weddings and flashbacks

Flashback to Episode 2 and 3

Yuuri: What?! ME? EROS? I can’t do anything like that! I’m not even remotely close to being erotic!!

Viktor: *remembers dancing intimately with Yuuri; Yuuri stripping down to his underwear, necktie and socks and pole-danced with Chris like a goddamn pro and Yuuri fucking dry-humping him as he asks him to be his coach*


Viktor: Are you fucking serious?

The Next Ten Minutes

pairing: lin-manuel x reader

summary: lin and reader get engaged how cute such fluff. lots of tl5y references.

warnings: mmmmmmmmm idk alcohol mention and it’s so sweet you might get a toothache? 

word count: 1,355

a/n: AHHH I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I posted. I’ve been stressed and just hadn’t written in a while but had this half finished in my google docs for nearly a month and enough is ENOUGH. so happy Tuesday, here’s this!! my friend addie @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait has been going through some tough times lately and I wrote this for her because of her undying love for lin-manuel miranda and weddings. flashback in italics, you can listen to the song here.

Lin’s hand is clutched in yours as you walk, the leaves floating to the ground creating a red and gold blanket. You lean in closer to him, wrapping your arm through his as your dog pulls at the leash in Lin’s other hand.

“This is nice,” you murmur, leaning your head onto his shoulder.

“It is,” he agrees, turning to peck the top of your head.

It’s the first free day in months for Lin, and he’s promised to spend the entire day with you. You understood when you began dating about a year ago that Lin’s life was hectic - it came with the territory of being one of the most brilliant writers on Broadway. That didn’t make it much easier, especially once you realized the depth of your feelings for Lin. But he had always found ways to make it work, constantly making you a priority among his many other responsibilities.

The two of you had gone out for breakfast to your favorite diner, just down the street from the apartment you share. After waffles and coffee you had returned home to get your pup, and now you were strolling along in Central Park.

“That one’s John Lennon there,” Lin sings as you walk past the statue, bumping his hip against yours. It’s a reference to The Last Five Years, a musical you both love. Your first date had been to see a production of it at a small Off-Broadway theater.

“We should go meet the dinosaurs,” you chirp back.

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Alternatively, in a show of rare positive speculation it could be a wedding prep episode:

-Emma Group Home scene establishing her as a lonely orphan.

-Flashbacks to Charming wedding prep.

-Pre wedding jitters at Emma’s house.

-Wedding prep scenes at Mary Margaret’s loft.

-Dwarves singing about going to the wedding for the Charmings (taking a break from their work)

-Evil Queen plotting to break up the wedding in flashbacks.

-Rumple singing about the Charming’s wedding and encouraging her to break it up.

-Zelena singing about a wedding she’s not invited too or something. I dunno.

-Pre wedding prep/jitters scenes at docks and captains cabin.

-Regina possibly plotting to break up wedding in mayors office or if they are sticking to her redeemed status making the decision not to break up this one.

-Start of wedding at Granny’s.

-Sets up the last few episodes for something to Go Horribly Wrong with the Wedding.

-And resolution in finale. Happy ending if this IS the last season.

The peasants rejoice.

anonymous asked:

Mike and ginny secretly eloped months ago, how does the team find out? (Bonus scene - wedding flashback)

“They’re gonna know.” Ginny grumbled, hands on hips as she surveyed the green field. Her wedding ring should be on her finger, but instead it hangs on chain around her neck, carefully tucked under her uniform. If it gets loose and anyone asks what it is — she’ll say it was her fathers.

(She’d rather say it was her wedding ring and given to her by her husband, but. The world doesn’t even know they’re a couple yet, how the fuck were they supposed to react to Ginny baker and Mike Lawson being married? Better yet — how would the team react?)

“No they’re not.” Mike snorted, arm flung over his eyes as he basks in the sunlight.

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REPLY 1988 (plot twist/facts)

1) Based on a true story: a young pilot whose surname is Kim died in an air crash while trying to fly the craft away from a building. He was under 30 then, had a brother with heart issues (just like JB) and their parents were preparing for 30-year anniversary. So (according to this source) originally Kim Jung Hwan was destinied to die. The kiss scene at the airport with DS, the parents’ wedding, the flashback when he secretly cared for his first love, etc are imaginations and recalls at his last minute.

2) About how Taek finds out DS’s secret about her first love with SW, it was revealed by JH when Taek came to see him at the camp. Acc to the spoiler, T came and spent a night there with JH, they talked about DS, her feelings for SW at first, when T started his feelings for DS (then comes the flashback of childhood as seen in ep 20). JH gave Taek the ring, telling him to care for DS and give it to DS on behalf of him (that’s why someone here and there sees something inside DS’s pink sweater - in the scene she greeted Taek at the gate and they hugged - it’s supposed to be the ring, she wears it with her necklace). The ring wasn’t left unanswered as we have been wondering all the time!

