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what would bts be like on their wedding day?


  • would want a super big extravagant wedding
  • invites everyone he knows
  • rents out an entire island for the wedding and honeymoon
  • the venue is a private beach with golden sand and crystal waters
  • of course a beautiful pink theme
  • he’d be having the time of his life interacting with all the guests
  • telling everyone funny stories about adventures he went on with his partner
  • it wouldn’t fully hit him until he’s at the alter and his bride walks out in a sparkling rose colored dress
  • and a lil tiara with personalized crystals
  • and his mouth drops open in awe because this is it he’s marrying the love of his life
  • rushes through the vows because he cant wait any longer
  • you’re finally mine, princess
  • lots of laughing, dancing, and big smiles the entire night
  • and of course champagne popping

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  • the whole day would be like a fairy tale
  • pisces are hopeless romantics and they dream of their wedding day
  • the entire time he’d be on cloud nine, practically floating
  • would want a traditional venue
  • like a nice cathedral or even a castle
  • a small crowd of friends and family
  • listen, this boy would be so emotional
  • he’d be able to hold it in until his bride appears
  • in a flowy ball gown that’s fit for a princess
  • a sniffle or two would definitely slip through
  • okay more like a lot of sniffles
  • he’d prepare a gorgeous piece of poetry to read during the vows
  • that talks about the blessing his s/o is and how he can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with them
  • and now the entire venue is in tears
  • a joyous, emotional day


  • aquariuses are always innovative
  • so he’d find a really creative venue
  • like a skyscraper or an amusement park
  • would entertain his guests with a live band
  • he’d be really hyper and excited and just have too many feels to express
  • can’t stand still
  • the whole aesthetic of their outfits would be unique and different
  • nothing traditional
  • i don’t think he’d get overemotional during the ceremony
  • just have the biggest smile on his face
  • it’d be a fun event for him
  • the emotion and passion is saved for the honeymoon
  • wink wink
  • hypes his wife up so much
  • is literally that will smith meme
  • choreographs a dance with his bride!!!
  • it’d be really cheesy and cute but also super impressive
  • a day no one would ever forget

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  • virgos are very meticulous
  • and are perfectionists
  • would plan every single detail
  • probably stresses out over it
  • “joon don’t worry. i know it’s going to be amazing”
  • “i just want everything to be perfect for you jagi”
  • but that day, specifically when he lays eyes on his bride, all his nerves fade away
  • i can see him liking his bride to wear something a little fitted
  • that shows off her curves and a lil skin
  • if u know what i mean
  • a nice traditional setting with a sensual touch
  • pulls out an entire speech he typed out from his pocket during the vows
  • the rest of the boys cheer and holler extra loud during the kiss
  • everything would go as amazing as he wished and he’d be soso happy and satisfied


  • invites every person he’s ever encountered
  • because he doesn’t want anyone to feel left out
  • probably has planned it with his partner for years
  • chooses a gorgeous venue
  • like a huge breathtaking white castle
  • which would be very fitting because he’d look like an actual prince
  • before the ceremony, he’d be rushing around trying to great as many people as possible and thank them for coming
  • libras always want to make everyone happy
  • would need someone to make him slow down and remind him it’s his day
  • absolutely lost for words when he sees his bride
  • wow. jagi you look….wow.
  • thought he’d be able to keep his cool during the vows but is so flustered and blushy
  • kisses her way longer than necessary but he can’t help it
  • a picture perfect wedding


  • his family and roots are really important to him
  • so i can see him choosing a pretty venue in his hometown, daegu
  • maybe some place he visited a lot during his childhood
  • so that he can make even more amazing memories there
  • a small traditional ceremony
  • with his family and close friends
  • honestly he could care less where it happens, as long as his bride is there with him
  • tries his hardest to contain his emotions
  • makes a lot of jokes to shake off his nerves
  • can’t help letting out an amazed “wahhh…” when his brides comes out in a white gown that looks like it was made for her
  • can’t take his eyes off her
  • cups her face in his hands when he kisses her
  • the rest of the night would be filled with a lot of laughs
  • playfully puts cake frosting on her nose and she puts some on his cheeks
  • an unforgettable day

