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So is it just me… or does Killian’s “Revenge is Gonna Be Mine” remind anyone else of Beauty and the Beast’s “Gaston”?

I’m really gonna miss this show and I actually can’t believe that everything is over now.😭💞 I mean no more…

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…flashbacks with the one and only salvatore brothers💞

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…lovely Bamon moments🤗

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…wedding dreams with Steroline 💍👰💫💞

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…times with the happy friendship trio 🎓🛍♾

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…creepy vibes in Mystic Falls💒🔥🚔📚⚰

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…drunk Kathrine Pierce Smile 😆🍷🍾🗺

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… hot and epic Delena kisses 😍💕💥💣 #thevampirediariesforever
Betty’s a serpent (part 3)

(part 1) (part 2)

Every single one of you reading this is awesome. Thank you all for the love and support and I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Don’t get your hopes up

Also shout out to @betsforsythetrash for all the help!


“wait” Veronica turned back to them “what about the wedding?”


Betty stood up and walked backwards slightly so she was now standing in front of him, his arms draped over her shoulders and pressed a kiss to her head.

“Well? Did you get married without us?” Kevin asked.

“About that” Betty looked up smirking at a Jughead who continued “our wedding may or may not have been last Saturday.”

“May or may not? Do you not remember?” Veronica asked slightly insulted that he didn’t remember.

“What Juggie meant was, it was a midnight wedding.”


It was the week after the engagement and so far only the two families and the serpents knew. 
“So” Jughead asked sitting on the opposite side of the bar to Viper who was wiping down the bar “is this the part of the sitcom where I tell you my troubles, you do the whole sliding me a glass of something, give me profound advice and my life becomes easy?”

Viper chuckled pouring the boy a dram of whisky and slid it across the bar which he caught with ease and he sipped it “Jackie and I have always had a rule with whoever we look after, if you wanna drink or smoke we’d rather it be where we can see you and not off somewhere unknown. Plus this’ll be yours and Betty’s place soon. Just don’t do what your dad did, please Jughead” he pleaded “don’t think you can carry the world on your shoulders.”

The younger boy nodded and sipped his drink again. “So, dad said he can get a day release for the wedding?” 

Viper nodded “full 24 hours with guard protection. Did he tell you anything about our plans?”

Jughead shook his head “no. What should we expect?”

The older man chuckled “just you wait.”


It was the evening of the weekly Cooper-Jones and ”any serpent that had been in an argument with their partner who needed food and a place to crash dinner at the trailer” dinner. Betty had cooked a massive roast dinner, something with Jackie had helped with as her parents were from Yorkshire in England. It took most of the afternoon but they had roasted a whole chicken, made fresh batter for yorkshire puddings, steamed five different vegetables, roasted potatoes, made mashed potatoes and made gravy. It was something Betty had hoped to impress the rest of the serpents with as soon Jackie and Viper would be passing the flame onto the two teens so it was never too early to start learning. 

The whole Cooper family were coming, JB and Gladys had driven down from Toledo, Viper & Jughead were at Scorpion doing the books and some of the other serpents had invited themselves once they heard about what was for dinner. Not that Betty minded she’d actually grown quite fond of the gang and their partners, Stingray’s wife was seven months pregnant and due around the same time as Polly.  Betty accompanied her to birthing classes when Stingray couldn’t and had even help build and set up the nursery. 

Dinner started off without a hitch, everyone that was attending had dressed up and all getting along with each other, even Hal had made a friend in Viper, learning stories about his wife’s youth when a knock on the door stopped everyone. 

The knock came again and Jughead got up to answer his door “dad?” he asked, not believing that his father was standing in front of him.

“Hey Jug. What no hug for your old man?” he asked smiling and his son pulled him in for a hug. Betty had joined him at the door also greeting the man with a hug. He nodded behind and asked “you ready?”

“Always” Alice replied “Betty, Polly, JB with me” she ushered the girls to the room Betty shares with Jughead.

“Jughead, FP with me” Viper ordered.

“Also my escort for the evening Miss Ashley Weatherly, prison guard extraordinaire” FP introduced as if the person was a member of the royal family.

“Just go get ready Forsythe” the younger guard ordered.

“Feisty as always Weathers” FP mumbled walking to his room.

“What’s going on dad?”

