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I know you've recommended a bunch of fics where lily takes james as her date to her sisters wedding but I'm not sure what tag to look under. Thank you so much!

Here are a ton that involve Lily and James at Petunia’s wedding!  There are certainly more but this is a good start!

Title: A Tale of Wooing Parents
Author: corny sloth
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 5,881
Summary: James Potter is invited to Petunia Evans’s wedding. While there, he has to deal with meeting his girlfriend’s parents, her raging hormones, and naturally, his own.

Title: What A Beautiful Wedding
General Audiences
Word Count:
‘Sneaking away… from your sister’s wedding… for a snog…’ said James breathlessly between kisses. ‘Classy, Evans—’ She shut him up by kissing him harder, knocking his glasses askew and tangling her hands in his hair.  ‘Psh …’ she muttered as his lips moved to her neck. ‘This is what weddings were invented for.’

Title: For Better or Worse  
Author: B.C Daily  
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,914
Summary: When Lily was seven, she was married to her sister Petunia beneath a half-dying oak tree in their small back garden wearing their father’s old dinner jacket and a dusty, black top hat. LilyPetunia, Lily/James.

Title: Wedding Crashers
Author: ninjanervana
Rating: T
Genre(s): Friendship
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 8,669
Summary: Lily is forced to be a bridesmaid in Petunia’s wedding and she’s sure it will be an absolute nightmare. But maybe with a little help from her friends, it won’t be so bad. Set during their 6th year. Lily/James friendship, Lily/Marauders friendship

Title: Queen of the Crunk
Author: Lobotomised
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 19
Word Count: 78,241
Summary: He asked her to Hogsmeade one hundred and thirty seven times. Then he stopped. And now Lily Evans has to battle her own fat mouth and mad head and the probability that number one hundred and thirty eight’s going to have to be on her if she wants James Potter to ever smile her way again. Oh dear. 

Title: Fiancée
Author: Molly Raesly 
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 82,420
Summary: “I dropped my fork. Did he really just say that? Smehkaleen.” The much awaited sequel to Molly Raesly’s “Boyfriend.”

Title: Wellies
Word Count:
Jily Modern AU Oneshot. All Lily wanted was a drink to get through her sister’s wedding, but the bartender won’t let her get away that easily.

Title: A Cokeworth Wedding 
Word Count:
James and Lily attend Petunia’s wedding, which is a world away in more ways than one.

Title: Petunia’s Wedding
Word Count:
ONESHOT! James shows up to Petunia’s wedding unannounced, and Lily doesn’t mind a bit. Set in seventh year. Based on the song All About Us by He Is We.

Title: We could call it something boring, I suppose
Word Count:
 Lily and James go to Petunia’s wedding. HUZZAH! Friendshipfic.

Title: A Sister’s Wedding
Romance, Hurt, Comfort
Word Count:
Lily and James escape Hogwarts for a weekend in order to attend Vernon and Petunia’s wedding in London. Lily/James 7th Year Two Shot.

Title: Disrupting A Muggle Affair
Humour, Romance
Word Count:
“You can dress him up…” At Petunia’s wedding, everyone’s favorite wizarding couple causes a bit of a scene.

Title: The Wedding 
Romance, Humour
Word Count:
Lily makes one of the poorer decisions of her life and asks James to attend Petunia’s wedding. It was all going quite well, really, until James discovered the liquor table…

Title: Yellow
Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count:
At Petunia’s wedding Lily has a bit of difficulty keeping a straight face and keeping to her sister’s rules for the day. Having James there doesn’t help matters. One-shot.

Title: A Cokeworth Wedding
Genre(s): Romance
Word Count:
At Petunia’s wedding Lily has a bit of difficulty keeping a straight face and keeping to her sister’s rules for the day. Having James there doesn’t help matters. One-shot.


I passed 100 followers when I wasn’t looking and…wow seriously, thank you guys! I just showed up to write fic and be fandom trash and I’ve met and heard from so many lovely people!

As a gift, I’m gonna let y’all choose which fic you want me to start next. I’ll write all of them eventually, but I’m babysitting tonight and should have a couple hours to myself after the small human I watch goes to bed, so it’s a good day to start a fic!

Message, send me an ask, or reblog with which of the following three fics you’d like me to start:

- the one with engaged!Belle and Adam and berry picking season

- the one where they go to Paris and Versailles (this will probably end up being a two- or three-shot)

- wedding night fic

Jumin’s route is so disconnected from the main plot, but the implications for it are interesting.

  • V actually comes to the party in this route.
  • He promises to tell Seven everything and looks like he’ll keep his word.
  • The Valentine’s Day DLC shows that he took pictures at Jumin and MC’s wedding, meaning he’s alive.
  • He can also see well enough to take the photographs in the DLC, when in Jumin’s main ending he can barely see out of his left eye.

Jumin being part of the Deep Story never made any sense to me, considering you barely learn anything and don’t unlock a single secret. But while Saeran and Rika are never mentioned and nothing is resolved on-screen, it almost feels like Jumin’s route is an AU where V comes clean and lives and gets the surgery. 

Just let me have this.

Patater Week (Feb 6) Get Together

you know how i said i wasn’t doing this

apparently i am a liar.

(all the week’s fics will go onto ao3)

They literally slam into each other at a roller rink.

It’s a You Can Play benefit thing for kids. Kent’s too busy watching to make sure he doesn’t run over one of the mini-tots that he completely misses the giant headed in his direction. And you would think, wouldn’t you, that a guy whose career involved balancing on knives on ice would take a check on skates as well as he did in an ice rink, but nope. Kent hits Alexei Mashkov head-on and sends them both into a pile on the ground.

The icing on the cake is Kent’s arm clotheslining a six-year-old on the way down.

So now he and Tater are both sitting on the side of the roller skating rink, holding matching cold packs to their faces while a small child stuffs tissues up his nose to stop the bleeding.

“I’mb gonna tell everybody at school that Kent Parsob hit by face!” the kid tells Kent happily, oblivious to his dad’s efforts to keep him from talking and thereby snorting blood everywhere.

Kent gives him a weak thumbs up. At his side, Alexei makes a noise that might actually be a giggle.

“You so cute with kids,” Alexei says.

