wednesday october 16th

disconnected | l.h.

Who knows if Luke’s texting mistake could lead to something great.



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Saturday, October 5th




Jesus what!


That’s what you wanted? Hi?


I’m in rehearsal.


You made me get yelled at by Ashton, I hope you’re happy

Assuming that this Ashton is in your band?

Your assumption is correct.

They’re yelling again

Save me!

Gotta go before they come at me with pitchforks!

Good luck.

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It's the International Break!


Thursday 9th October:

  • Mexico vs Honduras
  • Qatar vs Lebanon
  • England vs San Marino
  • Sweden vs Russia
  • Spain vs Slovakia

Friday 10th October:

  • Colombia vs El Salvador
  • Japan vs Jamaica
  • Chile vs Peru
  • Netherlands vs Kazakstan
  • Belgium vs Andorra
  • Italy vs Azerbaijan
  • Korea Republic vs Paraguay
  • Oman vs Costa Rica
  • China vs Thailand
  • Uzbekistan vs Bahrain
  • U.A.E. vs Australia
  • Saudi Arabia vs Uruguay
  • Jordan vs Kuwait
  • Sierra Leone vs Cameroon
  • Senegal vs Tunisia
  • Turkey vs Czech Republic
  • USA vs Ecuador

Saturday 11th October

  • Chile vs Peru
  • Argentina vs Brazil
  • France vs Portugal
  • Poland vs Germany
  • Denmark vs Albania
  • Greece vs Finland

Sunday 12th October

  • Mexico vs Panama
  • Pakistan vs Palestine
  • England vs Estonia
  • Spain vs Luxembourg

Monday 13th October

  • Oman vs Uruguay
  • Iceland vs Netherlands
  • Wales vs Cyprus

Tuesday 14th October

  • Portugal vs Denmark
  • Japan vs Brazil
  • Germany vs Republic of Ireland
  • Canada vs Colombia
  • Ecuador vs El Salvador
  • USA vs Honduras
  • France vs Armenia
  • Korea Republic vs Costa Rica
  • China vs Paraguay
  • Hong Kong vs Argentina
  • Iran vs Venezuela
  • UAE vs Uzbekistan
  • Qatar vs Australia
  • Armenia vs France
  • Chile vs Bolivia