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The throne

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Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: maybe some bad word?

Request; “Hello dearie!Love barter, by the way, it’s one of my favorite series!! Can I request a comedy bucky x reader, where reader works as an assistant for stark and has a Wednesday Addams personality and a nihilistic humor.She is really into bucky and when he confidently flirts with her she starts messing with him because he looks adorable when he doesn’t know what to do, before deciding that “I’m picking you up at 8. Be ready.” Thank you in advance, hon!!” 

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A/N: There you have it darling! Hope you like it  :)

Days like these, when everyone is or in missions or having a break, are your absolutetly favourites. 

Sighing satisfied , you roam with your eyes the lonely offices of the Stark tower, finally you would be able to advance in your work! Taking a high stool you start to tip in your adored laptop and you don’t notice hours passing by until someone opens abruptly the door making you jump.

- Y/N? - you hear the voice of Bucky Barnes behind the wood door and your heart skips a beat. 

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