Caretaker!Dean, Wee!Cas

The kid has a hell of a poker face. Big blue eyes stare from across the bed without blinking, little hands fisting the dusty blanket on the motel bed. Dark hair askew beyond all hope, the boy releases his bottom lip from how he’d been sucking on it, a chubby thumb moving to be a quick replacement. His dark little brows furrow before smoothing out completely, smiling around his finger to reveal tiny, perfect pearly white teeth. With the most progress they’ve made in an hour, the kid clumsily moves onto his knees, lumbering towards Dean with his hand still at his face. He plops himself down inches from the hunter, extracting his thumb from his mouth and pressing the wet, saliva covered pad to Dean’s nose. Or, at least, that’s where Dean assumes he’s aiming. In reality, the kid presses down on his left nostril and slides the gross little finger halfway across his cheek. He then nods as if completely satisfied before sucking on his thumb again. “Fean,” he smiles around his hand, the thing giddy and bright on his face.

And they’re back to square one.

Not that square one is a particularly awful place to be; the kid’s cute as a button, and the only thing stopping Dean from cuddling him to high heaven is a combination of deeply engrained male machismo (which wars valiantly with mothering instincts that have once again flared to life), and the fact that the little tyke is actually the pint-sized, two year-old version of an Angel of the Lord. This is made abundantly clear by the black, down feather wings currently flapping happily at Cas’s back.

Has Dean ever mentioned he hates witches?

Because he does.

A lot.

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Request: Reader x dean. Not together at first Cas or Sam get turned into babies. Dean at first admires readers for how she shows responsibility and motherlyness but then get jealous of the attention she’s giving them and how they’re so attached to her.

Characters: Dean x reader

A/N: Hey guys so here it is! As always I would really love to hear from you guys so please let me know what you think!!!!! Also don’t forget to request something (I’m off tomorrow so I’ll have all day to write)

Dean held up his fingers to signal to you, Sam, and Cas “3…2…1…go”

Sam pushed open the door allowing you to storm in with you gun raised. You guys weren’t entirely sure what it was you were hunting, just that whatever it was came from this house; so naturally you prepared for everything. Cas had his angel blade, Sam carried a large machete, Dean had a shotgun loaded with rock salt, and you had your pistol loaded with silver bullets.

Dean came running in behind you with his gun raised only to stop at the sight in front of him.

At a dining room table sat an eighty year-old woman eating dinner calmly.

“Well the least you could do was close the door behind you.” The woman muttered before wobbling around the four of you to close the door as you all stood there frozen in shock, what the hell was going on?

“Well don’t just stand there sit.” She motioned towards the empty seats around the table.

You looked at Dean skeptically and he nodded slightly signaling for all of you to put away your weapons, keeping them within reach of course.

“If it’s all the same to you we’re-“ Dean started only to stop when he spotted the pie sitting on the table. He immediately walked over and stuck his finger into the middle of it licking off the filling.

“Ok that’s it!” The woman exclaimed causing you all to immediately reach for your weapons. “First you barge into my house then you act extremely rude and now you take my food. If you’re going to act like a child then I’m going to treat you like one.”

The woman’s hand reached for a bag on the table as you all extracted your weapons. Cas and Sam sprinted towards the woman as she began speaking rapidly in Latin. You and Dean pulled out your guns and aimed for the women only to find that you were too late. The women released the powder allowing it to shower down over Cas and Sam just before two loud gunshots rang out and the woman dropped dead.

Suddenly a bright light filled the room causing you and Dean to cover your eyes. Just as quick as it came it vanished. The entire room was silent, the only sound being the ringing in your ears, as you slowly lowered your hand to reveal to piles of clothing; Cas and Sam were gone.

You immediately ran towards Cas’ trench coat knowing that Dean would go for Sam’s clothes. You hesitantly picked it up to reveal a small toddler with dark hair and bright blue eyes. You felt your jaw drop to the floor “Cas?”

You watched as the small child’s lip wobbled knowing what would happen next. A large wail erupted from Cas’ lips causing you to wince. You picked up Cas and slowly bounced him up and down whispering ‘shhh’ into his ear to try and calm the child down. Luckily Cas calmed down quickly but his wail had elicited one from Sam as well.

You looked over at Dean still bouncing Cas only to see that he was trying to do the same thing you had done but to no avail. Sam was still crying and screaming at the top of his lungs.

