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Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn and Alexander Gideon Lightwood’s boyfriend and soul mate is wearing the omamori on his person every day…guys….it’s canon…my concept of Magnus always wearing the omamori (although we don’t see it in the show) was made canon on this lovely Tuesday June the 12th/ Wednesday the 13th and I am living and dead at the same time….*sobs* 

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 11 Translation

I went to the bookstore at lunch today and was happy to find that Nakayoshi is out a day early. Here is the full version of the chapter 11 translation.  Going through it a second/third time, I noticed some errors I made in the preview versions and have corrected them (just nuances and typos; nothing plot significant). Sorry about the changes!

Also, I bought some extra goods yesterday at Sakura Fest and will be updating my CCS goods sale post soon.  If you’re interested in an item, please PM me. Right now things are quite busy for me at work, but I will try to respond as quickly as I can. :)

☆★Translation Notes Reminder★☆

Disclaimer: These are just fan translations. Please support the official release.

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Alright, I've had enough.

Taylor Alison Swift, born at 8:36 am, Wednesday December 13th, 1989, is a good person. IS A GOOD PERSON. (repeat for emphasis.)
Although, Taylor Swift may be one of the most misunderstood artist in today’s music culture. Sure, she writes breakup songs, and she admits to that. But, she’s not the only one. Here’s a list of artist today who write at least 50% of the songs on their albums about love/breakups.
• P!NK
• One Direction
• Katy Perry
• Adele (Actually her album 21 is 100% about one ex.)
• Bruno Mars
• Justin Bieber
• Austin Mahone
• Ed Sheeran
• Carrie Underwood
(There are many more but here’s a few examples.)
So there’s that argument. Let’s keep in mind that I did do the math, and out of the 82 songs Taylor has written (by herself may I add, along with co-writers on a few.) and released, 59.5% ARE NOT BREAKUP SONGS. She also has songs about:
• Eating Disorders
• Cancer
• Bullies
• Fitting In
• Depression
• Growing Up
• How fame isn’t all what it seems
• Friends
• Etc.
She writes a lot more than just about love. Moving Along, A popular argument attempted to put out is “Taylor Swift dates too much.”
• Joe Jonas
• Jake Gyllenhaal
• Taylor Lautner
• John Mayer
• Harry Styles
• Connor Kennedy.
Those have been her only boyfriends since 2005. As a 14 year old girl, I can say I have liked, or “dated” more than seven people since 2010. She’s 23 and trying to find love, its not even our business, but I’d like to say: Damnn Taylor, go get it, all those guys are attractive 😃 If Taylor is 23, gorgeous, and a multi-millionaire, if I were her I’d have a lot more than seven smokin’ hot famous exes. But enough with my creepiness.
Next topic. Taylor Cares a lot about anyone and everyone. At most of her concerts, she has a 100% free meet and greet after the concert for the most enthusiastic and energetic fans selected by her staff members.

Taylor Doesn’t like to RT or Tweet fans on Twitter because she likes to keep everything fair.

She once held a meet and greet that was free to anyone who wanted to come. She wanted it to last a few hours, but she ended up meeting fans for 14 hours. IN HEELS.

Taylor once spent over $400 on pizza for fans waiting outside her hotel room because they “looked hungry.”

The song “Long Live” is a tribute from Taylor to her fans, band, and anyone who has supported her along the way.

During award show speeches, Taylor never hesitates to thank her fans. Example; “and to the fans; you are the longest and best relationship I’ve ever had!”

In 2012, Taylor wrote a song called “Ronan” about a 3 year old boy who passed away due to pediatric cancer. She sold it on iTunes, and every penny made on the song went to childhood cancer research.

Taylor was named most charitable artist of 2012, and 2013.

She never trash talks people, although the media likes to twist what she says to make it seem like she does. She’s a total sweet heart and a total goofball. Let’s keep in mind, as stated before, she writes or co-writes ALL of her songs, and she’s won 175+ awards, including 7 grammy’s.
She doesn’t walk around drunk, high, strung out, or half naked, and yet people STILL slut shame her? She’s a twenty three year old girl writing about her feelings of course there’s going to be breakup and love songs in the mix! She’s simply expressing herself, and all she gets is hate for it? She helps a lot of people, and I’m one of those people. She’s inspired me to play guitar, sing and write songs. But most importantly, she saved my life. She’s made me stronger, and she’s connected me with my best friend. She was there for me in my roughest times, and through her music, it was like she understood me. I know, maybe it sounds crazy to you. “How can someone who you don’t even know save your life?” You don’t even know. She saved me and one day I want to thank her for it. And I know for a fact I’m not the only one who’s life has been changed/saved by Taylor Swift.

So I’m going to wrap this up now, even though I could go on for hours. So, next time you’re thinking about hating on Taylor, trash talking her, saying she dates too many people, calling her a slut, etc, consider who you’re around and remember all I’ve said. Have your own opinion, I’m 648% okay with that just please, please don’t hate her around me. She means the world to me and 10 times out of 10, I’ll defend her. Thank you, From a proud Swiftie who defends her idol.😊

Character Design Challenge: Tatters

Hey guys, the submissions have been fantastic! You guys have been sending some very creative ideas my way, and it’s been a blast to read through! I’m excited to see what you guys think up this week.

