So I’ve been waiting till the couple getting married who commissioned this from me get back with better photos from their photographer, but! In light of the potential tumblr purge coming soon I wanted to make sure that everyone sees this!!!

8 feet long and 40+ hours later this is by far the most labor intensive calligraphy piece I’ve ever made. I offered the couple the 3 hands I could do as examples, with gothic being my worst and slowest one. Of course, that’s the one they picked.

And it’s pretty much a giant shitpost. You know that Willy Wonka contract they sign before going into the factory? With a few modifications, this is it.

I used all 4 parallel pen sizes and a Viscotti 1.4 mm. The ink is Diamine Purple Pizzazz–except for the writing written at the very bottom. That’s in copperplate, and written using diamine Golden Sands.

I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of anything I’ve made tbh. Had to redo it 6 times but EVENTUALLY!!! I GOT IT!!!

It says, for those of you who are curious and also are normal people who have troubles reading gothic:

“WHEREAS The management cannot be held responsible for anything at all.


WHEREAS For damage caused by falling stars, over-indulgence in silly drinks, or frippery of any sort, kind or condition, consequently the undersigned take responsibility, et cetera, et cetera.

WHEREAS During the term of this Agreement you will become and remain, at your sole cost and expense and at our request, a member in good standing of this merry bunch. Nothing herein contained shall be deemed serious or binding, except for that which is written and agreed to by the undersigned party, et cetera, et cetera.

WHEREAS It is highly unlikely that things will go according to plan, the undersigned agrees to play along as though we meant it all along.


WHEREAS Additional contractual verbiage is in accordance with the original inspiration and model of this particular contract, and said verbiage shall continue to reduce in size until the undersigned has squinted sufficiently hard and of a duration satisfying no person specifically, the undersigned will now sign their name and be social.


Whereas the undersigned has read thus far with aide of magnifying glass or supernatural vision, with accordance of the Agreement above, shall hurry up already and sign the damn thing because they are holding up the guest book line and the cake shall be cut without you.”

PS–who would have ever thought my mom’s 10 lb silver candlesticks would have made such good paperweights?

Wedding HCs

  • Baz would be the pickiest groom ever and you can’t convince me otherwise. He would have specific plans for every flower in the venue. “I SAID AUBURN, THIS IS MAROON YOU QUIVERING IMBECILE.” “So help me Merlin, if something goes wrong the person responsible will find themselves without working limbs.”
  • Simon would be allowed to pick the food with guidance. Nothing else because “Snow has the dress sense of a depressed raccoon.”
  • Daphne and Agatha would be on hand to calm him down and help him pick out suits while Penny helped with organisation. Fiona, of course, would be laughing her arse of drinking prosecco.
  • Endless debates on how to work out the last names. “I’m not changing my name to Tyrannus Basilton Snow-Pitch. It sounds like some strange type of snowman.” “Do I have to take both your last names?”
  • Baz wins the name game in the end. “You’re an idiot, Snow.” “That’s Mr. Grimm-Pitch to you.”
  • Simon made a joke about inscribing their wedding rings with the words ‘Make a wish’ in honour of their first kiss. Baz didn’t speak to him for three days.
  • Their first dance was to 'Into my arms’ because Baz is a sap Fiona approved.
Me, in the morning of my older sister’s wedding day with the professional make up lady

Me: ‘Well, I’m sort of into the goth aesthetic. But it’s up to you. You’re the professional here. They got you out of a wedding catalogue, right? Hence I assume you are good and know what you are doing.’ 

Her, looking at me: ‘It’s quite refreshing to here that. It’s nice.’

Me: ‘That said, I see myself in dark lipstick. It brings out my very pale skin and makes me look like Eva Green in Penny Dreadful. But that is a mere suggestion. Everything else is up to you.’

Her: ‘That’s fine.’

well-idontevenknow-anymore  asked:

hey do you know any fics that are not too Lydia friendly?? like fics that show that she is overestimated in the series or that she isn't all that the people think she is - it can be Sterek or Steter or no parings at all (really the paring doesn't really matter) I think i saw one like this but this is not a lost fic request soooo THANKS FOR YOUR WORK YOU ARE SAVING PEOPLE YOU UNDERSTAND THAT??

I went with Lydia Martin is a Bad Friend because I couldn’t find pure anti-Lydia fics. Sorry! -Letta

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stiles and his journal and his loney heart by givemesterekorgivemedeath

(1/1 | 1,071 | Explicit | Sterek)

Stiles is a rambler. He knows, the pack knows, his father knows, the entirety of beacon freakin’ hills knows. But the things he can’t say he writes in his journal.

The Husband & The Best Friend by Kuriosity

(1/1 | 1,158 | Teen | Sterek)

“Would you please let me explain what happen?”



“You cheated on me with my best friend! What’s there to explain?”