Damn language barriers, Kent thinks. “You mean I’m good with kids. And I’m not that great. They just like me because I’m ridiculous.”

“You are very ridiculous,” Alexie agrees. “But I’m choose right word, ‘cute.’ You are cute being with kids.”

Kent thinks the head-on collision must have knocked something loose in both their heads. He twists sideways and gapes, the effect of which is probably lost due to the ice pack covering half his face. “I’m sorry. What did you just say?”

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A little CS wedding one shot

This came up to my mind cause I just couldn’t help thinking about the moment when Emma and Killian will exchange rings at the wedding.. so here’s my take on this moment

PS: I’m not a writer (not by a long shot), so this goes unedited and unbeta’d

They were standing there on the deck of the Jolly in front of their families and friends. They have said their vows, full of promises and true love. There was one moment when Killian actually thought he was about to start crying, he couldn’t believe his luck and still was in cloud 9 thanks to the blonde goddess in front of him has agreed to marry him. Out of the two of them, she was actually the pirate who stole his heart. Emma was looking at him with a tenderness and love in her eyes, yes, he would gladly die for her a thousand times if it means she keeps smiling the way she’s doing it now.

After a moment, Henry gave them the rings, the symbols of a forever together. He took the ring and she offered her hand and just like the first and second proposal, Killian slipped the wedding band into her finger right next to her engagement ring. No words were spoken, if he start talking his tears were no longer would kept at bay, so he hoped that a meaningful glance in her direction was enough to tell her how much he loved her. 

It was her turn, she let go her hold on his hook and took the wedding ring with her left hand, her right one grabbed his wrist and caressed the top of his hand with her thumb.

“One more to your collection,” she said sliding the wedding band into his right ring finger.

“The only one that matters, my love”

Emma smiled and before he realized what she was doing, she brought his hand to her lips and kissed the spot where she put the ring just merely seconds ago.

He could no longer hold back a sob and tears slid down his cheek prompting her to swiped them with a soft caress and making him lean his face on her hand.

“Now I’m all yours.” There were no truer words spoken in that moment, his heart and soul belong to Emma, probably before he even realized she claimed them as hers a long time ago

“and I’m yours, Killian.”

They shared a tender kiss filled with passion and love, a promise of a lifetime partnership

“Just you and me?”

“Aye love, just you and me”


“Barry, I swear to god. If you walk up and down once more you’ll get a punch in the face.” Cisco said pushing him into a chair.

“Sorry…. I’m just really nervous. What if she says no? Or what if she ends up divorcing me?” He asked Cisco sitting up in the chair.

“Dude. She already said yes to going out with you, moving in with you and to be your fiancée. I’m pretty sure she’ll say yes to be your wife.” Cisco said patting him on the shoulder.

“She’s here!” Barry said standing up and fixing his tie.

“To be honest… I’m surprised that it’s (Y/N) that’s late and not you.” Cisco mumbled as he watched you walk down the isle 15 minutes late.

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An obsessive deep dive into the 'Outlander' Season 3 trailer
"I'll find you, I promise."
By Laura Prudom

The first teaser trailer for Outlander Season 3 is here, and we’re still crying.

It may only be 30 seconds of footage, but the new teaser says a lot with a little — especially since it features one of Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) most iconic monologues:

“I have lied, killed, and broken trust, but when I stand before God, I’ll have one thing to say to weigh against all the rest… Lord, you gave me a rare woman; God, I loved her well.”


We first heard those words in the Season 2 finale, right before Jamie sent his wife Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and their unborn child back through the Standing Stones at Craigh na Dun to return to her own time and her first husband, Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies), ensuring a safer life for them.

Claire and Jamie spent most of Season 2 trying to avert the Battle of Culloden, knowing that Jamie’s men — and the Highland way of life — were doomed to die in that fatal clash, but last year’s finale didn’t show us the event itself.

Thankfully (or sadly?), the wait is almost over: the first new scenes in the trailer give us a sense of just how devastating the battle must’ve been, with Jamie waking up amongst the bodies of his fallen comrades on Culloden Moor.

We then get a shot of Jamie in the midst of the bloody skirmish, before the action cuts back to the future, where we see Claire — now a doctor — living her life and raising their daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton) with Frank.

The teaser also offers our first look at Claire’s close friend Joe Abernathy (Wil Johnson), a fellow doctor who meets Claire during their internship at medical school. Judging by their serious expressions and focus, the staff are watching something troubling on TV — given the time period (sometime during the ‘50s or '60s), perhaps it’s coverage of JFK’s assassination or the Vietnam War?

While Bree’s real father is busy shooting at bewigged noblemen and wandering the moors looking bedraggled, we see Bree growing up happily oblivious with Claire and Frank, including scenes from her graduation ceremony and 16th birthday.

But it’s obvious from Claire’s pained expression here that Jamie is still on her mind — she’s clutching his mother’s pearls, the gift that Jamie gave her on their wedding day.

Since every shot in a promo is carefully chosen, it’s probably significant that the teaser cuts from Bree’s birthday party to Jamie hugging a child — it’s hard to imagine how painful it must be for him, believing that he’ll never get to meet his own son or daughter, and that his soulmate is growing old with another man instead of him.

Another neat inversion: Claire running to (or from) an operating room while Jamie is taking a life — and fans who’ve read Diana Gabaldon’s books should have a good idea who’s at the wrong end of his pistol.

But the most intriguing shot from the trailer is one that (at least if memory serves) isn’t a direct adaptation from Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager — a soggy Jamie crying out for Claire in what looks like the ruin of an old castle (or tower — perhaps Ellen’s?).

Is it a dream sequence? We know that Season 3 will be employing that device at least once, since we’ve seen a photo of Claire wandering over Culloden Moor in the aftermath of the battle. Perhaps Jamie’s hallucinating and simply having visions of his missing wife? Or maybe he heard a rumor that made him believe Claire had somehow returned to his time? (Prophecies and rumors abound in Outlander, after all.)

The Wedding Dress

Title: The Wedding Dress

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Gen, Brianna and Kim

Word Count: 526 - sorry :(

Warnings: None

A/N: This was written for Ash and Jill’s Birthday Challenge ( @eyes-of-a-disney-princess and @sis-tafics ). My prompt was “The one with all the wedding dresses”. I hope you guys enjoy it!

