wee jaunt

may the ground swallow me whole, right after we finish playing.

on talking onstage.

yesterday, conquering animal sound played the wee jaunt edinburgh, a tour organised by detour, where a group of inebriates, drunks and indie music fans are taken on a daytrip round various locations where previously unrevealed bands perform. we played in the courtyard outside the list offices. it was seriously cool.

while we were setting up and soundchecking before the tour arrived, an irate older woman came out and started shouting about how loud we were, how we were disturbing the locals who were sleeping (at 6.45pm) and how it was a residential area for elderly people and we had not taken this into consideration - though that’s maybe a more eloquent version than how it came out at the time. it was really kind of off putting. apparently she did more of the same during our performance, but i didn’t notice.

so it was in this frame of mind when we came out to perform that i said “hi, we’re conquering animal sound. we used to live in edinburgh, but now we live in glasgow, cus the people in edinburgh aren’t very nice”, not thinking that the people who were there to see us had absolutely no reference point for this, and no idea why i’d be saying it, other than i’m a dickhead. people laughed nervously. immediately, i wanted to die.

really hate talking onstage sometimes.


We will be releasing a video from our Wee Jaunt, once every night from now until Christmas.

This was our second stop - the Scottish Poetry Library. We thought it would be only right for Ally to read a poem… and then have hardcore band Shields Up tear the place open.