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sirikenobi167 asked:

How would you describe Dean and Castiel's relationship over the course of the seasons? (and how did it evolve?) I've been thinking about this a bit over the last few days (my current headcanon is that Castiel fell in love with Dean somewhere in season 6, and Dean fell in love with Castiel in season 8).

Hi, dear! Wow. This is a very interesting and challenging question. I hope I can do it justice. Buckle up because this is gonna be a hell of a long post! I’ll give you my interpretation in the most canonical way possible.

In season 4, Dean and Castiel were reluctant allies. They weren’t friends, at least not at first. But this was the season Cas started to see for himself that Dean was a good man and that Heaven wasn’t pure anymore. Finding out that some of his brothers and sisters had been corrupted and seeing Dean trying to do the right thing made Cas had even more doubts and questions than he already had on his own. This was the season when Cas’ superiors began to question his sympathies because he was getting too close to Dean and was starting to express emotions (doorways to doubt). I don’t think that means Cas was falling in love with Dean or anything like that. I think Cas started to consider Dean more righteous than Heaven, and therefore, his obedience to Heaven could falter, which actually happened. Dean, on the other hand, had problems to believe in angels and hated the guts of Castiel at the beginning. He couldn’t understand why or how he was rescued by an Angel of the Lord, and he definitely didn’t want to do Heaven’s bidding. It was this season when Dean started to realize that Cas was different, that deep down he cared, that he was not a “hammer” because he questioned his orders and even disobeyed Heaven to help him (in 4x18). This was the season when Cas first rebelled against Heaven even after he was dragged back to “Bible camp” (and we learned four seasons later that brainwashing and resetting an angel was a cruel and painful procedure). This was the season Dean started to see they were really making the story up as they went.

In season 5, Dean and Castiel became friends. Cas rebelled against Heaven for Dean (and Sam). He did his best to keep Dean and Sam away from the other angels who just wanted them to say yes to Michael and Lucifer. This was the season when they went from allies to friends. Dean and Cas helped each other in their missions, reluctantly, but they did. Dean helped Cas in his search for God; Cas helped Dean when trying to kill Lucifer with the Colt. Both missions failed horribly, both of them thought the other’s plan was pointless, but they helped anyway. This was the season when Dean got sent to 2014 and realized that his fucked-up, poisonous self could destroy even an angel like Cas. This was when he realized Cas would follow him anywhere, and he probably didn’t know how to feel about it. For Cas, this was the season when he totally lost faith in God and learned to have faith in Dean. Angels were created to love and have faith in the Lord, and they associated love with faith for default. When he started to have more faith in Dean than in God, he somehow started to love Dean more than he loved his Father. In 5x21, when Cas realized Dean said no to Michael, he apologized to Dean for doubting him, and I think that was the moment Cas’ faith in Dean became unbreakable. And so did his love for the righteous man. At this point, Cas’ love for Dean wasn’t romantic. Dean became his role-model. He put Dean up in the altar where his Father used to be, and he loved him deeply, as one of God’s best creations. When season 5 ended, Cas cared about Dean a lot more than Dean cared about Cas. As friends, brothers-in-arms, they parted ways once the war was over. Cas wanted to see Dean happy, but he still felt he belonged in Heaven and liked the idea that God had brought him back to life (for a second time now) to fix things up there. Dean, on the other hand, saw Cas leave and probably thought he wasn’t gonna see the angel ever again. He had other pressing matters, anyway. Sam in the pit, for example.

In season 6, Dean and Cas became a dysfunctional family. Before going back to Heaven, Cas rescued Sam from the pit to give Dean the grand prize he was asking for at the end of 5x22. However, he didn’t know he’d left Sam’s soul behind and the whole thing blew up in his face later on. He thought he could set things right in Heaven, but he wasn’t expecting Raphael to have totally different plans. When he realized he wasn’t strong enough to defeat Raphael, he went to Dean to look for help, but once Cas saw him living his apparent happy and peaceful life, he couldn’t pull Dean back in. Crowley took advantage of the moment and managed to convince Cas to work with him. It’s totally true that Cas did a lot of regrettable things in season 6 and that he lied a lot, but everything he did was for Dean and because of Dean; everything was in the name of that profound bond he thought he shared with Dean. On the other hand, Dean, who was raised in an environment of neglect and abuse, and therefore considered that kind of behavior “normal” in a family, started to treat Cas in a very poor way. As I said in another post:

