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(Just watched the American Gods season finale. Spoilers. It was fun).

Also, “I dedicate these deaths to Ostara.” Anyone who’s read the book would get a tingle from that line. It’s also one of a list of Odin Just Doing Odin Things (smirking over Mad Sweeney and Shadow’s bar fight, running over Easter’s bunnies, that old war god bloodlust when he’s executed Vulcan). For all his Ian McShane charm, he’s still an ancient being of terrible appetite, a being you’d have trouble assigning to either ‘good’ or ‘evil’ (Bilquis being another great example of this).

When he smites down Media’s lackeys (arguably the most threatening back-up dancers you’ve ever seen), he turns their deaths into a sacrament, so that his opening salvo in what is now the war between the old and new gods comes firmly from his place of power, the bloody altar (even if okay, there was no blood, and there was no altar. It’s the thought that counts). It was interesting to see Media, Tech Boy, and Mr. World at a disadvantage for a change. Though that’s not likely to last. Can’t wait for season 2.

Also, also:

Easter letting her hair down and rediscovering her true primordial elemental self.

Shadow making lovey dovey faces at Easter. Legit want to see if that actually leads anywhere.

Mr. Nancy saying, “We should start with a story,” and slipping into the trickster storyteller archetype that he is, was perfect.

What is the plural for “Jesus”? Jesuses? Jesi?

Need to see asshole Mad Sweeney again, he’s just been too sweet the last couple of episodes. Which is not bad, maybe I’m just afraid of growing attached.

“Which. Fucking. God?” Laura Moon asks, with real vehemence. I continue to enjoy this characterization of Laura Moon. She’s unpleasant, and a lot of her interactions come down to a coin toss (hehe, coin) between strained amicability and monstrous. This has made her whole sidequest with Leprechaun and Djinn-touched one of the best things about the series.

It is impossible to watch any scene with Gillian Anderson just once. One must watch them over and over again to pick apart the layers of reference and homage to find the cold, calculating machine that is Media underneath.

Actually, any scene with the new gods. Though I may be prejudiced. Even reading the book a whole bunch of years ago, I always found the new gods to be more fascinating. Besides, do we not all worship Media and Tech Boy? Shit I’d sacrifice a spring lamb at my modem if I thought it’d give me a faster connection.

American Gods 1x08: Do You Believe?

I feel like we only just began this magical journey together, but here we are at the end of season one of American Gods! You can go ahead and cancel that Starz subscription now, I’ll wait here.

This final episode told the stories of two goddesses and how they have learned to adapt in America. And as much as I am enjoying  Laura Moon, there haven’t really been any other female characters with meaningful emotional arcs. Similarly the gods we have gotten to know (with the exception of Bilquis) have been overwhelmingly male. So I was v pleased to see that this episode attempted to delve into the power wielded by female icons (ya know just the small stuff like life and creation) and the often violently adverse social (and male) reactions to women who wield that power, as well as their continued attempts to control that power for themselves. 

Like the previous episode about Mad Sweeney, the finale also boasted a more “integrated” Coming to America story where instead of having a vignette separate from the main storyline, the Coming to America tale oozed over to mingle with the main proceedings. Instead of Ibis and his big book o'stories, this week featured a welcome return from Mr. Nancy who took over the storytelling duties. This also marks the first time we have seen Mr. Nancy in the modern world where he a) looks as fly as ever b) is clearly an ally of Mr. Wednesday and c) tailoring bespoke suits for Wednesday and Shadow. (PS Ricky Whittle is a man who can wear. a. suit. and it drove me crazy how wrinkled his jacket was all episode! Could no one have steamed that for him? Sorry. But also, infuriating.) But with a captive, bathrobed audience, Nancy proceeds to weave the story of Bilquis.