“Welcome to your wedding son” FP grinned “I hope you’re ready to become a married man.”

Jughead smiled widely “more than ready.”


“I can’t believe you all planned this” Betty said sitting down as her mom was curling her hair.

“But you are ready right? Ready to get married?” Alice asked.

“Of course mom. I can’t wait till we’re officially married”

“You don’t feel like your friends are missing?”

“I’d love to have them here but they wouldn’t approve of me and Juggie. It wouldn’t feel right if they didn’t understand.”

“I understand Bets” Alice finished the last curl “I can’t believe my baby girl’s getting married. I have something for you” she went to her bag and retrieved a couple of items. “You’ll need something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” Holding up a pair of diamond earrings “your something old. FP bought these for me for my sixteenth birthday from the first paycheck he earned” she handed them to her daughter “he wanted you to have them.”

Betty looked up at her mom and hugged her trying not to cry “thank you.”

“Come on honey, let’s not keep your groom waiting any longer.”

“What about the something new, borrowed and blue?”

“Just wait.”

Betty wore a white bohemian style dress with her curly blonde hair flowing. Walking out, she was greeted by Hal, FP (and Ashley) and Viper. Alice, JB & Polly had also changed into light blue dresses. Jughead was already at the arbor.

FP noticed her earrings and smiled with a nod at Alice. “Your something borrowed will be me from jail” he joked Viper gave him a look “Sorry not funny. Your somethings new and blue are not really for the wedding itself, more afterwards when you’re living together” he handed her a set of keys and a blue collar. “We’ve all pitched in and got you your own trailer in the park. It’s at the west entrance away from all the noise and the collar, well Jug’s always wanted a dog and we thought why not now.”

“Jackie & I will help when you’re at school and stuff but other than that he’s yours” Viper said. Betty looked like she was going to cry so her mom put an arm around her. “Your something blue is the theme color. If we had longer than a day for the wedding, we’d have put more thought into it but..”

“It’s perfect” Betty interrupted “all of it. Thank you so much” she was grateful for everyone’s role in making the day (well night) happen. She noticed the clock on the wall “It’s almost eleven thirty” she pointed out.

Everyone looked at either a watch or phone for the time “We better get going.” 


Walking down the steps of the trailer, Betty followed her family through to the vacant green near the back of the park. The motorbikes belonging to the gang all had their lights turned on to highlight the area. All of the serpents and their families (except for the younger kids) were that were sat down and Jughead was standing at the end of the make-shift aisle with Razor (who seemed more nervous than the groom.)

FP, who walked down the aisle first was greeted with cheers from the other serpents, joined Jughead at the front to be his best man (he had asked his dad when they were getting ready.)

All the congregation stood. First JB & Polly walked down first, arm in arm, followed by Alice & Viper. Hal took his daughter’s arm and gave it an encouraging squeeze before following the other down. 

Jughead was speechless looking at Betty. His father whispered “you picked a good one son” who turned round and nodded at his dad.

Betty arrived at the arbor and kissed her father who then shook his almost son-in-law’s had. Razor began the ceremony by saying “We are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding of Elizabeth Marie Cooper and Forsythe Pendleton Jones the third” which as always earned a few giggles “as many of you are aware, this isn’t any ordinary wedding. This is the marriage of two legacies and if you’ve seen them together you'd know just how adorable these two are” he gushed. 

He now directed his talking to the couple “normally, we celebrate a wedding over three or four days but as our boy FP here only has 24 hours. We’re making this count” Betty & Jughead looked at each other confused but Razor continued on with the ceremony.

The words ‘you may now kiss the bride’ almost seem surreal. They had done it. They were now married and the two couldn’t stop smiling. Jughead grabbed her face and brought her in for a deep kiss which was eventually broken by the cheers of the people around them.

Before anyone moved Razor took out an air horn and blew it three times which which was some sort of signal for everyone to get up towards their vehicles and they all took off leaving Betty, Jughead, FP (and Ashley), Hal, Alice, Gladys, Polly & JB. The now married couple looked towards their families in hope of an explanation.

“Don’t worry about them, they’ve just gone early for the food” The two shared a look of confusion then looked back towards Alice “What? You think you’re getting a wedding without a reception? Think again. We should really head to Scorpion.”

