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I love this women and I felt it was only right to have her here with me today as I completed the first steps for the visual aspect of my book #onTHEFrontLine we’ve came a long way. I’m looking forward to the other side. I wanna say thank you to @mellowsmoothphotos and @trossjr for helping me make this Vision of mine a reality. #weDream #poetry

When the city of Copenhagen was looking to reduce the number of cars entering the city in favour of bycicles and other modes of transportation, it had a very crafty strategy, according to Steffen Rasmussen of the City’s Traffic and Planning Office: get rid of parking, but without anyone noticing. From 1994 to 2005, Copenhagen cut parking spaces in the city center from 14,000 to 11,500.

Tom Vanderbilt, Traffic

Editor’s note: How many city halls have a “traffic and planning office”?

Since I was a little boy I have dreamed about not just getting one but to get multiple. It is one of my goals and I believe that God will allow me to see this happen… I have faith that this will happen but it won’t come without work though. It’s one of those mountains that will be moved in my life… Working to make my dreams reality. #DEMJONEZ #LUVJONEZMUZIK #WEDREAM #HITTSOCIETY @natephenomenal @mrs_jones_07 @__stacey.evans__ @cheybangsings @iamtayclemons This is just part of who is going to make this happen… LETZWORK

And today’s work is at Boeing, I was invited to come and perform at Boeing’s Black Employees Association “A tribute too Africa and the Caribbean islands” SHOUTOUT to the prophyte @jsleblanc Aesthetic then Corruptipn 👈 In that order #weDREAM

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I was taught to take a paint brush and aim for Picasso
Taught to take a pen and aim for Maya Angelou
Taught to take a basketball and aim for Jordan…
That way even If I fall short , at most I’ll land on Kobe.
They say stars are untouchable.
But we are touched often
I remember her hands
We glisten!
We are what couples climb to the roof top once night rise, to watch for….
I Like to call us STARZ!


I’m looking forward to seeing y'all there! #CheckMate #Cultured #Careful #STARZ 👈 In That Order. #WeDream

Count on people

It is increasingly acknowledged that, especially in transport, user perceptions and attitudes play a crucial role regarding the success of the failure of innovations. Still, many studies and plans for achieving sustainable transport focus mainly on technologies and economic factors.

From the European Parliament’s Science and Technology Options Assessment on Urban Transport