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sorry guys i’ve been super busy but here have a v v gay thing i made 4 u

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So this was actually a cover I created about…. 3-4 years ago and never finished. My story is called BirdHaven and revolves around mostly these 3. 

Voxer (main protag)
Viro (second protag)
and their bird Kou (pet/sidekick)

BirdHaven (from the title) is actually the area they live in. It’s a big paradise looking village of houses hanging on cliffsides by a waterfall. It’s pretty much a ravine?

this is basically what it ROUGHLY looks like, obviously a LOT deeper and a lot more houses and connections and it’s really kinda complicated to explain (let’s just say this is like 1/5th of what birdhaven would look like) 

It’s taken over by Aero’s, which in my story is what you would describe as ‘angels’ or just.. people with wings? They’re very military based and have a very strict way of living, they are protectors of the world that is manifested by monsters and creatures that are rapidly taking over the world. When it comes to aero’s you can have people with different varieties of wings and their wing colour usually ties with their natural hair colour and get classified in different parts. 

the rankings of wings do not determin how important you are of a person in the society, it is just classified by military use in battle.
Aero’s have amazing accuracy which is why their primary weapons are Bow and arrows or crossbows depending on what they can work better with. 

Even though Aero’s have flying capabilities they cannot fly and fight well at the same time which is why they have bird companions that are assigned to them by birth which not only makes them their warpartner but also lifepartner. They grow up together and are NOT EXPENDABLE. They are literal life companions so if they die it is like losing your other self and yes, it’s terrible.

These birds also have unique looks to them in certain area’s like head feather or ‘crowns’ and also tails. But they all recieve the same armor no matter what rank you are. 

Another very important species in this story are the Elves who are actually ‘extinct’ in this world thanks to the Aeros based on a historic event that lead to a massive war between them and the rest of the world. 
Elves are not the same as the elves you see in every other story because they can shapeshift. Their ears are also larger than any other species and their pupils are usually very cat like. Another thing they are commonly known for is for their large amount of piercings they attach to themselves to show their large accomplishments in life.

now to explain how they got turned extinct we’re going to ANOTHER species which are the axies (haha a good name for people who are axolotls)
They are a very traditional tribe of Axolotl people who live in the gigantic lake far away from any of the other living creatures. From there is also another important ‘main cast’ character who’s name is Nolan and she has a ‘soul’ named Archie. 

they basically look like this (I’ll get more into character about her later) right now the important part about the elves are that they are known for being murderers, cold stone killers who just take whatever they want. Since they can shapeshift they infiltrate tribes without them being suspicious of them and they strike in the night and commit mass murders just to get what they want. They did this to the Axie tribe who throw connections to the Aero’s and a large war breaks out amongst these creatures (and others who I will not name yet since they’re minor)

The Aero’s take the last step and decide to execute every Elf they come across, ultimately leading to their ‘extinction’

Now forward a bunch of years later when peace has finally come back and the aero’s are once more prepping for another war VOXER is born. 

Since he was born with slightly pointy ears they assumed he had genetics of the bat people tribe (also another minor creature from the story) The older he got, the more his ears grew and at the maximum length a bat persons ear could grow the military was becoming worried.

At the age of 10 Voxers ears started taking more shape towards actually being pointy and long, his eyes often dialated into cat shapes and the military went haywire. The chief of Birdhaven locked Voxer up, killed his bird and banished his parents (who are assumed dead by the people) Scared of keeping an elven child in their territory but unable to kill him (only because of the public and how enraged they were about already killing his bird, if they had the chance they actually would’ve still killed Voxer) they sent him down to the human society where he was seen as a freak and abused in the alleyways where he almost died (which is what the military’s intention was). On last call he was rescued by a human man who took him back to birdhaven secretly since he had married an aero woman there with a daughter of 4 years who’s name is Viro. This is how he met her and actually grew up in this family. Her assigned bird Kou actually treated Voxer like his owner as well, being protective even as a wee babby bird over the two kids, which is why he is also a very important aspect of the story

THAT IS PRETTY MUCH ALL I WANNA GIVE OUT FOR NOW AS A LITTLE… TASTE…. if any of you really like this or find it interesting I’ll… gladly go into more detail!!! (tell me your guys thoughts on it;; I’m very nervous about this)

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26 adrienette reveal?))))

