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18x24 Mixed Media - Micron Pens, Sharpies, Graphite, Pen & Ink, Acrylic, Ballpoint

My newest surrealistic illustration, depicting ancient Pagans being exposed to the idea and inevitable plague of Christianity for the first time, by having a sacred space desecrated in the name of religious conversion and cultural assimilation.

Read my full explanation here:

Reg Smithies, Chameleons guitarist and album artist
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A simple, relaxation/downtime sketch I did spontaneously in bed tonight while watching the Camden concert.
I haven’t just sketched with a pencil in forever, so just did it for enjoyment.

“Get Fenderized! 1962″

For not really considering myself a ‘graphic artist’ I am pretty proud of how this came out.
I have always aesthetically loved vintage marketing, propaganda and advertisements..especially the old 60’s adverts for guitars, and now that I own a first year-production model 1962 Fender Jaguar (in the photo)..I wanted to put myself in a self-created, vintage-esque advert for fun, as close as I could get to the true old Fender ads.


Me covering “Here Today” by The Chameleons on my custom tele, through a 1978 roland jazz chorus.

Second Skin
I have always wanted to do artwork dedicated to this song, but nothing ever quite came out powerful enough. I think I’ve finally come close.
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“I shed my skin and my disguise
And cold, numb and naked
I emerged from my cocoon
And a half remembered tune
Played softly in my head Then he turned smiling
And said
I realize a miracle is due
I dedicate this melody to you
But is this the stuff dreams are made of?
If this is the stuff dreams are made of
No wonder I feel like I’m floating on air
It feels like I’m everywhere…”
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Mixed Media, Printmaking, Xerography (with a photo of Reg Smithies)
(Acrylic, Conte, Micron, Xerox Print, Graphite, India Ink, Pastel, Drybrush, Charcoal, Willow Charcoal, Fabric Paint)

The only time I’ll be a product of instagram, from someone else haha..

A friend stopped by today to congratulate me for a recent big success at my job, which resulted in me winning $1,000. I spent all month working hard toward that goal, not just for the money but hopefully for a promotion as well.
We hung out, smoked a little, and played some songs for her. It’s been a while since I felt this good.