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First Date Preference

He Defends You Preference

Long Way Home (Rainstorm Edit)

He Proposes Preference

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Long Car Ride Preference

Why The Fans Love You Preference

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He Comforts You (Ashton One Shot)

He Protects You (Luke One Shot)

Just Another Cinderella Story (Luke One Shot)

Wedding Dress Preference

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Your First Fight (Luke & Mikey)

Teach Me Mr. Hemmings (Luke Imagine)

Give Me Love

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Check It Out Preference

You Get Your Bellybutton Pierced Preference

He Finds Out You’re Pregnant Preference

That Starbucks Boy (Luke One Shot)

Sing With Me (Michael One Shot)

Teach Me Mr. Hemmings Part 2 (Luke Imagine)

oh god oh no I thought I was ok about Korrasami but I just reaaallliiiizzzed

look at that goddamn graphic match this ship is canon down to the cinematography


my Moomin dress arrived! oh gosh I love it so much!

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The Wedding Shot

This shot makes me incredibly happy because it is reminiscent of a wedding photography shot, so heavy on subtext that it left me speechless when I saw BOTFA for the first time.

We have Bilbo and Thorin facing each other in the foreground in a hall that has a definite ecclesiastical character. It reminds me of a Gothic hall church or a cathedral.

Thorin is wearing black and gold armour that looks more black than gold in the lighting and Bilbo is shown in white(-ish), the traditional Western colours for groom and bride.

Next to Thorin and Bilbo are suits of armour - the witnesses, and we see the company as the wedding guests in the background.

Which leaves us, the audience, positioned behind the altar. In a way, it seems what the film-makers did here is subtly breaking the fourth wall. By showing the “wedding” from the point of view of the marriage officiant, it looks as if they acknowledge the fandom that has married these two characters off since the first movie came out.

Admittedly, it is not the most traditional wedding shot which would be one from the point of view of the guests, but this only adds more weight to the scene because Thorin shows how much he cares about Bilbo in front of his family and friends.

Last but not least, the lighting is interesting to me. Thorin’s face is illuminated, Bilbo’s is not. To me that suggests that Bilbo is literally in the dark here. He does not realise what it means to get the mithril shirt from Thorin.

Harry Styles: Wedding Series - #Three: Telling His Family


The cafe was empty and quiet. Apart from the waitresses running wild around the kitchen, and the constant clatter of pans and cutlery coming from the counter. The warm smell of tea made you more awake, and the sizzling of bacon made your mouth water. The constant feel of Harry’s thumb rubbing your skin made a permanent smile sit on your lips. He was writing away in his journal beside you, the sunlight creeping through the trees opposite was hitting his face. His hair hung down his face, covering the sweet smile etched on his lips. The sleeves of his red and white plaid shirt were rolled up, his tattoos prominent on his skin, the joints under his skin moving as he rubbed the back of your hand.

“What are you writing?” You wondered, as you looked over his shoulder, at the words on the page. Written perfectly in his handwriting. The pen rested on the curve between his forefinger and his thumb, his head turning to look at you. He sent you a soft smile, as he curled his fingers around your hand. 

“Nothing for you to worry your pretty little head off, my sweet. Lyrics, and maybe a few wedding ideas” He smiled, as he placed the pen on the paper, shifting his body so he was facing you. His legs dangling down the tall stool, and his boots hitting your shin every once in a while. “You tired? You’re looking a bit sleepy, baby. I’m sorry for waking you up so early” He whispered, as he patted at your knee softly with his other hand. 

“I’m fine. I just like watching you in your zone. You look cute” You smiled, as you cupped his cheeks in your hands. His eyes stared intently into yours, his green eyes captivating and bright. Shining with love and lust. “You haven’t touched your apple muffin, mister. I brought you that. Don’t waste it, now” You winked, as you leant forward and pressed a kiss to his nose. 

“I’m won’t, love. I think I’ve got a cramp in my hand though. I had to get those bloomin’ ideas down. Otherwise, I would have forgotten” He chuckled softly, as he felt your hands drop to his lap. “Do you want some? I’m happy to share with you, petal” He smirked, as he watched your cheeks blush pink.

Petal. The pet-name that he’d called you when he first met you. He told you the only reason he used it was because you reminded him of a flower. Sweet smelling, soft and beautiful to look at. It stuck. He loved calling you it, and watching your cheeks tinge a pinkish colour, because he knew it made you melt. 

“But, I brought it for you. Besides, I had a buttered croissant. I’m all good” You smiled, as he pushed the small china plate between the two of you on the shelf-like table. “No, Harry. I don’t need more sweet things. I’m fine” You giggled, as his fingers tore off a piece of the moist and crumbly cake. He held the crumby cake to your lips, as you pursed your lips tightly together. “No. No. I don’t need more cake, Harry!” You squealed, as he poked his other fingers into your side.