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Saeran Wedding Dance: One Shot

Hello everyone here is the first wedding dance one shot :) Since Saeran won first place, I did his first :) and for the song, I used a song I would love to use for my wedding. Bryan Adams: (Everything I Do) I do it for you  *when its italicized, they are talking okay don’t want people to get confused*

You will never find someone to love you! Love doesn’t exist! You and your brother are only good for one thing and that’s just wasting precious oxygen.

The words of my mother were playing like a broken record in my head. My brother, Saeyoung, was fixing my tie making sure I was presentable going to the alter. I was a nervous wreck because I couldn’t believe (y/n) even decided to marry me. Did she want to marry me? Perhaps she felt sorry for my pathetic self that she only said yes so I won’t have another episode. Another episode, hah, more like a fucking series. Perhaps I should just cancel the wedding before it even sta—SLAP—did he just fucking slap me!? “Look brother, I know we both believe we don’t deserve an ounce of care or love that the world wants to give us, but don’t shut (y/n) out now. Let yourself heal, out of the two of us, you deserve the most happiness and you know I love you and will support you 100%. However, I will not stand by and see you destroy a good ending for you. There is resetting, this is life, and even though you still hate me, as your brother and best man, I will drag you out there if I hate to.”  I just pulled him closer to me hugged him and cried “I’m scared she will leave me Saeyoung, but I will fight and die for her because there is nothing I want more than her. Thank you Saeyoung. I… uh… um love you”. I expected him to overreact but he just smiled and fixed my hair “Now let’s make that beautiful woman a Choi, shall we?”. I sighed and walked with my brother down the aisle to wait to see her. I waited 30 long minutes and when I saw everyone gasp, I lost all sense of my body. I belong to her and she is going to belong to me. I felt tears escape my eyes and I didn’t mind because seeing someone so beautiful, pure, intelligent, and loving, getting ready to marry me, is the best feeling in the world. I was finally happy.

Time Skip Wedding Dance

 I slowly guided my wife to the middle of the dance floor and before the DJ even played the song, I leaned in close to her ear and whispered “Please don’t be mad, I changed the song last minute because I still need you to understand my true feelings for you”. I backed away waiting for her to get mad at me but all she did was cup my cheek and caressed me. The lights dimmed down and the dance is about to being. The dance of our souls mending together.

 Look into my eyes, you will see, what you mean to me, search your heart, search your soul, and when you find me there you’ll search no more, don’t tell me it’s not worth trying’ for, you can’t tell me it’s not worth dying for, you know its true, everything I do, I do it for you. Look into your heart, you will find, theres nothing there to hide. Take me as I am, take my life, I would give it all, I would sacrifice. Don’t tell me its not worth fighting for, I can’t help it, there’s nothing I want more

 I whispered the lyrics to her ear. She had her eyes closed taking each and every single syllable into her memory. I need you to know I mean every fucking word because you are my angel. You saved me from hating myself for the rest of my life. You fucking saved me from taking my life away because I believe I had so much hatred in my heart but you showed me how to love. You showed me to forgive and to learn how to heal. You helped me heal from my wounds and I don’t know what I did to deserve you but just understand I am in love with you. I will work my ass off just for you to be happy, want to go back to school or move somewhere else, fine not a problem. I will work double or triple if I have to make sure you are alive and healthy. Knowing you are alive and just knowing when I wake up from my sleep you will be next to me, gives me strength to get through the day. You, I thank you for preventing me from exiting this world. I twirled her around seeing how beautiful she looks in white. She truly is an angel. 

 Yeah, I would fight for you

 I brought her a bit closer to me because from this moment. I’m giving her the power of my heart and soul. She has the power to completely destroy me but I know she wouldn’t do that to me. I trust her. I trust you with my life (y/n). I am finally giving my all to you. I grabbed her hand and gave it a tender kiss before placing it on my heart.

 I’d lie for you, Walk the wire for you,


This is my true vowels to you. I promise to love and protect you from anything or anyone if you want me too. I will lie to God himself just so you can get through the gates of heaven. I will sacrifice my time, my effort, my soul to you. I am not naïve, I understand we already visited hell many times, but I know in our lifetime, we still have many more trips to go. I look forward to those trips because I know when we get out of it, we will come back better and stronger. I gave her a twirl and I looked into her soul. My eyes were shedding tears because this is it. This is where she has the rest of me.

 Yeah I’d die for you… You know its true, Everything I do, oh, I do it for you.

 I did a steep dip but quickly got her up. I grabbed her face and made her look into my eyes.

 Thank you, for loving me. You are the reason why the blood still travels through my veins. My love is not enough for me to even show the gratitude I feel towards you. You are the light that led me out of the darkness in my life and just know (y/n), I rather go down first than you. You deserve so much happiness that I am willing to risk my life just to see you with what you truly deserve. I thank God for creating a perfect soul like yours. You, You will be the death of the old me. Thank you.

 I love you (y/n)

Imagine your wedding with Chris.

A/N: Here we go, here’s the finale. :D Thank you so much for showing all your love and support for this mini-series, I’ll be sure to inform you if I decide to write more for it. You can read the previous parts here: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4. This will be all added to my Masterlist but I’ll also be making one solely for this mini-series. I’m done yapping, enjoy. X

It was fifteen minutes till the wedding. Your wedding. You were in your beautiful wedding dress, a custom-made one by the designer you loved; Ellie Saab. You looked absolutely stunning, thanks to your talented prep team. You looked perfect and you were marrying the man of your dreams, so why could you still feel yourself on the verge of having a panic attack?

You forced yourself to breathe in and out as slowly as you could manage so you didn’t start to hyperventilate. It didn’t work, so you started to pace in your wedding dress; it wasn’t the best idea. Your best friend was too busy packing your honeymoon luggage, and your mother was too preoccupied with your flower girls- your niece and Chris’- to notice how badly you were trying not to freak out. You shook your head and mumbled to yourself, “I need some air.”

You were about to walk out the back door of your room and into the garden when you heard your brother’s voice enter. You turned to him and swallowed, shaking your head when he asked “you ready, kid?” His eyes narrowed in concern, like your mom’s and Luca’s; you had both their attention now.

“I um-” You shook your head again. “I’m not- I’m- um- I’m having a bit of a panic attack,” you let out a breathless chuckle that held limited humor. “I need some air, I need some air. Luca, get me some air,” you demanded as your hand wrapped around your amethyst clover necklace; you needed all the luck you could get.

“Hey hey.” Luca rushed to your side and put an arm around you. With the other, she grabbed your wrists; it was her ‘keep-Y/N-on-her-feet’ position. “You are fine, Y/N. It’s just nerves, you need to breathe. In and out, babe. In and out,” she instructed in a soothing tone.

“Outside,” you told her. “Take me outside.”

“Okay,” she obliged and steered you towards the patio exit, “let’s go.”

• • • • • • • •

The two of you stood in the garden, the fresh air and the chirping birds did well to calm you. You fiddled with your necklace then your engagement ring, smiling to yourself in reminiscent of how Chris proposed. You were sure about marrying him, you’d been sure about him long before marriage was even an idea. You knew your nerves had nothing to do with him, it was- well, you wished you knew.

“What’s wrong, babe?” Luca asked you; you tore your gaze from your beautiful ring and turned to her. “You and I both know this isn’t about Chris, so what’s the problem?” She asked, titling her head in concern and confusion.

“I don’t know,” you shook your head. “I mean- I guess…At every wedding, there’s a chance of something bad happening. I don’t want anything bad to happen at ours,” you told her. “I just- what if I trip walking down the aisle or the food isn’t good or the band is horrendous and no one dances?” You rambled your irrational fears. “What if the paparazzi and reporters crash the party and ruins the day that- I’ve been trying for the last nine months to perfect? This is our wedding day, Luca. We only get one and it needs to be perfect,” you asserted.

“Y/N,” Luca chuckled softly; like Chris, she was used to your chronic overthinking and perfectionist ways. “You are about to marry the love of your life. Even if everything at your wedding goes wrong, you’re still going to leave it as Mrs. Y/N Evans. That is what’s important here, Chris- he is what’s important here. He loves you and he could not care less what happens as long as you say ‘I do’ at the alter. You could trip walking down the aisle and he will gladly pick you up and dust you off and marry you anyway because he loves you.”

“I know,” you managed a smile as your eyes welled with tears. “I’m just- I’m a bit of a perfectionist.”

“Tell me about it.” You heard Chris’ voice and flinched. You turned around and felt your lips part in awe at how handsome he looked in his black, custom-made suit from Versace. He watched you with a similar look, silently thanking the universe for you. “You look beautiful,” he breathed with a sickly sweet smile.

You looked down at yourself and smiled, then gasped when you realized your groom was seeing you before the wedding in your wedding dress and that was bad luck. “Oh my God, Chris. What are you doing?” You demanded and he chuckled softly. “You’re not meant to see me before the wedding, it’s bad luck.”

“I couldn’t resist.” He smiled at you then nodded at Luca who had decided to give the two of you some privacy by heading back inside. “Plus- Your mom told me that you were freaking out and I had to make sure you weren’t going to run out on me.”

You chuckled softly, fiddling with your engagement ring. “You are not the reason I’m freaking out.” You assured him with a smile. “In fact- you are the only thing I am sure about at this wedding. I don’t even know if French vanilla was the right choice for the cake anymore.”

“Oh, come on. French vanilla is the best choice for a wedding cake, we both tasted it and we both loved it.” He chuckled and walked across the garden to take your hands. “I think the dress you’re in can be another, you look like a Disney Princess.”

“You know it’s bad luck to see your bride before the wedding, right?”

“Meh,” he shrugged nonchalantly. “That’s such a dumb superstition, like seeing how beautiful you look before everyone else will ruin what we have. Nothing,” he said, brushing your hair out of your face. “Nothing will ever ruin what we have, Y/N.”

“I’m actually really glad to see you.” You admitted, chuckling nervously and wrapping your arms around his neck. He smiled and slipped his hands around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “You always know how to make me feel better.”

“I kind of have to, you’re going to be my wife soon.” He smiled and let out his own nervous chuckle; it was the good kind of nervous though, the excited kind that created butterflies in his stomach. “I gotta know how to take care of you, right?”

“You don’t happen to have a bag of Gummi Bears in your pocket, do you?”

“You know what.” He laughed and reached into his suit, you laughed as he pulled out a tiny packet of Gummi Bears. You felt your eyes well with tears of joy and excitement; you were about to marry the perfect man. “I figured you would need the distraction today, guess I was right.”

“You’re amazing, Christoper Evans.”

“I have to be to marry you.” He smiled and dipped his head to kiss you. “You’re going to be okay,” he assured you when he broke the kiss, much to your dismay; you could’ve just stayed with him in that garden forever. “And our wedding is going to be perfect, I promise.”

“I guess I’ll see you in there.” You told him and he nodded, pushing the bag of Gummi Bears into your hand. You chuckled softly and gave him another peck on his lips. “Thank you for this,” you held up the bag, smiling.

“Thank you for this,” he smiled and gestured to all of you; you blushed as your smile widened. “I’ll see you in there, Mrs. Evans.” He pressed a quick kiss to your cheek then hurried back in the direction he came.

• • • • • • • •

The music started and your father walked you down the aisle behind the wedding party. The entire time, your eyes were locked with Chris’. He smiled and patted his pocket, subtly informing you that he had another bag of Gummi Bears for you. You stifled a chuckle, your smile reaching your eyes; you were ready for this chapter of your life to begin.

“Take good care of her, Captain.” Your father told Chris as he gave you away; Chris nodded, his eyes never once leaving your face. “I love you, sweetheart.” Your father hugged you tightly and kissed your cheek before leaving you to Chris to join your mother on the sidelines.

“Aren’t you glad I didn’t trip?” You joked as the two of you joined the priest up at the alter. You heard Chris chuckle softly in response. “Are you sure about this?” You turned to him and he turned to meet your gaze. “'Cause we’re about to chain ourselves to each other for- the rest of our lives. You better be sure about this.”