3) A week later (after Taek’s visit), Hwan came home. SW and BR dating was unveiled. The parents protested while the children supported them. Taek and DS went out for movie, holding hands and kissed (DS kissed T to the cheek and he smiled :))). DS came in and see Hwan, he intended to say something to her but hesitated, instead told her that he wished her happiness; she wished him the same,

4) The night Hwan came back to the camp, mother Mi Ran suddenly felt uneasy and anxious. She cried right after the moment he’s gone (like how we saw in ep 20).Father Kim comforted her and the old couple talked about JB-JH childhood.

5) The accident happened. JH died in the crash. Mother Mi Ran fainted, JB had a heart attack, Taek cancelled a baduk competition, DS came back from Japan. The block suddenly became dreary. The mothers cried, hugging eachother. The fathers sadly sat together, drank wine and sighed. Mother Mi Ran didn’t cry, staring at the sky. The children looked older. Taek hugged DS when she was crying, BR leaned on SW’s shoulder, both crying. DR was the host of the funeral, did not cry, looked like a really grown-up man. JB made a lot of blue paper planes with his and his brother’s face on their wings. Mi Ok was beside him then. DR silently stood before Hwan’s photograph, cried and shouted at him, remembering every moment between them since they were kids then went to school etc.

The narration goes: “The ones we love will not be with us forever. Someday they will surely leave us. Through loss we grow up” (or something like that).

After the funeral, the block was still flooded with sadness. Mother Mi Ran was ill, sleepless and talked less. She often dreamed of JH coming back at night, woke up and went to the living room to wait for him(as a scene in ep 20). Father Kim woke up with her and they sat there for a very long time.

7) DS worn the ring with her necklace as a memory to the past. (Taek gave it to her after the funeral).

8) SW and BR decided to get married. While BR’s mother seemed unapproved, mother Mi Ran told her: “Let the children do whatever makes them happy, we can’t be with them for the whole lifetime.” Then the wedding took place without JH’s attendence (of course!). DR, as the host, introduced a blank chair beside Taek as JH’s seat, and in every wedding then, they will leave him a chair so that he can share the happiness with them. The father-daughter issues solved, everyone (and the blank chair) took a photo together.

9) After a match in China, Taek came home and the doves (Taek-Sun) met at the gate (as in ep 20). Taek told DS that he was introduced to a very beautiful girl that day, but he was busy looking after his cat which is cruel and jealousy but very pretty, that’s why he couldn’t go out with that girl. DS pinched him, telling him that he recently has become more soapy. He said “I am normally a man. Do you want to be Mrs Choi soon by provoking me like this?” (haha cheesy). Then he said with seriousness that it’s time they changed their relationship status.

10) T & DS came to visit JH’s grave, brought him white daisy and informed him of their wedding in Jan. They also told him about their family moving out due to the clearance plan, SW became a baby sitter :))), JB and MO on honeymoon, DR is dating and opened more restaurants. They recalled it when they announced the wedding to their parents, DS’s appa and omma were overjoyed, repeatedly asked them if Taekie had been forced and terrorized to get married with DS (sheep sound and DS stupid face). The friends didn’t surprise at all. DR said: “You two always hold hands and hug in the front gate, we’re not blind not knowing anything.” :))

11) The families really moved out. Mother Mi Ran stood in Hwan’s room, father Kim led her out. Ssangmundong was abandoned, Taek’s room door’s open and we see again the gang watched a movie together - as the last scenes on ep 20 last night.

According to the source, too, when asked to change the script (that’s why we had ep 17 delayed), the writer didn’t want to change the ending, thus she just cut the scenes related to the accident. This means, she just didn’t mention the accident, yet whether it happened or not remains unanswered.

P.S i got it from Ryu JunYeol forum in SOOMPI and someone post it in Answer Me 1988 Thread.
AND i would rather have JH dead by the story i mean that would be great? Idk WHY but having his confession just go like that seems so AWFUL. At least we know that JH and DS were love each other you know.

I hate you writer-nim.

There are a handful of scenarios kicking around my brain that could make a reboot really enjoyable (as long as Emma & Hook are still involved)

What if it is 15 years from now and a curse sent them back to the Enchanted Forest and we see Emma & Hook’s journey to their wedding and family in the flashbacks?

Or maybe Henry sacrifices himself to the Black Fairy and no one can find him? He’s the author so he can get from realm to realm and they have to find him?

Just a couple ideas. I’m really feeling anxious about this until some real news happens so I’m imagining some happy ways this could play out.


Lily, there are a million reasons why I love you. You make me laugh, you take care of me when I’m sick, you’re sweet, caring and you even created an egg dish and named it after me. She puts a little Italian dressing on the eggs before she cooks them, it’s called Eggs Marshall and it’s awesome. But the main reason is you’re my best friend, Lily. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.-Marshall

It only took an illusion

Prompt: Day 10 “Honeymoon”

Word Count: 4.800

Rating: M (Non-Explicit consensual activities of an adult nature)

Summary: While Hinata and Naruto spend their first day as a married couple in the onsen Shikamaru booked for them, Hinata wonders: did it really only take an illusion for them to fall in love?

