turns to face her, to continue rambling, and trips instead, lands front first onto the fluffy bathroom mat. It’s still hard and Amy flinches at the sound. They both freeze, waiting for a sound.

“Maybe she didn’t hear.” He whispers. “Maybe-”


Amy turns to face him, gives him a sly smile before pushing past him to the bedroom. “Your turn!.”  

“Hey!” Jake laughs, pulling at the waist of her old Cookie Monster pajama pants. She reluctantly comes to a halt, turning to face the two of them.

Katie stumbles out of her bedroom, pulling her faded pink blanket behind her, Mrs. Cuddles (Her favorite teddy bear. The first thing Jake and Amy had bought her together)  in tow. She looks up at Jake with a frown. “Daddy your hair.” She says lazily, pointing up at it. “It’s wet.”

“It is,” Jake says solemnly, nodding his head.

“Why don’t we let daddy get dressed and then we can read you a story, hmm?” Amy says, taking her hand. He stumbles out into the bedroom before closing the door.

“Ames, I’ll be right there.” He says through the walls.

Amy grins as Katie tugs at her shirt. “Is daddy okay, mommy?”

“Your dad just likes to be silly sometimes, sweetie,” Amy assures her, scoops her up into her arms and carries her to the door.

“Daddy, we comin in.”

“We’re coming in.” Amy corrects her, pushing the door open.

“Amy!” He squeals. “Help I’m stuck in my pajama pants!”

“Why don’t you wait on the bed for us, okay?” Katie nods and slips over to the bed, dramatically throwing herself onto it. Yeah, she definitely got that from Jake.

“God, Ames, I’m way too old for shots.” He tells her once that disaster is perfectly taken care of.

“Yeah, I could’ve told you that.”

“Okay, sweetheart,” Jake tells Katie. “Let’s get you back to bed, alright?”

Katie wiggles off the bed, stands in the doorway, “I wanna stay up and eat ice cream.” She says decidedly. “Please mommy.”

Amy shakes her head, turns to Jake expecting him to back her up, but he instead he shoots her his infamous puppy dog eyes. “Yeah… please mommy.”

“Nope.” Amy says, popping the ‘p’. She punches Jakes’ shoulder. Gives him a look.

It means shut the hell up.

If Jamie and Claire (and Murtagh) could text: 1x01 edition
  • Jamie: SHIT
  • Jamie: SHIT
  • Jamie: SHIT
  • Murtagh: ?
  • Jamie: H E L P
  • Murtagh: y kn I dna lke txtn
  • Murtagh: hard t tap wee bttns in dark on horse
  • Jamie: but
  • Jamie: EMERGENCY
  • Jamie: you're my godfather yere supposed to COUNSEL ME
  • Muragh: mmph
  • Murtagh: what's th prblm thn
  • Jamie: mistress beauchamp
  • Jamie: the brownhaired lass
  • Murtagh: ye mn the one in frnt of ye on yr horse
  • Jamie: yes the one that fixed my shoulder
  • Jamie: the one you found in the woods
  • Jamie: the one in her shift
  • Murtagh: takin the piss wee gomrl
  • Murtagh: theres only one lass ye could be talkin abt
  • Jamie: o aye
  • Jamie: course
  • Jamie: sry
  • Jamie: verra distraught rn
  • Murtagh: whts th prblm wi hr?
  • Murtagh: hehe
  • Murtagh: ... its only bn 6 hrs lad
  • Jamie: but did ye no see
  • Jamie: how MEAN
  • Jamie: and VULGAR the fierce wee thing was??
  • Jamie: DEAR ๐Ÿ‘ HOLY ๐Ÿ‘ GOD ๐Ÿ˜
  • Murtagh: ...
  • Murtagh: strnge taste lad
  • Murtagh: chrst dinna do that
  • Murtagh: have u fevr from th wound already
  • Murtagh: hld on ...
  • Murtagh: howre you holdin the lass
  • Murtagh: and steerin th horse
  • Murtagh: ANd txtn
  • Murtagh: wi ur arm strapped to yr side ?
  • Jamie: phone in sling hand
  • Murtagh: th lass'll give ye a right toungelashin if ye open yr wound bck up from movin it about
  • Jamie: O christ i hope so
  • Jamie: when she got all ferocious wi me when i fell off th horse
  • Jamie: ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  • Murtagh: ....is she no marrit?
  • Jamie: .........
  • Jamie: W
  • Jamie: HHH
  • Jamie: AAAAAA
  • Jamie: TTTTTTTTT ?????
  • Jamie: NO NO NO
  • Jamie: SHES **WIDOWED*
  • Murtagh: she said smthn bout a hsbnd tho
  • Murtagh: has a rng on aye?
  • Jamie: ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
  • Murtagh: jesus get agrip on yrsel
  • Jamie: id made so many plans in my mind
  • Murtagh: itll pass
  • Jamie: NO

