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assorted reddie hcs courtesy of me and @eddiekasp

- richie is so in love with eds he doesnt always say it but he thinks everything eddie does is so cute. if eddie is being really affectionate or something richie straight up dies. if eddie holds his hand? laughs at his jokes? the boy literally has to compose himself
- richie often tells eddie how cute he thinks he is much to eddie’s (not real) annoyance
-eddie sleeps in richie’s t shirts that he forgot at eddie’s house this one time and when richie sees eddie in it for the first time he almost passes out. it’s already big for richie but it completely swamps eddie and richie is the embodiment of heart eyes
- richie is super talented at the guitar but literally cannot sing for shit. he makes eddie mixtapes and sometimes they contain richie trying to play eddie songs on the guitar… eddie’s inhaler is frequently used during those songs. he physically can’t. sometimes richie actually shows eddie the songs he wrote, especially ones about him, and eddie’s face is so red and his inhaler is in frequent use. eddie listens to the songs on repeat on a walkman before he goes to bed. 
-it gets to a point where richie gives eddie a cd and an inhaler. on the cd richie draws a little inhaler and writes ‘hope you’ll be needing this’ with a winky face and heart
- most of the songs are about eddie’s face and how cute he is but there are one or two very inappropriate ones thrown in that eddie has to hastily skip over if his mum’s in the house (the inhaler is used literally every 10 seconds when those songs come up. he literally dies)
- richie actually has a songwriting notebook that is literally just full of inappropriate lyrics and dick drawings sorry not sorry. eddie makes the mistake of discovering it one day and actually passes out
- richie’s glasses steam up when he and eddie kiss
-actually they steam up on the regular bc he gets so flustered looking at his adorable boyfriend
-speaking of glasses eddie always steals richie’s and makes fun of how blind he is but then takes them off after like 2 seconds bc they give him a headache
- richie dies from how cute he is
-he tries to deal with eddie’s cuteness by pinching his cheeks and calling him cute and kissing him all over his face but sometimes he just sits there almost dead because holy shit eds how cute can you get
- he’s so open about finding eddie cute even if he doesn’t say it he’ll sigh and look at eds with so much love
-the lad is so whipped he has heart eyes constantly and even when they’re bickering richie laughs so much every time bc he cannot take eddie seriously. 
-arguments always end with them in tears of laughter and eddie’s on the floor moaning ‘no you’re so fucking wrong’ through silent laughter. eddie is so small richie physically can’t and then he starts laughing and at first eddie is like really dude until he starts laughing too and then they just laugh and spoon or whatever
- in high school they have physics together and they always do labs and homework together
-they sneak out when eddie has a free period and richie doesn’t. they go to the auditorium/locker room to talk/do other things
- well it starts out as them going off in a free period to study but they study for like 0.2 seconds and then make out
-they’ll study together and richie will be distracting the whole time, trying to make moves on eds or just not doing work while eddie asks richie how to do a problem and richie’s like ‘i see you must seek the assistance of the all-knowing professor tozier’ and eddie’s like god stfu
-when they study at home literally no work gets done bc richie is constantly trying to make moves on eddie. literally they’d be trying to do a physics equation and eddie would be all focused with his head down and richie would just be trying to find the easiest way to stick his head in front of eddie’s and kiss him
-richie is so damn whiny he’d be like ‘eddieeeeeee pay attention to me’ and he’s like hugging eddie from the back and trying to kiss his neck to make him ticklish AND OTHER THINGS
- by that i mean hickies god DAMN richie gives a lot
- they’ll be at richie’s about to watch a movie and eddie’s like ‘got the popcorn :)’ and sits down and all of a sudden count richie attacks his neck with kisses and hickeys sorry i dont make the rules
- eddie’s mum thinks its a skin disease at first and takes him to the hospital. she cries when she finds out what it actually is. she’d give eddie the talk but it’s highkey homophobic and honestly eddie just lies and says it’s from a girl :(

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I have heard your cries of anguish and I bring you part 2 of the Stuckony Given Name au!!!! Now probably changing to T’Stuckony most likely.

Tony is naturally mad, downright furious, after watching that coverage of Gregory, of his damn brother, being called Tony. The fucker took his name! He barely thinks twice about Steve and Bucky standing next to him, both looking uncomfortable and nothing like soulmates usually do when they announce they found each other to friends and family. No, Steve and Bucky had frowns but Tony didn’t care. He told himself he didn’t care. Sure it hurt to see the people that rejected him chose his brother over him, to stand by that idiot’s side instead of his, but right then the fury over his fucking brother taking his name overshadows that hurt.

He calls his mother to rant because if anyone would understand it was her. She listens, she tries her best to soothe, but the anger is still there. “I’m sorry, bambino. You know how your brother was. That boy always wanted to outdo you and Howard was no help, just allowing it. I don’t know when it happened. I’m sorry.”