“You say the stupidest things when you’re nervous,” he whispered softly into your head then pressed a kiss to your cheek. “Can we skip all the extra stuff and get to the vows so I can just- marry this girl already?” He asked the priest and laughter erupted in the church. “I don’t think I can wait any longer,” he said and smiled at you.

“Let’s get to the vows then,” the priest nodded. “I believe the two of you wrote your own?” He asked, and both you and Chris nodded. “Shall we begin with you, Mr. Evans? Can we have the rings, please?” He gestured for Scott; Chris’ best man to come forth.

“Don’t screw up, bud.” Scott patted Chris on the back and passed the rings over. Chris rolled his eyes whereas you chuckled. “You look beautiful, Y/N.” He smiled at you then moved back to his original spot.

“Okay,” Chris took your left hand in his, ring positioned at the tip of your finger as he began to recite his vows. “I don’t want to go into the history of our relationship- even though every second I’ve had with you has been utterly amazing, but I have to talk about the beginning. Before I met you- I never understood the meaning of true love. I always thought that as long as you loved someone and things worked, you could spend the rest of your life with that person. I was-” he chuckled softly, “very wrong. Meeting you made me realize that there was a specific person for everyone and that you were mine.”

“Chris,” you smiled and felt the tears well in your eyes.

“You, Y/N, you-” He felt his own eyes water as he continued to recite the vows he had spent the last nine months working on. “You gave me a new perspective on love, you made me believe in the possibility of having a soul mate. I love you because you stand by me and love me through everything. My ups and downs, my insane work schedule, my stupidity.” He chuckled. “You take care of me when I’m sick, you pretend to share my diehard love for The Patriots even though we both know you hate sports.” Everyone laughed, including you and Chris. “You give me a sense of purpose in life, and that is to love you and be everything you’ll ever need; a husband, a father, a friend, Captain America- if need be. Now I won’t make promises I can’t keep, I won’t pretend like I’m as perfect as you paint me to be- but I will do my best to be the man you see me as.” He slipped the ring onto your finger. “I love you, Y/N.”

“And I thought I was the writer in the relationship,” you let out a breathless chuckle and Chris smiled. “Well, here goes.” You took his left hand in yours and positioned the ring at the tip of his finger. “Christopher Robert Evans, you are possibly the best person I will ever love in this lifetime or another, and I am so incredibly lucky to have met you. The only thing I could ask for now is that I’d met you earlier so I could spend more of my life with you but- that’s just being greedy,” you chuckled softly and he smiled. “You spoke of the beginning and I feel like I should too because you deserve to know that even before we met, you never once ceased to amaze me. With your kindness and your incredible talent and of course-” you giggled, “your dashing good looks. I loved you even before you knew my name and every day since you took me to Russo’s for our date, I have been living a fairytale that I don’t ever want to end.”

“You’re going to make me cry,” Chris chuckled softly, pulling his hand away from yours for a brief moment to brush away a tear gone rouge. You giggled and he smiled, placing his hand back in yours. “Okay, sorry. Continue,” he nodded.

“You make my busy life so much easier and my bad days so much better. You give me the sense of clarity and assurance I need when I get nervous and angsty about the tiniest things. You tell me things are going to be fine and then you do everything in your power to make sure it happens. You take care of me when I go out and party a little too hard-” The two of you laughed at that, remembering drunk you was what brought forth his proposal. “And make sure I always wake up to a hearty breakfast. You’re constantly challenging me, forcing me out of my comfort zone but never failing to make me feel safe. You keep our romance alive, you keep me so incredibly happy, and most of all- you love me even when I can’t love myself. You say you’re not as perfect as I paint you out to be but I disagree, you are every bit the man I see you as. Everything I am and everything good about me is you, Chris, and I am so ready to spend the rest of my life with you.” You slipped the ring onto his finger and smiled, “I love you.”

“I hereby pronounce you husband and wife,” the priest said; the grin on yours and Chris’ face grew as the two of you prepared for the next part. “You may now kiss your bride,” the priest told Chris but his lips were already on yours.

Applause and cheers erupted throughout the church but your focus was only on your husband, just as his was on you. Chris broke the kiss and pressed his forehead against yours, smiling, with your face cupped in his hands. You smiled back, wrapping your hands tightly around his wrists.

“I love you, Mrs. Evans,” he whispered.

“And I love you, Mr. Evans,” you smiled.

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I'm showing my age here but to add to the discourse on closeting of artists it's not just about whether an artist is a homosexual. When Bon Jovi started out he was forced to hide the fact that he was married to his High school sweetheart (a woman, for the record) because it didn't fit with attainable womanizer rock image execs seem so fond of. I'm adding this to illustrate that the label can control an artists image how they see fit, read most profitable $$$- The forced closet is real kids

Yep absolutely. 

The same goes for John Lennon. He was married with a kid but they hid it from the fans for years because it ruined their romantic fantasies: 

it probably didn’t help that John and Cynthia had Julian out of wedlock and had to have a shot gun wedding (not quite the dream most young girls dreamed of when they fantasized about marrying their favourite beatle):

Jumin Wedding Dance: One Shot

Since Jumin won second place, here is his wedding dance one shot. Also, here is Saeran’s one shot in cased any of you guys missed it :D! This is the concept I came up with for his wedding dance, you guys couldn’t agree on a single song so you guys decided to do something different. First half of the wedding dance would be your song and the second half would be his song. He didn’t care that It was cliché the song he picked, he always listened to the song, but now, he finally understood the lyricsAll of Me by John Legend 

I always believed love never existed because everything I loved either left or broke me. It was better to be alone to never ever love. Why give someone the power to destroy you, the power to rip your heart out and take it with them forever. I will never love.

