wednesdays in tights

Witchcraft Wednesday: Moonlight Sleep Tight (sleep spell)

What You’ll Need:

Lavender (raw, or oil)

A candle (doesn’t matter what color. I prefer white, but any color works)

A piece of paper and a pen


1. On a piece of paper write out any fears, anxiety, or problems you are having. If you’re not sure of why you’re having trouble sleeping then just write that.

2. Fold the piece of paper so it is small enough to fit under your pillow. Place the lavender either inside the folds, or place the lavender oil on top.

3. Light your candle. Pass your hand over the candle three times in a clockwise manner. Each time incant the following:

“Mother Moon, shining bright, blessed be my sleep tonight.”

4.  Now go clockwise and say:

“Free me of my troubled thoughts, in your light blessings are brought.”

5. Blow out your candle and lastly say just once:

“As I sleep no worries be, Mother Moon shines over me.”

6. Place your paper under your pillow, and sweet dreams! In the morning if you find you are still anxious about the situation, or are having trouble sleeping repeat the process. Sometimes magic takes a while to manifest, especially when you’re anxious and tired.


Wednesdays in Tights!

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American Gods MBTI

Shadow Moon [ISFP: The Composer]

Shadow has secondary Se, as he only believes what he sees and experiences. He isn’t willing to believe in imaginary worlds. As an ISFP he goes along with what is happening in sometimes a passive way, but he needs to interact with this world and see it for himself to believe any sort of reality in it. He won’t make Ni or Ne jumps to it. His personal values are a product of the experiences he has throughout his life. We see his morals constantly taking shape as he encounters new situations and obstacles. But he focuses on staying true to himself despite all of the things around him. His Fi draws him to search for a meaning in this life, but he hasn’t found it yet. He didn’t find it with Laura so maybe Wednesday will help him find his meaning. He doesn’t care for the past or any of the gods’ crap. His world is individually focused with Fi, he doesn’t like to be defined or put in a box. Like a classic ISFP, he loses himself to become the hero often. We see this right away with his fight with Mad Sweeney. If his gut tells him he is right he jumps where others fear to tread. He isn’t one for words or explanations, just doing and living by his inner code.

Laura Moon [ISTP: The Mechanic]

Laura is not a romantic. She is practical and deals with the concrete evidence, the physical around her. Until she goes into the afterlife, she didn’t believe in it. She isn’t a romantic or interested in any form of novelty. She is oblivious that Shadow needs approval and signs of deep love. Her Ti makes her critical and combined with Se, which also needs experience, sends her into deep spouts of depression as she doubts everything, everything being devoid of meaning. Her inferior Fe craves romance and to be in love with Shadow, to define herself in this relationship, but she has always had trouble managing this inferior function tendency as it isn’t what she is familiar with. Therefore, she feels unable to do so. Hence, “[t]he price of the relationship seems too high, so [ISTPs] try to shut out affective claims that might cause them to be hurt or suffer rejection (Lenore Thomson).” While he is away she continues to push him away. Not until she dies does she realize her love and starts to develop her functions properly. 

Technical Boy [ESTP: The Doer]

Tech Boy is all about what is new. He is distracted from one new sense to the next (Se). He is a man of instant action, zero planning. He gets a thrill from the risk and doesn’t care about the harmony of relationships. He cares about the smart win. He cares about who wins and who loses (Ti). He isn’t the philosophical type. He knows they can win and doesn’t get why they should care about anything that isn’t new, sleek, and innovative. The old are old and should be taken with the trash. Any inner meaning (inferior Ni) is useless. He cares about his place among gods (Se-Fe). But not about restoring the old ways (dom Se, inferior Ni).

Mad Sweeney [ISFJ: The Defender]

Mad Sweeney is a deep believer in his personal traditions. He has a deep inner meaning and it is part of what attracts him to the cause to keep the old gods alive. He is great at reading people and their emotions and there are specific people he likes to help on their path (Fe). In his more solo episode we see him caring for the Irish Woman who Laura Moon reminds him of. He feels he has betrayed her by killing her initially and is now trying to help Laura Moon as he helped the Irish Woman who kept to the old ways. He is a man who deals with reality as it is, he doesn’t leave on flights of fancy, but he does believe in the romance covered in Fe, of the old way the Irish Leprechaun way. He never forgets and will strike with vengeance, but he also cares more for those who fall in line with his way.

Mr. Wednesday [ISTJ: The Duty-Fulfiller]

Wednesday holds on tight to the old way that means much to him. He doesn’t tackle flights of fancy that Ni allows. He sticks with what he knows of the past and now. That is what determines his future. This mentality is what has kept him alive and fighting, sticking to his own personal priorities and meaning. His Si then comes above all else, especially when paired with his impersonal Te. He doesn’t make decisions based on the feelings and harmony of the room. He makes logical choices according to standards agreed upon in his Norse society (Te). He always follows the decorum of gods. His  inferior Ne makes him afraid of the change he sees happening in America. He sticks to his Si to preserve the old ways. He doesn’t want to take their offer of adapting to new ways to be a god that he sees others doing. He is fighting tooth and nail to preserve his own meaning in the universe.