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26 adrienette reveal?))))

~Not quite a reveal, sorry. I changed US weekly to The Weekly, since it’s in Paris.~Tay

“According to US weekly we’re married” 788 words

The crew was hanging out in Marinette’s room. She and Alya had planned a ladyblog day, and Nino and Adrien had offered to come spend time with them while they dealt with the tedium of coding, and now they were all just chilling. Sabine had brought up a tray of snacks for them while they worked. Eventually, coding and html had devolved into Nino and Marinette playing video games while Alya and Adrien talked through Ladybug conspiracies.

“But if Ladybug is an ancient protector, there’s got to be some way that she gains or benefits from the knowledge of her past lives—past selves?” Alya said. “Idk, but there’s no point in having all of that past experience if each Ladybug has to start from scratch. There’s gotta be something in each Ladybug that tells them who they are and what to do,” She stopped and took a cookie.

“That makes sense, but would that mean Ladybug’s powers are a birthright? Something she’s destined for? And does it work the same way for Chat Noir?” Adrien asked

“Well, we don’t know for sure if Chat Noir is as old as Ladybug,” Alya said around a mouthful of chocolate.

“I mean, he has to be. Can you even have one without the other? They’re made for each other.”

“You’re just a huge lady-noir shipper.” Alya said with a laugh. Adrien shrugged. “Mari, you were the one who knew about the Egypt exhibit. What do you think about Ancient Ladybug?”

“Kinda busy!” Marinette called, fingers moving wildly on her controller.

“Alya, keep distracting her!” Nino yelled. He nudged Marinette with a shoulder and Marinette checked him back.

“Contact is cheating, you two,” Adrien said.

“Your face is cheating,” Nino said.

“And your face is losing!” Marinette yelled as her character delivered the final blow, hitting Nino’s off of the stage. Both of them started to yell, Marinette cheering and doing her little victory dance, and Nino groaning.

Marinette crossed the room to where Alya and Adrien were and dropped to the floor beside Alya, grabbing a cookie and laying her head in the other girl’s lap.

“Now what were you guys talking about?”

“Since Adrien’s a shipper, he was wondering about an Ancient Chat Noir? Like the Ladybug from the exhibit you took me to. Do you think there’s—“ Suddenly Alya’s phone went off. “Oh, it’s my mom. I need to take this.” She pushed Marinette’s head out of her lap and got to her feet.

“I’m actually also gonna go call my mom,” Nino said, getting up with a stretch. “I don’t remember when I need to be home by.” Which left Marinette and Adrien alone in the room. Marinette stretched and rolled over to look at Adrien, who was scrolling through the ladyblog on Alya’s laptop.

“So you ship Ladybug and Chat Noir?” She asked, genuinely curious. He looked over at her with a shy smile, and nodded.

“There’s just so much chemistry there. I mean, they’ve gotta trust each other so much to do the work that they do.”

“I know a lot of people who ship it. I mean, The Weekly says we’re married. People always just wanna put us together, you know?” She reached for a cookie. Adrien was looking at her, eyes wide.

“Um. Yeah. Put… Uh, Mari, when you say ‘us,’ you don’t mean that like…” Marinette’s eyes went wide and she struggled to swallow the bite of cookie in her mouth. She sat up, coughing into her elbow.

“Sorry, I meant— I mean, that’d be—there’s no—“

“Sorry about that,” Alya said, coming back up through the trap door. “My mom was reminding me of a few errands I need to run for her before I get home.” She came and took a seat between Marinette and Adrien. “Still talking about lady-noir?”

“Um. Yeah,” Adrien offered. Nino came back and joined the others on the floor.

“Hey, it’s really nice out. Anyone wanna go to the park or something?” He said. Alya perked up immediately.

“Yeah, I have errands to run for my mom. We could go for a walk and I could get a few of them done!”

“That sounds like fun!” Marinette said with a forced smile. “I’ll go tell my parents we’re gonna go out for a bit. Meet you guys downstairs.” And she dashed from the room.

Soon they were all outside, Marinette and Alya walking arm in arm, and Nino talking Adrien’s ear off about some new DJ he just discovered. At one point Marinette looked back at Adrien, her eyes unreadable, but the pair didn’t have a moment alone for the rest of the afternoon. Whatever had been said would just have to wait.

2012 Donatello

Since I’m doing little appreciation posts for each of the 2012 turtles, it’s Donnie’s turn.

My favorite Donnie used to be 2003. He seemed like the sweetest, most down-to-earth Donatello. He still kinda is, but I can’t help but adore 2012 Donnie. Maybe it’s the cute little gap in his teeth, or the fact that I can relate to him in a lot of ways, but something about him just sets him apart. 