[Dean] only called Cas when he needed something and didn’t really care about anything that was happening to Cas. That’s what Castiel perceived. He loved the Winchesters a lot, especially Dean, but he somehow thought he couldn’t really count on them. “Of course. Your problems always come first,” Cas told Dean in 6x07. “It sounds so simple when you say it like that. Where were you when I needed to hear it?”, Cas asked in 6x20. These two jerks really had communication issues at that time. Cas didn’t ask Dean for help at first because he didn’t want to disturb Dean’s apparently peaceful life, and he didn’t ask for help later because it was already too late (the deal was already made) and because anyway, he kind of thought Dean didn’t give a damn about his civil war. Dean was so worried about Sam and “the job” that he never cared to ask Cas if he needed anything. Probably because he thought an angel was so powerful, he didn’t need help. But also because the Winchesters are not exactly the most helpful people to their closest ones. Remember how Bobby didn’t get any help from Dean and Sam in 6x04 until he finally asked for it (and called them “self-absorbed”)? What was the boys’ reaction? “Bobby, all you gotta do is ask.” The whole speech Bobby gave them in that episode showed how the boys didn’t really give a second thought to other people’s problems. It was not because they didn’t love those people, it was just because that was the Winchester way. Dean didn’t know how to listen to Cas, how to offer help, how to empathize. And Cas didn’t know how to ask for help, how to consider that he might not be in a righteous path, how to doubt himself. I guess the “Next to Sam, you and Bobby are the closest things I have to family” Dean said in 6x20 came too little, too late for Cas at that point.

Cas desperately wanted Dean to have faith in him, but Dean didn’t. In Cas’ notebook, that meant Dean didn’t love him (no matter if he said Cas was family or that he would have died for Cas). Castiel had to finish what he had started. To defeat Raphael, he made very bad decisions. The ends justified the means, so he hurt Sam in the process. Castiel was disappointed. Nobody had faith in him, nobody loved him. That’s why he told Dean “You’re not my family” in 6x22, and that’s probably why the first thing he said as Godstiel was “You will bow down and profess your love unto me.”

In season 7, Dean and Cas had to reconstruct their relationship.  I’ll quote myself from another post:

Season7!Dean had so much going on in that head of his. I don’t think Dean had feelings for Cas at that point. When Dean said that Cas was like a brother to him in 6x20, I believe he really meant it. However, the guilt, anger and frustration Dean felt toward Castiel was drowning him little by little. Guilt because maybe if he had just listened, if he had said something, if he had been less self-centered, he could have saved Cas and prevented the whole Purgatory souls fiasco. Anger because how could Cas betray him? How could Cas break Sam’s wall? How could Cas lie to him? How could Cas die without giving him the chance to say everything he had to say? Frustration because he had to clean up Cas’ mess, because Cas was gone, because he had lost his best friend. It was so much for such a complex person as Dean that he couldn’t move on and dealt with all that the best way he could: drinking. When Dean found Emmanuel, everything that I just mentioned came crushing to his mind. Just add another frustration item: Cas didn’t even remember him. The frustration list just got bigger and bigger: Cas going kinda insane; Cas refusing to fight; Cas behaving like a little child. And the only method to deal with things like these Dean has known all his life is to lash out. That’s how he communicates. He learned it from John Winchester and has used that lots of times with Sam. He needed to take it all out, to yell at Cas in order to move on and start the healing process, the forgiving process (because he really wanted to fix things with Cas, he just didn’t know how to), but Castiel was denying him even that. Poor Dean! At this point, I felt sorry for both, Dean and Cas, because I could really empathize with both.

Cas realized too late that he’d made a huge mistake and before dying all he wanted to do was Dean’s forgiveness and make things right. He was absent most of season 7, and when he reappeared and remembered who he really was, he felt extremely guilty. Taking Sam’s pain was the only thing he could do to make things right. If drinking was Dean’s coping mechanism, staying away from all sorts of violence was Cas’ once he woke up in 7x21. Dean needed Cas to take out Dick Roman, and Cas agreed to help (and even protected Dean when the time came) because he wanted to show Dean gratitude for the faith he was showing him when he told him “I’d rather have you, cursed or not”. Faith equals love. Was that a “note of forgiveness”?

