Since the marriage equality decision, we’re obsessed with weddings! These are just a few things we’ve been pinning on our Pinterest board, “Marriage.” 

We want to know how are gay and lesbian couples redefining or changing weddings? New traditions? The fashion? The cakes? The invites? Share with us your wedding stories & photos and they might end up in an article we are working on! 

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Holy crap ya’ll I actually finished something!..I have severe adcd (attention deficit creative disorder) meaning I start a projects..think of something else I want to do start that project before I know it I’ve got eleventy billion and one works in progress lol anyhoo not this time!

I present my wedding collection, I thought our simmies were severely lacking suitable wedding attire so I whipped up a few gowns, thank you to NotEgain I used her magnificent Crows-Nest dress mesh, I don’t believe you need her gown for mine to work but if you do have issues just go ahead and get’s gorgeous anyway so your simmies will thank you ^_^

well I think that’s about it, the top are from CAS and bottom are in game, I did not edit or alter lighting or anything I only scaled (i’m hopeless at previews), so what you see is what you get… I may do a prom you can see my creations are few and far between..I’m all about quality over quantity lol, anyhoo I hope you like them and enjoy!


Proud to present this picture of a bridal gown I’ve been working on for quite some time :) Victorian inspired, made of high quality soft lace, silk cotton lining, decorated & hemmed with about 150 yards of lace and trim.

For all links & info about my designs, see: 


Hayley Paige!! 💗
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