After seeing the modern “down on her luck” Bilquis it was pretty fucking fabulous to see her in her hey day bedecked in the golden jewelry she longed for in the museum. This is also a good place to shout out Yetide Badaki, a relative newcomer who has found her breakout on this series. Bilquis is a tricky role, she rarely speaks, doesn’t get to play off any of the other heavy hitters in the cast, and often has to act scenes of intense emotional (and physical) vulnerability. She doesn’t get to bounce off Ian McShane, or deliver sweeping monologues. Most of her acting is done through physicality or her impervious gaze. So major worship to Yetide who made this character feel like, well, a goddess. No matter how much she is (or isn’t) wearing it is impossible to look away from Bilquis’ eyes and her unyielding stare that reveals as deep an inner life as any dialogue. This is unique and exceptional acting, and in a show with such a range and breadth of performances, Yetide stands tall. Also I’m sure that role was absolutely batshit to cast, so claps for casting as well. #NeverForgetCasting.

So we finally get to see Bilquis as a Golden Queen, loved, worshipped and equal to any (male) challenger who comes her way. Times change, but passion is immutable and Bilquis continues her reign on the disco dance floors of Tehran in the 1970s. By the way Disco Queen Bilquis was everrryyttthinnng. Everything. But after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Bilquis is forced to travel as a refugee to Hollywood, California just in time for the AIDs crisis of the 1980s. The loss of worship after these two events leads to Bilquis’ decline and she finds herself wandering the streets of LA. Bilquis is stripped of her power because nothing is scarier to an American (white) culture than a confident black woman fully in control of her sexuality and power.  But when all seems lost, Tech Boy rolls up on Bilquis, Tinder in hand, and shows her how to use technology to get her groove back. Now, however, it seems that Bilquis is under Tech Boy’s thumb, but is she really just a tool for the New Gods, or is this just another misguided King that thinks he can conquer her? Hopefully Bilquis is a character we will get even more of in season two, the entirety of her material from the book has already been exhausted so I am excited for a fresh Bilquis story, especially with such a capable actress at the helm.

So with their new (wrinkly) suits Shadow and Wednesday make a pit stop on their way to Wisconsin in Kentucky. At a palatial estate, during a full swinging Easter Sunday party, we meet Easter herself (human carbonation Kristin Chenowith). Easter (or Ostara) is an old pagan goddess of Spring who has had the good fortune of having her namesake tied to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Even though the masses might not know who she is, her name is widely celebrated (both secularly and liturgically) every year. Like Bilquis she has found a way to adapt and thrive, even if it may not be in the way she is accustomed or would prefer.

In attendance at Easter’s fabulously over-the-top Easter blowout is almost every Jesus! Literally 14 unique Jesus. JC doesn’t appear in the novel (well he does sort of) but it is impossible to deny his influence in modern (esp American) religion and so it makes sense for the show to utilize him more frequently, or 14 of him. Unlike the other gods on the show, Jesus is pretty chill and doesn’t seem to have any hidden agendas besides spreading the JC love. He’s sweetly benevolent and gets drunk and drops things in the pool. Classic Jesus.

Wednesday has come to Easter’s party to enlist her help in the war between old and new gods, and hopes she will starve the people into praying for mercy (the goddess of Spring giveth but she can also taketh). He brazenly lies to her about the death of Vulcan, and promises her worship of her own in exchange for her alliance. 

Also crashing are Laura and Sweeney (who I have started to develop weird feelings for after last episode? Ugh I know, I know, I hate it too) who hope that Easter will bring Laura back to life. However no luck for Laura as she has been killed by the will of a god (Wednesday), and that kind of miracle is above Easter’s pay grade. So we leave Laura worse for wear, and more than a little maggoty, but she has finally been reunited with Shadow at least.

Also rolling up on what is fast becoming the party of the year is the entire contingent of new gods: Media (as Judy Garland in Easter Parade obvi), Tech Boy and Mr. World, reminding Easter she is in their debt for popularizing the Easter holiday in (you guessed it) Media. As all of our characters converge Mr Wednesday reveals himself to Shadow to be none other than the All Father Odin of Norse mythology (all around viking god and papa of Thor and Loki). Odin/Wednesday does some good old fashioned lightening smiting, which rallies Easter to his cause, and she proceeds to render Kentucky into a barren wasteland (chalking up a temporary win for the OGs.) After witnessing stepping Fred Astaire henchman, a baker’s dozen Jesus’, and a woman made up of flower petals, Shadow finally submits that he believes. In everything.  

