wednesday wonders

For a couple days

On Wednesday
When the night was big
And I was drunk
And the street was long
We did not meet

And on Friday
When the day was small
And I was naked
And the sky could not make up its mind
You mustn’t have thought of me

On Tuesday
When the afternoon stretched itself all the way to you
Till it kissed your moon
And your back hand
Which you’ve been keeping behind your back
I still quiver
I still wonder

On Wednesday
When the night was big
And I was small
I rest easy

I gave it my all
You choose how to see me

Yesterday I was releasing some crappy pokemon I got from wonder trade wednesday and I felt so bad from releasing a chespin that I turn off my game without saving and stayed on my bed thinking in why I did that.

im just so excited to be training pokemon specifically for wonder trade wednesday, do you guys mind if i live post next wednesday about what i send/receive? 


So this post will probably go unnoticed by many, but for the 24 of you who follow me, I posted a handful of photos of my dog, Lucky, she was a yellow lab. She was my world, my brightest thing in my life. I love her more than everything else. She was the kindest, softest, and most sensitive dog I have ever met. With age, something happened to Lucky’s back and she developed a pinched nerve in her spine which caused her a lot of tension and later her disability to connect to her back legs. This month I moved out and I couldn’t take Lucky with me because it caused more strain on her physically. However, after I moved out she became worse due to depression. My family and I decided that it was best to put her down instead of having her suffer to the point till she couldn’t walk. Wednesday, August 19th, a wonderful nurse came and helped put Lucky down in our home, I sat next to Lucky during the entire process, petting her. She passed peacefully and we had her cremated by herself. We received her ashes back in the lively box shown above, every morning I say good bye to her like I used to, telling her to behave and guard the house. But I will never be able to cuddle her again. Wednesday, August 26th was national dog day and a lot of my friends posted to my Facebook not knowing we had put Lucky down. Treasure your pets and those you love most because you never know when doing the best thing means losing them forever. I miss and shall forever love my honey bunches of fur, my baby, my Lucky dog.

               Today is a good day.

               You are a stranger with friendly teeth,

               and the birthmarks on your thigh

               are stronger in the sun – deeper, darker,

               more plum, more you.

               Ancient civilisations have folded

               to bring you this day,

               and Alexander the Great never saw

               brighter day nor cleaner taxis.

               Hoard those books, sip that tea.

               Today is almost gone but

               the memory of contentment will be there always

               to remind you of what living is allowed to feel like.

               You are loved by God.

               You are surrounded by stars you cannot see.

               You have a past, a present, a future.

               Today is a good day.

                                                       - Jessica Edwards


Had a wonderful Wednesday here in The Coconut Islands: prepared some raw vegan spicy mango curry soup, drank lots of white wine and jammed the bongos with The Beach Boys!! Any one out there dig their tune “Anna Lee, The Healer”?

Good morning, Thursday. I’m live tonight at at Black Sheep (Huntington) with Of The Dell. I’m on at 9. They’re on at 10.

Peace, love and coconuts! -Jordan

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Wall Street hopes Dow can deliver back-to-back up days after record rally

NEW YORK – Can the Dow deliver the all-important follow-through rally investors crave?

Wall Street will be watching to see if the Dow Jones industrial average’s rally of more than 600 points Wednesday was more than a one-day wonder.

Sure, Wednesday’s relief rally, the blue-chip stock gauge’s best one-day point gain since the dark days of the financial crisis in fall 2008, was welcomed by traders and investors around the globe.

But it won’t mean much if the Dow stumbles anew Thursday, raising fresh questions about the stability of the stock market following its worst meltdown in four years due to global growth fears sparked by a slowdown in China.

What Wall Street wants to see is a so-called follow-through day. In short, traders want to see the Dow rally again. They want to see high trading volume on an up day. They want to see a second day of gains. They want to see the bulls return in force.

In early trading Wednesday, the Dow was up more than 225 points, building on Wednesday’s historic gain.

If the Dow relapses, it could signal more trouble ahead and undue a lot of the positives from the Dow’s massive rally into Wednesday’s close.

Simply put, investors want to see the gains stick. They want to see the losses from the Dow’s recent peak shrink. (The Dow was off 14.5% from its May 19 record close prior to yesterday’s big rally.) They want to get a better feeling about the market, rather than fear the next rout.

“Powerful spikes are very much part of the recovery process, but so are powerful dead-cat bounces (or big one-day rallies that fizzle),” says Quincy Krosby, market strategist at Prudential Financial. “We’ll be looking for broader strength indicating that investors are putting money to work across sectors.”


Sick Wonder Trade

I started watching Wonder Trade Wednesday tonight and almost immediately turned it off because the chat was full of spoilers from nuzlockes and egglockes that I have yet to watch. However, I did continue wonder trading for about an hour, when I got HOOPA wonder traded to me. I had a mouth full of soup and I almost choked.
I couldn’t believe it, but now I have a level 50 Hoopa and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Wonderful Wednesday

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