They all walked to the entrance to see Alice’s car as well as Gladys’ people carrier and FP’s truck. The latter tossed his keys to Jughead “I’ll let the newlyweds go solo. Gladys, can I get a ride?” His wife nodded and they all got into their respective vehicles.

During their journey Betty asked “do you think our friends are gonna be pissed they weren’t there?”

Jughead reached over to take his wife’s hand “probably but it’s our day not theirs” Betty nodded “plus who’d have thought the Southside Serpents are a bunch of romantics?”

“I know right” she turned to face him “my mom was telling me that weddings are a big deal. They love celebrating the people that accept them hence why the celebration normally lasts for days. She said the weddings happen at midnight then they go to Scorpion and drink though it’s different for us because we’re underage. We can have a couple for the celebration but that’s it.”

“Fair enough” he replied making a left hand turn into the road they were heading too. “I don’t blame her although a drunk Alice Cooper would be a great sight.”

“Can you imagine?” Betty asked laughing “I bet my dad would love us.” She saw Jughead smile “what?”

“Us. We’re an us. Officially the Cooper-Jones family” he looked into her eyes “I love you”

“I love you too” she replied and leaned in for a kiss.

Walking into the bar, they were surprised by the amount of people there but one person shouted “It’s the bride and groom” which earned the two a massive cheer and applause and the crowd parted so they could walk to the front of the bar where there were two makeshift thrones. 

Jughead bowed his head and stretched out his hand saying “m’lady” which she took the the pair made their way to the thrones. 

Viper and Jackie were the first to hug them when they reached the front and the elder man cleared his throat to talk to everyone “As you can tell, Jackie & I aren’t getting any younger” he started

“speak for yourself” his wife mumbled which earned a few laughs

“anyway” he gave her a pointed look “we won’t be around forever. Our new Cooper-Jones couple however are a hell of a lot younger than us therefore when they turn 18” he took Jackie’s hand in his “they will become the new leaders of the southside serpents.”

Betty looked at her husband with wide eyes.

“We know it’s a shock to you both but Alice & FP have agreed to help you both out when you need it. Hal also offered to help behind the bar” Jackie said. Pointing at the thrones “now please take your seats”

The couple did and they saw his dad and her mom making their way to them holding something behind their backs. Once they had reached them, FP and Alice produced a two silver crowns both with the serpent ‘s’ on the front. FP placed his on his now daughter-in-law as Alice did the same with Jughead. 

Viper raised his glass and toasted “The King and Queen” which everyone copied. 

Once the couple signed the registry, they had their first dance to Romeo & Juliet by Dire Straits. They even had wedding presents from people though their favorite by far was their ‘Something Borrowed’ present from Stingray and his wife which was a cabin up in Wisconsin during their next break. 

Everyone stayed out till 8am before people started to leave, Jughead & Betty escaping whilst everyone was distracted with how many slices of lemon Dodger could fit in his mouth (he got to 8 before throwing up.)

They spent their first night, well day as a married couple in their new trailer.


The three looked stunned. Their best friends were now officially heirs to the Serpent throne. 

“We’re still us guys” Betty encouraged sensing that they were uncomfortable “still Betty & Jughead. It’s just we’re now married and have effectively 30 kids to look after” she said referring to the gang downstairs.

“Kids?” Veronica asked breaking the tension “are they that bad?”

“You should see them when one of them’s had a fight with their wife or husband. Then it gets messy” she joked back to her best friend. “So are we all okay?”

Kevin nodded whilst Archie said “Yeah, I think we are”



REPLY 1988 (plot twist/facts)

1) Based on a true story: a young pilot whose surname is Kim died in an air crash while trying to fly the craft away from a building. He was under 30 then, had a brother with heart issues (just like JB) and their parents were preparing for 30-year anniversary. So (according to this source) originally Kim Jung Hwan was destinied to die. The kiss scene at the airport with DS, the parents’ wedding, the flashback when he secretly cared for his first love, etc are imaginations and recalls at his last minute.

2) About how Taek finds out DS’s secret about her first love with SW, it was revealed by JH when Taek came to see him at the camp. Acc to the spoiler, T came and spent a night there with JH, they talked about DS, her feelings for SW at first, when T started his feelings for DS (then comes the flashback of childhood as seen in ep 20). JH gave Taek the ring, telling him to care for DS and give it to DS on behalf of him (that’s why someone here and there sees something inside DS’s pink sweater - in the scene she greeted Taek at the gate and they hugged - it’s supposed to be the ring, she wears it with her necklace). The ring wasn’t left unanswered as we have been wondering all the time!