The season ends with a procession of various transports journeying to the House on the Rock in Wisconsin, which was the ultimate destination for all of our road trippers this season and honestly where I thought the season would break but I guess they ran out of episodes..

So now that the dust has cleared, what happened this season?

Shadow Moon lost everything, got picked up by an old god on a serious recruiting mission, went on a road trip and learned to believe.

We met a whole bushel of old gods: Mr. Wednesday/Odin, Czernebog, the Zoryas, Anubis/Mr. Jacquel, Ibis/Thoth, Mr. Nancy/Anansi, Bilquis, Vulcan, Easter, and Jesus.

We also met a few new gods: Media, Technical Boy and Mr. World.

Also some mystical creatures: Zombie!Laura, Mad Sweeney, the Djinn and the White Buffalo.

And a couple plain old humans in over their heads: Salim and Audrey.

In conclusion:

American Gods was a breath of fresh air in the jungle of peak TV. It was bold, crazy and naked. It was brazen, unapologetic, and borderline nonsensical. It managed to exceed the promise of its original material and was a frighteningly timely allegory. It had a festival of unique characters backed up by some of the best actors in television. Also it looked gorgeous. While this first season sometimes struggled with pacing and the rate of exposition, there were moments and episodes that were unlike anything else currently on TV.  I was a particular fan of the Coming to American openers across the board, as well as both Laura Moon episodes. So did American Gods make you a believer? Who is your favorite scheming deity? Love it or hate it, you can’t say that this wasn’t a wild ride.


PS. Disco Queen Bilquis forever



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‘American Gods: Come To Jesus’ Review


American Gods first season comes to a big finish, but in the way it has all season, the results might not be what you expect.  Mr. Wednesday finally reveals himself and his purpose (though all of that was picked up from clues in the season).  The new gods are revealed to have been recruiting the old less they be forgotten.  And the journey to the House on the Rock continues with one God leading the pack. 

The story of Bilquis all season has been an interesting one.  The story of her fall from power and how she made it to that hotel room from the first episode makes much of what we’ve seen of her make sense.  We’ve been shown that she is still exerting her power all season long but seemingly unfulfilled by her experiences and now we know why.  Technical Boy appears to a homeless Bilquis with the promise of new power, but as with all of the new gods’ power over the masses, there is a devotion to it lacking the faith that the old gods were able to inspire.  While we are left unsure of her journey to the House on the Rock at the end of the episode, one can imagine that she’d be an ideal candidate to want to reclaim her true nature. 

Ostara’s story also serves to illustrate the message of devotion without faith and worship without meaning.  The new gods have corrupted her day to Easter egg hunts and honey ham but somewhere inside her, there is a more powerful experience.  Mr. Wednesday doesn’t really have a lot of work to do to win her to his side, though he makes his job a bit easier with a lie about the fate of Vulcan.  It’s interesting to note Shadow’s conflict with this lie though.  That seems somewhat easily brushed over but could that play in later with the newly expanded character of Laura - but more on that in a minute.  Mr. Wednesday, in naming himself also names Ostara who goes on to show her true nature by taking away spring, which Mr. Wednesday tells the new gods the faithful can have back if they pray for it.  And what an apt picture of things people worship.  Things worthy of worship are often just distractions and distractions thereby often gain the status of worship.  

Laura’s story is brought to a head.  Now aware that she was a pawn in Wednesday’s game after asking Ostara to use her power of rebirth, she knows who she has to see about her death.  We’re left at the end of the episode, after the revelations about Wednesday/Odin and Easter/Ostara, with her simply asking for a moment of her husband’s time.  And that might be the most powerful moment of the series, even if it is a somewhat quiet note to end on.  For she, as has been pointed out to me by people who have read the book, didn’t make it this far in the novel and as such is a loose cannon in the series.  We don’t know which direction she will go though one would assume that they won’t change Shadow’s journey that much from the source material.  

There are more questions than answers now that the first season has concluded.  Bryan Fuller has chosen an interesting narrative for the show, choosing to focus on what makes the characters tick as much as moving the plot along over the course of 8 weeks.  The result is an interesting correlation to the plot.  Fuller asks for faith without evidence but tells an interesting enough story that you are willing to grant the devotion the show needs.  And isn’t that what Gods are all about?