~Not quite a reveal, sorry. I changed US weekly to The Weekly, since it’s in Paris.~Tay

“According to US weekly we’re married” 788 words

The crew was hanging out in Marinette’s room. She and Alya had planned a ladyblog day, and Nino and Adrien had offered to come spend time with them while they dealt with the tedium of coding, and now they were all just chilling. Sabine had brought up a tray of snacks for them while they worked. Eventually, coding and html had devolved into Nino and Marinette playing video games while Alya and Adrien talked through Ladybug conspiracies.

“But if Ladybug is an ancient protector, there’s got to be some way that she gains or benefits from the knowledge of her past lives—past selves?” Alya said. “Idk, but there’s no point in having all of that past experience if each Ladybug has to start from scratch. There’s gotta be something in each Ladybug that tells them who they are and what to do,” She stopped and took a cookie.

“That makes sense, but would that mean Ladybug’s powers are a birthright? Something she’s destined for? And does it work the same way for Chat Noir?” Adrien asked

“Well, we don’t know for sure if Chat Noir is as old as Ladybug,” Alya said around a mouthful of chocolate.

“I mean, he has to be. Can you even have one without the other? They’re made for each other.”

“You’re just a huge lady-noir shipper.” Alya said with a laugh. Adrien shrugged. “Mari, you were the one who knew about the Egypt exhibit. What do you think about Ancient Ladybug?”

“Kinda busy!” Marinette called, fingers moving wildly on her controller.

“Alya, keep distracting her!” Nino yelled. He nudged Marinette with a shoulder and Marinette checked him back.

“Contact is cheating, you two,” Adrien said.

“Your face is cheating,” Nino said.

“And your face is losing!” Marinette yelled as her character delivered the final blow, hitting Nino’s off of the stage. Both of them started to yell, Marinette cheering and doing her little victory dance, and Nino groaning.

Marinette crossed the room to where Alya and Adrien were and dropped to the floor beside Alya, grabbing a cookie and laying her head in the other girl’s lap.

“Now what were you guys talking about?”

“Since Adrien’s a shipper, he was wondering about an Ancient Chat Noir? Like the Ladybug from the exhibit you took me to. Do you think there’s—“ Suddenly Alya’s phone went off. “Oh, it’s my mom. I need to take this.” She pushed Marinette’s head out of her lap and got to her feet.

“I’m actually also gonna go call my mom,” Nino said, getting up with a stretch. “I don’t remember when I need to be home by.” Which left Marinette and Adrien alone in the room. Marinette stretched and rolled over to look at Adrien, who was scrolling through the ladyblog on Alya’s laptop.

“So you ship Ladybug and Chat Noir?” She asked, genuinely curious. He looked over at her with a shy smile, and nodded.

“There’s just so much chemistry there. I mean, they’ve gotta trust each other so much to do the work that they do.”

“I know a lot of people who ship it. I mean, The Weekly says we’re married. People always just wanna put us together, you know?” She reached for a cookie. Adrien was looking at her, eyes wide.

“Um. Yeah. Put… Uh, Mari, when you say ‘us,’ you don’t mean that like…” Marinette’s eyes went wide and she struggled to swallow the bite of cookie in her mouth. She sat up, coughing into her elbow.

“Sorry, I meant— I mean, that’d be—there’s no—“

“Sorry about that,” Alya said, coming back up through the trap door. “My mom was reminding me of a few errands I need to run for her before I get home.” She came and took a seat between Marinette and Adrien. “Still talking about lady-noir?”

“Um. Yeah,” Adrien offered. Nino came back and joined the others on the floor.

“Hey, it’s really nice out. Anyone wanna go to the park or something?” He said. Alya perked up immediately.

“Yeah, I have errands to run for my mom. We could go for a walk and I could get a few of them done!”

“That sounds like fun!” Marinette said with a forced smile. “I’ll go tell my parents we’re gonna go out for a bit. Meet you guys downstairs.” And she dashed from the room.

Soon they were all outside, Marinette and Alya walking arm in arm, and Nino talking Adrien’s ear off about some new DJ he just discovered. At one point Marinette looked back at Adrien, her eyes unreadable, but the pair didn’t have a moment alone for the rest of the afternoon. Whatever had been said would just have to wait.

people who shit talk wee babbies and kids are honestly the dullest, worst people. “haha babies are ugly/kids are so stupid” like……please shut the fuck up, you aint edgy, you aint innovative, you’re just a boring fool bitch. the personality equivalent of a minecraft youtuber.

