wedged flip flops

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I dont rlly understand the "theorising" on jojis sexuality lmao i dont really care cuz if he identified as a yellow wedge flip flop id still support him, idk maybe its me

I’ll drink to that, the only reason I’ll ever care about jojis sexuality is if one day I get thrown into a parallel universe where I have a fucking chance with joji. Since that’s never gonna happen, it’s never gonna be any of my business, and I’m never gonna give a fuck TBH ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Really struggled finding a environmental setting I liked. Still not happy but w/e.

Backdrop: RAMA #selfie_RAMA Beach Garage
Car: Pink Sport v8.82
Poses: Imitation - Kim set (1L on MP)

  • Headband: LaGyo_Sleek Cuba Headbend - Black
  • Hair: Magika - Lemon
  • Shades: JCKLP/ SpaceQueen Sunglasses/ Black (@ Somber)
  • Outfit: ::HH:: Hucci Vicco Romper - Flamingo (@ Kustom9)
  • Bag: REIGN. Beach Bag patterned (@ Arcade)
  • Shoes: REIGN. Bow Wedge flip flops (Summer flip flop special @ mainstore)
Spring break packing list

*this has been HIGHLY requested! Here is my list of essentials for a college student going on spring break for a week. These are things that I would pack if I were going on spring break again*

3-4 bathing suits
Tank tops
Fanny pack
Nicer purse
Nike shorts
Denim shorts
Casual flip flops
Wedges or heels
5-6 ‘going out’ outfits
Sweatshirt or fleece
Jewelry- don’t bring things that you would be upset to lose
Band aids
Hair bands
Water bottles
Several chapsticks
1-2 cute sweaters
Simple tank that matches everything
Casual shorts
Face wash/shampoo/etc.
A little speaker to have in the room and take to the beach
A towel
Makeup remover
Makeup remover wipes
Phone charger
Extra toothbrush
Sunglasses w/ croakies
2 cute dresses in case you go to a nice dinner with you friends
1-2 long sleeve tshirts
PFG fishing shirt (I brought two)
Car charger
Cash ($100-200)
Credit card/license/school ID

I hope that list could be helpful! I probably forgot a few things, and I didn’t mention some basics! I just listed the main things I could think of, especially clothes related things!
Have a safe and fun spring break