wee bit late


Happy Halloween everyone! …I’m a wee bit late I know! 

This year, I dressed up as Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. I ordered my costume and my necklace via etsy and I made my salts vigor prop bottle from sculpy.  People at work loved my costume! Although some thought my crutches were part of the look. haha 

My foot hasn’t been at 100% this past year. I had an MRI done recently and it showed that my foot was bruised between the bones and the tissue, basically it was in the process of becoming a stress fracture. So my foot doctor wants me to stay off my foot for at least a month. I remember in high school thinking how neat that the kids who had crutches could leave class early and had their friends carry stuff for them. Now I realize that crutches totally suck. haha I’ll be getting a knee scooter soon, so I can be the cool kid and ride around fast in the office. 

Avengers Academy - My contribution for The Happy Tony Project!

Can I just say I love this game!? I needed Steve trying to teach Tony how to do the Charleston because they are precious babs!!


@bridgetregan: Waiting. Waiting. I LOVE MY JOB. 🕐🕜🕝🕞🕣🕘🕤🕙 Might be a wee bit late to tweets and watch with you guys tonight #AgentCarter


Destroyer // Healer // Protector // Leader - The Aspects of Nouru

I’m so artsy now rite guise

Been planning to realize this concept for a while now and I think it turned out nice :>

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A little bit of mischief- OPEN

Kol pulled his lips off the last female that was left in the bar, tossing her off to the side of the counter floor. He didn’t know nor care if she was still alive or not. Point was, he got what he wanted. A meal. He hadn’t been in town in a few months, and upon returning he made sure to cause his same old mischief. Just before he turned to walk out, he made sure to grab the expensive bottle of scotch to take it with him. He found matches behind the bar and tucked them in his coat pocket, waiting for the right moment to blaze it up if he needed to. Before making it to the door, it cracked open. A figure stood in the shadows. “You’re just a wee bit to little too late, mate.”