He was taking a leaf from Mochi’s book by doing this, but the cat wasn’t around to do it for him. Fox-formed, he heaved himself up to the couch cushion, curled up behind his little brother’s head, and nestled as closely as he could manage. His tail he wrapped around Hiro’s neck like a warm scarf. Then, resting his chin in his little brother’s nest of hair, he reached out to touch the thread of sand with the tip of his paw. As he watched, the sand lightened to gold again. He shut his eyes with a sigh of relief, and settled down to wait out the night.

ugh i feel like lately i haven’t been able to draw anything decent, but i really, rEALLY wanted to draw this scene from pitviperofdoom’s guardian!kitsune!tadashi fic Lighting Candles ;v;

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Okay, now I'm curious about what you saw of the Tea Party. (Not a new follower, if that matters?)

Hey, it’s fine! I’m mostly just trying to get some Content ™ here, so… any questions are welcome. Caveat here: I was a teenager for the brunt of this, and I was a young teenager at the beginning of this. (I was only a sophomore in high school when it really kicked off and I started following it.) In my head, some things are mixed up- I did a little bit of fact-checking to make sure I got the dates right, and it turns out I didn’t at all. Also, I was never involved on the ground level, because I was a young teenager in a rural area and didn’t have the opportunity to do things like ‘go to protests’; most of my involvement was liking things on facebook. 

WARNING: Long post is long, and I don’t want to put this under a cut in case I have to change my URL. If you don’t want to read this, you can press the ‘J’ key to skip down (or just… swipe, I guess. Sorry, mobile users.) 

…So. Around the time President Obama got elected, a lot of conservative types were angry in the same way we are about Trump, and for nearly the same reasons (though, of course, they were wrong). They thought, thanks to right-wing media/propaganda, that Obama was an illegitimate president who was hiding all kinds of things from the American people and that he should never have gotten into office at all and that he was going to send the country to hell. And that was the people who weren’t flagrantly racist. 

 This was right after the 2008 financial crisis and no one was happy with how the government was handling the situation on either side of the political fence. Everyone wanted to see the banks punished for screwing people over, and under both Bush and Obama, that … wasn’t what happened. The government in general let the banks off easy and gave them what they asked for so that the economy didn’t crash even harder. People were pissed off. 

A number of grassroots protests happened. Most of them were not very successful, but the one that caught people’s attention was an anti-tax, anti-bank-bailout, anti-government-meddling-in-the-economy libertarian deal. It was technically ‘bipartisan’ - in that libertarians on both sides of the liberal/conservative divide were involved. I don’t remember too much about this one in specific- I was honestly more interested in the ‘juicy’ culture war stuff- but everyone on both sides of the fence talked about it for months. 

The movement that sprung up around it was called the Tea Party– after the Boston Tea Party, but TEA also stood for ‘Taxed Enough Already’. People started using Revolutionary-War imagery, hanging tea bags off their hats, that kind of thing. I think this is also when libertarians started using the Don’t Tread On Me flag, though that could have been just ‘I was a wee babby and this was the first time I was seeing it’. 

 …And at the time? I was really hopeful. It was really obvious that things were wrong, and anyone that had eyes to see could see it, even if we blamed different things for it.  I thought this would be a thing that would get liberal and conservative people to come together to fight the Real Evil of taxes and bad government regulation. I thought that maybe it really would be bipartisan and people would do the ‘right’ thing and make a change in the world.

…of course, that isn’t what happened at all. 

What happened was, conservative news media picked up on it and started touting it as an example of how much people hated Obama. People who hated Obama for other, much more dubious reasons glommed onto the Tea Party as a way of expressing their displeasure. Conservatives who hated Bush for ‘compassionate conservativism’ also glommed onto the Tea Party-  they wanted the government to get out of the business of even pretending to help people. Then conservative media started going ‘see? see how p o p u l a r  this Totally Bipartisan movement is? clearly everyone hates Obama as much as we do.’ 

A lot of Very Serious Moderate-Conservative people started freaking out about the Tea Party and trying to discredit them- as far as I remember, some of this may have been true. There were all kinds of rumours that the Koch brothers were funding them or that they were taking money from kooky right-wing candidates everyone hated or- in general, that there was some evil mastermind behind all this, that people weren’t rising up on their own because they were pissed off, that’s not a thing that HAPPENS, right? But happen it did. 