I looked slowly at the clock watching the minute hand move rapidly. Probably it’s my imagination, I need to relax and breathe. If I can do a 4 hour business meeting then sure as hell I can do my own wedding. Who am I kidding, I need wine.  I walked quickly to the mini bar that’s in my hotel room and grabbed the wine and set it on the table. I was making my way towards the glass cabinet until I heard faint knocking. I opened the door and I saw my best man, Jihyun Kim, crying. I helped him inside and sat him down and got him tissues. “Why are you crying Jihyun? Is something the matter?” I asked a bit startled. He looked up at me laughing and I noticed he was fake crying. Him and his stupid jokes, he may appear serious and respectful to everyone else, but Jihyun does have his dorky moments. “The death of a bachelor just sounds so good on you my brother. Now,” he slowly got up and picked up the wine and placed it back inside the mini fridge “ I know you’re scared Jumin, you always been scared of love but you and I both know she wont hurt you.” I walked towards my bed and just sat there. I looked at him and his eyes soften because he knew my real concerned “I’m afraid, no I’m petrified, that I will be the one that hurts her, because what if my love isn’t enough? What if she realizes I’m too broken to love. What if this is just a dream and I would soon wake up to my hell of a reality.” Jihyun walked closer to me and placed a reassuring grip on my shoulder “If this is a dream my brother, take it and live it because not everyone is blessed with a happy ending” he smiled at me and I knew what he really meant. I hugged him and we made our way down so I can marry my soul mate.

I was fixing my sleeve impatiently waiting for my soul mate to enter the through the double doors. The concept of time does not apply to when you are waiting for you love to walk in at any moment. I need wine. I was growing a bit nervous till I felt people hug me. Saeyoung was hugging my shoulder, Yoosung was crying hugging my leg, Zen gave me a smile, while Jihyun was hugging my other shoulder. Why now, I guess they can tell I’m nervous. I looked up and saw Saeran trying to get the other grooms men in line and I thanked him for it. He got in line as well and I heard the double doors open and I was hit with her scent. Im marrying a goddess. 

Time Skip: Jumin Song Choice for Wedding Dance 

I grabbed her hand and kissed it gently “Thank you (y/n) for showing your heart to me, thank you for handing me the key to your heart and soul. I vow to always make sure you are safe and protected. I vow to you that you are your own person and I love you for who you are. Thank you for accepting me for who I am while helping me become a better man.” She looked at me with those beautiful (e/c) orbs and she saw past my wall. She slowly put a hand near my cheek and caressed it ever so gently as if my face was made of porcelain glass “Im not going to hurt you Jumin, I love you so much to even think about doing that. Please give me every single inch of you just like I gave you all of mine.” I put my wall down and finally showed her the fragile Jumin Han “ Im scared (y/n” I felt a tear escape me and all she did was wipe it off with her thumb “ I know and I’m here for you Jumin.” John Legend finally showed up on the stage and its time to give her all of me. 

What would I do without your smart mouth?Drawing me in, and you kicking me out. You’ve got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down. What’s going on in that beautiful mind. I’m on your magical mystery ride. And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright.

I pulled her closer to me enough for her to hear my pleading heart. I placed by hand gently behind the small of her back and I wanted to pull her closer to me but I didn’t. I need to tell her now before its to late “From the very first moment I met you, your eyes captured my soul but my mind and heart refused. You helped me the light (y/n) and I thank you for that. I thank you for starting a war in my body because if it wasn’t for you, I would be miserable and I would of never given love a chance”. We weren’t dancing fancy, we been moving side to side gently enjoying our hearts speaking truthfully to one another. 

How many times do I have to tell you, Even when you’re crying you’re beautiful too, The world is beating you down, I’m around through every mood, You’re my downfall, you’re my muse, My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues I can’t stop singing, it’s ringing, in my head for you

“You’re beautiful soul light a fire inside my cold heart and you forced me to open up and love. I need you to know something (y/n), you are a goddess. I know you may not believe me when I say it but I’ve been all over the world but no one, and I mean no one, can compare to your beauty. You are a goddess and I am grateful that I’m going to live the rest of my life as your servant and king. I will worship you till my last breath, when my heart stops beating just know its last beat was made for you.” 

Give me all of you cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts risking it all, though it’s hard

I finally managed to twirl her around and I brought her closer to me so I can feel that our hearts our mending together. I need her to feel that my heart belongs to her, that she is the reason for why I look forward to waking up in the morning. Why I look forward to life in general. I started to break down and hug her while crying. She looked up at me and she had tears in her eyes as well. 

‘Cause all of me, Loves all of you, Love your curves and all your edges, All your perfect imperfections, Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you, You’re my end and my beginning, Even when I lose I’m winning, 'Cause I give you all of me And you give me all of you

“ (y/n) thank you for everything. I will never be tired of showing my gratitude towards you because if it wasn’t for you, my life would be black and white. You added the color into my life and you made me feel like a person. I always believed no one would ever understand me because I was believing Zen’s words for a long time, I’m just a robot. I was believing that I had no right in this world that I’m just someone who is wasting precious energy. But you (y/n) you saved me. Thank you for killing me. Thank you for killing the old me and for helping me rebuild myself into a real man. I am in love with you forever and always and you’re my end and my beginning. I cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together and I pray to god that I will die in your arms. I love you (y/n).”

His Shirt

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Words:  1273

This is just a fluffy wedding night one shot that I wanted to write. 
Warning: There is mention of le smut, but it’s not really there, there.

A/N: If you want tagged in anything let me know.

          You were laughing as you watched your husband dancing with his buddies at your wedding. You couldn’t believe this day had finally come. You were now married to your best friend. You were the luckiest woman alive.

           Chris looked over and caught your eyes, immediately making his way over to where you were watching him, “Come on, Beautiful,” he held his hand out to you.

           “You’re dancing with the guys,” you said.

           “I want to dance with my wife,” he insisted, pulling you to your feet.

           “I love that,” you smiled as he pulled you into his arms, against his solid chest.

           “That you’re my wife?” he grinned, kissing you.

           You nodded, “I can’t believe today actually happened.”

           “Well, believe it, Baby,” he smiled, twirling the two of you around, “Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.”

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Imagine attending a wedding with Chris.

“I can’t believe you’re attending my wedding with Captain America.” Luca, your best friend giggled excitedly as you helped her with her makeup. You smiled and shook your head, mostly because you couldn’t believe it either. “I take things are going well then?”

“We’re attending a wedding together,” you said and you realized it was the first time you’d actually admitted it to yourself. “It’s going amazing,” you told her then smiled. “I don’t think I’ve been so happy in a long time. Chris is…He’s kind of the perfect man.”