Note: This was supposed to be a side chapter for my “Konoha Hiden – The Wedding” fanfic. But in the end I got side-tracked and didn’t finish the wedding chapter of the fanfic. Nevertheless I am including the relevant scene as a flashback, and you don’t really need to have read “Konoha Hiden – The Wedding"to enjoy it.




Naruto and Hinata held each other’s hand and lovingly smiled at one  another as the cart carried them from the wedding reception to the onsen where they were going to spend their honeymoon.

It had been a long day…

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Olicity Wedding Theory

First I would like to preface by saying that its been a long season. Lots and lots of angst. There’s been a choice few of us that have remained positive throughout (yours truly included). However, it is entirely possible we have ingested too many rainbows and ridden too many unicorns.

Because I have delved into madness. And it’s because of Marc Guggenheim.

So before you read any further I would like to put forth a very strong disclaimer:


Let’s do it.

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fics i’ve recently read (#2)

previously read posts are here. enjoy :)

you still get my heart racing - wedding au 

a cute wedding fic au with vows, flashbacks, cake and their own little bit of forever and always.

come closer show the marks upon your skin (read tags!) - hurt/comfort, angst 

Louis spends too much time crying on kitchen floors and being sad. Harry brings color back into his life and makes him feel less alone. Through the changing of the seasons they make it work.

fake it till you make it - reverse fake relationship 

In a twisted turn of events, Louis finds himself posing as the brother of his fiancé, Harry, for an annual company retreat. Did he sign up for this? No. Is he doing it anyway? Yes.

can i make it anymore obvious? - ballet!louis 

AU where Louis does ballet and Harry is the epitome of everything Louis’ friends want him to stay away from.

if you asked me if i love him (i’d lie) - secret relationship/wedding 

The day of their wedding was the single most perfect moment of Louis’ life and every single day since where he’s been able to call Harry his husband has been nothing short of bliss. There’s just one teeny, tiny problem… Their families don’t know they’re married.

what a feeling to be a king beside you - royal au

Harry is the Prince of Wales and Louis is the Duke of Wellington. They fall in love.

we could be stars - asexual, makeup!louis

Louis falls down the rabbit hole of makeup, and Harry’s always there to catch him.

paint the sky with stars - titanic au 

The historically accurate Titanic AU with a happy ending.

all wrapped up in you - uni au 

AU based on this Extra Gum commercial

to the ends of the earth - love/hate

During a yearlong hiatus, Louis visits Harry at his cabin in Idaho, where long-buried feelings ignite like the fire keeping them warm.

counting the steps between us (login) - friends to lovers

That year abroad helped Harry establish that he is in love with his best friend. Now, if Louis would stop treating him like a little brother, that would be awesome.

if my heart was a compass, you’d be north - kid fic, punk!louis 

Punk Louis likes to think he’s not clumsy, but he suspects he’ll have to accept it when he falls face first into a relationship with a head full of curls and his tiny human.

we were like glue - library au 

Louis works in a library where his own books sit on the shelves. Also, there may or may not be a Harry Styles involved and he may or may not be Louis’ muse. Not that Louis is admitting to anything.

looking down from the clouds - rich!harry, mile high club

Louis is security officer at Miami airport and regularly has to escort Harry through. Will they ever go on that date?

Pre-Wedding Jitters || Flashback || Ren

Ridley couldn’t believe that it was so close to the wedding. Sure they hadn’t been together too long and they certainly were getting things together faster than the average wedding, but there had been a lot of planning and now there wasn’t really anything left except the rehearsal dinner and to show up the next day. “You ready to go?” He asked Ben as they loaded all their stuff into the car so they could drive into the city to check into the hotel for the wedding.

“I think the biggest reason I want a wedding short instead of a short clip in HTTYD3 is because of the endless amount of cute/hilarious/touching scenes we could have. Hiccup having an awkward dinner with his in-laws. Gobber sobbing at the wedding. Hiccup and Astrid modelling the different (and horrible) outfit suggestions with each other. Hiccup and Astrid having a deep talk about their future together. WEDDING VOWS. Flashbacks. The possibilities are endless.”

Wedding Night Flashback.

God he was nervous and coy. He had gotten married to this gorgeous woman, a beautiful woman whom he barely knew, only having met her a day ago and knowing she was a librarian, before marrying her and being thrown on a honeymoon trip with her. They had to share a bed…and he knew what a honeymoon meant, the wedding night. It meant…consummating the marriage, and he wasn’t even sure he could do that or if she even wished to. He barely knew her. He sat on the edge of the bed in his tuxedo, fiddling with the cufflinks of his shirt as he seemed to muse gently in the silence; “I…I’m…sorry I ain’t…ain’t sure what t’do.” Frank said calmly in admittance; he was coy and shy. Just a young man. “I mean do…d’ya wanna…” He trailed off, he didn’t really want to say it, nor did he want it to happen that way, so he replaced his words with; “…d’ya wanna get…food or…listen t’the radio? Somethin’ good must be on.”