In season 8, Dean and Cas weren’t on the same page regarding their feelings. It was in Purgatory, the place that felt pure, where Dean realized that no matter what Cas had done, no matter what had happened, he loved his angel. He cared about him so much that he wasn’t going to leave Purgatory without him. In season 6, he was a shitty, selfish friend, but he wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. He needed to find Cas and take him home, where they could start over. It was in Purgatory where Dean understood he preferred a life of constant hiding, running for dear life, and killing instead of a life on Earth without Cas. He knew that if everything he suffered during the year Cas was gone was terrifying, the guilt he would feel about leaving his friend without even trying to look for him was definitely going to kill him. When he finally found Cas and realized that Cas had left him alone to try to protect him from the Leviathans, he decided to tell Cas how much he cared. He told him “I need you” and “I’m not leaving here without you”. Dean didn’t need Cas to be able to get out. He just needed Cas to be with him, and he wanted Cas to understand it. Cas, of course, understood, but he felt too much shame and guilt to consider the possibility of leaving Purgatory, so he just made sure he got Dean out.

Leaving Purgatory without Cas was so painful to Dean that he had to change the memory of what happened so he could blame himself. Once Castiel was back, even though Dean was suspicious of how he got out of Purgatory, he wasn’t about to make the same mistakes he’d made before. He was all “talk to me” with Cas. He wanted to make sure Cas was OK. He wanted to prove that he cared. No matter how shady Cas was, Dean still prayed to him. He still poured his heart out to Cas. Even when Cas was about to kill him, he didn’t fight back. He just reminded Cas that he was family, that they needed him, that HE needed him.

On the other hand, Cas was brainwashed into killing thousands of fake Deans so he would be ready to do Heaven’s bidding without interference from the elder Winchester. It took for the real Dean to say “I need you” to break the connection between Cas and Naomi’s mind control, but when Dean asked him what broke the connection, Cas honestly didn’t know what to answer. Unfortunately, there wasn’t time for Cas to analyze what had happened. There were more pressing matters, like the angel tablet. Cas wanted to make things right and got fooled by Metatron in the process.

At this point, I’m fairly sure Dean already understood he loved Cas. All season 7 Dean couldn’t understand why he couldn’t move past what Cas had done. In Purgatory he was free enough to say “I love you” in the Winchester way: “I need you.” He’s told Cas “I need you” a lot of times. Why? Because Dean Winchester is not really with the whole love and… love, so he says the next best thing. The question is what kind of love does Dean feel for Cas? I’m sure that’s something Dean doesn’t want to understand. He’s gotten hints from his family that he should try to understand his feelings for Cas (“he’s dreamy”, Charlie said; “because it’s Cas”, Sammy said), but he didn’t really get it, and even if he did, it didn’t matter anyway because his angel was going home.

In season 9, Dean and Cas weren’t on the same page regarding their feelings AGAIN. But this time it was Cas’ turn to start to understand. Castiel, angel of the Lord, has loved Dean Winchester since he decided to have faith in him. Faith equals love. However, I don’t think Cas understood what kind of love he felt for Dean. That’s why he couldn’t answer the “what broke the connection” question. HE DIDN’T KNOW. He had to be human to be able to understand that he can love his brothers and sisters, humanity, Sam and Dean, but each love is different. His love for humanity is agape. His love for his brothers and sisters is storge. His love for Sam is between storge and philia, but what about his love for Dean? I’m ready to bet it’s eros, but Cas didn’t know that before. That’s why the PB&J conversation between Cas and Sam in 9x11 was so important. Being an angel, Cas has the physical capacity to eat or even drink liquor, but he can’t enjoy things the same way a human does. That’s why it’s been emphasized that emotions and even simple things like flavors are human things. I think it wasn’t until 9x06 that Cas realized he was in love with Dean. What about Dean? Well, 9x06 was probably the moment he realized he was in love with Cas, too, but this time it was Dean’s turn to let Cas live a normal and peaceful life.

Cas’ weakness was revealed in 9x22: he’s in love… with humanity. But, of course, everybody (Hannah, Metatron, and Dean himself) agreed that Cas sacrificed everything for just one man, to protect Dean Winchester.

