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“There are lots of amazing pilots in the Galaxy but only one can stand toe to toe with Luke Skywalker”


Re: Palpatine’s “overconfidence”


I keep seeing these posts and theories and analyses about how Palpatine had planned then entire downfall of the Republic down to a T, manipulating anyone and everyone that was anything important. Obvious maniupulation of Anakin aside, it could be argued that everything from the Jedi finding out about the clones to Padme and Anakin having their little vacation on Varykino was Sheev’s doing, indirectly. The more you look into it, the more it feels like Palpatine thought of everything.

BUT. I was just thinking. He didn’t think of everything. A trend I keep seeing here is this:

Palpatine tends to focus all of his manipulating efforts on people who are quickly acknowledged by everyone to have great potential for power. Anakin (who admittedly starts out as a “nobody”, but then there’s also the theory that Sheev knew about him from the very beginning, so) is an obvious one, but look at everyone else - the people in the senate, the Jedi - individuals, like Dooku and Ventress and Obi-Wan, and even Padme and Bail … look. These are all people who, even if good, or at least, trying their hardest to do good, are overtly powerful. Their power comes from their Force sensitivity, from their speeches, from their political influence. Their money, their armies … politicians or Jedi or clone manufacturers or even bounty hunters, everyone Palpatine is using as his pawns are acknowledged to have tangible power

But then, that’s where his downfall is (as Luke says - “your overconfidence is your weakness” - Sheev doesn’t realize that he’s missing something, even after he’s made that mistake once). In treating the powerful, or potentially powerful, as the only ones that really matter, and everyone else as expendable or not worth focusing intently on, Palpatine’s screwing up.

Let’s start with Padme, because this one is more complex than the others. In TPM, I’m of the firm belief that Sheev had initially written Padme off as a naive and easily-duped or influenced girl, not someone to really worry about much. GRANTED, as the movie progresses, it’s obvious that he’s realizing his mistake (in that she’s hardly naive and reliant on others’ advice, but very very capable and very very determined) and backpedaling, leading to his ultimate convincing of her to push for a vote of not confidence, etc. And then, as the movies progress, he concentrates more and more efforts on and around her, not only because he’s using her as a tool against Anakin, but also because she’s too proactive in a senate full of corrupt politics and bureaucracy to leave unchecked. He needs to control her, as well, because she’s now proven herself to be overtly powerful.

But then, Sheev still doesn’t learn from his mistake - to never underestimate someone who’s apparently a “nobody” (and obviously, Padme is hardly a nobody - which makes the real nobodies here even more effective). So now we progress to the end of ROTS and into the OT.

You know who Sheev underestimates? The Larses. Palpatine, who focuses so much of his efforts on Luke Skywalker (again, powerful) forgets that any child must be first raised in a kind and loving home, must be taught a set of values ingrained fundamentally and deeply into their psyche. Luke is very different from Anakin because he grew up in a stable, loving, and healthy home environment - hardly the same as a slave who was taken from his mother at age nine and handed to a boy who was barely an adult and who didn’t know the first thing about dealing with abused children, etc etc. Owen and Beru not only raised and protected Luke from the Empire for all of his formative life, they also taught him who to be. Obviously, there are qualities in him that are latent and inherent and his to be nurtured and developed, inherited from his parents - but who taught him to develop those? Who taught him about the importance of love and compassion and kindness? Who taught him to believe? Not that part of that wasn’t already latent in Luke, but any flower needs a loving and caring gardener to attent to it, for it to blossom beautifully. Palpatine forgets this. Palpatine doesn’t even bother checking back on Anakin’s family. They’re nobodies, living on a little backwater dustball and farming water. What could they possibly do for him?

You know who else Palpatine underestimates? Wedge Antilles and the entirety of the Rogue Squadron. Biggs Darklighter. Lando Calrissian. 

