wednesday weightloss


Starting Weight (7.10.17):  260

Today’s Weight (7.19.17):  253.7!

Weight Lost in 9 Days:  6.3 pounds!

Yahoooo!!!  I’m so happy to see such a significant loss on this first weigh-in!  I totally realize that I can’t expect to see this kind of loss every weigh-in but it’s validating and such a great start to keep my motivation high.  I definitely think I can now safely set the goal I was toying around with last post and even make it a bit bigger.  

Goal 1:  Lose 15 pounds by August 15th (245lbs)

I do have a vacation thrown in the mix here before this goal date but I think it’s manageable.  And in order for me to reach my goals it really helps if they’re realistic ;)

Even with this exciting loss I must admit that I have not been to the gym since Monday.  Tuesday morning I woke up to my 5:15 a.m. alarm and pushed myself out of bed.  I put on my too tight workout pants and a previously baggy shirt that’s grown way too small the last six months and slipped on my flip flops since yoga class was that morning.  I went upstairs to wake up my sleeping husband who in return encouraged me to get back into bed with him.  Now, I know I could have turned him down but unfortunately, the pull was just too great that day.  I asked him one more time to come with me and he pats my side of the bed.  I was a goner.  30 seconds after I crawl under the covers next to him he’s snoring in my ear and I’m left feeling guilty about my decision.  I eventually fell back asleep and thankfully woke up feeling much better and repeating the mantra, “80% diet, 20% exercise.”  I’d love to tell you that we went on a rigorous walk that evening but the humidity has been far too gross to even attempt setting a foot outside.  I know, I’m weak and affected by the slightest obstacles but you know what?  That’s who I am and I’m really okay with it.  I’ve lost hundreds of pounds in the past and I plan on losing a hundred pounds in this venture and I’m not going to get there by not being true to myself and taking comfort in my life and the little things.  So if I want a morning to cuddle with my husband instead of going to the gym, I’m going to do it.   It’s not making it a habit that’s key. This weight loss is a journey and part of my life and I’ll get there eventually.  I always do.  I’d love to tell you that this weight gain and loss thing is new to me but I’ve been living as an overweight person my entire life.  I will always have to think about weight so yes, I’m going to take my time along the way and stop to sleep in every once in a while.  

I wanted to get to the gym this morning but I had to be at work at 6:30 a.m. for a morning event so that was not happening.  I woke up not hungry this morning so I decided to do one of those keto fasting things I read about and was going to wait to eat until lunch.  Everything was fine until around 11:45 a.m. when I happened to slam my pinkie into a super heavy door.  My blood sugar immediately plummeted and I was scared I was going to faint on the spot.  I sit back down at my seat very conscious to not make a peep as the speaker was presenting but inside I was screaming and freaking out.  All I could focus on was trying to keep my hand raised above my heart and counting down the seconds until we were released to get lunch.  At 12:15 p.m. we broke for lunch and as I stepped into the buffet line I’m told that there’s no silverware so off I go running around the hotel to try and find someone to help me locate utensils.  After all that I was finally able to grab some food.  As lunch was a sandwich spread I put some kale salad and veggies on my plate wishing I had piled on double what I grabbed but in the end was just so grateful to eat something and not pass out.  Thankfully, the event was over after lunch so by the time I got back to my desk around 1:30 p.m. I knew I couldn’t make it the rest of the day.  I finally got the nerve up to ask my boss if I could leave early given the fact I arrived at 6:30 a.m. that morning and due to my throbbing finger.  Not that he wouldn’t let me go after working 8 hours but I’m always hesitant to ask for anything and constantly fueled by trying to be the best employee that I often sacrifice what’s best for me.  I’m proud of myself for sticking up for myself this time asking for what I needed and that I was rewarded by being able to get home to where I could be comforted by my husband, couch and cat.  So here I am happily curled up on my couch with a glass of ice next to me to rest my swollen appendage into and a remote control to a TV with On Demand tuned to “The Bold Type” helping me take my mind off of things. 

Weigh in Wednesday

Starting weight: 98.7kg
Last weigh in: 93.55kg
Today’s weigh in: 91.45kg (-2.1kg)
Loss to date: -7.25kg

(These weigh ins occur at midday with me fully clothed including shoes, so my “true weight” is about 1kg less)

Now that’s more like it!!! I’m now down to my lowest weight yet since being on my PCOS diet!

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Saw some cool weight loss tracking ideas tonight and thought I would share the one I’ve been using since August. I’ve been way slow since October, but now that I’m graduated and getting ready to move to Austin, I want to get back in gear, so I might have to add some new inspiration around my room. Also, since I made this, I’ve seen a doctor and I’ve been told that 115 and even 120 might be an unreasonable expectation for my body type, so if anyone is making something like this, keep in mind that just because you write a goal number, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should sacrifice health to reach that number! I will be happy even if I slow crawl to 130 and stop there! Happy Wednesday everybody. :)

Weigh in Wednesday

Starting Weight: 98.7kg
Last weigh in (one week ago): 92.5kg
Today’s weigh in: 91.35kg (-1.15kg)
Loss to date: -7.35kg

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(These weigh ins occur at midday with me fully clothed including shoes, so my “true weight” is about 1kg less).

Super happy with this. I had a great week and am pleased that my efforts were reflected on the scales today.

My next weigh in is in one week, at which point I reallllly want to get below 91kg. I currently have a cold, so am not getting many steps in, but that shouldn’t matter too much as long as my eating remains on point.

Weigh in Wednesday

Starting Weight: 98.7kg

Last weigh in: 92.8kg

Today’s weigh in: 91.6kg (-1.2kg / 2.6lbs)

Loss to date: -7.1kg (15.7lbs)

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(These weigh ins occur at midday with me fully clothed including shoes, so my “true weight” is about 1kg / 2 pounds less).

My life has pretty much been on point the last couple of weeks – no stress, no mood swings, acupuncture sessions, lots of walking, and most importantly, sticking to my carb tracking like a boss.

I also got some good news on the PCOS front today - my testerone levels are now normal, and my fasting insulin levels have come down significantly. I am not on any medication for my PCOS, so fully credit these changes to my low(er) carb eating plan, as well as lots of incidental activity and reduced stress.

If you have any questions about the eating plan I am on, or my PCOS, or pretty much anything about my journey, feel free to send me an Ask! I do love to hear from my followers 👋👋👋👋