“uhhhh actually this disney space opera family franchise NEEDS a villain because thats how narratives work, so uhhhh if you don’t like this specific villain for any personal reason, or don’t care about him getting deep character development or sympathetic at the expense of other characters, or make jokes about wanting him to die offscreen because you don’t find him interesting, then you’re an unsophisticated loser idiot who just wants to see nice pure characters frolicking in the nutella fields without any conflict and you obviously don’t understand media the way i do and thats just that. clearly i’m very smart and erudite for being able to rationally, unemotionally, and uncritically analyze the narrative of star wars, which primarily functions as a vehicle for selling small magical swamp gremlin-shaped toys to children, to this advanced degree” well would you look at that fellas we’ve got a real siegfried fucking kracauer over here. stop the presses boys we have to make way for this brilliant goddamn rodger bazin andre ebert son of a bitch. zoo wee mama aren’t i glad that this hitchcockian virtuoso of cinematic form decided to stop by and tell all of us irrational slobbering peasants what the right way to feel about star wars characters is. I’m gagging myself with my finger 

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OMG! Iain looks so different without a beard and quite intimidating to be honest. ;)

Are you thinking of this image

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He does look a wee bit intimidating doesn’t he - I LIKE  ☻/  I always find he looks a little more intimidating ( read evil haha )  Clean shaven and a  little softer and more Vulnerable with some scruff or a beard.

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But really it’s more a tribute to his prowess ( growl : ) as an actor /  He’s very expressive and really uses the set of his face and his eyes and body as a performer.  BRILLIANT

I of course LOVE him both ways but am a little more partial to scruffy Iain -

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Thanks for the comment Anon. I really enjoy receiving them ☺

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Hey, what do you think of Isco going to Barca?

a) not happening,


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Hey! Sorry to bother - just finished rewatching House M.D., and I thought this would be a good opportunity to thank you for your Hilson blog; it is magnificently brilliant, and allowed me to get through the last four episodes without crying once!! :-) Just a wee question - I don't think Wilson dies post-finale (or at least not for many years), but I was just wondering what you thought of the matter? Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Hi there! Thank you for the praise! <3 :)

I have a FUCKTON of headcanons! Anyway, here’s two of them:

a) Wilson doesn’t survive :(, and they both decide to die together. At first Wilson is refusing to let House kill himself, but after a huge yelling session he gives in eventually, knowing he can’t change House’s mind (he keeps trying anyway). They choose the perfect time, putting rose petals all over on their bed, still laughing a little because what does all the garnish matter, but it still matters anyway. They have a last perfect meal, a last perfect lovemaking, finally getting high on morphine overdose.

b) Wilson survives, yay! They decide they have had enough of doctoring, and instead they go on the road trip of their lifetime, visiting all states (incl. Hawaii & Alaska), drinking all the booze. Then they settle down to breed puppies and keep bees in a small little cottage at the bottom of Gannett Peak, Wyoming. Of course it turns out to be not challenging enough, so they both change names and indentities and keep doctoring in the nearest village for like 3 days a week. They grow old and grumpy and happy together. 

