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I have good grades, does this mean I can't have ADHD?
  • Everyone say it with me: academic performance is not an indicator of ADHD. Certainly it can be an indicator, since executive dysfunction and hyperactivity and impulsive behaviours can have a big effect on your ability to complete assignments and participate adequately in class. However, if you are also gifted (common), or if you have Inattentive ADHD, then you will often fly under the radar and do well (or at least not poorly) academically, even though you struggle in some areas.
WTW Feb 22nd: Voltron Edition!

For this Wonder Trade Wednesday, I’ll be trading out shiny Pokemon that are Voltron themed. For the next 24+ I’ll be wonder trading these guys out. Try to find me on Wonder Trade.

My IGN is Masako. If you find me on wonder trade, please submit a picture of the Pokemon you got from me. Doing so will win you a prize.

There will be a GTS giveaway for these guys on Friday. Please don’t deposit ahead of time.

Good luck and happy wonder trading!



The work of the Coram Foundation is wonderful indeed. Founded by Captain Thomas Coram in 1793, who built and funded a Trust for his Foundling Hospital for abandoned children, it is one of England’s oldest children’s charities.

They still work with vulnerable children in different areas. Providing adoption and care, creative therapies, education, family support, and much much more.

Last year Peter was the presenter/narrator at Coram’s annual Handel Birthday Concert. (The composer was a great benefactor of the charity during his life).
I was lucky enough to attend. (I missed it this year as we were away!)

Many celebrities have leant their support to this wonderful charity, including Emma Thompson, Richard E Grant, and Vivienne Westwood.

In April Peter is hosting the Coram Voice awards evening.
This is a creative writing competition for children in Care and young Care Leavers. (Not open to the public).

Peter obviously does a lot of work for various charities, but this one is close to my heart because I joined it in 2015 after a visit to the Foundling Museum with my best and oldest nursing friend.

Pictures above are:

The Charity Logo.
The Foundling Museum in Brunswick Square. London.
Captain Thomas Coram himself.
The card Peter drew which was auctioned for the Charity last year.
A couple of my pictures of the 2016 Birthday Concert evening.
The Coram Voice logo.




Wonderful Wednesday Part 2 😘

Wednesdays…they’re always wonderful. I’m lucky enough to get to spend the day playing music, all day. ALL DAY!! My usual music sessions in the afternoon, with a very lovely guy (who’s really very easy on the eye 😉) and my own band rehearsal in the evening for our first gig on Saturday. Really can’t ask for more.

Patience. Hard work. It pays off.

So since it’s a musical day for me, here’s some 12 rockin out🤘🏻🎸🥁🎤🎹

Peace. Love. Positive Vibes ✌🏻😎❤

12th Doctor Night Cap.. Something Wonderful

Wonderful blue eyes

Wonderful silver hair

Wonderful smug movements

Wonderful Tongue action

Wonderful “Be Happy” Smile

Wonderful in the rain

Wonderful when sad

Wonderful on the phone

I could go on and on but I think I will finish with Wonderful when smoldering

Happy Wonderful Wednesday.
NIghty NIght and Kissy Kiss My Dear Followers

My parents don’t believe me/I don’t think my parents will believe me/How do I talk to my parents about getting diagnosed?
  • If you think your parents will have trouble with the idea of you having ADHD, or if they have already told you that you don’t have it, it can be helpful to approach them with a list of your symptoms and explanations of how and why they are causing you difficulty. Then ask if you can be assessed to see if there’s something going on that you can get help for. Never mention “ADHD” during this conversation.
  • Sometimes your school’s guidance counselor can be helpful as a backup to your request, so try to enlist them.
Instagram post by Aimi Bell • Feb 20, 2017 at 12:12pm UTC
19 Likes, 3 Comments - Aimi Bell (@aimibellartandphotography) on Instagram: “Day 19: not yet finished but trying to catch up. #pastel #pastelmat #drawing #sketch #drwho…”

aimibellartandphotography: Day 19: not yet finished but trying to catch up. #pastel #pastelmat #drawing #sketch #drwho #petercapaldi #bbc #fanart

Washboard Wednesdays - What The Gods Have Made

Hello, Fabulous!

So, today is kinda crazy for me and mucho apologies for only dropping one image on you today. I have been working on another edit project and it’s fun and I hope to unveil it in the next couple of days. But that means I only have this one pic for you today. But it’s a doozy. With any luck, we will get some shirtless soon. Half tempted to start begging Amell personally. 

Here you go. Stare. You. Must. 

I promise I will be back on track next time. For now, I wish you a wonderful Wednesday and a lovely rest of your week!

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