Today on the Podcast: A Practical Wedding

When did weddings become so impractical, costing more than $26,000 on average? Meg Keene, A Practical Wedding Founder and author of the new “A Practical Wedding Planner” shares her insights and advice what an affordable, feminist wedding looks like and how to pull it off gracefully.          


Looking for a way to include these two babies in our wedding planning without having them physically be at our wedding. I really want something more creative than having pictures of them at the ceremony or reception.

If you have had a wedding or been to a wedding where there was something cute including their pets LET ME KNOW! 

Pinterest is not helpful when you search “snakes in your wedding” haha 

Harry Styles walks into a church:

Minister: How can I help you today, son?

Harry: I’m here to book a date for my wedding to my partner.

Minister: Wonderful! Where is you partner, he couldn’t come?

Harry: No, he’s with his fake girlfriend in L.A.

Minister: ……okay.

Harry: So, I was thinking a spring wedding, lots of hydrangeas, nautical theme. Oh! And we’ll have three flower boys and two flower girls.

Minister: Wow! That’s quite a lot!

Harry: Well….two of the boys are actually stuffed bears, so…

Minister: …….?

Harry: Since they can’t walk on their own, I guess maybe they should be carried by the human children?

Minister: …….??

Harry: ……..

Minister: Son, maybe it’s best if we wait until your partner is here to get into the details.

Harry: Well, he won’t be able to come for a few more weeks. He has to wait until they prove he isn’t the father of the fake baby, you see.

Minister: ……????

Harry: *sad frog face*

Harry: ……okay :’(

Once Joe legally changes his gender we are having a vow renewal ceremony. It would mean a lot to him for us to get remarried as husband and wife. We don’t even really look at our wedding photos often because it feels like a different time, different people. Don’t get me wrong, we LOVED our wedding. It was one of the best nights of our life but we were married as wife and wife and I know it gets to him sometimes. This would be his chance to marry me as himself. He would be able to stand in front of everyone as who he is and marry me the way he wished he had to begin with. 

This means a lot to both of us even if no one showed up lol  Let the pinterest planning begin!

Key to Successful wedding planning

Ignore your mother.
Don’t listen to ur ma.
In 1 ear & in the trash.
Make your moms contribution based on attendance.
Only allow her 2 show up.
Get a restraining order during ur planning time.
Don’t let ur mom help u.
Your mother will make you wanna elope on a roof & fall off.

The great name change debate

When I get married this year, I am not changing my name. This has half my family fuming. My grandma expressed her disappointment by telling me that her and her girlfriends dreamed of the day they’d take their future husbands’ surnames…It was 1940 and they were 16. Oh, but you have to, Sar! You can’t be like this the rest of your life, it’s wrong! Yes, yes I can. 

My other favorite argument: Don’t you want your kids to have the same last name?

Does this really matter? Who cares if my kid has my last name or Granite’s. The kid will share our DNA and love, isn’t that enough? Plus, our future kid(s) can have my last name as their middle name. Problem solved. 

Here’s the thing. I LOVE my last name. It’s who I am. It’s how 75% of people in my life address me. Some variation of my last name has been my nickname since childhood. I’m not willing to give that up. And, I don’t have to. 

Who cares if someone wants to keep their name, change, hyphen, or combine it. I don’t see the point in making a big deal of this unless you were born in the 1920s or 30s and can’t fathom change. Grandma, it’s okay, I forgive you. Let’s let the couple make their own decisions about surnames. 

Make your own tradition. 

At least both my grandmas agreed to be my flower gals!
Part 1 of this breathtaking #coastal elopement is on the blog today, with this beautiful duo exchanging vows in an intimate ceremony that proves marriage is the greatest #adventure!
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My sister and I went to David’s Bridal to look at a couple dresses in person and check out some of their colors earlier and I’m pretty sure we won’t be going back.

When we first walked in no one said anything to us so we headed off in the direction of bridesmaid dresses and browsed for a bit. We then headed over to the wedding dresses, where a woman asked how we were doing and then continued shelving the children’s bridal party dresses. We looked around for a few minutes and talked about a few different dresses. While we were looking at the clearance rack, another woman came by and asked if we were being helped. We told her we were just browsing, and then out of nowhere the first woman shouts “Ladies? Do you ladies have a stylist? Ladies???” Like she didn’t see us there the whole time looking around…

She then proceeded to tell us that we needed to make an appointment to look at the dresses and dragged us over to the entrance where she told us we needed to sign in and could look through a look book if we wanted to. That’s basically what I had been doing online, and I really just wanted to see what a few of the colors I had picked out online looked like in person instead of on screen or on paper. We were limited on time, which I told her, but she insisted we sign in and kept saying how we couldn’t be in the dress section alone. I told her again that we were leaving in a few minutes and then we ended up walking out because she was just unpleasant. We weren’t going to buy anything today, but there’s a pretty good chance we won’t be buying there at all now.