A DiNozzo Wedding

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Title: A DiNozzo Wedding

Pairing: DiNozzo x Reader

Word count: 1,161

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by the lovely @maybe-mikala! I hope you guys enjoy this!! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

Today was the big day.  You never thought in a million years that you would be marrying Tony DiNozzo, the man of your dreams.  After knowing him for a year, you dated him for two years and you’ve been engaged for the last two years.  This journey was a roller coaster to say the least, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

You were adorned in a white gown.  It was closer to a princess dress, but it wasn’t as puffy as one.  It was sparkly and it fit your body perfectly.  You stood in your ready room, feeling the butterflies in your stomach.  The butterflies in your stomach were battling the joy you felt in your heart.  If it wasn’t for Abby, your nerves would have been shot.  Abby was your maid of honor who stood by your side and helped you plan everything.

Abby opened the door, poking her head inside.  “[Y/N] you look so beautiful,” Abby beamed.  She pranced into the room, wrapping you up in her arms.  She gave you a short hug, holding your arms in her hands.  She gave your arms an encouraging squeeze.  “Are you ready?  It’s almost time.  I can’t believe you’re getting married!  This is such a great day!”

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