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nadia pym in the unstoppable wasp #002 (2017)

‘i’ll let you know when i become more interested in kissing someone than in quantum physics, okay?’

Hiatus is fast approaching once again so we’ve planned some days to spread love and appreciation for the wonderful females of the Walking Dead (and to give the fandom something to do over the long months of hiatus). 

Any kind of content is welcome; gifs, fan art, metas, whatever you feel like creating! We’ve set up a bit more days than last year but don’t be overwhelmed! You do not have to post something everyday to participate and posting late it totally okay too! 

The dates we have planned are as follows:

  • Sunday April 09: Michonne appreciation  
  • Sunday April 16: favorite lady centric episode(s) season 1  
  • Sunday April 23: Judith appreciation  
  • Wednesday April 26: wardrobe appreciation  
  • Sunday April 30: favorite minor character(s) season 1*
  • Sunday May 07: Lori appreciation  
  • Wednesday May 10: favorite lady centric episode(s) season 2
  • Sunday May 14: Deanna appreciation  
  • Sunday May 21: Maggie appreciation  
  • Wednesday May 24: favorite quote(s)
  • Sunday May 28: favorite minor character(s) season 2
  • Sunday June 04: Sasha appreciation  
  • Sunday June 11: Beth appreciation  
  • Sunday June 18: favorite lady centric episode(s) season 3  
  • Wednesday June 21: most heartbreaking moment(s)
  • Sunday June 25: favorite minor character(s) season 3
  • Sunday July 02: Olivia appreciation  
  • Wednesday July 05: cast appreciation  
  • Sunday July 09: Enid appreciation  
  • Sunday July 16: favorite minor character(s) season 4
  • Sunday July 23: favorite lady centric episode(s) season 4  
  • Sunday July 30: Andrea appreciation  
  • Wednesday August 02: favorite lady centric episode(s) season 5
  • Sunday August 06: Sophia appreciation  
  • Sunday August 13: Rosita appreciation  
  • Wednesday August 16: favorite minor character(s) season 5 
  • Sunday August 20: Jacqui appreciation
  • Sunday August 27: Tara appreciation  
  • Wednesday August 30: favorite relationship(s)  
  • Sunday September 03: Denise appreciation  
  • Sunday September 10: favorite minor character(s) season 6
  • Wednesday September 13: happiest moment(s)  
  • Sunday September 17: Jessie appreciation  
  • Sunday September 24: favorite female antagonist  
  • Wednesday September 27: favorite lady centric episode(s) season 6
  • Sunday October 01: favorite minor character(s) season 7
  • Sunday October 08: Carol appreciation  
  • Wednesday October 11: favorite lady centric episode(s) season 7
  • Sunday October 15: all lady appreciation/anything goes!

*minor characters can have appeared in more than one season, our classification of minor character in this instance is any character that does not already have their own day


  • do not repost other people’s work
  • positive content only
  • please use the tag #ladiesoftwddays17 in your first five tags so we can see your work and reblog it here 
  • you do not have to post something for everyday to participate
  • please send us a message if you have any questions!

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SophiaBush: So many of you sweet humans have been sending me this shot asking for details! I guess a #WednesdayWardrobe post is in order. Fall is my favorite because of coats and boots and fringe and suede (thank my @theperfext topper for the inspo)! Mixing fall colors into an outfit – whether it’s a bag or a floral arrangement 😉 – makes me happy. And bringing people flowers makes me the happiest! (Tap for full details) 💋 #ThisTheSeason #FeelinThankful #BringingFlowersEverywhere