#14 Your Disney wedding


“Now you may kiss-”

“The groom?”




“Never thought I’d find my prince in a frog.”

“Did you watch The Princess and The Frog before the wedding?”


“Now you’re my Queen instead of my Princess.”

“Shut up, Luke. I’m no Queen.”

“In my eyes you are, so you shut up.”

DAY 2599/2600

Jalsa, Mumbai                May 28/29,  2015              Thu/Fri  1:33 am  

Birthday : Anjana Sridhar’s father Prakash Chovhan

Wedding Anniversary : Anjana Sridhar Ef

May I wish all a most happy day .. a day that should be filled with love happiness and joys of the world .. 

An entire day in the company of journalists and media of various hues. Interesting talks but also bludgeoned and blasted to pulp by them. Media always wins, journalists always win .. we get pasted, defeated and pinned down to our seats .. wondering and hoping for this ordeal to be over so we could breath fresh air again. Not easy facing the fourth estate, nor is it ever going to be a state where you shall come out looking victorious .. NO …never .. it shall never happen. So the mantra is take what you get in as courteous a manner as possible and hope that the gentleman or the lady that grills you shall be perhaps a little compassionate when they write in their column or present you through the ‘tube’ …err .. is it still called ‘the tube’, Tv ? At the rate with which technology progresses it could well be that the term too has undergone a sea change .. !!

But yes .. interviewing and its complex connotations are overwhelming, so say the least. They consume you, tear you apart. They have the capacity to stand you blindfolded in front of a shooting gallery of armed men, waiting to be shot to death !!

Arnab Goswami did just that with me today. Tore me apart simply. No letting up, no sympathy. Just guillotined in the most vivid manner ! What can one do ? When you have Arnab a few inches away from your nostrils, it is hard to breathe ..

Some day I must elaborate on this experience, for it shall be of great interest to all .. for the moment though its a good night from me ..


Amitabh Bachchan 

So today I got a phone call from my instructor asking me to play a gig with his band which can I say, are 5 time world champions and the band contains some of the best players in the world. Anyways their bass drummer is working and this weekend the band was hired to play for a wedding. As some of you may know, I play for the band that is one level lower than this one (mind you all the RMM bands whether it be RMM5, RMM4, RMM3, or RMM2 are all feeder bands to this one which is SFU) and he just asked me to come down on Saturday and play this one gig because he thinks I need more of a challenge. So basically he told me that the second highest level is not high enough for me. I’m honestly extremely honoured and excited, and I can barely do replies so I think I’ll leave my 7 drafts here, and 4 drafts on imprxdent alone until tomorrow when I’m in the right mind set to properly write. Night !!


May 16th 1770: Wedding of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI

On this day in 1770, the French noble Marie Antoinette married the heir to the French throne, Louis Capet, at Versailles. The former was the daughter of the Austrian archduchess and the Holy Roman Emperor, and the marriage was arranged to strengthen the relationship between former rivals Austria and France. Their lavish wedding was attended by 5,000 guests, with 200,000 watching the fireworks display which capped the festivities. Perhaps due to their young ages - Marie was fourteen and Louis was fifteen - the marriage was not consummated for seven years. In 1774, after four years of marriage, French King Louis XV died, and his son ascended to the throne as King Louis XVI, with Marie crowned as queen. The monarchs proved controversial figures, with Louis struggling to deal with the affairs of the crown, and Marie drawing criticism for her extravagant tastes (earning the nickname ‘Madame Déficit’) and devotion to Austrian interests. Both opposed monarchical reform, a stance which spelled their doom as the French Revolution began. In the midst of the unrest, Marie and Louis attempted to flee to Austria in 1791, but were apprehended and returned to Paris. The royal couple were imprisoned in 1792, and the monarchy was abolished in the same year. For his efforts to thwart the revolution, King Louis XVI was tried for treason and executed by guillotine in January 1793. In October of that year, Marie Antoinette was also convicted of treason and faced death at the guillotine. Their deaths were turning points in the French Revolution, and indeed in the history of France.

Heather Morris marries Taylor Hubbell, Topanga Canyon, May 16, 2015

Congratulations Heather and Taylor! The high school sweethearts married on Saturday in front of family and friends, including several of Heather’s Glee co-stars.

Heather wore a beautiful lace gown with cutout back by David’s Bridal, tied with a beaded sash.

David’s Bridal Cap-Sleeve Slim Gown with Keyhole Back - $599.99 (on sale!)


“It was all clear blue sky all the way—as I was sure our life would be. I couldn’t forget Bogie’s tears. Every time I looked at him I welled up. How had I lived before him? I couldn’t remember my life before him—it all ran together, like watercolors. It seemed that everything that had ever happened to me had led to this day with him. I don’t know whether it was his particular personality, his strength and purity of thought, or whether all brides feel that way. Probably a combination. I had no doubt that this happiness would last forever. I could not imagine living a minute without him. From now on I would not have to—we were together now, like the man said, “till death do you part.”

— Lauren Bacall on her wedding to Humphrey Bogart, May 21st, 1945.

The Engagement, Chapter 9


SUMMARY: To save Melinda May from being deported to Canada, Phil Coulson proposes. Things get complicated when Melinda’s ex fiancé Thomas Wen, an U.S. immigration agent starts snooping around.

NOTES: See Chapter 1
Thank you all for your support throughout this story! This chapter wraps up the main plot, but there could be an epilogue, if you’re interested. As always, please let me know what you think!

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Chapter 9
in which they deal with broken hearts.

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“Marley” and “Gandhi” - huffingtonpost kindly called them “The Most Psychedelic Portraits We’ve Ever Seen!” 😊  Next Wed & Thu, May 27 & 28, I’ll be showing them for the first time at PopUp Gallery NYC in East Village. 😎 Come say hello! 189 East 3rd St. between ave A/B