Cursed Child Review - 19th April 2017

Just realised that I haven’t done my review for Wednesday! Been busy and trying to my photos posted and only now have I had time to do it. However, this is not going to be a detailed one as I have done in the past, because I doubt I will remember everything as it is and as I thought it was going to be the least time I saw the original cast before cast change so I wanted to sit back and just enjoy the show as a whole.

For the show, I had booked myself a Premium Seat at £199. Never before I have booked a premium seat, but if you have the money, it is worth every penny. I was sat in D20 and it was quite honestly a perfect view. Probably helped I had no tall people directly in front of me and that a child was sat in one of the seats in front me.

Jack North was on as James Potter Jnr/Cedric Diggory/James Potter Snr. I thought he was fantastic, though he is much shorter than Tom Milligan which threw me a little.

James Howard was on as Draco Malfoy. I have already had the pleasure of seeing him in the role back in November and I am delighted he will be taking over the role when Alex leaves next month. I did come to realisation that I do prefer James to Alex when it comes to certain scenes. I also feel his performance was much better than the first time I saw him in the role.

Quick note about Paul - it seems he has either been told to stop or he has given up doing it, but he is no longer randomly taking off his coat as they are discussing who will be transfigured into Voldemort. I have to say I did miss that moment!

Jamie and Poppy were simply brilliant together as always. I am seriously going to miss them when they leave. They have such an amazing chemistry onstage and they have done a wonderful job of building up the relationship between Harry and Ginny, which seems to get better every time I see the play.

I pretty much sobbed my way through James and Lily’s deaths. I actually made the conscious effort to watch Paul during that scene and whoever it was who mentioned it was right, he is the only one to remain watching as Lily dies. Something else I did noticed during that scene, as the cast is moving off stage, is the way Sam is attempting to pull Jamie up, he pulling at Jamie’s arm in a way that suggests Albus is at a loss at what do for his Dad.

Stage door was fantastic as always. I stand by what I said when I posted photo, they are a beautiful, amazing and wonderful cast. They were all so complimentary about my poster print, all impressed I had been the one to take the photo. Annabel even took a minute just to take it in.

I received birthday wishes from a couple of the cast members, Paul included. I managed not to sound too much like an idiot when I spoke to Anthony, congratulating him on his Olivier, telling I loved his speech and his reaction. Bless him, he told me he truly had not expected it.

Very pleased that I now have a ticket for cast change, even if it is only for Part Two. It’s only four weeks away, people!!

Kevin Cage of @spotlightsaga reviews…
American Gods (S01E05) Lemon Scented You
Airdate: May 28, 2017
Ratings: *Ratings Delayed Due To MDW*
Score: 8.75/10

**********SPOILERS BELOW**********

And it was written… A prelude to war, but it isn’t a war Mr World wants… Or needs… However, if Mr World does not get what he wants, it IS an eventuality. So, just who is Mr World, anyway? If the opening sequence of ‘Lemon Scented You’ taught us anything… It was that nothing lasts forever. But that’s exactly what makes Mr Wednesday so special, he HAS lasted forever… And he’s still here. The knowledge, every step he’s traveled, every mountain climbed, every peak conquered, and every valley divided… Sure he’s afraid of being forgotten, he’s even vocalized it several times, because being forgotten means death and even if Gods can die, the good ones don’t. And what’s Mr Wednesday worth to Mr World dead? If all of the ‘Old Gods’ slowly migrated and made their way to Americas; some thriving, some struggling, some long forgotten and ultimately dead… Then the New Gods we see before us like Media & Technical Boy and of course Mr World became Gods through our paranoia, through urban legend, thought form, and modern folklore. Who is Mr World? Why, he is 'The Man’… 'The Man’ we fear. Whispers of secret organizations, government conspiracies, the faceless men in unmarked cars driving past with the whole Information Age at their fingertips… More whispered of Illuminati, made louder by the media, louder by the technical switches and blips and bleeps and lights we can’t see surging through the air and uploaded and stored away in a file for safe keeping… Just in case. That is 'The Man’… That is 'Mr World’.