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  • a big bundle of nerves and emotions
  • being a virgo, he wants everything to be perfect
  • thinks of it kinda like a concert and he wants to “perform” his best
  • practices his vows the entire week before
  • or month
  • his libra venus makes him quite the romantic
  • would want a venue in the middle of a rose garden that’s lit by the night sky and twinkling lights
  • nothing too fancy or large, just his closest friends and family
  • needs several pep talks from the boys
  • constantly fixing his hair or adjusting his tie
  • the ring accidentally slips from his hands because they’re so sweaty
  • which makes everyone chuckle and kinda breaks the ice
  • once he looks into his bride’s eyes his nerves would disappear
  • he’d forget everyone else is in the room, it’d only be you two
  • later in the night, he surprises his wife with a song he secretly prepared
  • one they both listened to together a lot; their song
  • and serenades her right there
  • it’s so beautiful and touching and everything she could ever wish for

It’s an honor to be a part of such happy moments 💙

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Wedding invitation enclosure card tips:

  1. If your ceremony and reception are being held in the same location, you can forgo the reception card and simply state on your invite that the reception is “immediately following”
  2. Save $$$ by combining the accommodation and direction card (two-sided). Also less paper is more environmentally friendly.

My sister and her fiance are tying the knot and I couldn’t be happier for them! Naturally I wanted to design her wedding stationary. I am so pleased with how these turned out and so happy for their union.

Hand done watercolor elements and digital work were combined to make these engagement invites.

for more information on commissions and wedding invite designs contact me here-

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Can I request some really specific wedding hc's for the main three. Like where potentially, what season. Wedding theme/colors vows.


  • autumn wedding!
  • the venues colour palette will include gentle warm and cold colours (blues, browns and hues of yellow)
  • he still makes sure to have some glitz and glam through the popping colour of the flowers and the gigantic cake he claims is very necessary
  • though in autumn, it would take place somewhere where it’s still relatively warm (Italy, Spain..)
  • traditional Russian after party, no excuses-
  • main vow: to never leave their side or abandon them


  • spring wedding!
  • takes place in Japan during the cherry blossom season
  • the wedding will stick close to Japanese traditions
  • palette: royal reds, yellows, rich pigments to suit the traditional Japanese ways
  • it would take place during daytime, to enjoy the post-ceremony party amongst the blooming cherry blossoms
  • main vow: always be emotional support to them


  • I can imagine a May/June spring/summer season
  • close to home, Russia, so his grandfather can attend with ease
  • nothing too extravagant, a formal wedding
  • fulfils every wish his partner has for the wedding
  • invites only his closest friends and family
  • main vow: to always make sure that they’re happy

“Do you have a girlfriend?”
“Yes, I do. We’ve been together since January.”
“Then, you must still be in the early stage of your relationship.”
“No, I’m getting married tomorrow.”
“Actually I came here to invite my friends to my wedding.”
“Why did you decide to get married this early?”
“Well, if I’m supposed to marry her, then there’s really no difference if I marry her this month, in November, or next year. No matter when we do it, she is worth marrying, so I thought the earlier the better.”
“When did you realize you wanted to marry her?”
“The third time we met. I was convinced that she would never give up on me.”

“여자 친구 있으세요?”
“네, 있어요. 올해 1월 부터 만났어요.”
“그럼 나름 연애 초기네요?”
“아니요, 내일 결혼해요.”
“원래 오늘 결혼한다고 친구들 연락하려고 나온 거에요.”
“왜 이렇게 빨리 진행하게 됐나요?”
“그냥 뭐 이 사람이랑 어차피 결혼할거면, 이번 달에 결혼하든 11월달에 결혼하든 내년에 결혼하든 결혼하는 거잖아요. 어차피 결혼하고 싶은 사람이니 빨리 하는 게 좋잖아요.”
“언제 결혼하고 싶다는 생각이 드셨나요?”
“세 번째 만났을 때요. 그 때 이 사람이면 나를 끝까지 안 버리겠구나하는 확신이 들더라구요.”