In season 10, Dean and Castiel need to figure out what they want. They both don’t know. They both want more but are too afraid to go for it. Dean thinks he’s gonna die soon, but he acknowledges there’s people, feelings that he wants to experience differently or maybe for the first time. He has no doubts that Cas loves him. If he had any, he lost them after Cas gave up an entire army for him. Cas doesn’t know what he is anymore. He doesn’t belong in Heaven, he’s not a human, but there are human things he considers good –art, hope, love, dreams. However, he knows emotions… feelings are dangerous temptations. How does he know? Well, he’s been consistently screwing things up to protect the one thing that has become his priority: Dean Winchester. Everything has been, is, and will always be about saving Dean. It’s pretty much obvious Cas doesn’t have vessel issues anymore in case he decides to stay on Earth (whether angel or human). But his big questions are still the same, “What broke the connection?” “But as what [do you want to live] Castiel, as an angel or a man?” “Who are you? What’s your mission?” And the answers to all those questions are related to Dean. Therefore, Cas has to figure out what he wants.  

Dean, on the other hand, is afraid of losing control and hurting the people he loves: Cas and his brother. Notice who Benny (Dean’s subconscious) mentioned first. At this point in the story, I think Dean knows how he feels about Cas, but Cas doesn’t know. And Cas knows how he feels about Dean, but Dean doesn’t know. They both think they’re family for the other. They both are a couple of emotionally constipated idjits. Dean also has to figure out what he wants, but right now, he doesn’t give much thought to it because he thinks there’s not a good future for him.

I just hope that whatever the consequences of what Sam and Cas are doing to save Dean don’t separate Dean and Cas that much for season 11. However, they both already know how they feel. It’s just a matter of telling the other and we can’t get that yet. That’s why it makes so much sense that TPTB have kept Dean and Cas apart so much during season 10. So, I guess more conflict will be a must for next season.

If you notice, the thing that makes Destiel one of the most popular ships is that it feels real. It doesn’t feel forced. They have gone through a lot and overcome a lot together. This is definitely one of the best love stories ever told!

anonymous asked:

things about cas that dont have to do w other characters: he loves animals & bugs, he either thinks he's hilarious or has no idea he's being funny there's no in between, sometimes he wINKS, he has no idea how to properly apply his new pop culture knowledge, he gambles??, he's a flirty drunk, he loves food and tv, he is kind and loyal and brave, and idk for sure but i bet he'd be super grumpy and sleepy in the mornings as a human

he just wants to do what’s right but a lot of times he’s confused about what that is because for so long he thought that “right” just meant obeying orders and then one day he was faced with rebellion and realized that maybe rebelling is “right”

he’s always trying to fix his mistakes

he would absolutely be grumpy in the mornings as a human because he’s already grumpy and overly dramatic about bad things

he has too much heart, a crack in his chassis–he loves too deeply and too much to be a “good” angel

he is simultaneously patient and impossible to keep still

he is smart and resourceful and dangerous

he makes difficult decisions in order to save the most amount of people, even if it hurts him in the process


“No Cas put down the cup, it’s full” You scolded the fascinated Angel who overfilled his frozen coke. He was interested on how much he could fill in his giant cup and he got a tiny bit too excited. Even though you were slightly annoyed by the now sticky angel you had to admit the look on his face was cuter than a childs during christmas.

“But I can fill more if it melts… Or I can enlarge my cup?” You laughed as it seemed like he surprised himself by his tone, as if he discovered something new.

“Cas why don’t you buy a tub and just bathe in it?” You noticed how he was actually considering it for a second but when he caught your sarcasm he smiled.

“Y/N Sam said licorice is stupid, tell him he’s ugly and dumb” Dean playfully whined while held a box of licorice in his hands. Personally you hated the untasteful treats but Dean literally gets excited around those tiny pieces of what he’d like to call ‘chewy heaven’.

“Yeah well Y/N agrees with me so suck it. Licorice is gross” You rolled your eyes and looked back at the cashier who observed the three of you in amusement. You picked up some starbursts and placed it on the counter with Dean’s licorice and Cas’s overflowing beverage.

“Can I also get a buttered popcorn please? Large thanks” you pulled out your wallet and Dean slapped your arm away, moving his head left to right.

“Dean, no. I said this was my treat” He pulled out his wallet insisting on letting him pay.

“No you said you wanna take us to the movies, you never said anything about food. Loopholes, Y/N… loopholes” Dean moved his eyebrows up and down while he toothy grinned. You sighed and saw Cas play with the barriers that separated each counter and you noticed the naivety in his eyes.

“What do they need to keep in within these rows?” His eyes looked up to yours and you giggled.

