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So after much delay & stress & ultimately deciding that the only way I’d be able to like how it looks is by using the sketch lines & coloring it in grayscale, I finally finished this companion piece or w/e for that one fic I wrote nearly half a year ago lmao. 

After a couple weeks of secret “chapstick sharing,” your friends might start to get suspicious if your lips are uncharacteristically sparkly & you start to constantly smell like vanilla cake batter~ ;3c Tsk-tsk, boys, what kind of situation are y’all gonna have to deal with now~?


Kurotsuki Week 2016 | Day One | Age

This is late but I’m out of town unexpectedly so I won’t get the time to work on these submissions that I thought I would. I’m still planning on doing them all (or most) but they’ll all be late lol. Hope you guys enjoy this ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.

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  • Grady: i don't like the way Keefe's been looking at Sophie
  • Edaline: oh come on, dear, leave the kids be. I'm sure that-
  • Grady: Remember how Fitz basically pushed Sophie away when he blamed her for Alden's mind breaking?
  • Edaline: Grady really-
  • Grady: remember how i thought Dex was ok too? then he went and built that circlet for our daughter-
  • Edaline: Dex has already apologized too many times for that really dear and Sophie's forgiven him-
  • Grady: are you seeing a pattern?
  • Grady: that Sencen kid is going to do something to hurt Sophie i just know it
  • Keefe: *leaves everyone for the Neverseen*
  • Grady:
  • Grady: what did i just say?
  • Edaline: