wedjet eye

Wedjet eye, Ptolemaic Period (ca. 304–30 b.c.)

Rogers Fund, 1923 (23.2.68)

The wedjet eye amulet represents a human eye with its brow, but the two lines below the eye are often identified as the facial markings of a falcon. The wedjet eye was supposedly the eye that Seth ripped from Horus during a battle over who would lead the gods. Thoth healed the injured eye, returning it to Horus as the “sound one.” The wedjet eye amulets were worn from the beginning of the Old Kingdom to the end of the pharaonic era. Whether strung on a bracelet for everyday wear or tucked among mummy wrappings, a wedjet eye amulet was very effective against the evil eye.


My son, Charles,* is obsessed with ancient Egypt. I must have started this pattern for him awhile back. I forgot about it and unearthed it while cleaning my craft room. I was looking for a small project and finished it today. Charles and I framed it and he put it on the mantle above the fireplace because he is proud I made it for him.

Interesting tidbit: I forgot to sign and date the piece. I walked into the living room to find Charles lightly writing my name and date on the back of the card stock we used to back the cross stitch.

* Me: Can I refer to you as Chuck on my blog? 

Son: No, on your blog, you must refer to me as Charles.