wednesday treats


if i remember right the summary says Jon is swayed by the promise of power not because he’s tortured mentally and physically to the point he can’t defend himself anymore and even when he’s being taken over he still cries and begs and calls his dad to save him what the actual fuck DC that kid is 10 

I left work and saw my bus idling at a red light. Instead of trying to catch the walk light and sprint down a block and across another street to catch it, I decided to just walk to the next intersection and see what happened. As soon as I reached the next corner, I caught the light to cross and saw that the bus was still a few vehicles behind. Decided that my growling tummy needed immediate attention and stepped into the Paris Baguette while checking to see when the next bus would arrive. I somehow managed to step out of the PB just in time to scurry across the final street and catch my bus to my transfer stop. At the transfer stop, I stepped off as the light was turning red, stopping my transfer bus from zooming off. Caught that and enjoyed the perfect seat all the way home where I’m now enjoying my Wednesday beer treat.

Point of this story: This random series of good luck has me wondering what fresh hell the universe is about to unleash on me.

  • me on monday: treat yo self
  • me on tuesday: treat yo self
  • me on wednesday: treat yo self
  • me on thursday: treat yo self
  • me on friday: treat yo self
  • me on saturday: treat yo self
  • me on sunday: treat yo self
  • me on sunday night: *scared to check bank account*