wedding tunes


You were nervous. There was no doubt about it. You weren’t the most outgoing person in the world, so a ballroom full of people to watch you wed Peter, terrified you. Peter, being as outgoing as he is, wanted a big wedding.

The soft tune of the piano began to play, making your nerves go crazier than before. You were suddenly terrified of tripping, regretting not accepting your uncle’s offer to walk you.

The large double doors in front of you slowly cracked open. The two men pulling it were struggling under the weight. You balled your hands tightly around the flowers, slightly crushing the stems.

That was until you met Peter’s soft gaze. The loving smile on his face as he scanned you. Everything around you stopped, and it was just you and Peter. The same Peter who saved you from the queen. The same Peter who comforted you after you lost yours parents. The same Peter who stayed in Narnia just so he could be with you.

You regretted nothing, and you couldn’t wait to start your lives together.


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