Take two? by Dark_Arts19 (TRINITY_Stngrd)

(1/1 | 2,624 | Explicit | Stiles/Derek/Scott)

Stiles walks in on his boyfriend cheating on him with his best friend. His Alphas show up to make him feel better

Why Try Anything? by AlmostSilent

(1/1 | 4,339 | Teen | Sterek)

Stiles was feeling like such an idiot. God, everyone had warned him, they told him that Derek would get bored, that he’d find someone else. Stiles was just a distraction for Derek, just someone to fluff his ego and make him feel good until he was ready to find someone better, someone more permanent. It would’ve been less embarrassing if the whole pack hadn’t been warning him, if it wasn’t Lydia who finally got the proof and shattered his delusion with a series of incriminating picture messages. Less embarrassing, but probably no less painful.

Someone who understands by SnazzyJazzyH

(1/1 | 5,004 | Teen | Stiles & Jackson)

“What are you doing here Stiles?” Jackson questioned, more confused than annoyed.

“I-I didn’t know where else to go,” Stiles shuffled looking down at his feet.

Jackson had never seen Stiles this beaten down. It was like everything that life could have possibly thrown at him had been. Something had to have happened that was unthinkable to turn this unbreakable boy into a shell standing before Jackson.

“Get in here,” Jackson opened the door wider, welcoming Stiles in.

Keep it strong, even when your hope is gone by Arriefifangirl

(15/15 | 11,194 | Mature | Stiles/ Sam Winchester) *Rape/NonCon

Stiles has had enough of being mistreated by his friends and his family not only did his boyfriend cheat on him with one of his best friends but he also finds out his dad is lying to him. When everyone forgets his birthday Stiles finally takes drastic action. Only then does he truly find his wings.

Say Yes To The Tux: Groomzilla’s Revenge by Virago77

(1/1 | 12,495 | Teen | Sterek)

Stiles wasn’t a ‘Groomzilla’ in what could be called the traditional sense. Yes, he wanted his way and wouldn’t be swayed, but it wasn’t because he wanted outrageous or lavish things. Stiles wanting the wedding of his dreams meant that he wanted the wedding that best suited his personality—elegance and expense be damned. But to understand, you must start at the beginning…

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I’ve never seen this done before on tumblr but can you please write a fic on Richie and eddies wedding

Hi ho, this has been in my inbox for a while and I’m finally admitting that I won’t write it (I tried, I really did). Reddie meet cute at a wedding? Yes. Angsty meet up at a wedding? Sure. The actual wedding? Not my jam. But! I have some HC for you, hopefully that suffices. 

  • Eddie and Richie have basically been engaged since they started dating. Even at 16 both knew that it was inevitable that, one day, they’d get married. 
  • That didn’t stop both from crying when Eddie proposed to Richie (a week before Richie’s planned proposal to Eddie).
  • Then Eddie got to work. He had a thick binder full of wedding plans. He’d been taking notes at every wedding they went to- likes and dislikes, what worked and what didn’t. 
  • So when it came to planning his own he was ready and the planning went (mostly) without a hitch. 
  • Morning of, Eddie woke up in his hotel room, sandwiched between Mike and Bill. 
  • (He had insisted on not seeing Richie before the first look. Eddie is a sucker for traditions)
  • Naturally, the first thing he wanted to do was see Richie, to squeal that his fiance was finally becoming his husband. 
  • But, luckily, Mike and Ben realized that would happen. They had planned a full morning, not giving Eddie a chance to sneak off.
  • (Stan and Bev did the same for Richie.) 
  • The morning went by in a flash and finally it was time for their first looks.  It was just them, like both wanted.
  • Richie was standing at a handrail, overlooking a lake as Eddie walked quietly to him, already tearing up as he took in the fitted blood red suit and converse, knowing that he was wearing the ivory tie they’d picked out, the opposite of Eddie’s white suit and red bow tie.  
  • “Baby,” Eddie choked out, still a few steps from Richie. 
  • Richie turned immediately and Eddie watched the joy spread across his face as he ran to Eddie, picking him up and spinning him while peppering his face with kisses.
  • “I missed you,” Richie told him. Then, when he finally put Eddie down, “You look so amazing.” 
  • Eddie couldn’t speak because he was still crying, everything was finally hitting him. 
  • “Are you okay?” Richie asked, wiping Eddie’s tears away with his thumb. 
  • Eddie nodded. “It’s finally happening.” Part of him still couldn’t believe it, they’d been through so much, been together for years and friends for longer, and now they were getting married in front of family and friends. 
  • “Fucking right it is.” Richie said, kissing him soundly. Then he leaned in, whispering so the photographer couldn’t hear, “You look so hot in that suit, I can’t wait to rip it off later.” 
  • Eddie flushed and made himself pull back. “We need to get married first.”
  • Richie grabbed his hand. “That’s motivation if I’ve heard it, let’s go.” They walked together to the closed doors, their guests waiting on the other side.
  • All the losers turned, whooping as they joined the group. The procession started, Richie unable to stop talking and waving as they walked. 
  • Finally they were there, ready for the ceremony to start. Eddie was in tears before Mike even spoke.
  • (He got ordained online, they couldn’t imagine having someone outside the group marry them)
  • They wrote their own vows, Richie made everyone’s crack up, Eddie’s didn’t leave a dry eye in the house. 
  • Then, suddenly and not suddenly at all, they were married, slipping rings on each other and kissing. 
  • (Eddie dipped Richie, much to the delight of their guests)

(If you want a part 2 with the reception let me know?)