All of my time off from work has left me bored enough to record and mix this fun little new wave tune with some vintage gear. The timing is way off sometimes, but I had loads of fun and it passed the time.

1980 TR606 drum machine
1981 Korg mono/poly synth
Thunderbird bass


Me covering “Here Today” by The Chameleons on my custom tele, through a 1978 roland jazz chorus.

The only time I’ll be a product of instagram, from someone else haha..

A friend stopped by today to congratulate me for a recent big success at my job, which resulted in me winning $1,000. I spent all month working hard toward that goal, not just for the money but hopefully for a promotion as well.
We hung out, smoked a little, and played some songs for her. It’s been a while since I felt this good.