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Any anime you would recommend watching? :)

haikyuu!! - this doesn’t come as a surprise, does it? it’s such a cheerful anime, with very likeable character and many adorable and very positive friendships. it engages you on an emotional level.

daiya no ace for being one of the most well-developed and realistic sports anime out there. it has such a good plot development, believable character growth and awesome plot twists. 

mushishi for it’s eerie, beautiful setting, mature narrative and well-written, interesting episodes.

shokugeki no souma for the funs. no, seriously, it’s so much fun. it has a really cool mc and don’t start me on the food porn. just get some snack while watching. you’ll need it.

honourable mention for yowamushi pedal because it’s such an underrated sports anime.

@bitsynoya ashjshwjsksns i was going to write this scene yesterday but i had no energy to! basically, my story is mostly from kit’s perspective so it can seem really random that cassie likes will back (though obvious why he likes her, as kit is well aware of cassie’s finer points). kit obviously never noticed her interest in him bc she’s biased. but yesterday i reimagined the scene where they first start to fall in love. will lives in the palace bc he’s a squire. after q few awkward meetings concerning their engagement, they run into each other in the palace garden. cassie is reading, and will looks like he’s been crying. they end up debating about some writings they’ve both read. will shows he doesn’t bend his opinions around trying to match hers, and he treats her like a peer and doesn’t talk down. talking with her makes him happy bc he’s been feeling distant from his family and from his fellow squires, who’ve heard the rumors that he’s engaged and treat him differently. from then on, they regularly have hours long talks in the palace gardens, starting with their mutual intellectual pursuits, and eventually leading to their lives, their families, their hopes and dreams. and they fall in love. and the rest is history.

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Also tie tugging. Yes and thank you. Their relationship thing feels very snarky and real here ;D Also if you ever have kink questions, I can help

@elsa-the-snowbitch yeah, I seem to be doing a fair bit of tie pulling lately

haha omg I love when they’re like this, if only they were always like this =)

also, I think I have a thing for Draco slapping Harry, I do it a lot in this fic. Although, honestly, someone needed to slap Harry in this fic. He’s such an arse.

(these all precede that wee kink mentioning bit also, SPOILERS!!!!!!! (but you know, I’m always spamming bits of my wip haha I’m sure ppl know not read if they don’t wanna be spoiled. and I did cut several bits out of these to be less spoilery, hello self-control, it’s been so long, I’d forgotten what you looked like)

“Why? Because you’re in love with me, and it’s harder to pretend I feel the same if me wanting you was just the Amortentia all along?”

Harry had no warning before Malfoy slapped him. It was sudden, and vicious, and his face felt like it was on fire.

“You bastard!” Malfoy hissed, not even moving off him, but slapping him again. “You fucking heartless bastard!”

“You deserve it!” Harry snapped back, punching him in the chest. “You hurt people, you deserve it!”

“You think no one ever hurt me?” Malfoy screamed back, hitting him again. “He lived in my house!”

Harry managed to catch Malfoy’s wrist before he could hit him again. His face was in fire, his jaw was aching.

“You’d prefer that, wouldn’t—”

Harry yelped as Malfoy suddenly slapped him, hard.


Harry blinked up at him, raising a hand to his burning cheek. There was a more recognisable Malfoy.


“You’re a fucking arse,” Harry said. “You just like slapping me, you prick!”

Malfoy shrugged. “You needed it.”

“No one needs a slap!”

“If someone had slapped you more, you probably wouldn’t have made so many stupid mistakes over the years.”

“Oh, sod off!” Harry snapped. Going anywhere near their past was a bad idea

“Because…” Malfoy reached out as if to slap him again, and Harry caught his wrist before he could.

It was clear from the lack of force behind it, that Malfoy had intended for Harry to stop him. The motion put them closer together. Harry felt his pulse speed up.