Let’s Do It

Request for Harry can you write it about Harry And y/n are both famous singers and they elope with nobody knowing plz”

You huffed and pulled the phone away from your ear for a second to take a breath and then you put it back up to your ear, your mother still going on about a coral or mint green colour scheme. The door opened and closed downstairs and you cut your mum off. “Harry just got home, I need to go just now but I’ll text you later and let you know what I decided. I need to get to the studio soon and lay down some vocals for the tracks I’ve chosen for my album so I’ll pop by when I’m doing that,” you said to try and ease her wedding talk, hoping that she’d save it up for that day. You hung up after saying your goodbyes and you sighed.

You and Harry had both gotten engaged 2 years ago after dating for 3 years. You both met at the Brit Awards in 2014 and at first you weren’t sure if the date he had asked you on sounded like a good idea, but you’re glad you said yes since three years after that, he was proposing to you after your show in Paris that he had managed to accompany you to.

Two years after the proposal, just as the wedding seemed to be coming together, just as quickly everything got stressful and blew up. Your parents were constantly on at you giving you ideas and telling you what they had at their wedding, Anne and Robin were calling every few days to see if you had made any decisions. And then with all of the boys and everyone from your backing dancers to writers you work with to your tour team, all who you had gotten friendly with, constantly asking about the wedding it got you worked up and stressed. And although you love everyone who was fussing over the wedding and asking you questions, it was yours and Harry’s wedding.

When Harry found you, you were laying on your bed with a hand over your eyes trying not to let the tears escape. “Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked as soon as he opened the bedroom door and took a look at you.

“Why do you assume something’s wrong?” You asked and he came to sit on the bed beside where you were lying.

“I’ve been with you for five years, I think I know when your stressed and upset. Tell me what’s wrong,” he smiled softly as you sat up and cuddled into the side of him.

You wrapped your arms around his torso and kissed his jaw. “The wedding. Everyone is on at me to choose what they want and how they want things. Everyone’s asking me questions about the planning and we’re almost done with it but my mums recommending all of these changes and I’m so stressed. I just feel like we’ve lost sight of what this is about. I’m marrying you because I love you, not because of the wedding or the coral table pieces. I wish we would have thought about this more and maybe just had a small wedding. The only thing that’s certain is the dress, tux and rings in our closet and I just wish we could run off and come back Mr and Mrs Styles,” you vented to your fiancé and he pulled you in closer.

“Let’s do it. Let’s pack up your dress, my tux and the rings and go anywhere and elope. Anywhere you want,” he whispered and you looked up at him with wide eyes. “I’m being serious, we’ll call off the wedding in a few weeks and send our marriage announcements. I agree with you, love. Everything’s so hectic and I just want to marry you, I don’t care about a big, fancy wedding,” he smiled and you grabbed his face and placed a kiss onto his lips.


12 hours later you were climbing into a car to take you to the beachfront hotel Harry had booked you both into. You and Harry, during the flight to Tahiti, had organized someone to officiate the marriage on the pink sand beach, a photographer and a videographer.

Once you arrived at the hotel, you grabbed your dress from Harry who was holding it out to you along with your mini little case that held your makeup, hair curlers, shoes, underwear and your veil for the next day. You also stuffed a silk camisole in to sleep in tonight. Harry pulled out his tux bag and the big case that held all of the rest of your clothes for your week-long vacation/honeymoon in Tahiti and his wedding shoes and the rings he was to get to the officiate before tomorrow afternoon.

“I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon when it’s time to get married then,” you smiled and he nodded.

“I love you. I’ll see you when you’re about to become Mrs. Styles,” he said, before pressing a kiss to your lips and you both made your way to your separate rooms for tonight.

It was time. You had been surprised this morning with breakfast from room service along with a note from Harry telling you how excited he was for the day ahead and for you to finally be his wife. He had also surprised you with a necklace that you had had your eye on for a while and also, a make up and hair artist to do your hair and makeup.

Once everything was set up, the woman that done your hair and makeup, helped you into your dress, buttoning it up the back before she left. You smiled as the photographer took a few pictures of you, the videographer had also been here all morning seeing as she was to capture all aspects of the day.

You walked down to the beach, photographer and videographer in tow, and smiled as you seen Harry already waiting for you at the arch of white roses that had been put there for you both to be married at. You smiled as you walked over the sand barefooted and finally reached your fiancé. You could also see a couple of people staring at the two famous faces in front of them, but you didn’t care.

