‘I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons.’ — Christopher Poindexter. 

what i love most about the addams family is how, when it comes to what everyone else thinks of them, they clearly have no fucks to give

gomez wants to play with toy trains and likes to stay home and be a hands-on parent with his kids, and that’s fine. morticia likes playing with crossbows and swords and being open with her sexuality and is totally confident in her own skin, and that’s fine. wednesday wants to grow up to entrance men with her womanly charms and dance naked in the town square, and her parents are like, “cool. just go to college and get an education first.” even when their son briefly seems to be “normal,” gomez and morticia are confused and don’t quite know how to handle it, but they adjust and try to encourage his interests and still treat him as well as they do their other children.

they’re just totally fine with going against societal norms and breaking traditional family roles, and it never even occurs to them to care what other people think. they’re happy being themselves and that’s what counts. and they never directly judge anyone else for being themselves either. they’re always friendly to their neighbors and are totally accepting towards a “normal” woman that cousin itt marries, treating her like a part of the family right away.

basically i strive to be as content with myself as the addams family is.