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Some cake designs using rock candy, with gradients and shades which coexist beautifully - of candy crystals to give the appearance of really gazing into cracked rock. The cakes have height, sparkle and dimension. The best part? What looks like geodes are still made of candy.

…Geodes are those hollow rocks filled with sparkling crystals and minerals, used to make jewelry, and decorate homes.


Fairy tale Castle 4.5 meters wedding cake made by lenovellecake

“A pair of young and beautiful Indonesian celebrities have got the town talking over their epic wedding.

Chelsea Olivia Wijaya and Glenn Alinskie stunned wedding guests, fans and followers after they unveiled a ceremony that featured swans and unicorns.

The highlight of the event was a 4.5-meter highly-detailed white wedding cake completed with towers, flags and a pair of heart-shaped stairs - looking like it came straight out of a Disney cartoon. The castle cake not only looked stunning, but was also edible.“