“Eat the cake, missus. Eat it. Because you look apple muffins, and don’t you dare tell me you don’t!” He laughed, as he mushed the cake into your mouth, your lips wrapping around his fingers. “There we go, my big baby. Like that, hmm? Do you want some more, baby?” He teased, as you pushed is wrist away from your face. 

“Get away from me” You hissed, crumbs falling from the corner of your lips. “I hate you. I want to go home” You giggled, as you watched him pick up the silver fork. 

“But my mum is really excited to see you again. And Gemma has been begging for me to bring you back home. Like, they’re most excited to see you, than me… And they’re my own family!” He cried out, as you eyes watched his lips. The way they moved when he spoke, and the way he pronounced every word made your heart leap. 

You loved him. Everything about him.

* * 

You felt the car come to a stop, and a hand being placed on your knee. A thumb rubbing at the material softly. A chuckle left Harry’s lips as he watched your nose scrunch, and your tongue run over your dry lips. Your eyes slowly opened, letting the streaming sunlight into your orbs, your hand coming up to shield the light from damaging your sight. His hand squeezed your kneecap softly, before you heard the jangle of car keys being pulling from the ignition hole.

“Good afternoon, sleeping beauty. Nice sleep?” He chuckled, as you turned to look out the window, a smile on your lips. “You slept long, babe. I don’t think you’ll be sleepy later…” Harry smiled, as you looked at him, a soft and sleepy look on your features. You knuckled at your eyes, the sounds of cars passing by Harry’s parked one, filling up the silent street. The wind was catching in the trees, and leaves were blowing around in small hurricanes of dust and twigs. 

“We’re here? How long did I actually sleep for?” You wondered, as you leant forward to pick your bag up. Placing the leather onto your lap. “Harry… I told you this morning, when we woke up, not to let me sleep the whole journey. Otherwise I won’t get to sleep at a proper time tonight..” You groaned, as you reached into your bag for your phone. “Harry.. You suck. How am I meant to marry someone who doesn’t listen to me?” You pouted, as you felt his warm breath fan your face.

“You were so tired, I didn’t want to wake you up after an hour. You slept the majority of the ride, babe. I’ll stay awake if I have too. Or, I’ll sing you to sleep. Heck, I’ll even go to the pharmacy and get you some sleeping pills or whatever” He chuckled, as he pressed a kiss to your temple. “Now… Are we going inside or not? Because, I swear I can see Gemma and Mum in the little window in the door. They’re excited” He stated, as he unclipped his seat-belt, before he moved to unclip yours. 

“You didn’t even tell them you were going to propose, did you? Because usually Gemma would text me or you’d get calls from your mum. I’m intrigued. Did you tell them or not?”

“I haven’t told them anything. Sophia was the only person who knew, as I needed a female input. And, she’s known for you for so long, so I figured she was the best one to ask. So, no. No one in this house behind you knows anything. Which is why it will make their reaction even better” Harry grinned, as you turned your face to look at him. His green orbs trained to your face. His lips mere inches from yours.

“I love you, mister. I’m so lucky to have you” You whispered, as he pressed a kiss to your warm lips. A slight smear of lipstick being left behind as you pulled away from him. “You’ve got some lipstick there…” You teased, as you ran your thumb over his bottom lip, collecting the pink tinge which was covering his flesh.

His lips pressed to the tip of your thumb as you pulled it across his lips, a smile etching on his cheeks. “I love you too, baby. I love you a lot.. And I mean, a lot” He winked, as he cupped your cheeks in his warm hands. His forefinger and thumb squeezing the lobes of your ears softly.

* * 

The sound of plates banging against one another filled the small dining room of the warm home, with the chairs scraping along the tiled floor. Gemma was caught up in a conversation with Harry, as Anne spoke softly to you. Robin was stood up, leaning over the table as he piled the plates up on top of one another in the middle of the table. You were surprised. No one had even noticed the ring on your finger, with the diamond emblazoned into the metal surrounding your finger.

Your hand was lodged in Harry’s, with his fingers squeezing yours tightly. “So… You know when I called you up, on Sunday? And I wondered if we could come back to visit..?” Harry started, as he looked at you. His eyes wide and a grin on his lips. “Well… Truth is, me and (Y/N) have some exciting news” He stated, as he watched your cheeks tinge pink.

“Ooo! Are you pregnant? Oh my goodness! You’re pregnant!” Gemma squealed, as you let out a soft giggle, with a shake to your head. “What? But.. You… C’mon, Harold! When am I getting a niece or a nephew? When are you going to impregnate your girlfriend so I have a little Styles to dote over?” Gemma whined, as Harry blushed and looked down to his lap. 

“No. (Y/N) is not pregnant..” He started, as his hand found yours, ready to show his family the ring he’d proposed with. “However, you’re going to need to book a weekend off of work in roughly 10-12 months time. And be prepared for some calls from (Y/N) here, asking about what colours work best and what place would be good for, I don’t know, weddings?” He smirked, as he pulled your interlocked hands up and rested them on the table. 

