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20 year old Jeremy Brett in his bit-part single scene in Svengali [1954] eclipsing everyone else with his swooniness and beauty and cheekbones and hair and omfg everything


Herbert Lom in The Seventh Veil, 1945.

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Okay with that bugformers ask with perceptor I'm just imagining a week later the human comes back with some baby buggos that all suspiciously look like perceptor, and the crew just stares at him, at a loss for words.

( Melly’s Mod Notes: A reference to this ask. I am stupidly proud of it for some reason so.

There are varied reactions to this development when everyone finally puts two and two together. Naturally there’s that kneejerk reaction of jealousy because the traveler raising a brood that isn’t theirs but could have been theirs if they had been a little bit faster.

Then you have the medbugs who are floored that this is even possible. They hadn’t thought human and Cybertronian coupling could produce hatchlings and yet here’s the traveler looking after a healthy and happy group of babies. It’s fascinating and First Aid is trying to suggest maybe they should lay their eggs in them next. For research purposes and stuff. Yeah.

Ultra Magnus is horrified if only because Perceptor is the last one he’ll thought will bust a nut in their visitor. He’s happy to see the hatchlings are well and the traveler seems to adore them. He’s also worried that someone is going to complain that next mating season they should be allowed to lay their eggs in the traveler. (This is prove true with how Rodimus keeps poking at one of his arms, asking why he can’t get it on with the human but Percy can??)

Brainstorm is excited because this means he’s a hatching guardian!! Well… Perceptor made no such promises to him that he can be a hatching guardian but the traveler is clearly going to need help and why not have the resident genius make some traps and materials to help improve the hatchlings’ care? He’ll make sure nothing can catch on fire this time, promise. )

Sweet Blood

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You rested your head on the window and looked out as the trees flew past your window. The greenery was so thick and tall, unlike the plants back at the place you used to call home. You were used to loud streets, bright lights and the obnoxious drunkards that walked under your window almost every night.

This place is so pretty,” your sister Bennie said. “The air is so fresh.” You rolled your eyes. Your lungs were perfectly fine with the polluted air they had inhaled their entire life.

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Some Edge Boy sketches!

Man, I’ve missed drawing him :’3


Kurotsuki Week 2016 | Day One | Age

This is late but I’m out of town unexpectedly so I won’t get the time to work on these submissions that I thought I would. I’m still planning on doing them all (or most) but they’ll all be late lol. Hope you guys enjoy this ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.

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first batch of twitter headshot commissions!


Edward Petherbridge in the ‘The Exorcism’ episode of the BBC’s Dead of Night series, 1972

The procrastinating bone cleaner’s greenhouse aesthetic

Origami Lucky Star TBR Jar

Okay, I’ve got my jar, here we go!

I took all the book titles off my to-read and to-reread shelves on Goodreads, wrote them down on different colored pieces of paper, and cut them out. Now I’m ready to start folding my origami lucky stars and filling the jar!

Wee, they look so pretty!

Look at it fill up!

Oh, it’s getting pretty high…

I can’t fit anymore!


Say hello to my Origami Lucky Star TBR Jar Basket!