(Either way I hate them, lol)

What I’m Reading

How to play: Share a photo/screenshot of the cover(s) of the book(s) you’re currently reading. Then tag 8 people and ask them to do the same!

Here goes - I usually read one fiction and one non-fiction simultaneously:

I tag @westerhos @writtenthroughtime @lenny9987 @yellowfeather84 @saint-hildegard-of-bingen @whitenightowl @owlish-peacock36 @bonnie-wee-swordsman - can’t wait to see what you’re reading!

Stan Girl Groups

Rules: List your top 10 favorite girl group songs and tag 10 people

I was tagged by @cchoiyoungjae! :D

1. Girls’ Generation - I Got A Boy (reason I got into kpop!!) 

2. Taeyeon - UR (not a girl group but I love her so)

3. GFriend - Fingertip

4. TWICE - Knock Knock 

5. Mamamoo - You’re the Best

6. Red Velvet - Rookie

7. TWICE - Do It Again

8. Mamamoo - Decalcomanie

9. Red Velvet - Be Natural 

10. Pristin - Wee Woo

I don’t know if any of you listen to girl groups but oh well!

I tag: @iksarai, @idiotfadeddream, @nottechae, @gguked, @changhyuk, @joo-kyun, @rap-god-wonho, @taenochu, @mybiasforsure, @taestyhoe

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1) Did you have a favourite stuffed animal as a child? If so, do you still have it? What is it?

I still have her! She was a Pound Purries stuffed cat toy that I named Chaos, after the cat guide from Microsoft Bob.

The toy:

The namesake:

Except since I was only a wee one, I didn’t realise that Chaos was the word that sounds like kay-oss, so I figured her name was pronounced chay-ohss.

2) What was a movie series you started watching full of hope and excitement until the second or third one came out and you were awfully disappointed?

This has never happened to me. I don’t watch many movies. However I WAS awfully disappointed by The Hobbit after seeing The Lord of the Rings.

3) What is your favourite thing about yourself?

Either my sense of humor, or how much I have learned in my life. Let’s combine the two, and say… all the funny stories I’ve collected.

4) What is your favourite Disney song?

I object. This is an unfair question.

5) What is a character you’ve always wanted to make/rp but never got around to? 

I’ve been sitting on an angel muse for a while, but I honestly don’t know if I have the ability to play it.

6) What is a song you connect with your current main muse?

It’s no secret that Tal’s theme song is Darwin, Jesus, The Devil, And Me, by Damion Suomi.

7) Have you ever created an own character whom you then realised was a total Mary Sue/Gary Stu?

Hasn’t everyone here?

8) Pasta, rice or potatoes?


9) What age were you when you stopped running from your light switch to your bed after turning off the lights?

Well, for most of my life, I have either had a pull string light reachable from my bed, a bedside lamp, or a remote control light. From ages 11-14, though, I did have a light switch, and I did run. So 14 at the absolute youngest, but I was over it by the time I got a switch again at 23.

10) What do you think of the recent unicorn hype?

I think it’s a cultural backlash against the politicisation of the rainbow. Other than that, I have no opinion.

11) If you could be any fantastical creature of your own choice, what would you like to be?

A successful entrepreneur.

My questions:

1) What is your favorite thing that you have ever made?
2) Did you have any particularly weird or silly fears as a child?
3) Where is your favorite tree, and what it is like?
4) Do you own an interesting hat, and if so, where did it come from?
5) Do you have trouble sleeping in strange places?
6) Are there any odd collections of things that seem to gather in your home?
7) What is a tradition you practice on New Years?
8) What is your least favorite scented candle smell?
9) What is the most niche-interest book you own?
10) Can you fit your whole hand to the bottom of a Pringles can? (For those who live in areas without Pringles, can you tip a bag of chips/crisps back to eat the crumbs without spilling them in your eyes?)
11) What is your opinion of moist towelettes?

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