Han and Chewie. Like, God, where would the twins, those two who decided the fate of the entire kriffing galaxy, even be without all of these people? And who were these folks before the Rebellion, before the Alliance took them in and they grew up themselves and shaped history?


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college has done wonders for my ever-growing collection of pictures of myself, i tell ya

Impossible is what Rogue Squadron does.

Rogue Squadron novel, Michael A. Stackpole

yes i know its Legends and not canon but jesus effing kriszt I just remembered that line and I’m ready to cry another pint of tears because Rogue One started it all, they were the original crew who did the impossible and the squadron that bore their name in their honor continued to do the same.

re-reading the X-Wing books, my main takeaway from Solo Command is that someone really needs to make Wedge/Han like… a thing.

After all, you get such gems as the following:

“Well, you’re not the only member of the crew who could benefit from some blissful irresponsibility right now. So I’m going to stage an insurrection and seize control of Mon Remonda.”

Solo gave a curt laugh. “Wedge Antilles, mutineer. That I have to see.”

which follows a long, emotionally charged conversation of Han admitting his insecurities about his and Leia’s relationship,

Rogue One was among the pilots returning. Solo breathed a sigh of relief. He had few enough friends. Win or lose, he didn’t want to lose any more in this engagement.

… Han I can’t believe you care this much? and then there’s this whole scene:

Han Solo and Wedge Antilles sat in the cockpit of the Millennium Falsehood, their feet up on the control boards.

“Stand by, Communications.” Solo shut off the cockpit microphone and gave Wedge an accusing look. “You said, when you overflew her X-wing, that you saw no sign she ejected.”

“That’s right.” Wedge stretched lazily. “There was no automated comm signal indicating an ejection.”

“Commander Square Corners himself, showing a streak of duplicity. Lying by omission. I can’t believe it.”

As they walked down the Falsehood’s loading ramp, Solo threw an arm over Wedge’s shoulders. “Corellian to Corellian, you know what the great thing about being a general is?”

“No, what?”

“In lots of circumstances, you can pretty much do whatever you want.” With his free hand, Solo reached over and gave Wedge’s hair a thorough mussing.

Wedge batted his hand away. “Hey, stop it.”

and who can forget the scene in Wedge’s Gamble, in which Wedge attempts to counsel Leia about her relationship with Han:

“That’s his nature, though–he’s chaos incarnate.” Wedge smiled. “Han Solo, you have to love him…”

“… or freeze him in carbonite, I know.” Leia stared wistfully off into the distance. “He’s a good man. Even with his quirks and rough edges, I don’t think I can find better in this galaxy. And I’m not really interesting in looking, either, but there are times when I wonder ‘Why him?’”

“If you ever have doubts, serious doubts, come see me. I can give you a dozen reasons to answer that question.”

in which I know what Wedge means, where he could give Leia a dozen reasons why Han is the right guy for her, but honestly it kind of sounds like Wedge has a dozen reasons why one would be in love with Han Solo, at least six of which apply to him personally.

Yuri on Ice Polyship Week

Please note the dates have been changed to June 19th-25th.

Hey, everyone! Like many of you out there in Tumblrland, I’ve developed a small Yuri on Ice obsession as of late. I’ve really been enjoying the various character/ship weeks that are happening, and I wanted to try my hand at one. After looking at the schedule on @yoievents, I didn’t see anything shining a light on polyships, so that’s what I decided to do.

I must admit that I’ve never run an event like this before, so I’m following the lead of everyone else. Feel free to send in tips/advice if you like. :) (Also I have approximately -10 graphics skills, so if someone felt the urge to step forward and slap something together for a better banner or maybe a prompts graphic once we have them, that would be the actual best.)

As for the week itself, all types of fanworks will be accepted as long as they relate to polyshipping in some way. Ratings, ships, etc, are all up to the creators.

Here’s a tentative schedule; let me know if something on it doesn’t work for you guys.

