Wedding WordPress Theme

The web designers of studio ENTIRI have developed this beautiful wedding WordPress theme called “Wedding vow”. The theme is fully responsice and based on Twitter’s Bootstrap framework.

For more information about this wedding WordPress theme, check out here. You can also buy it on ThemeForest.

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Come On People

Seeing that @buzzfeed article about the wedding website designer suing to be able to not serve LGBT couples makes me really sad. She claims it’s because she’s chosen God’s path and believes marriage is still only for man and woman. I’m a cradle catholic, I went to private school pretty much my entire life. My grandpa is a deacon so my religion is a big part of my life. Not once was I taught that anyone was less than me or that just because a man loves a man or a woman loves a woman that they are undeserving of equality in pursuit of happiness and love. I think it’s pathetic when people use religion as an excuse because from a Catholic standpoint Jesus never turned anyone away (remember the tax collector, the woman who supposedly commuted adultery, lepers, and prostitutes) he was not righteous. So why should we use his name as an excuse to be righteous. I was taught to accept everyone and treat everyone equally. I don’t care if you don’t agree with how someone lives their life it’s your right to think whatever you want but it is your “religious duty” to love everyone and accept them and help them however you can. And by help I don’t mean try and convert them to being straight because that’s a load of crap, I mean if a LGBT couple wants a wedding website you make them a damn wedding website. These people are willing to pay you for a service and you’re gonna turn that away and try and sue them? Grow up.