You carefully pulled Cas off of you and held him close to your face. “If I give you to Dean do you promise not to cry?”

Cas offered a small nod before shoving his thumb into his mouth. You carefully traded kids with Dean taking Sam into your arms. Sam clung to your neck as you slowly bounced him up and down echoing ‘shhh’ into his ear.

Just like Cas Sam had calmed down and now just rested happily on your shoulder. You looked over at Dean to see him holding Cas in his arms eliciting a small smile from you.

“Down!” Cas chanted at Dean earning himself a questioning glance. Dean only shrugged before setting Cas down. As soon as his little feet touched the ground Cas came running towards you wrapping all of his limbs around your leg as he sat on your foot.

“Well now how am I supposed to go anywhere with you on my foot?”  You asked Cas as he giggled.

“Down!” Sam chanted into your ear causing you to roll your eyes before setting Sam on the ground. Just as Cas had done Sam attached himself to your leg as the two toddlers laughed.

You chuckled with them before carefully lifting the leg Cas was on and moving it forward earning a ‘wee’ from Cas. Next you lifted the leg Sam was on as his reaction mirrored Cas’.

 As you slowly made your way towards the impala Dean couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. In less than 2 minutes you had taken two angry crying babies and made them giggle, to him that was nothing short of amazing. He gladly followed you out to the car opening the door for you so that you could set the boys in the back.

Once both boys were buckled you shut the door and slid into the front seat as Dean started the engine and put the impala into gear only to stop when he heard a tiny whimper come from the back seat. You spun around only to see Cas and Sam sitting there with trembling lips.

“I wana sit next to Y/N” Sam cried as Cas nodded in agreement causing you to chuckle and without a moment of hesitation you slid into the backseat putting Sam on your lap.

“Me too me too!” Cas chanted opening his arms to you. You gladly pulled Cas onto one of your thighs pushing Sam onto the other.

Dean pulled away from the house as you began bouncing your legs up and down earning a giggle from Cas and Sam.

Dean found himself unable to keep his eyes off of you, he was bewilderd by how fast you had established yourself as their mother-like-figure.


You had arrived back at the bunker after a quick stop at the store. Both boys had fallen asleep on your lap.

Dean ran around the impala and opened the door for you taking Sam so that you could get out. You carefully handed over Sam making sure not to wake him, but as soon as you tried to stand up with Cas in your arms he woke up with a loud scream.

The scream of course woke Sam causing him to scream out. You and Dean immediately took to bouncing the boys in your arms trying to calm them down, this time it worked like a charm.

“Hey sleepyheads.” You whispered waving to Sam as you kissed the top of Cas’ head. “Why don’t you guys go back to bed.”

This earned you a couple of whines in protest. ”Ok ok why not a movie instead.” You tried to reason causing the boys and nod in agreement.

You sat on the couch one boy on each of your thighs as Dean watched you from the kitchen. He couldn’t help but notice how the two seemed to have your undivided attention. Sure they were babies which meant that they needed more attention than normal but you hadn’t said more than two words to him since this whole ordeal had begun. And now the three of you were sitting on the couch without even thinking about him. He felt a pang of jealousy shoot up but quickly pushed down the feeling; he was defiantly not jealous of a couple of three year olds.

Dean was broken out of his thoughts by the sound of your voice “Should we see if Dean wants to watch with us?”

“’Ean” Sam chanted happily turning around grinning at his older brother eliciting one of Dean’s rare genuine smiles. Dean strolled over and plopped himself down on the other side of the couch as Sam crawled over and planted himself onto Dean’s lap. He crossed his legs stuck one thumb into his mouth and wrapped his other small hand around Dean’s thumb as he leaned his back against Dean’s chest.

Dean chuckled happily running a hand through Sam’s unusually short hair as you started the movie.


About halfway thorugh the movie both Sam and Cas were fast asleep and snoring happily. You and Dean exchanged looks before carefully standing up hoping that neither boy would wake up this time.

Luck was on your side for once as you had made it to Sam’s bedroom carefully laying the boys on his bed.

“They seem really comfortable around you.” Dean whispered earning a smile from you.

“Yeah, I guess I’m just good with kids.” You replied as you shut the door to Sam’s room.

You and Dean starred at each other awkwardly neither really knowing what to say. Well-Dean knew what he wanted to say he just didn’t have to guts to actually do it.