3) A week later (after Taek’s visit), Hwan came home. SW and BR dating was unveiled. The parents protested while the children supported them. Taek and DS went out for movie, holding hands and kissed (DS kissed T to the cheek and he smiled :))). DS came in and see Hwan, he intended to say something to her but hesitated, instead told her that he wished her happiness; she wished him the same,

4) The night Hwan came back to the camp, mother Mi Ran suddenly felt uneasy and anxious. She cried right after the moment he’s gone (like how we saw in ep 20).Father Kim comforted her and the old couple talked about JB-JH childhood.

5) The accident happened. JH died in the crash. Mother Mi Ran fainted, JB had a heart attack, Taek cancelled a baduk competition, DS came back from Japan. The block suddenly became dreary. The mothers cried, hugging eachother. The fathers sadly sat together, drank wine and sighed. Mother Mi Ran didn’t cry, staring at the sky. The children looked older. Taek hugged DS when she was crying, BR leaned on SW’s shoulder, both crying. DR was the host of the funeral, did not cry, looked like a really grown-up man. JB made a lot of blue paper planes with his and his brother’s face on their wings. Mi Ok was beside him then. DR silently stood before Hwan’s photograph, cried and shouted at him, remembering every moment between them since they were kids then went to school etc.

The narration goes: “The ones we love will not be with us forever. Someday they will surely leave us. Through loss we grow up” (or something like that).

After the funeral, the block was still flooded with sadness. Mother Mi Ran was ill, sleepless and talked less. She often dreamed of JH coming back at night, woke up and went to the living room to wait for him(as a scene in ep 20). Father Kim woke up with her and they sat there for a very long time.

7) DS worn the ring with her necklace as a memory to the past. (Taek gave it to her after the funeral).

8) SW and BR decided to get married. While BR’s mother seemed unapproved, mother Mi Ran told her: “Let the children do whatever makes them happy, we can’t be with them for the whole lifetime.” Then the wedding took place without JH’s attendence (of course!). DR, as the host, introduced a blank chair beside Taek as JH’s seat, and in every wedding then, they will leave him a chair so that he can share the happiness with them. The father-daughter issues solved, everyone (and the blank chair) took a photo together.

9) After a match in China, Taek came home and the doves (Taek-Sun) met at the gate (as in ep 20). Taek told DS that he was introduced to a very beautiful girl that day, but he was busy looking after his cat which is cruel and jealousy but very pretty, that’s why he couldn’t go out with that girl. DS pinched him, telling him that he recently has become more soapy. He said “I am normally a man. Do you want to be Mrs Choi soon by provoking me like this?” (haha cheesy). Then he said with seriousness that it’s time they changed their relationship status.

10) T & DS came to visit JH’s grave, brought him white daisy and informed him of their wedding in Jan. They also told him about their family moving out due to the clearance plan, SW became a baby sitter :))), JB and MO on honeymoon, DR is dating and opened more restaurants. They recalled it when they announced the wedding to their parents, DS’s appa and omma were overjoyed, repeatedly asked them if Taekie had been forced and terrorized to get married with DS (sheep sound and DS stupid face). The friends didn’t surprise at all. DR said: “You two always hold hands and hug in the front gate, we’re not blind not knowing anything.” :))

11) The families really moved out. Mother Mi Ran stood in Hwan’s room, father Kim led her out. Ssangmundong was abandoned, Taek’s room door’s open and we see again the gang watched a movie together - as the last scenes on ep 20 last night.

According to the source, too, when asked to change the script (that’s why we had ep 17 delayed), the writer didn’t want to change the ending, thus she just cut the scenes related to the accident. This means, she just didn’t mention the accident, yet whether it happened or not remains unanswered.

P.S i got it from Ryu JunYeol forum in SOOMPI and someone post it in Answer Me 1988 Thread.
AND i would rather have JH dead by the story i mean that would be great? Idk WHY but having his confession just go like that seems so AWFUL. At least we know that JH and DS were love each other you know.

I hate you writer-nim.