I do. Your two favourite words. You couldn’t believe you were finally married to the love of your life. And although your parents weren’t here, they’d be able to watch the video, and they’d have pictures, and you’d even hold a small ceremony for your parents, Harry’s and his sister when you got home.

Seeing as there was no reception, you both just made your way up to the suite that Harry had booked for your remaining time in Tahiti and smiled as the videographer and photographer took a few pictures.

You pulled your phone out of your bra making Harry laugh and asked the photographer to take a picture of the two of you going upstairs. He did so and you smiled at it when he handed you it back. As soon as you got into the suite, the video and photography was done. This was now your time to spend together as husband and wife.



“This is it,” you whispered to Harry outside of his parents house. He nodded and you both walked in hand in hand to find everyone special there. The boys, your parents, Harry’s parents, his sister, your grandma and Harry’s stepdad.

“There they are, what’s so important we all had to be together for?” Gemma laughed as she smiled at you both. You both looked at each other and then back at your families.

“Harry and I eloped,” you blurted out and everyone looked shocked.

“My babies married and I wasn’t there,” your mum whispered.

“I missed my son’s wedding,” Anne whispered. Everyone else in the room was smiling, happy for you both except your parents.

“We’re sorry if you’re upset but everything was so stressful and the colour scheme was becoming more important than why we were getting married in the first place. We were getting married because we love each other, and we lost sight of that in the planning. We have a DVD for you all if that helps any?” You tried and Harry held your hand a little tighter.

“My baby boy’s married,” Anne smiled and jumped up to pull you both into a hug.

“I’m sorry I was suffocating. But I’d really like to see this DVD right now,” your mum said and you nodded, scrambling through your bag to find it handing it to Anne to put on.

“Oh you looked absolutely beautiful, everything was perfect. I’m so happy for you both,” Gemma said to you and you pulled her in for a hug.

Now that your parents knew, you changed your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook names to Y/N Styles and you posted the picture the photographer took only our wedding day on Instagram, sending it to Twitter and Facebook.

officialY/Nstyles This happened last week… I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with you @harrystyles. My love, my hero, my everything. #mrandmrsstyles



Harry Styles, member of the biggest band in the world, recently got married to singer/songwriter Y/N Y/L/N but something we weren’t to sure about was the tweet from Gemma Styles, Harry’s sister.

@GemmaAnneStyles: So happy to learn my little brother’s married… Thanks for the invitation @Harry_Styles @Y/N_Styles 😉

So our immediate thoughts were that the couple eloped, which were confirmed fairly quickly by our insider. The couple eloped in Tahiti on Thursday of last week on the beach and they looked madly in love. We have some exclusive pictures from some of our readers that were in Tahiti at the time of the wedding, and we must say, it looks absolutely beautiful.

Also, Y/N’s dress, was absolutely incredible, and while we’re not sure which designer yet, we’re 99.9% sure that it was custom made so sorry ladies, this is a one of a kind dress.

We wish all the luck and love in the world to the newlyweds and hope they give us a little, singing Styles baby soon.

Two years ago today my cousin got married. In between the ceremony and the reception, my family drove to the cemetery to visit my grandfather. My grandmother had pre-mixed a 16 oz container of Manhattan (my grandfather’s favorite drink), my uncle brought dixie cups, and we all took shots off of my grandfather’s grave, toasting to him. If that moment does not define the epitome of our family, I don’t know what does.

A call out to any couples that wish to have their photos taken whether it be an elopement, engagement, wedding or just humble shots together. I’m looking to increase and fill my portfolio to prepare myself for when my partner and i kick off with our wedding photography business. Message me either here or over at if you’re interested :-) 💕❤


A few more shots from Shannie’s wedding :D it was an honor to be both a guest and photographer with this small and intimate ceremony.

I very rarely shoot for weddings, but for friends and family I’ll make exceptions. I’m much more comfortable in the realm of doing photoshoots and sets since one has a lot of control and ability for do-overs to get a good shot. Weddings, on the other hand, are all about a couple’s big day and there’s a fine line to walk in being able to get the shots that they like without interfering too much. The cool thing with Shannie is the fact that I’ve worked with her in the past and we both kind of know what we want. When she asked me to be her official photographer I was stoked :D we went over a rough itinerary of their wedding day, and the kind of shots they wanted (dress and accessories, getting dressed, the big reveal, etc) which really helped me and made my part a lot easier.

