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Second image from Spread the Love on Etsy.

I was going through my folder of saved photos and saw the first image and thought, I could easily embroider that on some fabric and give that to the Bride for her wedding present. Then I looked for more art work designed around the song lyrics and I found the above which, although simpler, had me thinking WHAT IF I BATIK THE FABRIC FIRST?! THEN IT’LL LOOK LIKE A PAINTING!

Then I thought, she’s not really a fan of octopuses, I should just give both these images to Boyfriend so he can draw her something better and more suited to her taste. Then I could stick to using a green fabric and some shade of brown for the floss to match her wedding colors ‘cause she’d love that.

I just need to figure this out and get it done over winter break because her wedding is in April and I need to get it framed before then.

Kenna and Bash Bickering About A Painting
  • At the estate, they had just received a medium-sized painting of the Scottish landscape from Kenna's aunt and uncle as a wedding present to remind her of Scotland.
  • Kenna (leans the painting out to get a better look):I wonder where this should go? *looks over at Bash* What do you think?
  • Bash (looks up from what he is doing):Maybe in one of the guest bedrooms. *shrugs*
  • Kenna:They commissioned this painting for us. I'm not putting it in a guest bedroom.
  • Bash (looks at Kenna):It's a painting of trees and a field. If I wanted to look at trees and fields, I just have to look out the window.
  • Kenna:Well, I'd like to see it in one of the public rooms.
  • Bash (goes back to what he was doing):It's not going into the trophy room.
  • Kenna (deadpans):No, only stuffed heads of dead animals go there.
  • Bash:At least, I hunted and killed those animals myself.
  • Kenna:Congratulations! Now you have reminders that you can hunt.
  • Bash (looks up at Kenna again):Why shouldn't I? I am the Master of Horse and Hunt after all.
  • Kenna (looks at the painting again):Yes, you are but that doesn't help me with where to put this.
  • Bash:Well, if you put it between those two windows, it will just look like another window on the wall.
  • Kenna:Maybe I'll put it in the dining room.
  • Bash:Yes, do and place it behind where I sit so I don't have to look at it.
  • Kenna:Only if you put the painting of your mother we received from your uncle behind my head in there.
  • Bash:Deal. *holds out his hand for Kenna to shake*
  • Kenna:Deal. *shakes Bash's hand to seal the deal*
  • And that's how in the dining room of their estate that Diane de Poitiers looks at a field when no one is eating.

scoundrelcaptain thestonelioness

A parcel arrives at the Harlow estate bearing the Stuart Shipping & Transfer seal on it. Inside is a note carefully penned and signed by Jane, her father, and Drake. 


From all of us here at SS&T And Griggs & Co., we congratulate you on your nuptials and wish you well in your new married life. From our private stores we gift you an authentic Canthan porcelain tea set with gilt filigree, along with a box of the Lion’s Arch Standard Albion & Follet cigars. May you enjoy a good cup of a tea and a smoke after your honeymoon. 

-Lady Dierdre Jane Stuart, Lord Alistair Josephus Stuart II & Lord Drake William Griggs

P.S. These are the same I gave you at the ceremony, captain. I saw you liked them so I ordered a box. I do hope you enjoy them.

I never know what to get couples that have been in committed relationships and living together for years who finally get married.  What could I possibly give them to equip them for the challenges ahead that they don’t already have?  Finally, inspiration struck.

My Zombie Survival Gift Basket from last weekend’s wedding accumulated to:

  • Zombie Survival Guidebook
  • Survival can
  • Two-pack of flashlights + batteries
  • Waterproof matches
  • Paraframe Knife
  • Duct Tape
  • Camp Soap
  • Signal Lamp
  • Gas masks with built-in respirator
  • Solar-Powered iPhone charger

The only thing that would have made it better was if I had gotten that Jello brain mold from the Halloween store.  But I was running out of room toward the end.  I also considered crowbars/axes, but they would have thrown off the balance of the basket.