requested: pregnant with robb’s and seeks refuge at the wall

requested by a wonderful anon: Imagine where reader is heavely pregnant with robb starks child. But before she gives he gets killed at the red wedsing and reader seeks refuge at the wall where jon is to help?

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Lord Walder Frey received you in his throne room and welcomes you to his Great Hall. Musicians played and sang their instruments and cooks brought in their delicious meals with the some maids to serve. You sat beside Robb Stark, giggling when he rubs your big belly. You look at the newly weds up on the platform, busy with each other and you remembered the day you were married to Robb. You leaned back and looked at him. You caressed his stubbly face, his auburn curls tousled sleekly.

He kissed your hand and leaned back too. “What is it, my Queen?”

“I remembered when we married. It was quiet and it was just the two of us,” you whispered. “I loved every minute of it.”

He leaned in and kissed you dear on your plump lips. “We can recreate it everyday, my love.”

You pecked him at his brow and you stood up. “I’ll be outside to walk around,” you started. He moved his lips to answer back but you quickly interrupted him. “I’ll have ten men with me. Always.”

Robb stood up with you and kissed you softly again. “Be careful,” he said. “And come back.”

You laughed held his hand. “I always do. I love you.”

“And, I love you.”

Lord Frey eyed you carefully as you stood, and you raised your glass to him , which he reciprocated. You nodded at Lady Catelyn, which she smiled back at you and you made your way to door. Guards were the door, and one of them spoke. “Your Grace, I believe you can’t leave.”

A knight pushed his way towards the mere guard. “The Queen wishes to walk outside,” he said. The knight guided you out and waited for the other nine to follow.

“It’s quite chilly, Your Grace,” he spoke to remind you to put your hood on.

“You’re very nice, Ser.”

You started to walk and admire the castle. It’s astonishing to see the Twins at night, with all the little lights the people have lit. The people outside are laughing and also having their supper and that made you smile. You walked further, with two guards beside you. Suddenly, screams bursted and people were running. You searched for where it was coming from, and you saw the Great Hall full of people being stabbed and armored Frey men entering. You saw the familiar auburn hair in the middle staggered and turned. You started to ran when you saw an arrow pierced through his shoulder. He turned and he caught glimpse of you despite of the dark evening. Several men came charging your men and they fought them off. 

“We have to go back!” you screamed, clutching to the knight’s arm. “Please!”

Seven of your men ushered you to a stable and stole horses. They brought the Frey’s banners with them, and rode of into the dark. They led you to a horse and mounted you into one. You all rode off with you turning to see what’s happening. The next thing you saw was that the Great Hall was opened and people cheered. You saw the horrendous image of Grey Wind’s head mounted on Robb’s body and people were cheering and laughing.

You cried and felt your heart break. That was the last thing that you saw of Robb. Your heart ached but it turned cold. Your house trotted forward to be beside your guard. The evening fell darker and the moon gave you the light you need to see. You passed through brothels and inns and went to the woods to avoid the Kingsroad. Your men maid camp in the woods as best as they could and rested. They started a small fire and eventually blew it out. “Where are we going?”

Your trusted knight turned and said. “I believe our King spoke of a brother on the Wall, you’ll be safe there, your Grace.”


You traveled for weeks, your belly growing larger and your appetite growing large too. You touched your big pregnant belly and whispered to it, “Just a little while longer, my love.” You were handed a piece of a rabbit’s leg and you ate it quietly with the company of your men. They were four already. You helped them when they were wounded, but only four survived. A guard gave you a bow and some sharpened arrows, and you remembered Robb. You accepted it wholly, as a way to protect them also.

“My Queen, should we stop for camp?

You turned to them, your face hard. “Has it gone dark yet? I still see the sun. As long as there’s light we travel.” You called out. “And don’t call me that.”

You gasped at the sight of the big wall made up of solid ice. It stretches farther and the height was intimidating. You saw movements, black little things on top of the wall, and your galloped faster to enter the big wooden door that opened for you and your remaining men.

People stood still, when your armored guards entered and helped you off your horse. You looked around and observed them. People whispered about you and your belly. A blind man with links around his neck erupted from the stairs and looked at where the commotion is.

“Maester,” you spoke loudly. You walked carefully towards and stood until the Maester felt your hands on top of his hands. “Maester.”

“Sweet child,” he breathe out. “I heard you’re carrying a child.”

Words travel quickly, you gave a little laugh and a smile. “That quick?”

He laughed too and guided you inside for warmth and food to offer. Your men followed suit and ate as many as they liked. You ate as much too, since hunger consumed you. Men looked at you incredulous for how you acted, but you didn’t care. “A name, child?”

Y/N,” you started. “Wife of Robb Stark.”

“Robb,” a loud voice erupted and you saw a curly haired man came forward. You looked at him, he looked the same age as Robb and saw some features of him as same as Robb. “Is my brother alright?”

You stood up and he saw your belly. He smiled instantly. You came towards him and smiled. You held the stare longer as his eyes showed happiness. You broke down, “Your brother…”

He held you steady, “Is he alright?”

“He’s dead.” you cried. “We were at the Twins. Lord Frey and his treacherous men murdered the northern men and Lady Catelyn was there. I’m sorry.”

You looked at Jon, “I’m sorry,  Jon. I should’ve protected him. I should have been with him. I’m so sorry.”

“Your Grace,” the Maester stated, “My sincerest apologies. You are welcomed here.”

“My deepest thanks. Please call me Y/N.”

You saw Jon sobbed and he quickly wiped his tears away. He looked at you and said, “You have a place here. For you and your babe.”

“Thank you, Jon.” you spoke softly. “I’m sorry.”

“We both lost Robb, he was my brother and your husband,” he said. “We have to be strong. Especially you.”

You both hugged it out and you rubbed your belly. A part of Robb will live on, and you have to strong, you thought. You looked at Jon and gave him a smile. “Strong. We have to be strong.”


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