-MK Photography

Harry Styles: Wedding Series

Wedding Series (Extra UK Series) #10: Instagrams

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(The Missus)

@thecurlyguysbetterhalf: He fell moments later. Lol. @harrystyles​ #iceskatingwiththebabe #isntmymanhandsome? #iloveyouHarold #myfiance #hefelloveranditwasfunny #lol

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@thecurlyguysbetterhalf: Can we just appreciate this fine specimen? #howisonemansofine #heissopretty #prettierthanme #myfianceisbetterthanme #wetookawalkinthepark #seconddayinGlasgow #ontheroadagaintour #OTRA #ijoinedthemthisyear

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@thecurlyguysbetterhalf: I told Harry to smile. This was the outcome. #forgoodnesssakeHarry #ohnoHarry #smileandthisiswhatiget #youweremeanttoshowyourpearlywhites #arenthiseyesperfect? #youshouldseethemupclose #prettyman #fiancelookingfine 

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@thecurlyguysbetterhalf: We took a stop in Cheshire when travelling from the Manchester show. I saw my Mummy-In-Law. Harry was happy too. (Not as happy as me!) @aconed @harrystyles #anneissolovely #mymummyinlaw #motherinlaw #harrygetshisgoodlooksfromher #imissher #imissCheshire #Manchester #goodnesssaketheyareprettypeople #marryingintoafamilyofmodels 

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@thecurlyguysbetterhalf: One is my best friend. The other is annoying and likes to hang with me. Can you guess who? @namelessgem​ @harrystyles​ #illgiveyouahint #Gemmaismybestfriend #Harryistheannoyingone #justpurebanter #fiancevsfiancee #helovesmereally #isnthebeautifulthough? #heissohappytoseehissister #lol #shecametovisit #iloveher #iwishshecouldstay

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@thecurlyguysbetterhalf: Mornin’ sleepyhead. Someone had a nice beauty sleep. Granting the fans with some sleepy Harold. You are welcome. ;) @harrystyles​ #isnthebeautiful? #thatbeautysleephelpedhimalot #helookshot #mybeast #beautyandthebeast #imbeautyofcourse #earlymorningssuckman #luckilyigettoseehimfirst

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@thecurlyguysbetterhalf: Dear ‘@niallhoran​, thank you for sending me this cheeky selfie of my favourite people. Louis definitely outshines the lot of you. Lawl. I’m joking. Gotta stick beside my main man, haven’t I Styles? @harrystyles​ #mymainmen #niallistheselfieking #thesearemyfavouritemen #iwouldmarrythemallificould #Stylesismymainman

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@thecurlyguysbetterhalf: There were no bananas left on the food table. Harry went into meltdown. #poorHarry #nobananas #howonearthwillHarrycope #mygod #hesulked #sulkysusan #haha #igavehimhugsforcomfort #nooneshouldgothroughthispainalone #babywassosad

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@thecurlyguysbetterhalf: Josh let me try the drums. I’m taking his place. See you tonight, Cardiff! ;) #sorryJosh #theboyshavereplacedyou #femaledrummer #newdrummer #seeyoutonight #OTRA #ontheroadagain #imaceatthedrums #icanplayasickbeat #Harryissoproudofme

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@thecurlyguysbetterhalf: Typical white girls. Lawl. Me and Soph made the tour bus stop just so we could get some. Our men love us, really. @harrystyles​ @fakeliampayne​ @sophiaxsmith​ #weloveagoodStarbucks #stoppingthetourbusforcoffee #Harrylovesmereally #LiamlovesSophiareally #Iamsleepy #Harrysnoresandhekeptmeup #hisnosesucks 

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@thecurlyguysbetterhalf​: Hands up if you think he shouldn’t have a haircut? #Loudon’tcuthishair #welovehislocks #lusciouscurls #icantugonthem #winkwink #minutesbeforeSheffield #Sheffieldareyouready? #theyregettingexcited

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@thecurlyguysbetterhalf: Lunch with the fiance. He knows how to treat me well. #ioveyoubaby #myfavouriteman #isnthebeautiful? #ifinallygotasmile #hesmiledwhenitoldhimtosmile #yaay #tummytinglingsmile #thosearmsthough


@harrystyles: Bathstagram. #hotelbathsaresmall #webathetogether #whocares #fiancee

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@harrystyles: Poolside lovin’. #IthinkthiswasSheffield #itwaswarm #ilovemyfiancee