Crispin Glover was what attracted me to this project to begin with…. And even though I wasn’t exactly a fan of the abrupt and jarring nature of that first episode where buckets of blood and the overuse of psychedelic visuals clashed with an array of characters many new viewers who weren’t familiar with the story knew nothing about… I promised to stay for Crispin Glover. Although I didn’t need to wait, by the second episode I was already falling for the show as hard as I was falling into the slick, stylish presentation and colorful characters who were now slowly being crafted into something of substance and not just style, tho it’s very 'modus operandi’ all started to fall into place and that first misstep became like a forgotten God… A far cry away from a faded memory, a blurry outline of a melting, pin-spiraled wall. If I was to wait for Crispin Glover, it would’ve been a long one, as here he is, making his stunning, magnetic debut in Episode 5 of 8 and although in the grand scheme of most television series that’s not be necessarily a long time, in 'American Gods’ it feels like an eternity. Crispin is the type of actor who was born for roles like these. His menacing mannerisms, his unorthodox look, and his eccentric, growling presence embodies who I believe the God, Mr World, to be.

Casting has been an absolute treasure from start to finish for this series… And as much as I praise Crispin Glover in his portrayal of the enigmatic Mr World, everyone has settled into their roles exactly as they should, elevating the series to even greater heights. Ricky Whittle IS Shadow Moon… Not quite the fish out of water, but an understated lead who has faced so much tragedy he simply sinks into this foreign world of Gods & Goddesses he was thrown into. Emily Browning also plays an understated Laura Moon, but turns on the heat right when she needs to, charming her way through absurd scenes w/Betty Gilpin who plays Audrey (another one who stole the show right when she needed to, but in the same breath handed back the reigns when her turn was complete). Browning coming alive in the presence of Shadow’s glow that draws her to him and battling it out with the Bumbling Irish Buffoon of 'Bad Luck’, Mad Sweeney, a role Pablo Schreiber coincidentally 'lucked’ into since the original man cast already cast had to pull out of the project last second… Proving that sometimes 2nd really is the best. But who I’m really talking about is Gillian Anderson who we’ve never quite seen like this before. Her Lucille Ball & Marilyn Monroe bared great resemblances, yet she was still embodying 'Media’… However, her 'David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust takes the concept of Media and her method acting to an actual real live level of Godliness… God/Goddess… The androgyny captured in Gillian’s highlighted angular features fits so right it’s almost scary. The fact that this is Gillian Anderson is shocking to me. The roles she have taken usually are cold and distant, so this is such a welcome departure and a chance for Anderson to prove that she is not only a worthy veteran, but a name to be thrown around when talking about 'The Greats of Television and Cinema’.

At this point in 'American Gods’, there shouldn’t be a single audience member who 'doesn’t know what’s going on’. 'Lemon Scented You’ didn’t exactly spell it all out for us in full, but it certainly 'Vanna White’d enough letters in its cat & mouse game of 'Wheel Of Fortune’. And yes, I just used 'Vanna White’ as a verb… If Tituss Burgess can turn 'Lemonade’ into a verb in Netflix’s S3 of 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’, then 'American Gods’ can surely 'Vanna White’ in its freshman season… And in my head, that’s exactly the kind of direct, in-your-face stunt that Media would pull… And pull well!

There is a war coming. There has always been one brewing, but through acts of both brutality and mercy (and pure chaotic insanity), it’s truly hard to not see the big picture unfold. It’s Old vs New and there will be no “merger” anytime soon. Blood will run, sacrifices will have to be made, lines drawn, and sides chosen… I suspect that some of the 'Old Gods’ have already been wooed by Mr World and Media’s psychedelic parlor tricks. Though it’s obvious Mr Wednesday is both unimpressed and uninspired by their complete sensory display, we will see which ones were or were not in the coming episodes. There is an excitement in the air in 'American Gods’, the episode itself ('Lemon Scented You’) puts all the pieces into place… And the two most powerful Gods on either side of the spectrum finally meet, making for yet another iconic and memorable scene we aren’t likely to forget anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong The Jinn and that pulsating red aura is still very much on my mind, if Mousa Kraish was to score a spin-off, I’d be in like Flynn… I’m looking at you, STARZ, we ALL are! My renewals are for your streaming product are very much a sure bet, I’m not going anywhere. Somebody get the popcorn… Is it Sunday yet?

Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic (My Review)

Wednesday June 14th, 7pm, English Dub

For those who have not yet seen the movie, I would advise to… PROCEED WITH CAUTION! THIS FOLLOWING POST WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!! (Fyi, I have not yet read much of the manga… b/c there they don’t have much copies around here *sad face*, but I am well aware that this film is the adaption of the ‘Luxury Liner Arc’)

Keep reading
Nonprofit shelter seeks forever home for 'saddest dog in the world' for the final time
Canadian nonprofit Rescue Dogs Match announced on Facebook last Friday that Lana, a nearly 3-year-old Lab mix labeled "the saddest dog in the world," has until May 20 to get into a foster or permanent home.

The “saddest dog in the world” is up for adoption yet again.

Canadian nonprofit Rescue Dogs Match announced on Facebook last Friday that Lana, a nearly 3-year-old Lab mix labeled “the saddest dog in the world,” has until May 20 to get into a foster or permanent home. It isn’t clear what the group will do if she is not matched by that date.

Lana was rescued by the organization in Ontario when she was a puppy. Before her rescue, she had to compete with 13 other puppies for food and developed behavioral issues as a result, the group said.

Lana’s first adoptive family returned her after almost a year, saying she exhibited behavioral issues, and her story went viral in 2015 after a Rescue Dogs Match post about her on Facebook with photo of her in a kennel.

At the time, the group received more than 2,000 applications for Lana’s adoption. She was placed in a temporary foster home but never found a permanent match.

According to Rescue Dogs Match’s May 5 Facebook post, Lana is “sweet and silly” but has a “tendency to shut down” if not around people she trusts. The group is looking for a home “where she will continue to be exposed to new situations with lots of positive reinforcement.”

“Her rescue team is committed to supporting her next, and hopefully final, adoptive family with training and time, as much as is needed to help her be truly forever home,” the group wrote.

Rescue Dogs Match said on Wednesday that it is reviewing all the adoption applications for Lana and will post updates soon on Facebook.

Because of the influx of calls regarding Lana, it has set up a recorded message on its main telephone line to field inquiries about her, saying, “If this call is in regards to Lana, please read her bio on our website or Facebook page. If you feel you are a good match, please email to request an application to either foster or adopt. Please keep sharing Lana’s story.”

In response to multiple comments about Lana’s May 20 deadline, the the organization said that a specialized trainer would like her to be placed elsewhere by then and that it does not want her to be returned to a kennel.

No review this week! We’ll be back next week!

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Seriously though, this movie should weird me out, but it really doesn’t.

It has the most bizarre collection of misfits one could imagine, but it doesn’t matter how weird they are because their love for each other is what keeps them together. It’s a good thing that the characters that make the Addams Family are so memorable, likable, and fun to watch, because everything else around them just feels… kind of dull.

The story is unnecessarily complicated, the set ups are not very inspired (except for the school play), the production design is a bit lazy, and all the other characters are absolutely forgettable.

But then again, none of these things stand a chance against the main characters and the actors who play them. All that’s needed is for Raul Julia to raise an eyebrow, Angelica Huston to turn her head, or Christopher Lloyd to smile, and everything else in the scene becomes irrelevant. But that’s good, right? We are here for the Addams Family, and they are all fantastic! So I think I can recommend this movie, if just for the main characters alone.

And now, if you excuse me, I think I’m going to leave these guys alone. It looks like they have it handled.

Wednesday with Colleen

Hellllooooooo all! Summer has officially started! YAY! That means MORE TIME TO READ! Welcome to the first blog post of our summer! 

Today’s Review: The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher 

Genre: Personal Memoir/Autobiography 

My rating: 9/10 Goodreads Rating: 3.6/5

As I’m sure you all know, Carrie Fisher tragically passed away in December. This book immediately jumped to the top of my TBR list afterwards. Unfortunately, so did it on like 100 other peoples’. It took me 3 months on the hold queue of my library to get this book. And let me tell you, oh my stars. It was worth the wait.