So what happened was… a libertarian, vaguely-populist movement quickly spiralled out of control. Egged on by conservative media– and by the general disdain they got from more ‘liberal’ media outlets– it turned into a ‘I’m More Conservative Than Thou’ heckfest.  

If the American right has learnt anything from the American left, it’s purity politics. This is when you started seeing the term RINO sprout up. RINO stands for ‘Republican In Name Only’ - in plain English, an actual conservative rather than a right-wing radical. The Tea Party popularized the term ‘RINO’ as meaning ‘anyone who doesn’t support the Tea Party or doesn’t support the increasingly radical direction it’s going’.

The Tea Party, at its various levels, started funding state and local elections- going against moderate Republican incumbents, and putting more right-wing candidates in their place. At the time, I thought this was great too- it was Putting Strong Good People who Believed All The Right Things In Places Where They Could Change The World. 

…the thing was? The Tea Party is directly responsible for how crazy the Republican party is right now. And I’m horrified at even the little bit I did to cheer it on, but no one thought things would wind up like this. At least, not in 2008. 

There’s a slang term in politics- ‘red meat’ - that means ‘the stuff your political base, your True Believers, rabidly care about that no one else really gives a damn about’. For instance, most people would not care about a proposal to tear down a statue of Columbus in the middle of town and replace it with.. IDK, a Little Free Library. For liberals/leftists, that might be a piece of red meat- replacing a statue of a genocidal maniac with a library? How wonderful! On the flip side, for conservatives, this might be a piece of red meat- how DARE you replace a statue of a NATIONAL HERO with some Weird Liberal Thing that will COST TAX MONEY!!!1!! But no one else really gives a damn, or has mixed opinions. 

The Tea Party was all about giving conservatives red meat. And very little else, to be frank, because it was a populist movement. The conservative base had never really chosen candidates on how effective they’d be, they were always more focused on what their candidates believed than what they actually Did- but the Tea Party made them go nuts. They didn’t have to care about the candidates their party chose (based partly on how effective they’d be)? They could pick whoever they wanted? Well, that guy believes aliens built the pyramids, but he also says he’ll outlaw abortion and gay marriage, so why the hell not? 

Tea Party candidates got crazier and crazier until you wound up with people like Sarah Palin seriously being considered for high office- candidates who would never wind up on the national stage before. Moderate Republicans were terrified. People thought the Tea Party was gonna become its own third party and be a real threat to the Republicans– moderate ‘pubs either quietly became Democrats or started making the same kind of promises the Tea Party candidates were making.

I’m not sure if the Tea Party is still extant- I stopped hearing much about them in 2011, but that’s also the year that I stopped obsessively reading conservative news media, so they could still be around. As far as I know, the movement as a movement has basically quieted down. Maybe it was that people realized they looked silly wearing tricorne hats with tea bags hanging off them; maybe it’s that they were sick of getting called ‘teabaggers’; maybe it’s that the conservative media/mainstream media just stopped reporting on them once they stopped being new and shiny. Maybe they just switched to wearing MAGA hats.

…but the thing is, whether or not they won enough battles to stick around? They won the war.

Trump is the ultimate Tea Party candidate. He is all red meat and no vegetables or vitamins. He promises people the universe and then gives them a load of hot air for their trouble- and he puts on a great show. He gives them all the right words; all the best words. He hates taxes and government regulation– he must, because he’s a successful businessman, right?  

Ugh. That got depressing quick. Let’s just get to…

THE TAKEAWAY, for anyone who’s read this far.   

  1. The Tea Party is 99% of what radicalized the mainstream Republican party. I don’t think the alt-right would even be relevant if the Tea Party hadn’t paved the way for them. The Republicans started moving farther right by degrees long before the Tea Party, but the Tea Party accelerated the crazy- conservative pundits today say things that would be unthinkable even during the Bush administration.   
  2. Voting can and does have measurable effects; it’s just that voting for President and Congress once every four years does not. You have to be willing to vote for local and state candidates, to primary candidates you hate, to be picky about who you support, but also to vote for candidates within one of the major parties. 
  3. The Democratic Party does not give their base enough red meat. The Republican Party gives their base way too much red meat. This is why both parties are FUBAR- not giving your base enough red meat results in a shirty, disloyal, angry base that will betray you; giving your base too much red meat makes them stupid, petulant children. 
  4. As a voter- watch out for red meat. Try to think critically about what politicians are telling you and whether they’re playing on things that you care about to get your support. If a politician is promising you lots of things that you care about that most people have no reason to care about, are they trying to manipulate you? Odds are good the answer is ‘yes’. 
2012 Donatello

Since I’m doing little appreciation posts for each of the 2012 turtles, it’s Donnie’s turn.

