Two of my photos from tonight’s (December 7, 2016) red carpet at the Make-a-Wish Foundation 4th Annual Wishing Well Gala, honoring Robert Downey Jr. with the Shining Star Award for his many contributions as a wish-granting hero.  Thank you to Make-a-Wish of Greater Los Angeles for the carpet credentials and invitation to cover the gala - and permission to share photos on Tumblr. 

“Over the years, Robert has granted dozens of wishes for children around the world, and has personally brought hope, strength and joy to Wish Kids and their families.  In addition, he has donated funds through his foundation, Random Act Funding,” providing resources to help make other children’s wishes come true,” reads the award citation. “One of today’s most popular actors, Robert is best known by Wish Kids for his role as Iron Man in the Iron Man and Avengers franchises, as well as his title role in the Sherlock Holmes franchise. Superheroes are of special importance to Wish Kids, as they provide escape from difficult medical treatments and embody the power that kids need to fight and stay strong.

“Among the many memorable wishes Robert has granted include: helping nine-year-old Domenic, who has cystic fibrosis, fulfill his wish to be a superhero; surprising seven-year-old Alex, who was born missing most of his right arm, by presenting him with a specially made replica of Iron Man’s famous arm; and welcoming 17-year-old Cameron, an enthusiastic Avengers fan, to spend the day with him during production on the set.”


Of course he did.

Congratulations, Robert!!!


Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey 4th Annual Wishing Well Winter Gala Red Carpet  


A few Robert-Susan moments on the red carpet at the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles 4th Annual Wishing Well Gala, December 7, 2016 at the Hollywood Palladium, honoring Robert Downey Jr. with the Shining Star Award for his commitment to helping grant children their wishes.

These two are so cute to watch on the carpet - they hold hands or touch the entire time, and he’s always careful to bring her into the interview or give her the spotlight, even though it’s clear she’d rather have the spotlight on him.  RELATIONSHIP GOALS.

Thank you to Make-a-Wish and their hard-working PR team for the red carpet credentials and the opportunity to shoot this great event and share it here! 


MORE favourite dead not-American actors: an Advent Calendar

Day 7: Richard Attenborough

It’s a source of frequent amusement to me that one of the most decent of people, beloved by family and colleagues and indeed generations of filmgoers, is so very adept at playing the worst kind of character. Of course, he can be found being the best of englishmen (The Great Escape, for example) or really quite adorable (his tiny role in A Matter of Life and Death), but it’s the weasels and cowards, the cocky-but-spineless, the criminal spivs, and of course the really nasty little psychopathic murderers, where you find his best work. 

That someone of his standing should take on (and finance) the grimy, repellant, sleazy world of 10 Rillington Place is testament to his dedication to film. His own directorial projects lean too far into sentimentality for me, but his acting work is ruthlessly devoid of it. HIs roles - especially later in his career - are often grubby and unglamorous, dirty little men with small lives and no idea of honour. His earlier roles often find him out of his depth, cringing and malleable, played upon by stronger personalities. And yet he’s always engaging to watch, and often oddly likeable. 

Favourite Role: Pinky in Brighton Rock (1947) - a rare occasion when my fave is also a thoroughly unpleasant character. It’s a corker of a film, with great casting all the way down, a script by Graham Greene (from his book) full of humour and zip, amazing cinematography, and a real atmosphere of gone-to-seed seasideness. Pinkie is terrible and magnetic, and Dickie has never been better. 

Another good place to start: He’s super spivvy in The League of Gentlemen (1960) which is a refreshingly cynical post-war heist film, stuffed full of great actors of which Dickie is one of the best. Also worth a watch is London Belongs To Me (1948) which is one of his early led-astray-into-crime-through-greed-and-spinelessness roles. It’s a gem of a film, unsurprisingly as it’s a Sidney Gilliat film that also stars Alastair Sim at his best. 

Hey folks! 

Sorry it’s been a bit since my last update. Work has been crazy. I have two jobs: ESL prof, and choir conductor, and with Christmas coming up, the choir is busy and all of my group classes are coming to an end, so it’s all happening at once! Plus I’ve had to work evenings a lot and that’s my usual writing time. However! I had an awful nightmare on Saturday night that’s led to the planning of my next novel, so while I’m cleaning up the current one and drafting my query letter, I have another project in the wings! Plus I have my current fic, which is now at 13,500 words, plus another one waiting in the wings. Things are cooking! 

I hope life is being kind to you all. <333333


Robert Downey Jr Interview - Make A Wish Los Angeles - 4th Annual Wishing Well Gala 2016