Following the discovery of her journals kept during the filming of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (Or just Star Wars as it was known then), Carrie Fisher turned her lovable and hilarious tales and memories of those events into a honest and beautiful memoir about what it means to be Princess Leia and the moments that changed it all. 

The book is geared more to the adult crowd as Fisher delves into her romantic relationships (not graphically but things are mentioned) and it also contains multiple expletives. 

Originally posted by lifesamaria

Why I love this novel: 

It is one of the most beautiful and brutally honest memoirs I have ever written. Fisher takes her journals from when she was just nineteen and a new member of the film industry and somehow makes them relatable and relevant to everyone. No matter who you are. There are moments from the burst-out-laughing:

[Speaking of the insane amounts of lip gloss she had to wear] “Giving Leia that high-shine look would make Vader afraid he might slip on her lip gloss and fall on his breathing machine. And who wears that much lip gloss into battle? Me, or Leia, of course… but in the final analysis I’ve learned that space battle and lip gloss don’t mix.” 

To the brutally honest and relevant:

[Speaking of the film industry as a whole] “The crew was mostly men. That’s how it was and that’s pretty much how it still is. It’s a man world and show business is a man’s meal with women generously sprinkled through it like overqualified spice.” 

“I had endless issues with my appearance in Star Wars. Real ones - not ones you bring up so people think you’re humble because you secretly find yourself adorable. What I saw in the mirror is apparently what many teenage boys saw. If I’d known about all the masturbating I would generate - well, that would’ve been extraordinarily weird from many angles and I’m glad it didn’t come up, as it were. But when men - fifty-year-old-plus men down to … well, the age goes pretty low for statutory comfort - when men approach me to let me know that I was their first love, let’s just say I have mixed feelings. Why did all these men find it so easy to be in love with me then and so complex to be in love with me now?”  

To the powerful moments, like when Harrison Ford helped a drunk nineteen-year-old Fisher escape possible sexual harassment by some crew members.

To the heartbreaking and beautiful:

“Of course, most people want to be liked, I think, especially when you consider the lonely alternatives. Even the fringier members of society - gangsters, drug cartel types, garden-variety serial killers - even they want to be liked in their own endearing ways.”

This novel is a poignant view into the reality behind show business because it’s not all flashing cameras and glamorous galas. As someone who is considering joining the film industry, it’s an eye-opening view into what exactly I’m getting into. It’s objectifying, it’s harsh, stressful, intense, and Carrie experienced that life before she became Princess Leia. She experienced her father leaving her mother for another woman, choosing show business over education, eating disorders, and appearance discrimination. When Carrie was cast as Leia, she weighed 110 pounds and they wanted her to lose 10 more pounds for the role. She was pressured to lose that weight and maintain her ‘young and flawless’ complexion for as long as possible. This work dives into the secret behind show business, but also the problems that still haunt many young women and girls today. Equality was not something that easily found in society in 1976 and it’s still hard to find nowadays, 40 years later. The pressure to be beautiful at any cost is oppressive on so many young women and to know that even the great Carrie Fisher struggled with her body confidence is a comfort to so many. I struggle with my confidence and self-esteem, but this book helped me realize that everybody struggles with it sometimes, even Princess Leia. I read parts of this to my mother who burst out laughing with me and cried with me. Carrie Fisher was a blessing for this world and we all miss her. 

“Who do I think I would’ve been if I hadn’t been Princess Leia? Am I Princess Leia, or is she me? Split the difference and you’d be closer to the truth. Star Wars is my job. It can’t fire me and I’ll never be able to quit, and why would I want to? (That’s both a rhetorical and a real question.)”

Why I didn’t like this book: 

You know, it’s really hard to find negatives to this book. It is a memoir so the plot is not fast-paced but it’s not like she could really do anything about that. 

Carrie Fisher provides a beautiful and powerful autobiography about what it means to fight for your place in the world through change, whether you live here on Earth or in a galaxy far, far away.

- Colleen 

“It was raining in L.A. and I was Princess Leia. I had never been Princess Leia before and now I would be her forever. I would never not be Princess Leia. I had no idea how profoundly true that was and how long forever was.” 

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