Claire & Jarod say “I do!”

It’s been nearly two weeks since I headed to Vermont, and Claire and Jarod’s wedding is still on the top of my mind. From start to finish it felt like I stepped into a top bridal magazine’s feature of a whimsical rustic Vermont barn wedding; it was absolutely perfect (pouring rain and all). 

Photo cred:  Jay Kennedy, Catamount Studios

But before I dive into the wedding that changed my mind about not ever having one, let me start from the beginning: 

My friend Jocelyn (also from Queen’s!) and I rented a car at 8:30am sharp a few Friday mornings ago and headed east to Quebec, and then south to Vermont (a nine hour drive in our rented Volkswagen, which somehow went by very fast *cough good company cough*). 

I had never been to Vermont, but wow, it did not disappoint.  The Appalachain mountains, the bright green grass and trees, lakes and streams, and bicycles leaning up against white picket fences, all in all it was even better than I had imagined it (And because of this this Vermont Instagram I follow, I imaged it well!). 

That evening we arrived at the White Horse Inn (which, if you’re in the area, stay!! It was so quaint and cute and wonderful) in Waitsfield, VT and quickly found our other friends before heading into the small town for dinner, drinks and to see the bride n’ groom.  

Claire (bride!), Jarod (groom!) and Naomi (MOH!) live in Boston, so it was more than fabulous to get some quality time with them.  It’s because of these people that Boston has quickly risen on my I-maybe-sorta-kinda-wanna-move-there-one-day list #mypeople. 

That evening Naomi “practiced” her MOH speech on Jocelyn and I, which went a little something like this, “Claire, instead of giving you a speech, I got you a gift; I present to you Jocelyn dancing!” Jocelyn then proceeded to chicken dance and I am SO SAD I accidentally deleted the video of this. Such a happy funny memory. 

The next morning, as the bride n’ groom and MOH n’ wedding party went to get dolled up, a group of us decided to go for a quickie of a hike; after all, we were in beautiful Vermont! The weather was, well, it wasn’t ideal wedding day weather, that’s for sure. 

In a summer that’s been hotter and dryer than ever, this was the weekend the clouds rolled in, skies opened up, and it rained and rained and then rained some more. Nonetheless, we laced up our runners, and headed out for a hike. 

We chose a short one (sunset lookout), but I gotta say, despite how short it was, it was decent and definitely got my heart beating. Massive props to Bethany who did the hike with her little guy, Sam, on her! I was soooo impressed! 

Because the clouds were so deep in the mountains we didn’t get the views, but we get another type of beauty which I loved too (it reminded me of my Switzerland road trip with Jen!) 

After our hike the group of us headed to the Waitsfield Farmer’s market where we dined on a vegan burrito (’twas better than it looked) and hustled from umbrella to umbrella. 

Eventually the rain stopped (hooray!) as we headed home to get ready and then head to the wedding at 1824 House (<– name dropping on the off chance you’re looking for a wedding venue in Vermont, because it was so beautiful!). 

When I arrived at the venue my mouth dropped. The backdrop, the tent, the barn… everywhere I looked I wanted to snap a photo; it was my personal dream wedding, and Claire was about to walk up the most perfect aisle in what I thought was the most perfect fairy tale scene. 

It was challenging to capture on my iPhone lens (bright outside, candlelit inside) so these photos hardly touch on the perfection of it all, but from her dress to the flower dogs (!) to the vowels, everything was beautiful, and everything was so Claire and Jarod. 

The rain was on & off the whole evening, but the tent was always warm and bustling. People often complain about speeches at weddings, but I always love them, and this wedding continued to show me why. Naomi’s (actual) heartfelt maid of honour speech made me laugh n’ cry and think about how lucky I am to have so many female friends in my life. 

And Jarod’s dad spontaneously also gave a speech, where one sentence in particular stood out to me, “I have never been as proud of you as I am today, looking at this tent full of people who love you.”  That’s what life’s about, eh? Friends and laughs and love love love. 

And… dancing! After a delicious dinner (the food was so good!) we ended to the twinkle lit dance floor to watch the first dance. 

I wrote this in Claire’s card, but the reason I battle and force my way through terrible online date after terrible online date is to find something similar to what Jarod and Claire have (ideally, with the dogs as well).  

This is where the rest of the night’s photos start to become few and far between on my iPhone because I was so busy having so much fun.  I’ll let this beautiful gif below explain the incredible dance floor vibe, and also quickly note the late night snack was poutine *hearts in eyes emoticon.*

I ended up rolling into bed around two am (I think? maybe?) and dived straight into a plate of pancakes the next morning at the post-wedding brunch.  

Then, to continue on with the Vermont-is-magical-theme, everyone was invited for a dip in Blueberry Lake to celebrate.   

Joce and I ended up leaving Vermont around 2pm (but not before devouring delicious tacos at the Mad Taco in Waitsfield (recommended!)) and headed back to Canada-land after a weekend filled with friends, celebration, and love!

Congratulations Claire and Jarod, I am so pleased I got to share incredible perfect day with you. Thank you so much for including me! xoxo


WV: You may now kiss.
GG: sorry, girls, i play to WIN.

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