“He will be perfect if he quits smoking,” Luca murmured under her breath and you rolled your eyes. “I’m sorry but it’s true,” she held her hands up in surrender. “You’re only turning a blind eye to that bad habit because he’s Chris Evans, any other guy would’ve been kicked out to the curb already.”

“For your information, he quit the day after our first date.” You defended your boyfriend of almost a year now. “I just didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to be jealous of my now perfect relationship with the perfect man.”

“Oh haha,” she bit sarcastically but she couldn’t help her smile. “Can we be serious here for a second?” She asked, pushing your hand away from her face. “I’m really happy for you, babe,” she said and you smiled. “You deserve to be with the perfect man after your string of imperfect ones. I cannot wait for the day I get to do all this crazy maid of honor stuff for you while you sit and wait to meet Chris at the alter.”

“Me neither,” you smiled then said, “but today is not that day. Today is your day and I’m your maid of honor so stop talking and let me finish your makeup,” you scolded playfully and she laughed, closing her eyes so you could finish applying her eyeshadow.

“Hey Y/N.” Olivia, Luca’s cousin and another one of her bridesmaids poked her head into the room and your hand lowered as you looked up; Luca turned to the door as well. “Chris just arrived, do you want me to finish up so you can go see him?”

“No, it’s okay. I’m almost don-” you were cut off by Luca.

“Go see him, you doofus.” She instructed as she yanked the makeup brush from your hand. “You’ve done enough for me and this wedding, it’s time you go and enjoy it. I’ll see you when it’s time to walk down the aisle, that one I’m going to need you there for.”

“I love you,” you hugged her.

“Save those three words for Chris,” she hugged you back.

Olivia took over for you and you left the bride’s prep room and headed out into the reception hall. You found Chris by the bar with Kai, the best man and one of your oldest friends, chatting and drinking beer. The guys heard your heels coming their way and they glanced in your direction, talking and laughing amongst themselves as they turned away. You counted to three in your head and silence fell among them as you saw both men by the bar dart their gazes back onto you, letting it wash over you from head to toe. Chris choked on his beer when you smiled and gave him a flirty little wave of your fingers, and you silently thanked God that your best friend wasn’t one of those girls who wanted her bridesmaids’ dresses to be uglier than hers.

“Maid of honor,” Kai nodded at you.

“Best man,” you nodded back.

“You look beautiful,” Kai complimented.

“I think that’s my line, man,” Chris chuckled.

“And I think that’s my cue,” Kai chuckled then left.

“Well, what do you think?” You held your arms open and gracefully shimmied, showing off your dress to Chris who laughed and nodded his head in approval. “And you look very handsome also.” You grabbed him by his tie and drew yourself closer towards him until your body was flushed against his.

“Hi beautiful.” He smiled down at you because even at 5'7’’ with 4’’ heels you were still slightly shorter than him; you loved that because what girl in her right mind didn’t want a gorgeous guy towering over them?

“Hey Captain,” you smiled then kissed him tenderly as he placed his hands on your waist. “Thank you for coming,” you told him when you broke the kiss. “I know you like to shy away from the limelight but I really appreciate you being here with me.”

“I would go to Times Square on New Years Eve if it meant spending time with you.” He chuckled then kissed your hair and you felt yourself blush. “So how’s Bridezilla doing?” He joked and you laughed. “I’m surprised she’s letting you out here to see me considering the wedding’s about to start.”

“She’s surprisingly a lot calmer on her wedding day,” you told him with a light chuckle.

“That’s ‘cause you’re a wonderful friend who’s made sure everything’s gone to plan,” he poked your side and you giggled. “Seriously, Y/N, you look absolutely breathtaking. I can’t even-” he shook his head, pretending to be at a loss for words. “Forget the bride, all eyes will be on you.”

“Don’t let her hear you say that,” you warned him playfully.

“Right,” he chuckled and pretended to zip his lips.
• • • • • • • •
After the wedding ceremony- which was everything Luca had wanted since the two of you were kids- the reception began. You followed Luca around for a bit, helping her with her dress as she made her way around the reception hall greeting friends and family. It was only after she noticed Chris being crowded by a group of very single and slightly drunk ladies that she called Olivia to take over, sending you back to him to enjoy the rest of the wedding as a couple.

“Clear out, ladies.” You instructed as you pushed through them to get to Chris; you saw him let out a breath of relief. “He’s taken,” you wrapped an arm around his waist and he did the same to you. “So move it or lose it. You told them and they groaned but did as you said because they were all well aware of how catty you could be if you wanted to.

“Thank God,” he rested his head against yours. “I was so close to hiding in the bathroom until you were done with your maid of honor duties.” He admitted and you pouted, giving him sympathetic eyes. “No, I’m so glad I’m here though because this is a huge step in the right direction for our relationship. I’m really proud to be here as your boyfriend, Y/N. And if being here with you means having to deal with them- then bring them back because I can do it all day,” he quote a famous line from his Captain America movies and winked.

“I love you,” you told him with a light chuckle.

“Not as much as I love you,” he told you then smiled.

You kissed him just as the band started to play Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’. He broke the kiss with a wide smile on his face and beckoned his head towards the dance floor. You chuckled and nodded, letting him led you out there with the rest of the couples including the new bride and groom. Luca caught your eye as Chris pulled you into a slow dance position and you saw her wink, you bit back your smile as winked back.

When your legs don’t work like they used to before
And I can’t sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?

“Hey,” Chris began as the two of you swayed on the dance floor. “Do you remember the first time we met at that coffee shop and this song was playing in the background?” You nodded, smiling. “That was the first time I truly believed in love at first sight,” he said and you laughed. “Don’t laugh at me,” he chuckled. “I’m being serious.”

“I know you are,” you smiled. “And trust me, when I saw you it was love at first sight too 'cause you looked smoking as Captain America,” you teased him and he laughed. “I even liked you when you were the scrawny kid from Brooklyn, I have a weakness for blue eyes.”

“Oh, I know you do.” He grinned then spun you out then pulled you back in, causing you to giggle and causing every other girl in the room- except the bride- to envy your very situation with the most handsome man they’d ever laid eyes on.