“High on sugar, 12 year olds.” The lady came back with the popcorn and after a long decision of how you didn’t clarify your words, Dean ended up defeating you. You smiled at the server and Cas grabbed his drink in excitement. Sam picked up your stuff and walked with a large popcorn in his moose sized hands which made it look small. You pulled out your tickets noticing your movie started in 5 minutes and you didn’t want to miss the trailers.

“Oh guys hurry I wanna watch the previews” The boys groaned and you looked around innocently questioning a barely audible ’what?’. You fell behind them as you watched Cas bend over slightly from the brain freeze and Sam putting pieces of popcorn down Dean’s shirt without him knowing. What made you smile the most was the melodic tone of their laughter, it was something you hadn’t heard in a while and it was something you most definitely missed.

inspired by 10x20 but definitely not coda

Cas washes his hands at the kitchen sink for maybe the twentieth or thirtieth time in the past couple of hours. It’s all he knows to do when he’s nervous–clean stuff, wash his hands, keep himself as busy as possible.

He’s called every babysitter and back-up babysitter he knows, even going so far as to call his church and ask for phone numbers of some of the children’s ministry volunteers he knows Claire loves. 

And now it’s almost 8 p.m. and there’s still no babysitter and Cas’ date might be texting seriously it’s fine and don’t worry about it, not like I made a reservation or anything but it is totally not fine and Cas is definitely going to worry about it and continue to text his date over and over again about how sorry he is and how he’s trying his best to find a last-minute babysitter until finally his phone’s ringing.

“Hello?” Cas answers frantically without even looking to see which of the many babysitters called him back.

“Heya, Cas. I’m going to come pick you and the kid up in 10 minutes, all right?”

“Oh. Uh–Dean. Hello. That’s really not–”

“Aw c’mon, I love kids. And Claire likes me, right? It’ll be fun.”

Cas almost points out that Claire growling in Dean’s direction whenever he’s doing yard work when she gets home from school is a very good sign that she does not like him. Instead, he says, “It’s almost past her bedtime, Dean. Can we just resche–”

“It’s a Friday night! She can stay up a little later, right? I’m on my way.”

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Under His Wing

Third installment of the widely popular Castiel trilogy (well, trilogy so far) “At First Sight,” which consists of the imagines “At First Sight” and “You’re Growing On Me” in that order. If you haven’t already, you can read both of those imagines by clicking on their titles. Requested by loads upon LOADS of minions, and summarized as follows: “Castiel protects the reader during hunts by offering his wings as her shield. When he is injured, the reader works her own healing magic on his wounds.” Hope you like it!
(All past and future installments can be found on the “The Story Continues…” page)

That night had been a turning point in your relationship with the angel (how strange to think the words in relation to each other…), easing the blanket of awkward disconnection from around both your and Castiel’s shoulders without once being snagged on his wings. The tension in the bunker had all but dissolved to mist, as the strain Castiel endured while struggling to keep his anxious wings from cradling you had been banished. Your world was… shockingly simple, now that you could depart from rooms without hearing the angel sigh as his wings, which he had so rigidly held away from you, away from their natural inclination, unfurled to fill the room. Since that first night, you rarely went without contact with Castiel’s glorious wings… in a way, it was as if you were constantly holding the angel’s hands, only his fingers were feathers and they sang to you whenever your pulse thrummed against their quills. It wasn’t uncomfortable to have the masses trailing along your spine, but refreshing. There was no feeling to match the plumes on your skin, no divine relief that could combat the trilling in your ear. It was as if you had been hand-crafted to long for the sound.

