“Of course we’ll have soup, roast and ice cream!”

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When you can't find Ryuzo
  • Ichigo:*can't find Ryuzo in the market crowd* this calls for drastic measures
  • Haruki:Ichigo-
  • Rihito:Let him do it! It's funny.
  • Takeshi:*Reading some manga*
  • Ichigo:*uses hands as microphone* VEGETABLES ARE DISGUSTING
  • Ryuzo:*running from his shop, eating a carrot* whAT THE FUCK dID YOU SAY
  • Ren:*pops in from MFW* I agree. Broccoli is 0/10, would NOT touch again.
  • Takao:*from a distance* DAMMIT REN
  • Ryuzo:nOW IM MAD, FUCK YOU SLEEPY PRINCE *pulls a stalk of broccoli out of pocket and chases Ren away*
  • Ichigo:wat
  • Haruki:what
  • Rihito:wot
  • Takeshi:wat even happened


Creative Director: Way Out Wedding
Photographer: Nicki Feltham
Designer: The Couture Company
Millinery: La Dame au Béret
Skull Jewelry: Alex Garnett
Crucifix Necklaces: Rosie Weisencrantz
Ring: 10and6 Jewellery
Decoration/Stationery: Beyond Vintage
Taxidermy: Death+Glory
Flowers: The Vintage Floral Design Company
Cake: French Made
Buttonhole: Rosey Posey Creations
Hair: Polka Dot Hair and Make-up
Makeup: Let’s Face It
Photographer’s Assistants: Very Berry Photography, Lucy Alice
Models:  Alex Barnes, May Hamer, Olivia Martin
Location: The Dolls House, Islington

#CamrenAppreciation post because fuck. The way Lauren looks at Camila every single time is proof that I too look at Normani the same way. If it weren’t for these two losers I would’ve never known the love that I do now with Manz. So thank you to my otp, my ship, and my best friends for life. -Dinah Jane

#CamrenAppreciation post because I adore the way they love. If you haven’t noticed Laur loves hard. Mila loves endlessly and with such adoration. They’ve taught me, and Dinah, so much and I can’t be any more grateful. I can’t wait for us all to walk down the aisle and show the world just how great love really is. -Normani Kordei



Welcome to 30! (Plus 4.)

I have been 34 years old for over a day now. Didn’t I JUST have a birthday? It’s funny to think back to my birthday last year. It was a rather sad event. I had zero desire to celebrate. I was frustrated and growing incredibly impatient waiting for the visa paperwork to come through. I hadn’t seen Phil since our wedding in May and I was unknowingly (yet incredibly suspicious and intuitively correct) just a few weeks away from a cancer diagnosis. (Completely unrelated yet slightly eerie side note: Did I ever mention that my original rockstar surgeon whom Anthem wouldn’t approve to do my surgery was on my flight from Cincinnati to Paris when I came back to England this past July? I’m sure that’s not as interesting as I thought it was.)

This year could not be more different. I finally got to celebrate my birthday with Phil, which is actually completely insane when you think about it - how much time we were actually apart rather than together over the past several years. I’m 100% cancer free (Still! As confirmed by yet another check up I just had on Tuesday.) And we have a baby on board that will pretty much solidify this Christmas as the best ever. And I was so completely distracted by happiness that I ate most of that chocolate brownie before I realized it wasn’t the sticky toffee pudding that I’d ordered.

I’m sure there’s a lesson to be learned here that involves moving gracefully through the tedious and inconsequential dark moments in life because they usually never last very long in grand scheme of things. (Did I just refer to cancer as tedious and inconsequential? Seriously, don’t listen to me.) I’m nowhere near Pollyanna status when it comes to tempering my anger, sadness and frustrations, but I like to think I’m growing and heading in the right direction toward full-fledged adult.


“You may not remember the time you let me go first.
Or the time you dropped back to tell me it wasn’t that far to go.
Or the time you waited at the crossroads for me to catch up.
You may not remember any of those, but I do and this is what I have to say to you:

Today, no matter what it takes,
we ride home together.”

Brian Andreas

Please don't tell i'm the only one who watched Taylor's new clip and thought of Jamie and Dakota

The story is about two actors who fall in love on their movie set but things seem to be complicated.The girl knows that is very difficult to be together for now & is asking him at east to think of her in his dreams. Fastforward on the movie premiere we see the guy looking at Taylor while she arrives and then a woman kisses him,zoom on his hand and he has a wedding band.

I know it may sound crazy to some of you but since it crossed my mind i’m gonna say it. Taylor and Dakota are both bff with Cara Delevingne,Cara said she talks every day with both of them,they are her best friends.Now it wouldn’t be that hard to imagine that they share secrets & ideas, so Cara might have come up with the idea of the clip of Taylor & since Dakota is her bff she must know about what she felt for Jamie.There are many things on the music video that match with damie that i can’t believe is only just another coincidence. 

thatrobotgirl asked:

Human!Potionless wedding ideas: Mari has a purple wedding dress WITH GLITTER (I dunno maybe to symbolize the glitter fight they had that started their friendship) Bog is totally wearing a Boutinere (ugh totally spelled that wrong) obviously it's Fairies and Goblins themed. Unless you already have something planned with Roland I can see him crashing the wedding (I'D RATHER NOT SEE IT HAPPEN) but it'd be interesting

This seems to be verging on Butterfly Bog wedding, rather than Potionless and any detailed response that would be

Originally posted by becks28nz

However I can imagine all the groomsmen at the Potionless wedding wearing boutonnieres! Flowers, flowers everywhere.

i make mistakes constantly. i havent made any in a while. but when im away from humans and im completely doing my own thing. i get called from the most high to perform duties. i dont take orders anymore. i do what i feel i should do. i listen to myself more than others, no matter what is said. i can say that im a bit delusional. ive been preparing myself for a wedding that may never come. when i start the train and im almost at my last stop… then i will begin to walk to the ballroom and dance. until then, im fixing the engines and adding the coal. i have no time for ballroom dances and makeout sessions in the back of a car. you have gotten where ive seen u to be. but i am no where near where i want to be. let me flow and let me work. if you are angry that i cant come out and play before ive washed my hands then i am sorry that you dont see the vision. im sorry you dont understand. but i hope that soon you do.


The white one is a no because it’s see through as hell. But which out of the other two for a wedding? I may just have to get a new one.


Dear taylorswift,

“Say you’ll remember me, standing in a nice dress, (staring at shawn), red lips and rosy cheeks!

He’s so tall and handsome as hell. He’s so bad but he does it so well. And when we’ve had our very last kiss, my last request is…

In my wildest dreams please come to my wedding in Wrentham, Massachusetts, Saturday May 28th, 2016 💍. It’s in my wildest dreams”

I hope you received my save the date at the gillettestadium show night 1 and I hope it’s hanging on your fridge! If you need another one, I’ll send one with the invitation ☺️

Xoxo love always

Step 1: Get arrested by your own people. Step 2: Have your arch nemesis become omnipotent. Step 3: Ex-girlfriend tries to kill your husband because she mistakes him for you. Step 4: Send away highly volatile and dangerous ten-year-old into the unknown. 

Fan-bloody-tastic job, Doctor. 11/11 would not recommend.