And he knows she doesn’t, knows his mother would have never allowed it, but divorcing Howard and Howard gaining custody over Gregory didn’t allow her much right to anything over him.

So there was nothing they could do over Gregory taking Tony Stark as his own name, and ain’t that just a kicker. Living for years separated from Howard’s name meant the media eventually forgot about them. No one knew of Tony Carbonell, and if they did they didn’t care enough to cover it. Which was fine with Tony, it just sucked that ‘Tony Stark’ was always on the news after a questionable scene of debauchery instead of ‘Gregory Stark.’

Tony ignores it, because there’s nothing he can do. He continues to live life, ignoring the ‘Tony Stark’ here and ‘Tony Stark’ there and the ‘Relationship meant to be: Tony Stark talks about his relationship with his soulmates. Are they taking the next step?’

And because he’s not one to just let fate bring him down after giving it a huge middle finger and telling it “I give no more fucks” he pushes any and every mention of the ‘loving’ relationship. Besides, his anniversary was coming up and the last thing he should be thinking about is his rejecting soulmates. Instead his entire focus goes to his partner T’Challa. Someone who went through the same thing he did. Got rejected by his soulmate and was left to wonder if fate was playing a cruel prank on them. Tony wasn’t complaining. Far from it, otherwise T’Challa would have never looked his way. Whoever rejected this beautiful man clearly needed to get their head checked.

All the better for Tony.

Three years was a big step when it came to him so he was going to do everything right and push any thoughts of his brother far from his mind. They spend a lovely time together, going to one of Tony’s favorite places. Small, warm and comfortable with amazing food that T’Challa had learned to love as well. A ring may or may not be present and T’Challa kneeling and asking him a life-altering question might have happened. 

Neither of them noticed the lone man with a camera snap a picture of them. Tony may not be anyone to the public anymore but T’Challa was still a story. Rich, foreign, supplier that came from a line of very successful businessmen and who some consider a prince among his industry, next to take over the legacy.

The photo blows up among manufacturers and someone Tony thought would never return in his life manages to catch wind of it.

Weeks later, to Tony’s utter surprise, Howard pays his work a visit, asking to talk to him. Howard is skinny, gangly and sick. His days are numbered. Working with chemicals for his weapons had taken its toll. Time is against him and he makes it evident when he starts talking. There’s no ‘hello’ or ‘how have you been all these years?’ or even a ‘I’m sorry I was a shitty father and I know I’m too late but I have regrets and I need to get this off my chest.’ Nothing.

Tony is in absolute shock when Howard tells him “You’re wasting your potential working here. You could be doing much more if you’d have been disciplined. That fault lies with me. I shouldn’t have been so lenient. You’re mother didn’t help matters one bit.”

Tony was ready to chuck one of his tools at the man. He’s old, he can take him. Then the record scratches when Howard says “Come work for SI,” and yeah, no. Tony has lived life free of expectations and escaped living under Howard’s and Gregory’s shadows. No way was he going to willingly return to that personal hell again.

He tells Howard to get lost, to leave. He wants nothing to do with SI. Gregory can glorify it all on his own. He talks over Howard, refusing to listen to anything the man says as he orders him out his building. Howard is yelling, trying to command him, demanding respect, but Tony isn’t a little kid anymore and Howard stopped being his dad years ago.

Then Howard drops a bombshell by screaming “YOUR BROTHER IS RUINING STARK INDUSTRIES” and Tony stops mid rant.

“Come again?”

The old man grimaces. “Gregory is ruining SI. All my hard work. He’s making a mockery of my business. If I leave it to him he’s going to run it to the ground.

It isn’t hard to figure out what Howard was getting at. He wanted Tony to be there and keep Gregory in check. Make sure to do what he can to keep SI going. To hell with that. The man favored one child over the other. He can live with his choices. He tells him so. Goes back to kicking him out. “Make sure the door hits you on the way out.”

Howard does, slowly, finally accepting defeat, but then he puts his foot in his mouth by saying “Can you make a meeting between SI and WI (wakandan industries or something)? That boy of yours has pull. If I can talk to him,” and Tony sees red. Now he knows why Howard showed up in the first place. It wasn’t to get Tony to work for him, it wasn’t to try and form bonds, it was literally to make a partnership between Wakanda and SI. Howard saw a shortcut through Tony dating T’Challa.


Tony thinks that’s the last he’ll see of Howard, to hear about SI, but lo and behold sometime later after Howard’s funeral a message is sent to him. Howard’s will is being presented and Tony is required to attend. Tony rips the letter in anger. As he recalled Howard swore to take Tony and Maria off his will. There is no reason why Tony’s presence is required and he already had an idea why the letter was even sent. “Fucking Howard.”

Tony shows up fresh and ready to take names. He’s wearing a t-shirt and jeans because he could care less about the entire thing but the grip he has on T’Challa’s arm, his emotional support, says otherwise. He especially tightens it when he sees Gregory on the other side of the table they were meeting at and only keeps his eyes on his brother because Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are there, too and if Tony catches their eyes he didn’t know what he’d do. Throw a chair out the window or something.

His only saving grace is T’Challa being there with him. And Jarvis also, who stands next to the old man that has Howard’s will in his bony hands. 

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Just planning my polyamorous union with @thatsthespiritdear and @supernaturaldoctorpotter

Our cat will be a Belgian Chocolate Cat named Cinnamon Sappho.

Like the poet, our pussy loves pussy. Our Pussy also loves poets.

We will have dogs. Kate is in charge of naming them.

Kate, smell that? That’s your future drifting by you on the breeze.

[SCENARIO] How the Performance Team Will Propose [JN/HS]

AND WE’RE DONE WITH THE PROPOSAL SCENARIOS! Thank you so much for supporting this mini scenario series. It was definitely enjoyable to imagine how these scenes would play out, and we hope you guys would love it too! We’re not currently accepting any more scenario requests, so be sure to look out for the reopening of our request box if you would like to see a new scenario series!

A/N: Wheee finally pepo team’s hyung line scenario is up! I hope you guys enjoyed it as we had loads of fun writing it! Maknae line’s will be released sometime soon, so please anticipate it!

-junnie :>

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Okay, so they may not be the most romantic or flamboyant, but know this: though unconventional, the boys can be pretty darn sincere and so so so sweet with their proposals your teeth will get cavities. Who needs epic and grand proposals? They want the special moment to be for you and ONLY FOR YOU.

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hands that hold

A hero’s hands are rough around the edges—sometimes, they’re adorned with intricate scars, are held a certain way or vibrate with tremors.

Izuku’s hands tell stories of their own.

“Don’t open your eyes,” Izuku says, his voice bouncing off the glass doors of the shower. Shouto feels a pressure at the back of his head and he leans forward with its guiding force, not enough to fall off balance, but just so he can feel the warm trickle of water touch his scalp. He sits on the edge of the stool like a child sitting on a doctor’s examination table, feet hanging over the sides, unsure of what to do with them or himself. The only sounds he’s consciously aware of are the roaring of the water against his ears and the gentle humming of the boy looming behind him.

“This will take a couple minutes,” the other hero adds, and Shouto responds with the slight inclination of his head. His breath leaves him as a soft sigh, his mind content though his body feels awkwardly hunched. The hand at his neck glides up until it rests over the top of his head. Izuku shifts—Shouto can feel the movement—until his face is closer and Shouto feels goosebumps rise on his skin as the other’s lips hover near his ear. “I’m going to start scrubbing the rest of the dye out now.”

Izuku’s hands are rough, his nails blunt, his touch a tad more forceful than one would expect, but all the same they are the hands Shouto presses butterfly kisses to in the hourless darkness of night, the hands he relies on to steady him at times, the hands he holds and grips and traces.

“Wo-ow, it’s super pink!”

A finger taps his chin and urges him to look up. Izuku slicks his damp hair back so he can see clearly and steps back to grab something—a mirror—before holding it in front of Shouto. The sight does not shock him; he’d known the light pink hair would look strange for the first few days, that much was obvious. That, and the color looks off when wet. More shocking, he finds, is the way his head somehow feels lighter on his shoulders. Free.

“Alright. Turn around. Let’s get that hair dried off!” Izuku tells him, somewhere behind, probably standing proud. Shouto tears his eyes from his reflection and rotates on the stool. When he looks up, back at the boy—no, not boy, man—who’s stolen his heart, he sees a hand hanging in the air, offering, waiting; and attached to it, a man with a smile more vibrant than any star in the sky. He sees that hand and he takes it, as he’s done for seven years, and their rings clink softly like wedding bells in a tune just for them to hear.

All over again (and for every day of their lives), Shouto takes his hand in marriage.

*Set in the same universe as [the sound of the end] | [Wedding Dance] | [Star Studies] | [(dis)(re)possession] (which aren’t written in order, but are meant to be treated like fabric pieces in a quilt that form a bigger picture. So yeah. No specific order to read these in.)

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Oh pls listen to Perfect by Ed Sheeran and try to not imagine Richie singing it to Eddie while swaying slowly together under the stars!!

You mean?? Their literal fucking wedding song??

Like I mean come on they heard the song all the time and they were literally like “this is us” so… it’s their wedding song. Thanks for tuning in to my Ted Talk.