everybody always asks me what i am doing today

i get fives of tens of emails a day asking me what i am doing. so many people want to know what i am up to all the time. to the masses today specifically is a leisure day for me although i am sure there is something i am forgetting that is due tomorrow or something.

  1. downloading a ridiculous amount of apps for my mac today
  2. doing maintenance on my mac (make some space. move stuff over to Cherokee Rust)
  3. smoking some funs
  4. maybe going outside
  5. feist

save the pretzels for the gas jets!

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#WardinatorWednesday happy 3 years anniversary on YouTube to @tylerwardmusic @susanwardmusic’s cover of Slow dancing In A Burning Room 😆#wardinators #Wednedsay #tyler #tylerward #tylerwardmusic #talented #youtube #inspiration #perfect #amazing #smile #support #dreams #fans #faith #family #god #guitar #piano #hope #happy #life #love #cover #beautiful #music #musician #guitar

post training edition

i love wednedsay pull routine man.

SMASHED IT TOO and added a little to my weighted pull ups. I always feel strong and like my physique is on point during & after wednesday training.

Maaaan i have a slight issue though.
Like you know how towards the end of your workout you might chat a little with people between sets because you need the extra rest or whatever, but like… early on you just want to FOCUS and WORK? Especially when you’re as hopped up on stims as i am.

I got a dude who’s a really good guy but always wants to come over and chat for like 5 minutes after every set like just gossip or whatever. And it’s like “ALRIGHT LET’S DO IT” put earphones back in and start setting up and.. oh you‘ve started talking again…. ugh I feel a bit of a prick complaining about someone actually being friendly but there’s a time and a place for it and taking me outta my zone during my power sets aint it!

anyway. good session all the same. weather is real nice. will take my power walk at 330 and then I’m about done.


Wala na yung notification galing sa school sa baba ng myMapua home page ko yung nasa 2nd picture.  Medyo masaya lang, though nakakatuwa na mabilis lang kasi sabi skin sa registrar sa Wednedsay ko pa malalaman.

OK na. Pwede nko makapag-enroll at gawa ng schedule ulit. :)

SO one of the books I got on Wednedsay is called Disturbed Earth by E. E. Richardson, and it’s really quite good! It’s the second in the “Ritual Crime Unit” series (I didn’t know that or I’d have gotten the first one), and reads like a cross between Supernatural and Castle but written by Pratchett and Gaiman. SO ENGLISH. All the English to ever English. If you’re not up on the slang it might be a little hard to follow. If you have the right sense of humor, though, some bits are hysterical.

So you’ve got your protagonist who’s a middle-aged badass lady cop, a supporting cast full of women of many ages and colors and body types, a slightly mad scientist, shapeshifters, necromancy, demons, and magic that is hilariously and terrifyingly unpredictable. The plot, while straddling the border of YA and Adult fiction, is engaging and just tense enough to make you worry about the outcome. In addition, a larger, overarching plot arc spans multiple books, leaving much to be discovered in the next few installments (which, unfortunately, aren’t out yet). There’s clearly a whole world out there that deserves to have its stories told, so I hope more books are published soon.

Verdict: Do read!