Now, A quick recap of the guidelines for anyone who is new to this!

  • Character designs just need to be based on the prompt given. How you connect your character to the prompt is up to you though!
  • Character designs can be submitted as pictures/sketches of the character, backstories, full character sheets with stats and spell choices and abilities, etc…
  • Can be for ANY system (Dngeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Mutants & Masterminds, etc..) as well as for a homebrew system
  • Submissions must be given to me by next Wednesday (July 13th) via my asks, fan mail or submissions. These can be sent ANY TIME you have them ready before that date
  • OFFENSIVE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED - This has not been an issue in the past, and probably should go without saying, BUT better to say it and have it out of the way. If you submit a character design that is offensive in any way, I will not post it. THIS DOES NOT MEAN that submissions that include graphic or thematic elements, or deal with offenses as part of their story will be turned away - only if the design itself is being designed to mock or offend others

.And now for this week’s inspiration!

Battlegear by Toxic Vision

This coat has been through hell and back it seems, making it rich with story. So who wears this coat? Why does it seem so rough and battle hardened? What do they use it for? Does it provide any benefits for them? There are many possibilities for a jacket like this - tell me who this coat belongs to, why they have it, what they do, etc…

Submissions will be posted next Wednesday (July 13th) So get your submissions in fast!

anonymous asked:

What will you be doing in Scotland? Anything in particular?

I’m going to my now ex roommate’s wedding. They moved in together in May. They are getting married in Gretna Green on the 15th. So I’ll get to Glasgow Tuesday the 13th and Wednesday I’ll take the train to Gretna and the wedding is Thursday and Friday I’ll head back to Glasgow until Sunday morning when eight of us will all end up at the airport together to fly to Ireland to meet the band for our tour! We travel around Ireland for some sightseeing and four concerts before flying home on the 26th. Will be a long trip but it’ll be a blast!

Thank you Anon :-)


E. Despard

Mr. Dart has somehow managed to coerce me into contributing an entry into his electronic journal. The method of interfacing with the viewing window through use of illuminated typewriter keys is less than intuitive, without mention of any hint of convenience. How muggles get by with such cold methods of communication speaks volumes to their character. This only further proves my personal understanding that the perplexing fad of muggle “technology” that is taking grip of the younger, less honorable generation of pure blooded witches and wizards is merely that, a passing and shameful fad.


 Come and learn all about CRYSTALS and make your own Crystal Grid! Wednesday 13th July 11-12pm OR 6-7pm ! $15! 

 Come to @the_green_depot - 4/12 Stuart St Bunbury 

To book contact OR +61 451 188 576 🌿🌷

Leading up to the last Splatfest, the Art Academy Miiverse community is hosting the “Best of the ‘fests Drawing Event!” Take a stroll down memory lane and celebrate all of YOUR favorite moments from Splatfests past! Create a drawing showing your favorite Splatfest memory and join in the fun on Miiverse! Some artwork will be displayed here at the Squid Research Lab, and might even be included in a video we’re working on.

Check out MariChan’s post in the Art Academy Miivese community for more information. The event will last until Wednesday, July 13th.

What is it?

Everyone who participates will be assigned someone to send sastiel headcanons to anonymously for the week and in turn someone will send you sastiel headcanons anonymously. We can all send sastiel love to each other and just have a lot of fun.

How does is it work?

  • I will randomly match everyone using an online matching generator
  • Everyone will get a URL in their askbox July 6-7th
  • The Sastiel Love Week will be held July 11th-17th

How to participate?

  • Reblog this post before July 4th
  • Follow the Sastiel Love Week Blog? (I’ll be reblogging people’s headcanons there during the week)
  • Make sure your askbox is open and Anon is enabled
  • Make sure you have your submit open for longer headcanons (directions on how to submit anonymously here)
  • If you don’t want to participate but just signal boost please say so in your tags


  • Please only enter if you are able to send and publish at least one headcanon a day for the week of July 11th-17th  (but you can definitely send more than one per day if you want to)
  • Be nice and kind to the person you’re assigned
  • Once you recieve your partners url, before the week starts please ask your partner for possible triggers and preferences to make the week enjoyable for everyone involved
  • Headcanons can be as long or short as you want, just make sure to send at least one a day
  • At the end of the week you can come off anon if you want to (but it’s totally optional)
  • Please tag any messages you receive as “Sastiel Love Week” in the first 5 tags of each headcanon so I can reblog it to the blog (and you may want to track the tag so you can enjoy other people’s headcanons too)

Theme suggestions: (you don’t have to follow these but they might be fun)

  • Monday (11th): Firsts (meeting/date/kiss/time, etc)
  • Tuesday (12th):  Romance/Cuddling/Showing their love for each other
  • Wednesday (13th): Feelings are Revealed/Someone finds out
  • Thursday (14th):  AU (coffee shop, soulmate, college, hs, historical, etc)
  • Friday (15th): On a hunt/Supernatural Powers & Curses/Episode Coda
  • Saturday (16th): Break Ups & Make Ups/Misunderstandings/Jealousy
  • Sunday (17th): Adoption/kid!fic

Questions? Feel free to ask!