I’ve been thinking lately about Castiel being a survivor of abuse, as Sam and Dean are. Also, how we don’t have flashbacks to Castiel’s “childhood,” as we do with Sam and Dean. Those kinds of flashbacks aren’t even unique to Sam and Dean on the show, although we have it more briefly with others, we saw Bobby’s childhood trauma first-hand. We even had a very brief look at John’s childhood, and we had a more substantial look at him as an adult barely out of young adulthood. I’m not even sure how Castiel flashbacks could be portrayed.

We’re told a lot about Castiel’s familial history and his history with the angels. We see his interaction with other angels—which for a long time were very strongly coded as “siblings” and also as fellow soldiers, and more recently more as fellow soldiers (with sister/brother more an honorific, apparently). tbh I think they changed it for the sake of the Castiel stories they wanted to tell now, and not because the sibling-like nature of the angel relationships isn’t important. The concept of angels as dysfunctional family was extremely important in the S4/S5 storyline. Overt parallels made to Sam and Dean for Lucifer and Michael. But it’s also important to understanding Castiel on an emotional level.

So I’m trying to piece together Castiel’s “childhood”—I don’t think angels have a childhood in the sense that humans (or we) would define it, we’ve been shown so little about how this works, but he had formative influences, he learned, he had mentors, and he had trauma that helped form him and informs how he reacts to things now.

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A continuation of "What Might Have Been" One Shot Part 2
Author: wholocked-minerva

Original Imagine: Imagine if, in an alternate universe where the Wee!Chesters grew up peacefully, a stranger gave them a book about their lives in hunting.

Warnings: None


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It was the weekend, and as such, Dean and Sam were getting their well-deserved sleep, and were completely out cold when Mary came up in the morning. She smiled fondly at her two sons, and turned to leave, when Dean groggily sat up in his bed.

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