Alternatively, in a show of rare positive speculation it could be a wedding prep episode:

-Emma Group Home scene establishing her as a lonely orphan.

-Flashbacks to Charming wedding prep.

-Pre wedding jitters at Emma’s house.

-Wedding prep scenes at Mary Margaret’s loft.

-Dwarves singing about going to the wedding for the Charmings (taking a break from their work)

-Evil Queen plotting to break up the wedding in flashbacks.

-Rumple singing about the Charming’s wedding and encouraging her to break it up.

-Zelena singing about a wedding she’s not invited too or something. I dunno.

-Pre wedding prep/jitters scenes at docks and captains cabin.

-Regina possibly plotting to break up wedding in mayors office or if they are sticking to her redeemed status making the decision not to break up this one.

-Start of wedding at Granny’s.

-Sets up the last few episodes for something to Go Horribly Wrong with the Wedding.

-And resolution in finale. Happy ending if this IS the last season.

The peasants rejoice.

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I think there will be a lot of flashbacks to all the things happening during that 3 year period. Idk, it sounds fine to me. Especially because it sounds like we will see Ness wedding and baby. To me it really is more believable for Nick and Jess to just date for a while before getting married, kind of making up for the lost time. think we can get a wedding, and then a parallel flashback of proposal, elevator scene, etc. I am crying just thinking about it.

Me too, I agree.


Lily, there are a million reasons why I love you. You make me laugh, you take care of me when I’m sick, you’re sweet, caring and you even created an egg dish and named it after me. She puts a little Italian dressing on the eggs before she cooks them, it’s called Eggs Marshall and it’s awesome. But the main reason is you’re my best friend, Lily. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.-Marshall

ASOUE headcanons

Moxie is the Quagmires’ mother. 

Either Ellington or R is the editor.

The S in “S. Theodora Markson” stands for Sunny

Beatrice Baudelaire II is biologically Olaf’s daughter

Klaus actually swears all the time, lemony had to edit his dialogue a fair bit. I mean, he’s 13 and has read every book on the planet. He probably knows every swear there is.

Carmelita was one of the lone survivors of the Hotel Denouement fire. She decided to become a better person due to the regret she felt about being so awful when she thought she was not going to survive. Years after the series ended, she reunited with the Baudelaires and the Quagmires and slowly became friends with them. 

Fiona, on the other hand, never really saw the Baudelaires again. They would write each other the occasional letter or telegram, but they never really became friends.

The Baudelaires and the Quagmires lived together and helped each other through the aftereffects of their traumas. They opened a home for the children who had been orphaned by the VFD schism and their children took over running the home when they were too old to run it. 

Sunny never had children; however, Violet did. She was extremely hesitant to get married due to Olaf trying to marry her when she was 14 and couldn’t even look at her wedding dress without flashbacks. Eventually, though, after many years, she was able to get married (to who, that’s entirely up to your ship of choice). She had 2 daughters and a son, and named them Kit, Moxie, and Monty, respectively. 

Klaus had a son and called him Jaques. 

Violet went into business selling her inventions and creating new ones based on the needs of the customer. 

Klaus owned a library and Duncan helped him run it. 

Sunny ran a restaurant and ran it for decades. Everyone in town loved her and would always stop in to talk with her.

Isadora published a book with thousands of couplets telling the story of her and her siblings and the VFD schism. It was a bestseller for years. She also started her own literary magazine.

Quigley drew maps for a living, and published an atlas of the important VFD landmarks. 

Duncan helped Klaus run the library, and also kept Moxie’s newspaper in print. Soon enough, people were asking him “What’s the news, Duncan?” instead of saying hello.

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I just can't believe they are married 😍😍😍 it's all my fanfiction dreams come to life! S3 wedding flashbacks r a must 👰🏻and I have great faith that no matter what has happened they will ok 🙌


The Next Ten Minutes

pairing: lin-manuel x reader

summary: lin and reader get engaged how cute such fluff. lots of tl5y references.

warnings: mmmmmmmmm idk alcohol mention and it’s so sweet you might get a toothache? 

word count: 1,355

a/n: AHHH I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I posted. I’ve been stressed and just hadn’t written in a while but had this half finished in my google docs for nearly a month and enough is ENOUGH. so happy Tuesday, here’s this!! my friend addie @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait has been going through some tough times lately and I wrote this for her because of her undying love for lin-manuel miranda and weddings. flashback in italics, you can listen to the song here.