Think of where the overall plot of the show would be without him. If it weren’t for him, April and her dad might not ever have been saved from the Kraang. The turtles wouldn’t have gotten involved with the Kraang at all, and with April in custody, the whole world could have been taken over. 

It was Donnie who went against Splinter and Leo to try and go save April and Kirby before they got thrown in the van. It was Donnie who convinced Splinter to let him and his brothers go back above ground to free them from the Kraang facility.

 It was Donnie who rescued April from the helicopter.  

After that, he was completely dedicated to reuniting April with her father. He even broke into a Kraang facility alone! 

When her dad got turned into a bat, he did what no Kraang or scientist had ever done before and invented retromutagen.

When April’s dad and most of New York City were mutated into Kraang-headed mutants, Donnie’s retromutagen saved them all (of course, Mikey had something to do with that). 

When he gets an idea in his head, he sticks to it. He hates to leave a task unfinished and he keeps his word. 

He’s also quick to own up to his mistakes. 

How many young people have the humility to admit they were wrong and apologize? Not many. (If you’re one of them, good for you. You’re a rarity.) 

He’s an incredibly strong person. With everything that happens to him, you’d think he would have cracked by now - but he hasn’t. Of course, no strong person got to be as strong as they are without going through adversity. 

He does have his bouts with anxiety though, and he can be a little high-strung. 

But honestly, who doesn’t find Rob Paulsen’s screaming Donnie voice completely endearing? (My only question is, why do Donnie’s mask tails suddenly get super starchy when he yells?)

His sass is also quite fabulous.

He’s a total sweety, though. Just look at the way he treats April. Yes, he was awkward in season 1, and yes, he felt threatened by Casey in season 2, but what’s so abnormal about that? At any rate, he’s really calmed down around her. And while he used to be awkward, he never forced April into anything. Most hugs were initiated by her, as well as all five kisses so far. 

He also does that cute tongue thing we all adore. 

He’s even cute when he’s sad. 

Now. About how smart he is. He’s not just a mechanic.

He’s also a computer hacker,

 a chemist and pharmacist,

a physician,

an inventor,

and an artist.

Not to mention he knows plenty about physics and biology, and a plethora of random facts.

Let’s face it, the whole team would be dead by now without him. Actually, like I said earlier, the whole world would have been taken over without him (and yet he blamed himself for the invasion… poor wee babby doesn’t realize how awesomesauce he is). 

Anyway, the whole physician thing - it’s emphasized a lot more in this show than others. I love that. I mean look at the posters in his lab.

He doesn’t have access to any medical information about his family’s kind(s), so he makes due with what he can. He doesn’t have mutant medical diagrams, so he has turtle, rat, and human diagrams. He wants to make sure he knows how to take care of those closest to him, so he gathers whatever information he can find. He has the heart of a care-giver. 

He seems to have more thoughts and feelings than most people… or rather, he thinks and feels more deeply than others. I know there’s no real way to gauge that, but he cares so much about what others go through, and he goes through a lot himself. He’s also always thinking, always analyzing and over-analyzing. No wonder he’s anxious. There’s a lot swirling around in his head and heart all the time. 

Overall, I’d say 2012 Donatello is a very well-rounded, fun, sweet, quirky character. We’ve seen him grow up so much in season 3, and I look forward to seeing his story continue to unfold. 

If I could describe 2012 Donatello succinctly, I’d say:

He was taking a leaf from Mochi’s book by doing this, but the cat wasn’t around to do it for him. Fox-formed, he heaved himself up to the couch cushion, curled up behind his little brother’s head, and nestled as closely as he could manage. His tail he wrapped around Hiro’s neck like a warm scarf. Then, resting his chin in his little brother’s nest of hair, he reached out to touch the thread of sand with the tip of his paw. As he watched, the sand lightened to gold again. He shut his eyes with a sigh of relief, and settled down to wait out the night.

ugh i feel like lately i haven’t been able to draw anything decent, but i really, rEALLY wanted to draw this scene from pitviperofdoom’s guardian!kitsune!tadashi fic Lighting Candles ;v;

Questions I have about Autistic Jack Zimmermann:

  • Was he ever assessed or diagnosed?  Did someone spot that this wee babby was touched in the head?  Did anyone catch it, think it was significant, care?  I mean, there’s good odds he was, but what if he wasn’t? 
  • If he was assessed or diagnosed, do Bob and Alicia know? (You’d think, “they’re his parents, of course they know” but I know many people whose parents weren’t told.)  If they were told, do they think it’s a valid diagnosis?  Did they reject it as criticism of Their Perfect Baby? Do they champion “He’s not disabled, he’s just unique”?
  • Did anyone ever tell Jack? Did anyone ever tell him why he was so weird, why he had problems making friends, why he had screaming meltdowns when his hockey bag wasn’t packed just so, why he couldn’t eat half the foods everyone else did, why everyone got bored of listening to him talk before he got bored of talking, why the world was too loud and too bright and nobody else seemed to notice?  Did anyone ever explain that to him and help him with it?  Did anyone ever tell him that he wasn’t broken, he was just Autistic?
  • Or did they keep it a secret from him? Did they “not want to stigmatize him”?  Did they “not want him to feel ‘less than’ the other children”?  Did they just leave him to conclude that he was broken, and not the kind of person who would have friends or be lovable the normal way, but at least he could play hockey?
  • When did he first encounter Autism in somebody else when he knew what it was?   Did he sit down with an Autistic classmate at Samwell to work on a group project to have her say, “It’s so noisy and overwhelming in here, can we move somewhere quieter?” and while they walked across the Quad she apologized, “I’m just really sensitive to environment, it’s an Autism thing,” and he said, “No, that makes perfect sense. I don’t know how anybody could think in there.”? Did he meet a child, a seven-year-old who wouldn’t look him in the eyes but could recite all his statistics, hands flapping like leaves in the breeze, and exclaim how impressed he was because her hockey card collection was bigger than his?  Did he sit down in a classroom for a community outreach event while someone explained how the school was designed to teach children how to self-regulate through sensory activities, pick a Tangle toy out of the basket of fidget toys on the desk, play with it the entire time without noticing and almost accidentally walk out with it after? 
  • Does he figure it out when he has an Autistic child, when the pediatrician explains Autism to him and he says, “Wait, but–I was exactly like that when I was a kid.”?  Does he hum back, that wild high distressed noise he’s forgotten he used to make, the noise their kid makes that drives Bitty a little nuts, hums and adjusts the pitch and rocks back and forth on his toes until he and his kid are doing it at the same frequency, in the same rhythm, and then his child is calm again?  When he tells Bob and Alicia, do they say, “Yes, the doctors thought you had the same thing when you were a child”?
  • Does he start to understand himself as an Autistic adult, let his hands start to flap at his sides again when he’s feeling anxious, accept that his weirdnesses aren’t flaws? Does he take deliberate joy in the ritual of taping his stick before a game, does he let himself go grocery shopping for both the super-organic-ultra-natural peanut butter Bitty likes, and also the exact same brand of cheap, processed peanut butter he liked as a child?  Does he get Autistic friends, people he can sit around a table with not making eye contact but definitely making sly, deadpan jokes?  Does he meet fans who say, whose parents say, they’re autistic, and tell them, “Me too?”  
  • Does he understand himself as an Autistic man who gets a life of his own, a house he takes care of, a job that he loves, an Allistic husband who loves him like mad, and a bright future that shows no signs of dimming?
  • Does he find a way to tell the rest of the world that’s what he is, too?

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based on irl people i know who were/are blond: laurent and auguste probably had platinum blond hair as wee babbies that later came in as yellow or golden blond, but for those first couple of years they'd be pink little things with a shock of white hair on top



My big…uh…..littleittybitty find that just sent me over the moon!! At first I thought it was a baby bull that had gotten hit and squished along the road but when I got out to collect it I took a closer look and literally screeched with excitement. The smallest rattler I’ve ever seen. LOOK AT HIS WEE LIL BUTTONBUTT.

He was no longer than 8″. He was very good while I was taking photos and when I hooked him he was trying to rattle but no sound was happening and his tail was just wiggling. HE WAS TRYING SO HARD TO BE SCARY IT WAS SO CUTE.

Put him off in the grass so he wouldn’t get hit. 

Colouring Lineart

Okay so a million years ago someone asked me about colouring lineart, as they were having trouble, but 2014 was a busy and stressful year and I’m not the best at correspondence in the first place, so while I meant to write up a little thing to answer that person, I didn’t manage to get around to it

Buuuut now it’s a new year with a new goal to be better at the whole… “actually being interactive on social media” thing so here goes! Pretty much sorry to anyone who’s ever asked me anything it’s either NICE AND I GET FLUSTERED or A QUESTION THAT REQUIRES THINKING, but I’m gonna try and do better starting now!

Anyway gonna start this off with a disclaimer, this is all just my thoughts, I hesitate to call it a tutorial even, because my goal is just to throw options at you so you can see what sticks!  My examples are definitely not exhaustive, this is just to provide a starting point for thinking about stuff. If something’s not helpful feel free to overlook it! :D

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-scribbles happy-themed draws to avoid thinking about the latest plot updates-
So how about a PostDimensionalWar!Counterpart of the boys taking in all kinds and ages of strays and abandoned litters for foster care before finding families for them. 

Protect these kids and p much 80% of Arc V’s characters omg