Through May 14th – accepting prompts

May 15th – 28th – prompt voting (I’m shooting for two prompts/day to give people a variety)

May 29th – final prompts reveled

June 19th – 25th – YOI Polyship Week

So, yeah, you can start sending in prompts now! Anything goes – particular AUS, genres, quotes, general prompts, etc, etc, whatever inspires you or might inspire someone else. And please share this post so other people can find out about the week. <3

I’m looking forward to this adventure. :) ~your mod @wedge-antilles-feelings

RebelCaptain Fan Fiction Recs!

I know everyone and their father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate has done a Fan Fiction rec, but I wanted to get some of my favorites out there! This is going to be a long post, so bear with me. (I tried to find as many of the author’s Tumblrs if I can, but sometimes I couldn’t! Let me know if I missed them!)

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Can you imagine being Wedge after the Death Star battle?

You got hit. Luke told you to bail, and you listened, because he was right, there was nothing good you could do other than be an obstacle for the Imperials to blow up.

Which was exactly what Biggs ended up being.

It should’ve been you, not Biggs. You should’ve stayed. You should’ve died rather than bail on your wingman. 

You’re ashamed. You survived–one of a handful of pilots to survive–and you’re ashamed.

They give you a patch and paint a Death Star on your X-Wing, symbolizing that you were there, that you helped defeat the Empire, but you don’t feel like you helped.

You feel like you failed.

Luke comes into barracks, a smile on his face, until he sees you. “Hey Wedge, you okay?”

You look away, you can’t meet his gaze. But somehow Luke knows. He always knows. He sits on your cot, your shoulders bumping, and he says, “I just wanted to thank you.”


Luke says,  "WIthout you, I would’ve been dead back there. That TIE had me in his sights and I as a gonner. I couldn’t shake him. But you took care of him for me. And if you hadn’t done that, I would’ve died, and…“

And you both know what that would mean. The Death  Star would’ve succeeded and Yavin 4 would be gone. Leia and so many others would be dead.

"So thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

You sit like that for a few minutes, just on the cot, shoulders lightly brushing, and then Luke stands abruptly. “Hey, wanna grab something to eat? Han made some cake, says it’s a Corellian tradition of celebration or something?”




And then before you know it, you’re celebrating with Luke, Han, and Leia, eating Ryshcate and drinking Corellian whiskey, and it feels perfect, it feels like home, and you wonder if maybe it’s okay if you survived.

But you know you won’t let Biggs and the other’s sacrifices be in vain. You’re going to keep fighting, until you die or the Empire is gone for good.

Leoji Week April 12-19 Masterpost

Hello, fellow Leoji kids~!!

You all made the week before last a wonderful one, with so many fics and art posts and I am just really really super duper grateful to you all. THANK YOU! <3

I would have linked each individual post, but they’re too many for me to handle, and I somehow messed up with the name tags, so I’m mentioning everyone who participated. XD 

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Your posts have all been tagged with your names, so you can find them all in one place!!

I know this is a really pathetic excuse of a masterpost, but this is the best I could do. S O R R Y. If you have the time, check out everyone’s work. It’s all so beautiful!!!!! :D

My current Star Wars Reading List (in no particular order):

  • The Old Republic: Annihilation (because Theron Shan is my space spy bae and I need more of him)
  • A New Dawn (because Kanera!!  But I will probably wait on this until just before my Rebels full series rewatch, which will be later in the summer/closer to the S4 premiere date)
  • Rogue Squadron (my brother owns two series of SW books: HTTE and X-Wing - he very recommends Rogue Squadron to me.  Also, I guess Timothy Zahn and Michael Stackpole are buddies??? And I mean, they wrote Side Trip together.  I love that story.  And Stackpole writes a good Thrawn.  I’m sold.)
  • Catalyst (because Krennic, tbh)
  • Phasma (whenever that comes out)
  • Darth Vader Comic Vol 1 (I’ve had this sitting on my shelf for MONTHS and I still have not read it omgggg)
The Chase Goes On

By @wedge-antilles-feelings


Era: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)