Lin’s hand is clutched in yours as you walk, the leaves floating to the ground creating a red and gold blanket. You lean in closer to him, wrapping your arm through his as your dog pulls at the leash in Lin’s other hand.

“This is nice,” you murmur, leaning your head onto his shoulder.

“It is,” he agrees, turning to peck the top of your head.

It’s the first free day in months for Lin, and he’s promised to spend the entire day with you. You understood when you began dating about a year ago that Lin’s life was hectic - it came with the territory of being one of the most brilliant writers on Broadway. That didn’t make it much easier, especially once you realized the depth of your feelings for Lin. But he had always found ways to make it work, constantly making you a priority among his many other responsibilities.

The two of you had gone out for breakfast to your favorite diner, just down the street from the apartment you share. After waffles and coffee you had returned home to get your pup, and now you were strolling along in Central Park.

“That one’s John Lennon there,” Lin sings as you walk past the statue, bumping his hip against yours. It’s a reference to The Last Five Years, a musical you both love. Your first date had been to see a production of it at a small Off-Broadway theater.

“We should go meet the dinosaurs,” you chirp back.

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So a musical curse makes sense to me....however....if a new curse comes up in present day, and it will because we know they're singing at the wedding, what explains the flashback EF songs then? Are they going to go back and say this magical curse happened before...? Idk how they're going to explain that.

Don’t think too hard. Just don’t. I think you’ll enjoy it more if you don’t think too hard.

If I were writing this Gilmore Girls sequel it would start with Lorelai going into labour (probably a longish scene with lots of jokes). Cut to Rory being woken up in bed with the news. She excitedly goes to wake the person next to her and bam it’s Jess. Cut to credits and then flashback time.

Morri had taken the wedding into her own hands and as beautifully as she has gotten it, they couldn’t just let her do it all alone. As much as they’ve lightly joked about the past truce wedding happening again, there was a slight honest concern of history repeating itself but they’ve all made it past the ceremony and the reception, it’s nice for the wedding to go through without a hitch. Seb and Dex deserved that at the very least, and it’s a warm fuzzy feeling for everyone else. While Morri has her hands full on practically everything regarding the wedding, the least Ashton could do was tend to the bar, and look after Lili, and maybe the two together wasn’t a great idea. He definitely had Cardiff wedding flashbacks again but he did his best to shut it out, Lili being a great help of distraction, trying to make another crown for Dex too.

“Try not to get your dress dirty, okay?” He told the kid who simply giggled in response with a little ‘okay’ leaving her mouth while her hands were busy with arts and craft. It took ten minutes for her to stop asking about trying the alcohol but it’s worked out for now. Ashton was busy helping her when someone came up to the table, guess the drinks really never stops even after the reception, or maybe they just can’t resist the flower girl’s charm, “Need a drink?”

Thoughts on 4x09:
- Divorce? WTF??!
- Jude not knowing what the marijuana pipe was, filthy liar
- The ‘I love you too’ from Brandon came waaaayyyy too late
- Jonnor flashback got me hard, how dare Jude throw that away ;(
- Brandon far away from home is kinda interesting
- The flashbacks with mini-Jude are supa cute (yes it rhymes)
- I like the hitler-looking creepy guy @ creepy house
- AJ knows the truth now, callie you fkd up..
- I love Broadway O.o
- Bye Cortney, Welcome blonde girl
- Sassy Jude = Awesome Jude
- WE DON’T HAVE TO SELL THE HOUSE, oops, house already sold…
- WE DON’T HAVE TO BREAK UP, oops, letter already sent…
- Callie ruining her life to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata makes me happy
- They are just filing a divorce 4 the house, fuck you writers, i litt hate you…
- Joah intercourse confirmed
- Wedding flashbacks, nice nice, more flashbacks, gimmie gimmie
- The moms is a a wonderful ship, luf it.
- Bandon’s back, he killed it, I mean Joah, not the audition
- Joah is in trouble… (Who tf smokes if their parents are at home?)
- Creepy-guy is back, yas :)
- Why is the promo all about nick? Like, why? This episode was 0% nick..

Sorry for the long rant, love you all x