The 28th of September 2013 was quite special day.

(these were tweeted on 28/29 September)

(this picture was spread around)

(Louis’ football jersey)

(Louis’ top on the Late Late Show with James Gorden)

(Louis’ in-ear monitor)

(Harry posted this on Instagram)

(Harry’s new in-ear monitor)

and just to make the situation clear…

Harry’s reaction when Louis says: “Sometimes people get engaged for years”

So say what you wanna say, but

the 28th of September 2013 was quite special day.

Who is to blame for the Wedding Apocalypse?

Everyone says Louis for being obnoxious but there are a lot of candidates:

Louis for being obnoxious

Charlie for inviting Louis

Max for throwing the first punch

Zoe for messing up with the random guy with the nice watch

Random guy

Hen party for not seeing Zoe safely home

Greta for her unfortunate granddaughter reference


Dylan for his ill-timed comment, and the talismanic daftness

Lofty for knocking over the flame

Organisers for CRAP health and safety (open flame close to awning + guests, loud music, alcohol, insufficient fire extinguishers etc)

Have I missed anyone out?

Guess what I’m about to post… ;) 

I’m just editing it slightly, and adding some visuals. Bear with me. It’ll be up ever so soon. Thank you for being so patient with me. xxx