Wedding Double Speak

So I was looking through some wedding blogs and found a blog entry about wedding double speak (

I found this to be a very good blog entry and a few of the points she makes I can relate to. In summary, she discusses how in “wedding land” you say one thing but really mean something else!

 I especially enjoyed this excerpt about the grooms:

  • “It looks great, babe!” = “I don’t even know what I’m looking at, babe!”
  • “Can I help with anything?” = “Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease don’t answer yes.”
  • “No! Nobody’s going to notice.” = “Notice what? What am I even looking at?”
  • “You’re fine!” = “Stop being such a crazy b**** or I’m going to nominate you for next season’s Bridezillas.”
  • “It’s not too late to rethink this whole courthouse thing” = “Let’s please get married at the courthouse.”

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Perhaps I’m being a little unfair as we aren’t that far into our planning, but I have a feeling many of these things my fiancé will be saying (if he hasn’t already!). Oh it’s all good fun :)


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The Black Cats join the Beehive

Here is the ridiculous, barely intelligible way that I told my fiancé that I got accepted to blog for Weddingbee.

And now here I am, attempting to be slightly more pulled-together than the above example. 

If it wasn’t already clear, I am so incredibly stoked to join the hive! In a way, choosing to plan a wedding is a lot like joining a science fiction style hive-mind. There are all sorts of things you could barely imagine thinking about, like the color and placement of napkins, or the socks your best friends will be wearing. But then you kind of just plug into the group brain and accept your new life. Well, at least I certainly have!

I’ve chosen “Ms. Black Cat” for myself, we’re getting married on Halloween. Like I said to Mrs. Mouse… it’s almost a little too on-the-nose. But before we get to the details about the wedding, a little about us.

Despite having very different backgrounds Mr. B-Cat and I have oddly convergent paths. He grew up in small town in south Texas, where several generations of his Mexican family live in a cozy, manageable distance from one another. Every summer from the age of fourteen, he and his family would travel north in a pickup truck to pick corn in Iowa for the extra income. His parents encouraged him to study like mad so that his future wouldn’t be in those same fields. So he did, and like the little that nerd he is, he was accepted to Harvard University, where we met.

My father immigrated to the States from Haiti, my mom from the Philippines. Together they made this Bee (so…I’m legitimately black and yellow, lol). We moved all over the US for years, living on both coasts, as well as the North and South. The constant uprooting was traded in for a different sort when my parents divorced, which if anything brought my mother, me, and my brothers closer together. It also taught me a lot about what to look for in a partner.

Two paths converge.

I met Mr. B-Cat on the very first day of undergrad since he lived on a floor below mine. I absolutely loathe the phrase “the friendzone”, but by all accounts he conquered it and we ended up dating a year or so afterwards. Since being together from college and into our mid twenties, we’ve grown so much in that time and it’s wild to track that trajectory.

Safdie Architects

He proposed in August of last year at the 1959 Chapel at Harvard Business School. Right afterwards, we took the car and went shopping for groceries and pet food, just because. It was perfect.

Over five years together, he and I have come up with a number of ways to describe how we work well together. One is that when we play the Zelda video games, I’m the one to navigate the dungeons and solve the puzzles, while Mr. B-Cat would fight the minions and defeat the bosses. Video game strategy = life strategy, basically. While I tackle the goals, money, planning, and uncertainty; he takes care of our day-to-day with cleaning, feeding pets, paying utilities, and generally making sure nothing catches on fire. 

In what seems to be the Weddingbee tradition, we also love to don couple’s costumes together! But we definitely go HARD on the cosplay even outside of Halloween.

The Black Cats at Boston Comic Con as characters from the Saga comic book series by Brian K. Vaughn

….and as Nurse Joy and Chansey from Pokémon. We’re goobers. (Image via

So it makes sense for us to A) get married on Halloween, B) have a ridiculous theme to dress up the occasion. We’re calling that theme “Southwestern Baroque”. It’s a totally fictional aesthetic, kind of like Steampunk, which marries a time period with an anachronism. Basically like if Marie Antoinette celebrated Dia de los Muertos outdoors at a Spanish-style cottage in coastal Georgia. Having a hard time picturing it? Don’t worry, we hired a photographer.

Kirsten Dunst in ‘Marie Antoinette’ edited using Muertitos sticker pack

So far, planning our wedding has been exhilarating. And while I can’t promise that every detail or DIY will be universal, I’m gonna do my best to make it a trip for y’all.

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