Relationship: Armitage Hux/Ben Solo | Kylo Ren

Characters: Ben Solo | Kylo Ren Millicent the Cat (Star Wars) Armitage Hux

Additional Tags: Crack, Hijinks & Shenanigans, Cats, POV Kylo Ren, Fluff, Finalizer (Star Wars), roguerobin022

#similarities between this and macs letter to chase ultey not in content so much as cadence

dear wedge, i feel like i can call you wedge because you and me are so alike. i’d like to meet you one day, it would be great to bull’s eye some womp rats. i know i can’t fly as fast as you but i think you’d be impressed with my speed. i love your hair, you shoot good. did you have a good relationship with your father? me neither. these are all things we can talk about and more.

          Might as well have made a CAMPAIGN out of it.    Felt as if they were never going to be relieved of the strenuous objective.    A simple reconnaissance mission made complicated by enemies converging on their position.    Wedge didn’t have much direct contact with the other pilots,    everything was business with LUKE.    Perhaps for the best because the stress only built,    causing for a very irritated Corellian.    But they made it through to the end.    None of their own numbers were squashed.    They made it back.

          Upon landing he went straight to the refresher,    desperately in need of a sonic.    Electing to pass everyone else up    &&    not bothering to wait for any sort of interaction.    Straight out of his assigned room in fresh clothes after the needed decompressing,    he almost immediately ran into Luke.        Hey.  ❞      Folding his arms,    Wedge mentally kicks himself to stray away from what could be considered the bad.        We uh,    we did GOOD out there.  ❞      The pilot offers him a smile,    convincing himself that everything’s fine now.        Always glad to have you flying alongside me.  ❞      There’s no mention of the rest of the group;    he’s speaking on behalf of himself.

                             —– — @ofdagobah



I was meant to make this two weeks ago but haven’t due to certain circumstances. This is a thank you to each and everyone of you who have been following and supporting me throughout the time on this reboot of my blog I made back in the beginning of 2015. I’ve been roleplaying on tumblr since May 2013 and I will have to admit that login on Wedge is the best feeling I’ve had ever since. I think there is a positive vibe about this blog that I don’t get on the others and I really cherish that. I am sorry I haven’t been on lately but I’m currently rereading the X-Wing novels and GOSH WEDGE MY BABY! But truly, you guys mean so much to me and I can’t even begin to thank you all enough for that.

I am not really good with individual messages. I prefer to leave my gratitude generic because I think every single one of you deserves a big thank you. (I’ve been through my mobile list and it kept reseting to I had to scroll several times… Urls kept repeating and I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch and I’m so sorry about that.)


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More thoughts when I'm a little awake

Sans would 100% feel you up before you head off to work and just leave you hot and bothered for most of the day. Half way through the day though, you’d feel something wedge itself inside of you. The texture is firmilar and you immediately gasp and lean forward. Your phone lights up alerting you of a new text message. You have a feeling you already know who it is.

New text from Sans: Hey babe, you seemed a bit tense this morning. So I’m helping you relieve some stress ;)

Normally you wouldn’t mind this, had you not been at work of course. You feel as it slides out of you, and slams back in. You look down at your pants to make sure his dick isn’t suddenly there and forcing your jeans down. You excuse youself to the bathroom. When you get your jeans down you can see that Sans dick is disappearing after it exits you but reappears as it enters. You whine as your phone goes off again. Sans is calling you.

“Heh, I wanted to hear what I was doin’ to ya kitten. Havin’ fun, no?” You can hear Sans voice rasp roughly.

You whine and plead for him to go harder faster anything. You hear him growl on the other end before the air shifts around you. Suddenly bam the skeleman is there.

“You can’t do that shit to me. You’re lucky I was on break.”

Now you fuck the snasman in your works bathroom. Enjoy having glowing cum inside of you all day. Better hope the power doesn’t cut out. At the same time you could help guide people around the building with your glow in the dark crotch