My favorite Donnie used to be 2003. He seemed like the sweetest, most down-to-earth Donatello. He still kinda is, but I can’t help but adore 2012 Donnie. Maybe it’s the cute little gap in his teeth, or the fact that I can relate to him in a lot of ways, but something about him just sets him apart. 

Think of where the overall plot of the show would be without him. If it weren’t for him, April and her dad might not ever have been saved from the Kraang. The turtles wouldn’t have gotten involved with the Kraang at all, and with April in custody, the whole world could have been taken over. 

It was Donnie who went against Splinter and Leo to try and go save April and Kirby before they got thrown in the van. It was Donnie who convinced Splinter to let him and his brothers go back above ground to free them from the Kraang facility.

 It was Donnie who rescued April from the helicopter.  

After that, he was completely dedicated to reuniting April with her father. He even broke into a Kraang facility alone! 

When her dad got turned into a bat, he did what no Kraang or scientist had ever done before and invented retromutagen.

When April’s dad and most of New York City were mutated into Kraang-headed mutants, Donnie’s retromutagen saved them all (of course, Mikey had something to do with that). 

When he gets an idea in his head, he sticks to it. He hates to leave a task unfinished and he keeps his word. 

He’s also quick to own up to his mistakes. 

How many young people have the humility to admit they were wrong and apologize? Not many. (If you’re one of them, good for you. You’re a rarity.) 

He’s an incredibly strong person. With everything that happens to him, you’d think he would have cracked by now - but he hasn’t. Of course, no strong person got to be as strong as they are without going through adversity. 

He does have his bouts with anxiety though, and he can be a little high-strung. 

But honestly, who doesn’t find Rob Paulsen’s screaming Donnie voice completely endearing? (My only question is, why do Donnie’s mask tails suddenly get super starchy when he yells?)

His sass is also quite fabulous.

He’s a total sweety, though. Just look at the way he treats April. Yes, he was awkward in season 1, and yes, he felt threatened by Casey in season 2, but what’s so abnormal about that? At any rate, he’s really calmed down around her. And while he used to be awkward, he never forced April into anything. Most hugs were initiated by her, as well as all five kisses so far. 

He also does that cute tongue thing we all adore. 

He’s even cute when he’s sad. 

Now. About how smart he is. He’s not just a mechanic.

He’s also a computer hacker,

 a chemist and pharmacist,

a physician,

an inventor,

and an artist.

Not to mention he knows plenty about physics and biology, and a plethora of random facts.

Let’s face it, the whole team would be dead by now without him. Actually, like I said earlier, the whole world would have been taken over without him (and yet he blamed himself for the invasion… poor wee babby doesn’t realize how awesomesauce he is). 

Anyway, the whole physician thing - it’s emphasized a lot more in this show than others. I love that. I mean look at the posters in his lab.

He doesn’t have access to any medical information about his family’s kind(s), so he makes due with what he can. He doesn’t have mutant medical diagrams, so he has turtle, rat, and human diagrams. He wants to make sure he knows how to take care of those closest to him, so he gathers whatever information he can find. He has the heart of a care-giver. 

He seems to have more thoughts and feelings than most people… or rather, he thinks and feels more deeply than others. I know there’s no real way to gauge that, but he cares so much about what others go through, and he goes through a lot himself. He’s also always thinking, always analyzing and over-analyzing. No wonder he’s anxious. There’s a lot swirling around in his head and heart all the time. 

Overall, I’d say 2012 Donatello is a very well-rounded, fun, sweet, quirky character. We’ve seen him grow up so much in season 3, and I look forward to seeing his story continue to unfold. 

If I could describe 2012 Donatello succinctly, I’d say:

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Plant side blog name?

message me off anon and i might consider it. i will show you one of the plants i been growing though:

i bought this jalapeño as a wee babby seedling at my local farmer’s market around mid-july and i really need to get the greenhouse’s heating system working before it starts dipping too far below light jacket weather