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@harrystyles: We’re in love, aren’t we @thecurlyguysbetterhalf? #thatsmygirl #thatsourspecialpose #hertonguedoeswonderstome #cheeky #thankyouforbeingwithme #thatsmyfuturemissus 

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@harrystyles: Sisters are the best. @namelessgem #shecametovisitme #mymissuslikestothinkshevisitedher #familylife #wearegood #typicalStyles #watchoutwearecoming #Stylessiblings #wecausetrouble

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@harrystyles: My girl found me a banana. This is why I love her. #banana #shefoundmeone #ilovemygirl #iloveher

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@harrystyles: Beach. (Y/N) is whining. I pushed her in the sea. #shelovesmereally #itwasplayfulbanter #shestillwantstomarryme #shesusedtomyantics #shesallwet #haha

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@harrystyles: Calvin and I. #golfing #Niallcame #cantcatchabreak #themissusbroughtmyhat #nomoresunburnforme

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@harrystyles: Credit to the missus. #midnightbikeridesinManchester #nextstopisGlasgow #ontheroadagain #shelikesphotosofme

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@harrystyles: She left with Louis to get food. She’s been gone 5 minutes.I want her back. #lifeishard #nogirl #Louisstoleherfromme #shewashungry 

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@harrystyles: My hands are bigger than hers. She finds that funny. #mylittleone #largehands #youknowwhathatmeans? #largehandsmeansbiggloves #cuddlesinthehotel #herpurpleblanketiscomfy #youshouldtryit

This Love of Ours

TITLE: This Love of Ours


AUTHOR: writerlivinginadarkworld

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you and Loki have been dating for quite a while. Your friends and family keep hinting they want you to have a big wedding, but you’ve been part of enough wedding parties to not be interested.


NOTES/WARNINGS: This imagine spoke to me because I too do not want a big wedding. My family is always starting drama and I just do not want to deal with that. I do want to get married but I do not want to have a lot of people there. No drama, no problem.


“Oh Isabella, when do you think you and Loki will get married? I am dying to throw you that dream wedding.” My mother said as we sat in the restaurant. I was having lunch with my mother, my friend, and her mother.

“Yeah Izzy, I have always envisioned you having a huge wedding in a garden somewhere.” Ally my friend said with a smile on her face. We were actually at lunch because she wanted to announce her engagement.

“I don’t know. We are not here for me, we are here for Ally. Now have you decided who you want to be in the wedding?” I asked her as she smiled and looked down to admire her engagement ring.

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Terrible Things Part 7

Imagine marrying Dean.

Author: hogwartsismyhometoo

Word Count: 1,630

Read Part (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)


Dean called everyone into the kitchen the next day, disguising his true intentions behind the promise of greasy, sizzling bacon and fried eggs with plump yolks. He tried to focus on the hot pan in front of him, but it was hard not to look at Y/N instead, her sneaking grins at him every few seconds and winking.

Sam, Cas, and Charlie all got there about the same time, taking their seats around the table. Sam ruffled Y/N’s hair before he sat down across from her, and Dean had to turn away to hide his wide smile. She was already part of the family, this would just make it official.

“What brought this on?” Sam asked as Dean set a full plate in front of him. He looked confused, but happily so, half-smiling up at Dean with furrowed eyebrows. “You haven’t cooked in weeks.

Dean shrugged nonchalantly, getting himself a plate once everyone else had been served. He sat down next to Y/N and reached for her hand under the table. Apparently she’d been thinking the same thing, because she found his immediately and squeezed, the diamond of her ring rubbing up against his callused skin.

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Wedding Series: First things first.

After the magazine article released both Harry and I were being constantly swarmed by paparazzi every time we stepped out of our house. All of them were hoping to get a closer look at the ring despite a picture being posted to my Instagram, they still hounded me.

They wanted details about our wedding. It’s been two weeks since Harry and I had gotten engaged and we were still yet to make any decisions other than the date which was set in just a short five and a half months’ time. We didn’t want Adie to be too old and it was the best time to do it before Harry started his new tour.

The second we got engaged we had started the planning and set the date. It was only going to be a small wedding consisting of both our families and close friends. When Harry had taken me out for another surprise a couple of days later to a vineyard on top of a cliff overlooking a beautiful blue ocean, I didn’t expect him to tell me that it was where we were going to get married. If he hadn’t had Adie in his arms I probably would have jumped him right then and there.