And, darling, I will be loving you 'til we’re 70
And, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23
And I’m thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Well, me—I fall in love with you every single day
And I just wanna tell you I am.

So, honey, now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are

“What do you think about this wedding?” You asked Chris. “It’s nice, isn’t it?” He nodded in agreement, scanning the room like you were. “It’s big but not so big that you don’t know everyone by name. I think I want something simple and sweet like this one day.”

“Are you trying to tell me something, sweetheart?” He asked with a cheeky grin on his face. “'Cause you know I’m crazy about you and that I will propose the second I feel like you’re ready for more. So don’t say anything you don’t mean,” he warned playfully.

“I won’t,” you chuckled. “But I can see this for us, can’t you?” You asked and he nodded with a sweet, adoring smile. “I know things are still a little early in our relationship to take that step but- it’s nice to think about.”

“No, I don’t think we’re that far off,” he disagreed. “Time is a concept, Y/N, so it doesn’t matter if we’ve only been dating for eleven months. If we know we love each other and we can see the rest of our lives together, are we really going to let time stop us from taking that leap?”

“You’re very wise for someone who’s only been alive for thirty-five years,” you said and he chuckled. “I know you’re right and it’s not the time that’s bothering me. There’s just a lot we haven’t talked about yet and we don’t even live together. What if when we move in you realize I’m an annoying person to live with and you fall out of love with me and want to break up?”

“That’s not possible.” He shook his head and you smiled which quickly turned into a fake scowl when he added. “You practically already live with me and I already know how annoying you can be to live with and I still love you.”

“You’re a jerk,” you pulled your hand out of his and playfully slapped his chest.

When my hair’s all but gone and my memory fades
And the crowds don’t remember my name
When my hands don’t play the strings the same way (mmm…)
I know you will still love me the same

'Cause, honey, your soul could never grow old, it’s evergreen
And, baby, your smile’s forever in my mind and memory
I’m thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe it’s all part of a plan
Well, I’ll just keep on making the same mistakes
Hoping that you’ll understand

“Tell me something.” He said when he stopped laughing, taking your hand back into his. “Something you’ve never told me or anyone- and by anyone, I mean Luca as well- before. Anything, even a weird thought you were afraid people might judge you for.”

“Why?” You giggled.

“Think of it as a bonding exercise.”

“Fine,” you huffed then thought about something you’d never told anyone before. “Well- I’ve known I wanted to be a writer since I was six and it’s-” You saw him roll his eyes because you’d told him this before. “No,” you chuckled, “I didn’t tell you the full story. You just know that I wanted to, you don’t know why I wanted to.”

“Yes I do,” he nodded. “You write because it’s fun and you make people feel with your words. There’s nothing better than seeing someone cry or laugh because of what you’d written on the page, you told me that on our first date.”

“Yes, but I started writing for myself,” you told him. “I didn’t have a great time growing up, up until my twenties- I was the girl people turned to as an option. Other than Luca, I didn’t have many real friends and I sure as hell didn’t have any good boyfriends. Writing was an escape for me, a place where I could be someone other than myself and experience life and love the way I used to watch in movies. I figured if I could do it for myself, why couldn’t I do it for other people? Give the somewhere to run to, someone to be with in their darkest hours.”

That, baby, now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
Thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are (oh, oh)

“Whoever treated you as an option must have been out of their fucking minds because you’re amazing and everything you do is amazing,” he said and you smiled. “Screw those past people, especially those past boyfriends. Luca and I lucked out with you in our lives and you will always be our first choice, come hell or high water.”

“You’re amazing, you know that?” You asked Chris rhetorically and he shrugged nonchalantly. “I think I’m the one who lucked out in this relationship. You are the best guy I’ve dated and- I don’t think I want to spend the rest of my life without you,” you admitted.

“The feeling is mutual, Y/N,” he smiled. “Because when I look at you, I finally see where the rest of my life is.” He dipped his head and met your lips for a tender kiss. “Just give me the word and I’ll give you the world,” he whispered, pressing his forehead against yours.

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, lo-ud

So, baby, now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Oh, darling, place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
But maybe we found love right where we are
Oh, baby, we found love right where we are
And we found love right where we are

“I’m ready whenever you are,” you whispered back.

“Good,” he smiled and drew back slightly, “because the ring was starting to burn a hole in my pocket.” Your lips fell apart and you stared at him in awe and disbelief. “Don’t worry,” he chuckled. “I wasn’t going to propose at your best friend’s wedding, I was going to wait till the hotel even though she was begging me to, said it’d make a great story.”

“Luca knew about this?” Your gaze darted to your best friend who was far too busy with her new husband to look your way.

“Who do you think went ring shopping with me?”

“Oh my God.” You chuckled, feeling your eyes well with tears of joy.

“Think you can keep it together until we get back to the hotel?” He teased.

“I will if you will,” you smiled and kissed him once more.


Shibori kimono.  Taisho period (1912-1926), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery. A silk shibori kimono featuring large ‘yabane’ (arrow-feather) motifs of shibori with silk and metallic thread embroidery highlights. This kimono is patterned entirely in fine shibori (tie-die). The arrow feather (yabane) motif first became fashionable in Japan as early as the Heian era – initially with martial connotations – and during the Edo era it was often used on kimono for ladies in waiting. The motif was very popular on schoolgirl and teacher kasuri (ikat) kimonos of the mid to late Meiji period. During the Taisho and early Showa periods the yabane was a popular woman’s kimono motif, created via shibori, stenciling, or yuzen-dyeing. The arrow-feather motifs were most often vertical, but sometimes created at an angle, as in this example. The Yabane pattern, like most geometric motifs, is all-season, however, it has an auspicious association with weddings – like an arrow shot from a bow a bride does not return to her parents’ house. This kimono would have been very expensive to create - the shibori work itself would have taken a few months to complete. The white silk embroidery on the two arrow-feather motifs situated on lower left of the kimono is very visible from a distance, and provides a tasteful change from the other plainer motifs. The motifs are randomly scattered throughout the kimono 'canvas’, resulting in a casual relaxed atmosphere. The “speckled” appearance of the yellow background color is an accomplished effect: many thousands of tie-dye knots were once placed here to be able to achieve the slightly puckered yellow dots on black background speckled look.