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I had a new comic for almost all my pulls this week! The timing worked out pretty nice for break. All New Wolverine is on part 3 of “Orphans of X”, I’ve been really looking forward to this one. Invincible Iron Man is on part 2 of “The Search for Tony Stark”.

Rat Queens says it’s on part 1 of “The Colossal Magic Nothing”, where there’s a new wizard in Palisade who wants “to end the suffering of others. Forever.” He also rides a giant rainbow frog, thing. 

Wonder Woman looks like it’s going to focus on Jason, ranging from his childhood to his first encounter with Grail.


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WCW- Anu

While I was growing up, I thought my cousin Anu was the coolest. I would mimic anything that she did- her handwriting, her jeans, her dance steps, her crayons, her butterfly stickers and her books. I’m sure, if she wrote with her left hand, I’d do it too. 

By 7 years of age, she was already a kid who had traveled to 3 continents. To this day, she’s been traveling around the world- finding fascinating doors, conquering snow capped mountains, soaking in the history of her travel adventures. Well, guess she’s still the coolest, I will copy her any day.

Follow her here:

WTW Nov 22nd: Okami Edition!

The HD release of Okami is approaching fast and what better way to celebrate than with a new set of Okami themed shinies? These shinies are also carrying rare evolution items for you to use on your new Ultra games!

Since I’m starting WTW a little bit late, I’ll be sure to do some wonder trading on Thursday as well. For the next 24+ hours, I’ll be wonder trading these shiny Pokemon out.

Note: The Wonder Trade system on Ultra Sun/Moon is the same as Sun/Moon. Meaning that you have a chance to find me no matter which game you play on.

If you find me on Wonder Trade, be sure to send me a photo of the Pokemon you received from me! Doing so will win you a couple of bonus shinies.

There will be a GTS giveaway for these guys on Friday. Please don’t deposit ahead of time.

Good luck and happy wonder trading!


Another favourite from the past.
This one was from the premiere of In The Loop in Glasgow, if I remember correctly.

Such a lovely smile. 😁

Today I am travelling to visit the Commonwealth War Graves in Eindhoven, where a relative is buried.
I have a poppy from The Tower of London to place there, the closest to Remembrance Sunday I could get.
He died aged only 24yrs, in 1943, but is always remembered. 🌺

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone. 😘


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i have to memorize the top 200 most common prescribed medications and their indications and drug class by thursday and i havent even started