“Well goodnight Dean.” You smiled before turning on your heel and walking down the hallway as Dean watched you walk; wanting desperately to say something yet staying silent.


Dean woke up to the sound of bacon sizzling in a pan. He groaned and rolled over to look at the clock only to see that it was eight o’clock. There was only one person he knew who would willingly get up at eight o’clock. Sam!

He raced down towards the kitchen only to stop as you came into view. You were standing in front of the stove wearing a tank top that was slightly too small and sweatpants that were slightly too big, your hair thrown up in a messy bun. In short you were beautiful.

On your hip balanced Cas, baby Cas of course, as Sam sat on the counter swinging his legs happily as he told you about the dream he had last night.

“I love you Y/N” Cas said suddenly wrapping his tiny arms around your torso causing you to laugh.

“I love you too Cassie.” You said before kissing the top of his head.

Another pang of jealousy shot through Dean as he watched you. He couldn’t help but wonder what you actually meant by it. Did you like Cas as an adult too, it would explain why you were giving him all of your attention.

He felt his jaw involuntarily clench and his fists ball as he watched his brother do the same thing earning the same reaction, was he the only one you didn’t love?

His thoughts were short lived, however, as Sam caught sight of him.

“’EAN!” He yelled running towards Dean not even bothering to slow down before throwing his arms around him.

“Hey buddy.” Dean chuckled finding himself unable to stay mad at young Sam.

“Morning Dean.” You called as you slid a plate of pancakes onto the table for Sam and another plate for Dean.

“Morning” He called back as Sam detached himself from him and ran towards the food.


About halfway through the meal both boys suddenly dropped their forks causing you and Dean to eye them suspiciously.

“I tired.” Cas stated simply before his head fell forward and he passed out as Sam did the same.

You raised an eyebrow at Dean “Do you think it’s the spell?”

“I sure hope so.” Dean muttered before picking up Sam and carrying him back towards his room as you did the same with Cas.

“They really seem to like you.” Dean commented doing his best to keep the bitterness from his voice.

“Yeah, they’re adorable.” You smiled completely oblivious to Dean’s feelings.

“I’m adorable.” Dean muttered not meaning for you to hear, which of course meant that you did.


“I mean that I was adorable too, you know, as a kid.” He rambled trying to get himself out of the hole he seemed to have dug himself into.

“I’m sure you were Dean.” You chuckled leaning in to plant a kiss on his cheek. “For the record you still are.” You whispered into his ear before pulling back.

Dean’s eyes widened as he watched you turn around. He grabbed your wrist before you could get too far and pulled you back into him crashing his lips into yours.

You quickly melted into the kiss wanting to savor every moment of it.

“You know for the record you’re adorable too.” He said earning a laugh from you.

You two simply stood there for a moment looking at each other before a voice from the other side of the door broke it.

“Aww you two are so adorable.” Sam said in mock happiness.

“Glad to hear you’re back Sammy.” Dean said in a monotone voice “Though I must say I preferred you as a child.”

“I would say the same thing but nothing’s changed since then.” Sam called back causing you to laugh.

Dean turned and glared at you. “Oh shut up.” He pushed you playfully.

“Or what?”

“Or I’ll make you.”

“And how do you plan on doing that?”

“Like this.” He quickly pulled you in for another kiss.

But have you taken a moment to consider wee!Dean and Cas in the summer? They play outside until it gets dark, and run through peoples sprinklers and get popsicle juice all over them, and Mary insists both of them have to wear sunscreen, and while Dean complains Castiel applies it carefully to them both.

But then Dean gets the completely awesome idea that “Cas, you know what we could do? We could make faces.”

Next thing you know, two eight year-olds are parading around the neighbourhood with red shoulders and chests but for the pale rings of skin around their nipples and the lines across their bellies. Yes, Cas informs everyone proudly, they have indeed tanned smiley faces on their torsos. Isn’t it ingenious? It was all Dean’s idea.

A continuation of "What Might Have Been" One Shot Part 2
Author: wholocked-minerva

Original Imagine: Imagine if, in an alternate universe where the Wee!Chesters grew up peacefully, a stranger gave them a book about their lives in hunting.

Warnings: None


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It was the weekend, and as such, Dean and Sam were getting their well-deserved sleep, and were completely out cold when Mary came up in the morning. She smiled fondly at her two sons, and turned to leave, when Dean groggily sat up in his bed.

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