The three pairs of eyes turned to your hand, with a soft gasp coming from his mother. 

“Oh, Harry… That is incredible” Anne whispered, as she stood up, hustling around the kitchen table with her arms open wide. You felt Harry’s hand slip out of your grip as he stood up and engulfed his mother in a hug. “Oh, sweetie, I’m so happy for you” She whispered, as she peppered kisses around his face. Her hands cupping his cheeks. “I am so proud of you, Harry” She smiled, as she pulled away from him. Her eyes filled to the brim with tears. 

“Wow… My little brother popped the question. How incredible. Did he do it romantically?” Gemma wondered, as she pulled you from your seat, and into her body. Her hands rubbing your back softly, with her nails dragging up the material of your upper body. “Oh my goodness.. You’re going to be my sister-in-law, sister. This is amazing. Harry, you are incredible” Gemma grinned, as she pressed a soft kiss to your cheek. “Welcome to the family, love..”

Your eyes locked with Harry’s as he looked over his mothers shoulder, a smile on his lips. ‘I love you’ he mouthed, as he sent you a wink with a kiss. You pretended to catch it, making him chuckles lightly as Anne turned to face you. 

“Come here, sweetpea! My future daughter-in-law! Oh my goodness..” She whispered, as she pulled you into a motherly hug. A tight squeeze being added as she pressed her body to yours. “I am so happy right now. I’m so proud of him, and goodness. We love you lots, you know?” She smiled, as she ran her thumbs over your cheeks. Your pink, and blushing cheeks. “Oh, I’m so happy for you right now, love. I really am” She smiled, as she held you at arms length. 

“Thank you, Anne. My goodness, thank you so much” You giggled, as you cupped her shoulders with your hands. “I can’t wait. Like, I’m so excited. But, I’m going to need your help with planning. Because your wedding was gorgeous, and I want ours just like that” You sighed, as you looked to Robin who had sided up beside his wife. Harry stood beside him, with a smile on his lips.

“I can assure you know.. Both Anne and Gemma would be over the moon to help you” Robin laughed, as it rumbled around the kitchen. He received an elbow in the ribs, which made harry chuckle lightly. “C’mere and give me a hug, lovely” Robin smiled, as he trundled towards you. His slippers scuffing along the tiles, as he pulled you into a hug. 

* *

He left you in the bed, cuddled into his duvet, with your hair done up in a ponytail. Something he’d done whilst you were taking your make-up off. He loved doing it. Because it made him feel close to you. You had a mirror resting upon your suitcase bag, in front of you as you leant back against the bed, and he swing his legs either side of you. His thighs would rest at your head, and his fingers raked through your hair. The smell of your shampoo filling his nose. His own hair was tied in a bun, and he loved to curl your hair into one of top of your head.

Your soft snores were the last thing her heard before he closed the door. Quietly enough to not wake you. He could see the downstairs light on, and the sound of the kettle brewing softly filled his ears. It was either Robin, or his mother sitting in the kitchen. With a cup of tea which always soothed the Styles family to sleep. Something that had ran through the family. His legs turned cold as he walked downstairs further, his black shorts and white t-shirt being the only thing on his body. He could hear the clink of a spoon hitting against the china, a sound familiar to his ears.

As he rounded the corner, he saw his mum standing at the counter, dressed in her pink dressing gown and white slippers. “Why are you up, mum? It’s like 2 in the morning..” Harry breathed out, as his feet hit the cold tiles. Shivers being sent up his spine. “Are you okay?” He wondered, as he hopped up on the counter beside her. His legs swinging out.

She sent him a soft smile, with a pat to his thigh. Her fingers warm against his skin. “I’m fine, sweetie. I’m just very happy for you, you know that. My little boy isn’t my little boy anymore” She whispered, as Harry felt his chest tighten. “You’re getting married, and soon, you’ll get a baby. And you’ll have a little family of your own. And I’m so pleased for you, Harry. I am so happy for you. My 25 year old baby boy has found his lucky lady” She whispered, as she felt tears dribble down her cheeks. Ones that Harry caught with his thumbs.

“Mum… Don’t cry, mum” He whispered, as he felt his own tears bubble in his eyes. His eyes stinging and red, with a hint of bloodshot lingering behind his lids. “I’m crying now.. Mum, I haven’t cried so much before..” He whispered, as he felt them tip down his cheeks. His bottom lip wobbling as he hopped off the counter. He pulled his mum into his body, his arms tight around her as they cried together.

“I am so proud of you, Harry. I really am. And it’s so amazing to see you grow up. You’re so grown up now, making your own life decisions. And everything you do, I’ll always be supportive of you. Okay? Your my youngest, and I love you” She whispered, as she pressed a kiss to his cheek. The slight stubble tickling her lips.

Mum… I’ll always be your baby boy. You know that” Harry whispered, as he rested his chin on her shoulder. His eyes closing as he enjoyed his mothers warmth. Something he’s always loved since a young age.