wedding tunic

It’s called Roman fashion, look it up!


  • They would wear a lot of jewellery, including: necklaces, earrings, bracelets and friendship rings. They especially loved pearls. 
  • A lot of Roman women were fond of dyeing their hair, the most common colour being auburn. They also would wear wigs and/or would curl their hair.
  • For the heat, they would have parasols, but also some upper-class women would carry fans made of peacock feathers.
  • Common footwear included: leather shoes or sandals (if they were rich, some were brightly coloured and decorated with pearls)
  • Wore a Stola (simple garment) and a Palla (shawl)
  • No togas! That is so last century…After the 2nd Century A.D., females only wore togas if they were prostitutes


  • It was very fashionable to wear a ring if you could afford it and if some Romans were especially rich, they would wear one on every finger and have some arm bracelets (but not wrist bracelets, they didn’t want to look like slaves!)
  • TOGAS! Depending on your class, yours would be made out of a different material and colour. The best being thin purple/red woollen togas and the worst being coarse, colourless togas.
  • Trousers were a no-no…you didn’t want to be mistaken for a barbarian


  • Tunic with a belt
  • Wore a second tunic that reached the ankles if they were to go outside
  • A bulla (locket given at birth) - warded against evil. It was worn until the girl’s wedding day.


  • White tunic with a red border
  • A bulla - worn until they became a citizen.