Other than the date and a location nothing had been planned. I tried to hide Adie’s face as I place her into her car seat, trying to keep her away from the always watching lenses of the paparazzi cameras outside the front of our house.

Today we were having a busy day and so glad Adie was quiet, content with the rattling toys on her carrier and snuggles down near her feet. We were meeting Harry at the bakery where he used to work as his old boss was going to make our wedding cake and she wanted us to taste flavours and to see our baby girl as well.

After that we were hoping to throw the media off and head to London for lunch with the boys who were Harry’s groomsmen as well as Gemma, Anne and my mother as well as Lou and Lux. Harry and the boys were going to go get there suits fitted while us girls went wedding dress shopping.

Truth be told, I had never been so nervous to go dress shopping before. I had been to red carpet events with Harry a number of times and whatever I wore was attacked by thousands of fashion critics and photographers right there in front of me. This dress meant so much more than the others. This was the dress that I was going to wear on one of the best days of my life next to bringing Adie into this world. Harry’s opinion mattered so much to me and all I wanted to do was make him happy on the day I could finally call him mine.

Adie’s loud squeal of delight snaps me back to reality as I finish strapping her in and getting in the driver’s seat of the car sending a quick text message to Harry telling him I’m on my way. When I get to the bakery Adie has managed to slobber everywhere. As I get her out of the car I remember to get the ice tether out of the baby bag to soothe her gums were her teeth were coming through.

When I enter the bakery Harry is already talking to Barbra behind the counter with a tray of small slices of cake in front of him with dollops of icing as well. He looks too involved in his conversation he doesn’t notice as I walk into his teenage work place.

Adie gets the both of their attention, disrupting there conversation as she spots her father. The loud squeal she lets out next to my ear causes me to flinch slightly, glad that I have a finger locked around her tether because she would have thrown it to the floor as she reached her arms out towards him.

“Here are my gorgeous girls.” When he takes Adie from my arms he takes the tether as well making sure that she can still have it in reach so the ear splitting screams of pain don’t leave her mouth instead.

He leans over and presses a quick kiss to my cheek as I sit the baby bag down and lean in to give Barbra a hug. She leans against the counter when she pulls back watching Harry with me as he pulls faces at his daughter, swaying lightly as he does. Adie giggles pulling at his hair lightly as she holds the tether against her aching gums.

“It’s really strange to watch him with her.” She says suddenly after a while causing Harry to look down at her from his towering height above the both of us. “You’re all grown up now.” She continues her voice tearing up lightly.

With a shake of her head Harry leans around me to wrap an arm around her shoulders to give her a reassuring squeeze. He switches Adie over into her arms as she begins to explain to us the flavours on the tray in front of us.

Half an hour later Adie has grown comfortable in Barbra’s arms and Harry and I have decided on a simple chocolate cake with vanilla icing. It was going to be five tiered with flowers of whatever colour scheme we had decided on, placed around it.

With a quick goodbye to Barbra, Harry carries Adie out to the car, keeping her hidden from the fans and paparazzi that have now flocked themselves out the front of the store. He gets in the drivers’ seat as I quickly get in the passenger seat trying to keep calm as we head towards the airport where a private jet is waiting.

We’re the last to arrive to the airstrip due to the delays in traffic and the crowds that had prevented us from moving. A man is quick to get out bags from the back of the car as I grab Adie and the carrier from the backseat as Harry talks to one of the hostess’ and what must be the pilot with his usual calm and polite manner. His hand is light on my lower back as he finally leads me up the stairs to greet the others.

Harry sits down near the window with Adie now buckled in on his lap with his mum next to him. I’m across from him with Lou on my other side, the boys; Gemma and Lou are spread out over the seat that runs along the opposite wall of the plane.

Throughout the flight Harry moves to sit with the boys as Gemma takes his place with Lux on her lap as Anne holds onto Adie. Lou had bought a number of bridal magazines with her and through the short flight we were going over possible colour themes and themes. Harry had said that whatever I wanted he wanted which the others were taking on hand but I was going to ask for his opinion later.

By the time we land Adie has fallen asleep in my arms and I have a couple of ideas in my head that I’ve dreamed of since I was little girl to run by my soon to be husband.


Was going to make this longer but I’m sleepy anyway. Don’t know when I’ll be up dating but hopefully it will be soon. It will be dress shopping so send me what your dream dress is like (strapless, a-line, mermaid). Love you peanuts.