You spent your every waking moment with the masses of light and song brushing against your skin, tender kisses Castiel stole without attracting the attention of the Winchester brothers, his eyes sparkling as his feathers swarmed around your face, ruffling your hair in the slightest breeze he could create. Your daily activities often consisted of Castiel’s wings disrupting your productivity in some subtle (to others, of course. To you, no action could go unnoticed) fashion, and when your eyes found the angel’s face, he would offer a playful smile, the edges of his lips tilting towards a smirk. These wordless communications alone should have alerted the brothers of the shift in your relationship, yet you continued to fly under their radar. It was a small miracle in itself that so perceptive a pair as Sam and Dean hadn’t yet calculated the shortening distance you held between the angel and yourself, yet Castiel could stand mere feet away from you, a wing enveloping your entire torso. His feathers trilled with the finest song you had ever been blessed enough to bear witness to, their unnaturally fine texture bristling gently against your cheekbones, your wrists, wrapping around your hands… your world was now fully swathed in soft silk facets, rainbows shattering against nearly every surface touched by the artificial light of the ages old lamps in the Men of Letters bunker. What was touched by this dull, passionless light was born anew from Castiel’s wings, his feather breathing true colour into the room, illuminating every last corner with a dim, kindred glow, furniture painted with hues your tongue couldn’t form a name to match. Surely, the Winchesters must have noticed by now. Castiel’s distance decreased by the inch with every new day until his body stood close enough to touch, had you extended a finger, his wings rising and falling around you with each breath he took. His feathers shimmered ever closer to you, yet the Winchesters remained adhered to their books of lore, unaware of the patterns of crystalline light painting their faces. You would diagnose them with blindness, had they refused to notice your dry hair in the middle of a thunderstorm. Castiel’s wings had acted as both umbrella and raincoat, Cas’ own hair lying flat from the torrential downpour, his wings fluttering to expel the water from among their feathers. Even specimens as courteous as the Winchester brothers couldn’t ignore the defiance of nature.

They knew. They just wouldn’t vocalize their knowledge.

Castiel’s caution had fled the bunker to be replaced by a new type of protection that could only be classified as adoration; his wings transformed from being chained back to hovering around your body as fluttering shields. The walls of light and feathers moved to protect you from harm during hunts, gravitating to match your every flinch, floating alongside you to mimic your every step, Castiel only seconds behind, his eyes burning holes into the back of your head as he dissected your movements. His wings curled around you with ease if ever a threat approached, preparing for the possible attack, Castiel’s body stitched to your hip whenever he believed you were in a great deal of danger, abandoning his distance to further guard you. The humming of his wings went eerily silent as he concentrated on your protection, his sapphire eyes glimmering to reflect the steely light his wings produced, the shrill sound they made when rubbing against each other a darker, terror-tainted noise that exhibited his emotions beyond his composed features. In regards to the possibility of losing you, he was agitated and afraid; just when you had begun to accept (and appreciate) your fate as his soul-mate, you could be torn from his arms. He safeguarded you like the Hope Diamond against jewel thieves, presenting the heavenly extension of his body as unlikely armour, though he could, and would, bleed when your armour was effective in terminating a bullet’s arc. They didn’t appear to be bullet-proof, and they certainly weren’t. His wings screamed in unadulterated agony, blood seeping through the feathers, staining the glorious, indescribable colour with a familiar crimson only you could see. He hid his pain alarmingly well, his face breaking for a split second into the shattered mask of searing pain before fazing back to the warrior’s stoicism that struck fear into the hearts of your enemies, his lust for their lives strengthened by the fact that they had threatened yours. Passion held hands with justice in his ocean eyes, his wings trembling from the pain and the fury that the attacks provoked. Thus was your newly-adopted way of hunting. You were not a fan of anything that caused Castiel harm, but his protective measures seemed as instinctual as they were premeditated.

After a particularly gruesome hunt, after the brothers had retired to their separate bedrooms, you found yourself sitting with Castiel on the library’s wooden floorboards, your legs crossed beneath you as you assessed the damages to his trembling feathers. His wings deflated around his shoulders, suctioning to every corner and disturbance in the room like an exhausted liquid, his blood flowing from various wounds he had accepted while protecting you from harm. You gingerly reached for the masses sprouting from his shoulder blades, the individual feather tips reaching to meet your touch magnetically, subconsciously, a reflex you were both obliged by nature to react to, as your fingers pressed against the wounds. Castiel’s face changed from the relaxed and practiced mask of self control to the crumpled face of an injured soldier, his fingers gripping tighter to your thigh as his wings shimmered a darker hue. His features contorted to reflect the dulling ache his wings carried, his eyes flashing to yours with a sorrowful, fatigued glow burning dimly behind his irises. In his state of disrepair, he didn’t possess the energy to heal himself… or perhaps he did, merely choosing to enjoy your touch and attention as you tended to his wounds in the human fashion. This portion of your relationship was as close to normal as you could manage, if you disregarded the presence of wings and the fact that most normal couples never had to stitch each other shut. You found yourself adhering bandages to his feathers, wrapping clusters in gauze, parting the quills to extend towards the flesh beneath, stroking over the impeccable shine each plume had harnessed from the lamps. As you moved, the angel beneath your fingertips shuddered, caught between contentment and injury, his features frozen in the dying phases of a healing grimace. As you worked, Castiel’s hands toyed with the laces of your boots, fiddling with the hemline of your jeans as you smeared antibiotics over the open wound, his breath hissing lowly through his teeth whenever the pads of your fingertips rushed over his battered feathers. You sighed, wiping the remaining cream on the thighs of your denim, Castiel’s wings shuddering in thanks, his jaw unclenching as he shot you another weary grin.

