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So I'm entering my Freshman year of High School this upcoming Wednesday, and I was wondering if you had any "survival tips"? I'm going to go to this really rough city school, and it's a well-known fact that there's this group of Junior boys that like to go around and pick on the Freshman, and so I'm beyond terrified. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

“Try and find some nice people pretty keep and stay in the safety of their friend group. It’s always better in numbers and they’ll be less likely to pick on you if you’re with others. Also, you may make some friends along the way too. Don’t try and retort either because than can make it worse, hopefully you’ll be fine! Good luck!”

A few things I’ve purchased recently for our little lady. Notice a theme here? Bonus: all items are under $30. 

Easy Peasy booties (sale!) // elephant bookend (sale!) // Olivia stuffed ostrich

+ you can shop the entire Serena & Lily private sale here

On a baby related front, we are officially in the double digit countdown before she makes her big debut. I better get to painting furniture (don’t worry– zero VOC paint).

I’m trying really hard to not do much complaining about the aches and pains that I feel carrying her. Because I’ve wanted this so badly for so long, I’m trying to live in the moment and be grateful. But I have one request for Santa* – the nerve on the right side of my body that she’s apparently pressing on? If that could just go ahead and “go numb” like the doctor told me it would, that would be super.

*I realize Santa has nothing to do with this. Just voicing a seemingly impossible Christmas wish. 

Wonder Woman #2

…or “DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SINCE THE BEGINNING OF MY COMICS LIFE???? (e.g. the tail end of Greg Rucka’s first run on Wonder Woman?)”

I love Wonder Woman so much because she’s funny and warm and strong and intuitive and kind.  I want to be her.  And today’s issue featuring baby Diana made me love her more.  More importantly, it made her relatable enough to make me think that maybe someday I actually can be like her.

And there were so many other things in this issue to love! Let’s get to it!


Steve is a total babe and Nicola Scott is here to drive home that point.  Hurray for Nicola Scott!  And Greg Rucka had Steve doing all sorts of sensitive things: holding a baby, standing as best man at a wedding, comforting his friend Nick. Hurray for Greg Rucka!

Seriously, did everyone else’s ovaries explode too? And if you don’t have ovaries, did you grow some temporarily only to have them explode because that’s how amazing this issue was re: sensitive handsome dumb beautiful Steve Trevor?


As I’ve said in the past, I think that Greg Rucka is amazing at world-building.  I got really engrossed in Steve’s backstory with his buddy Nick and all of the other baby (navy) seals.  And reuniting him with the Amazons is explosive.  For the first time in a long time, I want to live on Paradise Island.  What lady *wouldn’t* want to kick it with Amazons while they hang out telling jokes, stargazing, knocking back a few Amazonian drinks? Like, hello all of my lady friendships! While I actively hated New52 Themyscira, I love this version.

And Io is back! And instead of having her crush on Diana implied, this time it’s stated out loud.  I love it!  


Every time I read Wonder Woman’s origin story, my heart skips a beat.  I’ve encountered people who complain that her origin story is dated (unlike Batman’s or Superman’s).  Listen…it’s not.   Baby made of clay (btw i cannot *wait* until this is addressed), grows up wants to see the outside world, man crashes onto island, tournament to see who takes him back, the best Amazon wins.  Boom, done.  It’s a beautiful story.  This take so far is true to that with a few fresh twists, which are pretty enjoyable.  I can’t spoil them though!  Just know that August 10th can’t come soon enough!

Stray observations:

  • Love the way Diana and Steve’s stories parallel even though they’re so vastly different.  This is masterful storytelling.
  • Diana is a bombshell heartbreaker in her youth.  LOVE IT.
  • Steve, on the other hand, is not! LOVE IT TOO.
  • Can Steve wear baseball shirts all of the time, please? I thoroughly approve of this sartorial choice.
  • I like that some of the Amazons know what a machine is.
  • Nick’s cheesy grin in *every single panel* when his baby is born is the cutest thing ever. 
  • If you are new to comics or Wonder Woman and wondering where to jump in, start with this issue.  And shoot me a message, I’d love to help you if you want!

What’s that you say? It's December 12th and you’ve still yet to find the perfect Christmas gift for your Aunt Maude? And on top of that- you still have to stand in line at the Post Office to beat the December 17th cutoff for shipping to the West Coast.

bless your heart

Well, fear not fellow procrastinators!!! Here’s a few of my favorite gifts [minus the Viver clutch, they’re all under $100!] that would be mighty fine to unwrap on Christmas morn ((which, if I haven’t mentioned, is in 12 short days. You best start your shopping engines now, peeps!)).

{1} Smitten Kitchen cookbook (have it, love it) // {2} marble pasty slab // {3} ceramic mortar and pestle // {4} seven layer cake kit // {5} Silpat baking mats // {6} wooden knife strip // {7} tea light votives // {8} molecular gastronomy: cusine kit // {9} kitchen art // {10} rockin’ whiskey glasses // {11} olive oil cruet // {12} hedgehog dryer buddies // {13} Kate Spade earmuffs // {14} salt cellar // {15} Kate Spade bow belt // {16} Lotus ceramic stool // {17} “Made with Love” cheese board // {18} effervescence stemless wine glass // {19} necklace // {20} Claire Vivier clutch // {21} elephant plate // {22} neon watch