wedding cake topper


My Wedding Cake Topper.

As you may be aware, my ex-husband died in July, and his memorial was in October; I had been trying to locate this in my storage unit, but could not. Yesterday, while on a mission to find something else, I found it; as I suspected - inside a box inside of a storage tub, at the bottom of a stack of tubs. It was a little disturbing to find it that way. It is still in good condition. This coming Thanksgiving, November 28th, 2019 - will be our 10th wedding anniversary, so I will be keeping it out for a while.


These two pokemon figurines (Mega Gardevoir and Mega Gallade) were a request to be made as a wedding cake topper. They are quite beautiful and cute togther! I loved making them and learned a lot from the process.

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