“Thank you, Y/n. I believe that should suffice,” he whispered, mindful of his volume with the Winchesters slumbering around the corner, his wings beating once to test the wounds, his face twitching just slightly as he did so. He was quick to conceal his discomfort around you. An angel thing.

“Next time, let me take the bullet, alright? I don’t enjoy patching you up,” you returned, your voice equally wary of the bunker’s thin doors. Castiel’s ocean eyes locked on yours, a tender smile gracing his lips as your hand trailed along his forearm to his shoulder, your knuckles brushing absentmindedly through the softer (if that was possible) down they found at the origin of his wings. He shook his head, his eyes closing briefly as he relished in the warmth of your touch, his defiance clear even in such a blissful moment.

“To do so would cause me unbearable pain. Your safety comes before my own, and will always come before my own. Y/n,” he paused, his palm pressing against the backside of your hand on his shoulder, his fingers twinging through yours as he brought your hands between your bodies. “I’m afraid my love for you is strong enough to negate thoughts of self-preservation when you could be in danger, makes it impossible to watch you risk your life. It rebels against my every instinct to stand aside and allow you to be hurt,” he concluded, his index finger calmly tracing what you had learned to be Enochian letters into your open palm. You smiled sadly, returning your attention to the battered masses, your mind wandering to the magic they possessed, torn as they were. Your eyes raked over the miracles hovering above you, tips occasionally brushing a stray hair from your cheek, lingering on your temple. The urge for the feathers to reach out for your skin was lessened some by Castiel’s contact; when he held your hand, the song was diluted. His wings could settle for a more human embrace without ripping themselves out at the roots to stroke your face. Castiel’s hand shifted to cover your kneecap, abandoning his invisible writing to press his palm against the exposed skin peeking from beneath tattered denim. A soft glow warmed against your knee as stolen sunbeams healed the slight sting of a shallow gash until the pain had dissipated completely. All that remained was the gentle heat of his touch.

“Mmm, thank you,” you breathed, Castiel beaming at your reaction. At one point, Castiel had taken to healing you without attracting attention to his intentions, as you would surely berate him for mending a scrape over the Hell his wings had seen, but you had moved beyond his secrecy, Nothing he did slipped under your radar anymore; the curve of his wings was a dead giveaway for any action he planned to take. Besides you assumed he appreciated your thanks over your complaints. He nodded his head, the wing that had managed to escape a casualty trailing along your spine, a delectable wave of security flooding your body as his feathers fluttered down your back. The scent of honey filtered through the air, a signature of Castiel’s aura, the aroma radiating from his chest as if he had doused himself in an unmistakable cologne. You inhaled deeply, attempting to be subtle, but the angel’s smile grew wider, his arms welcoming you to his embrace. You smiled, thoroughly content, as you crawled into his lap, his wings blocking out the expanse of the library, surrounding you completely in their shimmering cocoon, their airy melody tugging you away from reality and into a world completely your own. No composer, no matter the status or talent, would ever be able to replicate the lullaby that tempted your exhaustion now, the sweet tones that clung to your every heartstrings. Castiel’s canopy glimmered warmly, shattering pigment across the skin at his throat, which you pressed your lips against, your eyes opening to new colours. The angel blushed above you, the delicate glow deepening when you chuckled, his arms holding you closer to his body. You nuzzled your face into his shoulder, inhaling the intoxicating scent that clung to his very being, his lips pressing warmly to your forehead, returning your affections quite wonderfully. His hands snaked further around your back and beneath your knees, clutching you to his chest. You sighed, incandescently at peace. “Cas?” you mumbled, his wings shivering to acknowledge your voice, his face turning to bury his lips in your hair, his breath tickling against your scalp. “I love you too,” you mumbled, fading from your reality to a dream world that could never compete. His wings went silent with his shock, his chest expanding with his slow inhale, his radiant smile present even in the kiss he planted on the top of your head.

You slept beneath a canopy of colorful stars, your body held snugly in your angel’s arms.