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(Not) Alone - Part 2

Title: (Not) Alone
Words: 2110
Summary: Sherlock never minded being alone. He never had any friends and he was fine with that. Well, almost. Once doesn’t count. But then he met John Watson and he suddenly had a friend. Until he lost him.
Warnings: angst, drug abuse, drug overdose, suicidal attempt (mentioned), feels
Contains spoilers for “The Abominable Bride”!

Johnlock || fluff || angst || hurt/comfort || tarmac scene || drug den scene || spoilers for TAB || happy end || maybe OOC?

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10/05/14 - 12.15 - Matters of Matrimony


John Watson wakes up to the sound of his phone and then his sister’s voice informing him that they have five hours before his and Sherlock’s wedding. He hangs up mid-sentence, rolls back over, and falls back asleep.


Mrs. Hudson also insists that one must wake up at ungodly hours on the day of one’s wedding, and then proceeds to use her “French mother” voice on Sherlock until he literally rolls out of bed and directly onto the floor. She declares this dramatic and leaves, muttering to herself about small, stubborn boys.

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